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May 3, 2013 Office Hrs. 9a.m.—2p.m. 918.492.1353 Vol. 21 Issue 5

Just last week I walked into Sandy Randolph’s office over in the Bethany Community School wing and was struck by the simple, wonderful site in front of me. This cross-stitch was created by our new Financial Administrator, Elizabeth Johnson for Sandy. The detailed, hand stitched piece highlights a quote from A.A. Milne’s books about Winnie the Pooh. A fuller quote is this: “If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart… I'll always be with you.”

Kelli’s Kiln

As I began reflecting on the incredible journey the graduates we celebrate are about to begin, this simple reminder from A.A. Milne, came to mind. Beyond this page are the thoughts, wisdom, and stories of some incredible young people whom this congregation loves greatly. We’ve been shaped by them, and they, in turn, have been shaped by Bethany Christian Church. Their lives are now taking them further away from the known into a great big world that is filled with new adventures. Make sure to read their words in the following pages. This pastor was brought to tears and laughter, marveling at the joy of being connected at all to their lives. Because of the love of this congregation, people young and not so young anymore have known the truth of A.A. Milne’s words. These graduates are indeed, “braver than [they] believe, stronger than [they] seem and smarter than [they] think.” All that is true in some small and some large ways because Bethany makes a commitment to sharing the love of God with all people. So remember, you too…


Dear Bethany Family, I would like to thank each member of this congregation because each of you played a role in guiding me in my spiritual and life journey up to this point. It is much more than just a church family, all of you have helped raise me and grow me into the person I am today. Bethany has not only taught me what it is to walk with Jesus, but it has taught me life skills and ideals that will serve me well for the rest of my life. The culture of service is the ideal I most value that has been not told to me, but shown to me. The tremendous support that anyone and everyone feels in this family Is also something I really will take away and have appreciated.

big, warm hug by the most compassionate and friendly people you'll ever meet every Sunday morning. All I know is that its hard to see myself anywhere else and I will always know where I can come for guidance, love, and family. It takes a village to raise a child; thanks for being my village! I am excited to be graduating from Memorial High School on Wednesday, May 22 at 9:00 PM at the Mabee Center. Next year I will attend Oklahoma State University and study Mechanical Engineering. I am still deciding if I want to join a Fraternity and live in their house, otherwise, I will be in the Engineering dorm. Call me if you get to Stillwater and want to share some cheese fries at Eskimo Joes! Dad is already looking at tickets for all the sports so he can come visit often and Mom says I should go to First Christian Church as soon as possible and tell Pastor Cayton and Lori Krase-Cayton, "Hello" from all of us. It is going to be a great adventure! Thanks again for helping me get where I am today. Sincerely, Jesse Fate

Mailing Address: 10123 S. Granite Ave. Its easy to say how something has Tulsa, OK 74137 shaped you, but this community of faith has shaped me! The things I believe today and Email Address: feel most strongly about are a direct result of this church and what it stands for. And I cannot thank you enough for that. It has always been hard for me to explain Bethany to people. I usually start out by saying it’s a really small church at about 61st in Sheridan, but that’s really pretty irrelevant. I don’t know why its so hard for me to describe, its really rather simple, we love Jesus and we love you. Maybe it’s the culture and attitude that’s hard to get people to understand. Or maybe I should just say its like walking into a

Goodbye Bethany, In August I move to Dallas to attend college at Dallas Baptist University. I will major in Political Science or Marketing. I absolutely cannot wait to see what The Lord has in store for me in the next phase of my life! I have so much excitement and anticipation; at the same tone i am reflective of the awesome experience and precious friends that have defined my childhood. I graduate from Broken Arrow High School on May 16th at 7:30 PM at the ORU Mabee Center. Bethany will forever have a very special place in my heart. I have made friendships with such beautiful people in my years at Bethany. It was hard for me to decide on a college with many hesitations because of my love for my family and my love for my church! I still can't imagine leaving all of you! Although I'm leaving, I am only a few hours away (4 hours and 47 minutes from church to my dorm room!) and my door is always open if you're in town. I'm very excited to start the next chapter of my life! My sweet Bethany family, I love you all immensely and I am so thankful God led me to be a part of your congregation...our congregation! I'm going in Peace, to Dallas! A big thank you to: my choir friends for putting beautiful music as well as laughter in my life; for the close friendship of Wanda Adams, Steve and Marilyn Bowers, AJ Lanier, Ruth-Anne Fate; Peggy for sitting next to me and always giving me sweet words to "Go in Peace"; Don Armstrong for being a close friend, teacher and mentor to me; Momma Rob for her sweet spirit and spunkiness; Don

