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Rev. Mark Gorveatte Inaugurated as College President In a ceremony full of tradition and meaning, Rev. Mark L. Gorveatte was inaugurated as the 11th president of Bethany Bible College on Friday, September 24, 2010. Rev. Gorveatte, who has served for over 25 years in The Wesleyan Church, assumed his duties as president on June 1, 2010, following election by the Board of Trustees in March. Approximately 500 dignitaries, alumni, friends, staff, and students gathered at the Saunders Irving Chapel to celebrate the occasion. The inauguration began with a colorful and traditional academic procession of Bethany Bible College faculty, delegates from other universities, dignitaries, and church leaders, led by the mace-bearer, Dr. David Smith, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs. In the Inaugural Address, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church, spoke from Luke 5:26, You Would Never Believe the

Things We Have Seen Today! “The inauguration was more than a service of protocol,” says Dr. Lyon. “Truly, President Gorveatte was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit as a global leader.” Dr. H.C. Wilson, chair of the Board of Trustees, presided over the investiture of the new president and presented Rev. Gorveatte with Bethany’s college seal and a pewter medallion, symbols of presidential authority. The new medallion, crafted for this occasion, is an embossment of the Saunders Irving Chapel with the Latin words “ora et labora.” These words emphasize two hallmarks of the College worship and work.

Presidential Response

- Rev. Mark Gorveatte

“Bethany is not just another college. “Even though we offer a variety of majors and minors, associate and bachelor degrees, the only way that

Bethany is successful is if she equips the next generation of servant leaders to minister to the Church and the world in the power of the Holy Spirit. “We make an audacious claim in our mission statement. Yes, we expect to graduate students committed to academic excellence. Certainly, we are determined to prepare students for ministry effectiveness. But,

“We dare to dream that every graduate of Bethany Bible College will be a person of holy character.”

more than that, we dare to dream that every graduate of Bethany Bible College will be a person of holy character.” By President Gorveatte’s request, the service was concluded with “Holy Spirit, Rain Down,” as his acknowledgement that “what Bethany Bible College needs most is not a new president, but a fresh touch from God, a fresh anointing of His Holy Spirit.”

New Programs Offered At the fall meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry degree. This 125 credit hour degree program has a variety of new music classes including theory, history, and practical experiences - all designed to meet the specialized ministry needs in the local church today. Music Ministry Professor David Klob explains that the B. A. in Music Ministry will “give to the Church ministers of music who are not only well prepared musically, but who also understand ministry, have a solid understanding of theology, and appreciation for the Word of God.” Furthermore, the increased number and focus of music courses will provide the preparation needed for graduate studies in music.

To further equip servant leaders for global impact, the College will also be offering TESOL/TESL Certification, pending approval.


Bethany’s first TESOL/TESL Certification program is scheduled for May 2 - 13, 2011. It consists of six credit hours of classwork and a ten-hour practicum. Courses will cover theory, methodology, and in-depth instruction in ESL teaching techniques. Additionally, students may choose either the non-credit program for certification only or a credit program that provides certification plus possible elective credits for their Bachelor of Arts degree.

Freshmen Perspectives “I stopped by Bethany to check it out. I knew that as soon as the tour was done that this was the place God wanted me to be. I had never felt so comfortable!”

Tribute Gifts: January – September, 2010 In Memory of Given By Royce Alward Stewart & Phyllis Steeves Barbara Burtchell Sandra Burtchell Peggy McGeorge Bustard Malcolm & Marcia MacCallum Hal & Lois McGray Thelma Smith Tony Callicutt Jim & Heather Hockley Hilda Cochrane Atlantic District, TWC Charles & Ruby Bain Alonzo Branscombe Mary Bridgeo Wayne & Shirley Carroll Blake & Ada Collins Crosspoint Wesleyan Church Dean & Elizabeth Edgett John & Eva Fawcett Roy & Donna Gillies Paul & Hazel Inman Anna Jonah Cedric & Marina Landers Theda Lively Roberta MacCallum Leonard Orser Frank & Shirley Porter Louise Rogers Myrtle Ryder Marjorie Saunders Mabelle Sparkes Michael & Diana Stanley Stewart & Phyllis Steeves Bill & Andrea Toner Frederick & Lilyan Whittey H.C. & Gloria Wilson Alan Dennison George & Myrtle Dayton Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Paul & Hazel Inman James & Anna Tucker Nora Elliott Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Mark Fryer Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Delbert Ashley Hayes (‘03) Sherri Townsend M. Diane Hetherington Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Harold Burpee Landers Cedric & Marina Landers Blair Lyons Paul & Hazel Inman Donald MacDonald Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Kathleen Moore Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Carrie Mullen Ken & Anne Gorveatte Louise Rogers Merle Stevens Maude Corey Shaw Mary Bridgeo Harold & Ellen Corey Elizabeth M. McKellar Mabelle Sparkes Edward Smith Regis & Wendy Labossiere Gerald Steeves Dean & Elizabeth Edgett Harry Taylor Delbert & Lillian Carter Cye Weatherby Dean & Elizabeth Edgett In Honour of Ruth Black Mark Gorveatte Doris Wonser

Given By Ken & Anne Gorveatte Ken & Anne Gorveatte Dean & Elizabeth Edgett b . w w w

- Tricia Carter, Christian School Education Wicklow, NB

“My family could not understand why I wanted to go to BBC and fought intensely against my going. I came here because it is what God wanted. He has given me an incredible gift.”

