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Page 9 December 18, 2013

Keepsake Christmas Edition

Bethany Republican-Clipper

South Harrison Elementary 2nd Grade Is anyone hurt, sick Ms. Creasey or out with the flu? Andrew P.

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? I want a purple remote that says Alexandra and green remote that says Devin for my PS3. The green on is for my brother Devin. Love, Alexandra S. Dear Santa, Are your reindeer okay? Are your reindeer prepared for Christmas night? I have tried to be good this year. I have tried to be good but, I was kind of bad, too. I have a list so

I get 4 things only. I would like an American Girl doll. I need some lotion and some jeans. I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a lovely Christmas with the elves! You’re Friend, Lilly P. Dear Santa, How are you Santa? I have been good. I would like an IPAD and a puppy. Would you get my dogs and my puppy a pack of minty bones? Would you get my mom and dad something? Love, Bosilyn H. Dear Santa, How are you Santa? I have been good today and I want an IPAD. I want a lap top and an underwater iPhone. I want the most of all is for all of us to have a good Christmas. Love, Cayden E. Dear Santa, How are you? I would like a big Barbie doll. I feel sad for my dad because he does not want anything but I am going to get him something. My mom would like a Christmas Barbie, I think she would like that.

swap force packet or a hot wheels wall track ( any kind). Santa thank you for your time and participation for Christmas. Love, Andrew P.

What I want really badly is an IPAD. I have been good this year. Love, Kennedy W. Dear Santa, How the reindeer are are they being good? I have been good for Christmas. I want a new IPOD or an IPAD for Christmas. I want new game called crazy eights, or a nook, maybe stuff like that. Love, Jerry G. Dear Santa, How are you? I would like to have a computer and can I please have some money to give to my mom. Love, Isaac W. Dear Santa, How are you? I would like a new game for my DSI, can you please get me one? Have fun and try not to get seen. I hope you have lots of good cookies. Love, Brandon K. Dear Santa, How are your elves ok? Is anyone hurt, sick or out with the flu? I hope they are okay. For Christmas I would like either a starter Skylander

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? Santa I have been good. I want a coon dog and a gun with three shells that go in the gun. I want an IPhone 5 or a boss off clay pigeons to shoot up in the air. Love, Quinn T. Dear Santa, Have you been feeling good this Christmas? How have the reindeer been doing? My birthday is December 14 so don’t get me too much presents. I would like a skateboard for Christmas. My dad wants a gun and I will ask my mom what she wants because I don’t know. Love, Griffin D. Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? I have been good this year. When it is Christmas time I want a 4 pack of monster high dolls. Oh ya, I believe in you Santa. I want a tablet for Christmas to. Love, Harmony S. Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? IS it cold at the North Pole? I think I’ve been good. How are the roads, the elves, and how is Mrs. Claus? Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? I thank you for everything. I want for

Especially For You At The Holidays We want you to know just how much we appreciate your generous support,and wish you all a very merry and bright holiday season.

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To Our Friends & Neighbors At The Holidays Without your support, we wouldn’t be here... without your friendship, it just wouldn’t be Christmas!

Merry Christmas and many thanks!



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Christmas is an IPod and an American Girl doll named Molly. Love, Emma C. Dear Santa, How are you Santa? I want a new 4-wheeler because my old one is small, but my sister can ride on it I want a 243 for Christmas. Love, Kaleb F. Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? Have I been good or bad this year? For Christmas I want a WII and an IPAD mini and a laptop for Christmas. Love, Macen B. Dear Santa, How are you and the reindeer? For Christmas I want an IPOD. I want it to look just like a school because it would be just fun. My sister wants some Nike shoes for running. This has been a good year, I have been good all year. Thank you Santa. Love, Saige Dear Santa, How are you Santa? Is Mrs. Claus making cookies for the elves? I really want a bean bag that is purple, because I have a purple blanket that is really fuzzy. I also want an IPOD for Christmas. Love, Autumn T. Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? I have been good, I want an Elf in a box, and a heart breaker bow, a zebra leader rope and a rainbow leader rope. Love, Chloe H. Dear Santa, How are you? Is it cold? How are the reindeer? Can a have 1,ooo,ooo boomer bands! Can I also have a pet gold fish a real one please? Can I have a pogo stick to? Love, Megan B. Dear Santa, Is your sled ready? I want a rifle and a nerf gun . A 3 foot bag of beef jerky and an IPOD. A new hat and an under armour sweatshirt. Are the reindeer okay? Are you wearing a red suit this year to? Love, Braxton F. Dear Santa, Is it cold in the North Pole? For Christmas I want a Skylander game and some Skylanders. I want some Indian people and a dirt bike and some dinosaurs. Love, Shaine M. Dear Santa, How are you doing? For CHristmas I would like a bike and a blanket.  I have been good this year. Love, Lynsey K.

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