Lanier for our conversations and for agreeing to be the minister (when the time comes) at my wedding; Pastor Kelli for being my pastor and allowing me to be so involved in the church even though I'm young. Each member of Bethany has had a life-changing impact on my life. I am forever grateful! Sincerely, Megan Castles Mailing Address: 6965 South 309th East Ave. Broken Arrow, OK 74014 Email Address:

Patrick Madaj will graduate with honors from Booker T. Washington High School. This takes place on May 23. Patrick will have completed the IB (International Baccalaureate degree) program and will be attending the University of Oklahoma in the fall as an OU National Merit Scholar. He is planning to major in International Studies and minor in Japanese.

Christopher Madaj is graduating cum laudefrom the University of Tulsa on May 11. He will receive a BS in Psychology. Christopher will also be receiving the TU Medicine Wheel Award for the outstanding senior community service volunteer. He will be enrolled at the Masters of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Akron in the fall.

“I wanted to thank the congregation for supporting me all these years and helping me get to where I am today.�

Mailing Address for both Madaj graduates: 6750 S. Atlanta Ave. Tulsa, OK 74136

Chris Madaj with younger brother Michael

Megan and Luke are ready for their senior prom!

by Charles Johnston

Every year I take the entire fifth grade from Rosa Parks to an evening performance of the Tulsa Op-

era. The Opera does have a student matinee but it’s an abbreviated version of the opera and the audience is entirely students and their teachers. That is not the experience that I want for my students. I want them to have a complete “night at the opera” experience. For the last six or seven years, Paragon Films in Broken Arrow has given us the money to pay for the tickets. The Opera give us a half-price deal on the tickets. In past years, we’ve had pizza or barbecue brought into the school and the kids ride a bus from Rosa Parks to the PAC. This year, I had seven fantastic donors who wanted to make sure that our students had a nice meal at a downtown restaurant. Spaghetti Warehouse has a dining room large enough to accommodate our group 95 students and 15 adult chaperones. Much of my student population struggles every day with poverty. I use this trip to teach them that they can hold their heads high in any crowd because they have the appropriate social skills. Seeing them all dressed up in their very best is a beautiful sight. For some of them, this means simply wearing a clean shirt. Others wear “church clothes.” In any case, they’re all so beautiful. Before our trip, I make sure that the students know the opera very well. This year we saw Verdi’s “Aida.” We made a map of the characters and their relationships, we learned many operatic terms, we learned how to read supertitles, we learned about the culture of ancient Egypt. I frequently have older students stop by for a visit and they often tell me that going to the opera was their most memorable experience from elementary school. Among others, we’ve seen “The Little Prince,” “Rigoletto,” “La Traviata,” and “The Barber of Seville.” Next year we are hoping to see Bizet’s “Carmen.” I’ve never figured out why, but I’m the only teacher in the metro Tulsa area who provides this experience for our students. It is a LOT of work. But when eleven-year-old students who probably listen to nothing but rap at home tell me that they now love opera and want to see more, I think I’m doing something right.

Disciples Women Celebration Our final meeting of the year will be a Brunch on Saturday, May 11, at 10:00. We’ll be saying thank you to Peggy Cameron, Allison Fate, Ruth Ann Fate, Nancy Gray, Myrna Jones, Mary McCurry, Jennae Mullins, Maria Taveau, and Grace Young, who guided us during through a year that has been filled with many opportunities for study, service, and companionship. These women will also serve as hostesses for the brunch. Our pastor, Kelli Driscoll, will lead a service of installation for Marilyn Bowers, Peggy Cameron, Allison Fate, Mady Fraser, Bettye Jackson, Judy Krase, and Jennae Mullins, who will be our leaders for 20132014. As a result of our Applebee’s fundraiser efforts, we raised $218 for Stone Soup, for a total of $518 dollars contributed to that organization this year. In May, some of our group will be volunteering at Disciples Village. We’ll also be taking sheets of postage stamps to be given to residents as birthday gifts. All women of Bethany Christian Church are invited to attend the Brunch on May 11.

Breakfast Club Breakfast Club will be on Saturday, May 25… yes, the 4th Saturday, not the 3rd, 9:00 AM at Shiloh's Restaurant, 2604 N. Aspen (145th E. Ave. & 61st Street.....Broken Arrow.) Come and have good food - great fellowship and a good start to the Memorial Day weekend. Missed being together in April - so come in May. or see Phil or Nancy Gray - sign-up sheet on bulletin board.



