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Wayfinding Bethany Craven

The concept Past Present and future olympians. I will use a green line to communicate signage and wayfinding for the greenwich heritage olympic exhibition. The line will be green as greenwich was named from the green bay. The line is a guideline which is aimed at people with visual impairment. It uses braille so visitors can get to the building from the gates. It will also be fun for children to follow the trail and look at the pictograms which will be placed towards the direction visitors should be going and giant tourches which will be used as touchpoints and wayfinding. It has an interactive element of using augmented reality to show information about past present future olympians. The line is a clean friendly way it wont ruin the surroundings. It is consistant and clear wayfinding. should be easy to understand as a lot of the information is imagery, made from the line. It also goes around information at the exhibtion so you know which way to go around. It works well to follow the line in and out of the exhibiton.

Materials These Will be information touch points on the way to the exhibtion. People will be able to see them from a distance. They will also light up the way in the dark. The reason i have chosen cylinder stands, is to represent the olympic tourches. i thought they would be good to use as touch points.

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1 0.5 0M Width of the line Outside - tactile paving. (rubber ) with raised dots (braille) for people with visual impaitments. The colour Green also makes it easyier to see. The lines will have arrows inside showing direction. Inside - The inside of the Heritage centre will be made from vynil. as it sticks to any surface. The vinyl will be on the walls and floor .



Typography The type i will be using for my wayfinding is DIN1451 The reason i will be using this is because it is very legible and universal, therefore people will find it easy to read and understand. This type was used for the road signs in germany. i also like the aesthetics. It fits nicely in between the wayfinding line. And the round edges match the pictograms.The type will be used for everything includingthe logo. The Type will be on the flooe and walls it will be set at 430pt big enough to see and the right size to fit perfectly intothe line.

DIN 1451 std Engschrift

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890




The wayfinding signage for the exhibition will all join up to the line. The pictograms and sympols will be large and easy to see. Very little type is needed as the line shows the way and the images are easy to understand. When type is used it will fit nicely inbetween the line.



Augmented Reality The wayfinding line will use augmented reality to make the experience interactive. When you scan the QR code on the Info stand the app will automatically download. When you put your phone to the line, it will act as a timeline, showing past present and future olympians. When the outlines of olympic figures show, it will give a description of the olympian and show a clip of them in action.


The Route The wayfinding line will start outside from the gate. It will guide the audience to the exhibtion. The line will continue inside the building and lead them round the exhibition and back out again. This is because there is only one door, the building isnt that big, So i thought a path they can follow would be easier and more fun.









the brief was to come up with a wayfinding system for the greenwich heritage olympic exhibtion.


the brief was to come up with a wayfinding system for the greenwich heritage olympic exhibtion.