Visit the college website

- Craig Thompson, Music Ministry Demorestville, ON

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Audited Financial Summary Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2010

This is the fourth consective year of finishing with a surplus in our Operating Fund! Thank you for your generous support. Receipts Expenditures Surplus

Capital Debt

$4,154,846 $4,154,708 $138

Operating Expenditures Operating Revenue

Academic Service - $972,982 12%


Student & Spiritual Life - $225,453








Tuition - $1,669,571

3% 2%

Food & Residence Services - $718,842

Student Residence Services - $435,629

Advancement & Admissions - $421,670

Student Food Services - $394,953

Finance/Administration - $443,425

Wesleyan Church Grant - $1,212,998

Plant Operations - $424,324 5%


Scholarships & Financial Aid - $245,988

Debt Service & Auxiliary Enterprises - $507,024 Other - $195,000

Donations - $237,763 10%

40% 10%

Auxiliary Income - $127,596 Other Income - $76,336

Renovated Library is Renamed and Rededicated Rev. David LeRoy, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, officiated at a ceremony on Friday, October 15, 2010, to rename the newly renovated library in Nicholson Hall as The Earle and Marion Trouten Library. The board authorized the renaming and rededication of the library in recognition of, and appreciation for, the Troutens’ generous investment in Christian higher education. For nearly 40 years, Bethany’s library occupied less than half of Nicholson Hall, sharing space with the chapel and music department. With the completion of the Saunders Irving Chapel and the relocation of the music department, additional space in Nicholson Hall became available for library expansion. The need was obvious. Previous accreditation teams had flagged inadequate library space as one of the institution’s most serious deficiencies. While significant funds were being raised for the chapel, Earle and Marion Trouten of Kanata, Ontario, stepped forward to meet the need for library expansion, funding the interior and exterior renovation of Nicholson Hall. Professor David Trouten, Division Chair of General Studies and son of Earle and Marion, recalls,“I remember the day I took Dad into the library on his first visit. The look could best be defined as surprise; like I was showing him just a room in the library or a separate section. Was there more elsewhere?” Did it ignite a passion? Earle and Marion Trouten were convinced. “God provided the resources and directed us to meet the need. We pray that the Lord will use this facility to glorify His name through the enhanced learning experience for Bethany students, preparing them for leadership in the church and in their world.”

The renovated library is an exceptional learning centre for students and faculty and will serve the campus community effectively for years to come. The result is amazing, a state-of-the-art facility that has tripled in size. The brick and stucco exterior is such a dramatic change that one might easily conclude a new building had been constructed on the site. The spacious 10,394 square feet interior is climate controlled by a new HVAC system, helping to protect the volumes of reference materials and books that are now displayed on new shelving units. The renovated library is an exceptional learning centre for students and faculty and will serve the campus community effectively for years to come.

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New Faces at Bethany David F. Smith Vice President For Academic Affairs Bethany is delighted to announce the appointment of Rev. David F. Smith, Ph.D., as the new Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Smith previously served as the Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry at Indiana Wesleyan University. He earned a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from the University of Durham in England and recently completed a commentary on the Gospel of Mark for the Wesleyan Commentary Series. “These days, to label an event as a God-Thing has become a cliché. But for Angie and me,” says Dr. Smith, “our move from Indiana Wesleyan University to Bethany Bible College can only be categorized as a true call of God. We both felt the breath of God…confirming to us that His Presence is going with us and will equip us for the tasks at hand. This is a divinely powerful and gracious gift that God has done for Angie and me; He is taking us on an adventure of a lifetime.”

Elizabeth Rhyno Director of Worship Having previously served at the College from 2000-2004, Elizabeth Rhyno is not “new” to Bethany; however, this fall Mrs. Rhyno rejoined the staff to become the new Director of Worship. A singer and songwriter, her passion is to lead people in worship. “We were created to love and worship God. True worship is an honest response to God as He reveals Himself to us.” A music degree graduate of Dalhousie University (1997), Mrs. Rhyno has earned several musical awards. Her album, “Something Beautiful,” was nominated this year as Gospel Album of the Year by East Coast Music Awards.

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