It is our joy to have the need for childcare every Sunday! We will employ one person every Sunday and need a volunteer each Sunday as well. For safety, we always want two adults in our childcare room. If we have 8 volunteers, it would mean only one Sunday every other month. Are you interested in affirming this new life-filled step in our ministry? Let Kelli know.

Church Women United “May Friendship Day” Celebration Saturday May 4, 2013 “Swinging Wide the Doors of Hospitality” Revelation 3:20 9:15am Registration 10am Worship/Program 2716 N. Yorktown Ave., Tulsa, Zion Church

DISCIPLES WOMEN is having a drive to collect women and children’s clothing to help transform the lives of women and children in crisis. Because of caring people like you, the DaySpring Villa can continue its mission. You may place your clothing donation(s) in the bin by the front North doors. This drive will be ongoing throughout the months to come.

2nd Sunday Donuts May 12th Please join us in the Fellowship Hall after Sunday School to celebrate May birthdays!

The Northeast Active Timers (NEATs), is a faith based agency providing program and services for 55+ including centenarians, Tuesday, May 7,14,21,28: Tuesday at Trinity, Free concert, 12:05, Sanctuary. Tuesday, May 7: Volunteers needed 3 pm to set up for NEATs Gathering! Tuesday, May 7: TCC Community Orchestra & Band Concert at 7:30 pm. Senior Admission: $4 Wednesday, May 8: NEATs Monthly Fellowship (see front page) Following lunch ORIENTATION FOR TRIP TO ALBUQUERQUE/SANTA FE AT 1 PM Thursday, May 9: Excursion to Designer Showcase Home, 2723 S. Birmingham Place Depart at 11 am for tour and lunch Cost: $16 for tour and bus plus lunch; $20 if late.

Payment deadline: May 8

Friday, May 10: Excursion to PAC for Town Hall to hear Rex Ziak speak on “In Full View: the True Story of Lewis & Clark”. Bus departs at 9:45 am. Lunch afterwards at Rusty Crane in the Brady District. Cost: Bus donation plus lunch Deadline: May 8

Please see the NEAT’s Newsletter posted on the Bulletin Board. Be sure to sign up in advance at 918-743-1303 for most attractions! Need your lawn mowed, other yard work done, or heavy items moved? Jesse Fate would be happy to help. He is planning to mow lawns for work this summer and would love to quote your job small or large. Give him a call anytime at 918-260-4637. Dependable, amiable, and great service guaranteed.

19th, 2013


NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES: (to reach Rev. Driscoll) (to reach Secretary Marci ) (to reach Sandy, Preschool) Please change your directory! Start using the new emails today. The old addresses are no longer used.

Bethany Christian Church Elders Serving (Bread, Wine)

May 3

May 5

May Friendship Day with Church Women United – see page 5

May 5

Tommie Kinyon, Steve Bowers

May 12

Ruth Ann Fate, Kelly Kirby

May 19

Alice Jane, Marilyn Bowers

Sunday School, join us at 9:15 a.m. Worship at 10:45 a.m. Committee Meetings 5:00 pm Cabinet/Board Meeting 6:15 pm

Deacons Serving

May 8

Choir Practice 7pm

May 5

Maria Taveau, Judy Krase

May 11

Disciples Women 10am Installation

May 12

Steven Fate, Mady Fraser

May 12

Sunday School, join us at 9:15 a.m. Worship at 10:45 a.m. Mother’s Day Second Sunday Birthday Donuts

May 19

Jesse Fate, Kathy Herwig

May 14

Tulsa Public Schools Bond Issue—Voting Listening Session for Regional Church at Bethany, 6:30 pm

(Door/Acolyte, Door/Prayer)



May 15

Choir Practice 7pm



May 19

Sunday School, join us at 9:15 a.m. Graduation Sunday, Worship at 10:45 am Pentecost Offering Congregational Meeting after worship













May 22

Choir Practice 7pm

May 25

Breakfast Club—Shiloh’s 2604 North Aspen, 9:00 am , Broken Arrow

May 26

Sunday School, join us at 9:15 a.m. Worship at 10:45 a.m. Lunch Bunch

May 27

Memorial Day

May 29

Choir Practice 7pm

Serenity Groups: Sunday, Tuesday, & Friday 7:30pm

May 2013 Newsletter  

May 2013 Newsletter

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