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Chanukah and Miracles

Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg This month we celebrate Chanukah, a holiday which brightens the darkest time of year. The dreidel with its Hebrew message nes gadol haya sham, a great miracle happened there, reminds us that miracles can occur, even when the world seems shrouded in darkness and fear. What is the quality of a miracle? How might the chanukiah represent the nature of miracles? The answer may lie in a debate about the menorah’s fuel. Rabbah, the Babylonian sage, would use poppyseed oil because it was long-lasting until he learned the dictum of Rabbi Joshua ben Levi, an earlier Palestinian Sage. While Rabbi Joshua permitted all oils, he suggested olive oil is the best. Utilizing olive oil, Rabbah discovered that though it may burn shorter, olive oil burns clearer. So much in this world is fleeting. While we wish we could hold onto every bit of goodness, we recognize that at times light flickers out just when we think it will last. Chanukah reminds us... we need to keep kindling, keep beating back the encroaching dark with each flame. We may at times have limited effect on the quantity of light, but just as Rabbi Joshua ben Levi learned from olive oil, our vision can still be one of quality. May this season bless us with clear eyes to see the work before us and send occasional miracles to light our path.

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Beth Am wishes you a happy Chanukah!

December 24, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Beth Am’s Journey to Germany & Poland Exploring Jewish History, the Holocaust & Jewish Life Today led by Dr. Michael Sanow & Rabbi Kelley Gludt

June 13 – 27, 2017

For more information, contact Michael Sanow: or 410-274-1499

Special Group Orientation and Information Session A representative of the travel agency will join us

Thursday, December 22, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m. 3500 West Strathmore Avenue RSVP to 4


Paralleling Prayer and Present Politics Cantor Ira Greenstein Following the contemplative High Holy Days and Sukkot / Shemini Atzeret, and having just concluded an irritating election season, I want to reflect on our relationship with prayer – fitting what should be a lengthy essay onto one page and letting you fill in details for yourselves, much like Rabbi Hillel summarized the entire Torah while a cynical visitor stood on a single foot. Our prayer texts emanate from different points in time, each shaded by authors’ experiences. If you read the prayer texts as literary texts, rather than as fixed liturgy, you can find:

contrasted with our previous siddur. Each word change, each comma or hyphen, reflects the culmination of an editor’s analysis of the sensibility of the text to us today. I have my own issues with the editor of Siddur Lev Shalem and some of the commas, and some inconsistencies in the same texts, because being somewhat finicky about prayer texts, I find myself no longer identifying as closely with some of my own favorite prayers as presented.

My favorite example of big-time editing is the Aleinu prayer, which dates back to around 1300 CE. The angry prayer, “Pour out Your Originally, it contained a line wrath…” or psalm, “I was angry at describing non-Jews: “… they bow that generation for 40 years…”, down to something vain and empty The loving prayer, “With everlasting and pray to a god who cannot save love have You loved Israel …”, [them].” Sometime around 1400, an The brash, “Thanks … for not making “apostate” went to the authorities me like them” or and complained that the prayer was The subtle prayer, the allegorical and referring to Jesus (whose Hebrew philosophical, the guilt-ridden “we name comes from the same root as were exiled because of our sins…”, “savior”), using as further evidence that the numerical equivalent perhaps even the irrational – (“gematria”) of the Hebrew word for certainly prayers premised on Temple “empty” has the same value (316) practices which are part of our past as the Hebrew name of “Jesus.” It but have no place in our future. also did not help that people have been prone to spit on the ground Editors of siddurim confront the when reciting the words “vain and words and frequently make small empty.” Really. The assertion was changes with major implications – immediately disputed by the Jews I devoted an evening with several of that day, but if you repeat a of you, going over the differences mistruth enough, people may begin captured in Siddur Lev Shalem to believe it. 5

Cantor’s Corner continued

Does this sound familiar? In the end, the line was excised, except by Sephardi and some other Orthodox traditions.

prayer in our siddur or who altered the words to better fit the contemporary generation as the editor envisioned it?

I find that we are challenged to accept attitude swings, and if we gave it some thought, we could probably identify with one prayer more than another. Still, we have all of them from which to choose. Have you ever taken a prayer text and tried to figure out the mindset or attitude of its author when it was written? Taking that forward, how about the attitude of the editor who included that

Perhaps it is that we are complex people, and that the prayer book only reflects that complexity. Or perhaps the editor deliberately sought to challenge us to think. Whatever, I encourage you to look at our prayer texts at some point as literature and see which texts you identify with more or less. It will make you a better pray-er and add a dimension to your service.





MONTHLY AT NOON Join Beth Am congregants and friends for Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Daniel Burg and Rabbi Kelley Gludt. All are welcome. December 20 with Rabbi Gludt: Shir HaShirim & Sexual Ethics, Pt. I January 17 with Rabbi Gludt: Shir HaShirim & Sexual Ethics, Part II February 21 with Rabbi Burg: Kohelet and Mental Illness March 21 with Rabbi Gludt: Esther and Gender Issues April 25 with Rabbi Burg: Ruth, Conversion & Poverty, Pt. I May 16 with Rabbi Burg: Ruth, Conversion & Poverty, Pt. II Please bring a fish/dairy lunch.


Karin Batterton’s Office • Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Village of Cross Keys 38 Village Square, Baltimore, MD 21210 6

While there are many ways to give to Beth Am, we hope you will consider supporting the Synagogue’s work by making a bequest to Beth Am in your will or living trust. Making a bequest allows you to combine your financial planning with philanthropy to make a lasting investment in the future of our congregation. Contact your attorney to learn how you can make a bequest to Beth Am. 7

CONGREGATIONAL LEARNING Rabbi Kelley Gludt With the launch of the Jewish Discovery Lab of Beth Am over four years ago, our congregation made an intentional cultural shift in our language. We diligently (some say vigilantly) purged from our vernacular the phrases Sunday School, Hebrew School & Religious School, insisting everyone refer to our supplemental educational program as the Jewish Discovery Lab or, simply, Lab. The change in language was both deliberate & thoughtful. We wanted to convey the very real sense that this was not your parents’ religious school. The updated designation captured & conveyed the experiential & innovative nature of the new program. We also desired to avoid the visceral reaction that many Jews of a certain generation have to the very phrase, “Religious School.” Fortunately, the Jewish Discovery Lab’s updated moniker achieved these goals. But this was not our only linguistic revolution. To describe what Lab is, we use “our synagogue’s supplemental education program.” This too is not merely a mouthful-turn-of-phrase but a clear, deliberate & premeditated choice of words. It effectively describes what Lab is while simultaneously expressing our principles. “Educational” underscores the value we as a community place on learning. While a conventional word, it doesn’t fully capture the entire essence of the Hebrew phrase Talmud Torah, but it does convey our seriousness. More than “school,” Lab offers the opportunity to instruct, to inform & to influence young Jewish lives.


“Program” lets you know that we have a plan. It puts out there that there is a strategy to the learning with a wellthought-out & detailed curriculum. “Supplemental” does not merely distinguish this as separate from a child’s secular school or educational path, contrary to what many people think. The Jewish Discovery Lab is a supplemental program because it works along with the Jewish religious education provided in the home & by the family. The word supplemental can be defined as “functioning in a supportive capacity” & as “added to complete or make up a deficiency.” And just as the definition implies, the Jewish Discovery Lab is designed to work in conjunction with your family’s own religious practice & priorities, not in place of them. Lab supports a congregant’s personal Jewish educational journeys & when taken together with practice at home, participation in a wide variety of synagogue events (both social & religious), & the example of living a Jewish life outside the home, a supplemental educational program can be hugely impactful & effective. But it was never designed to exist in a vacuum. Each family should identify its own hierarchy of Jewish proprieties, put those into action, & depend on Lab or day school to shore up other areas. Our Jewish Discovery Lab, our supplemental educational program, glories in acting in a supportive role, filling in absences, carrying a part of the load, & rounding out a vibrant, healthy & robust Jewish life.

SANCTUARY SERVICES Our next Sanctuary Service will be December 3

Join the “Kiddush Krew” and help make our kiddush buffet extra enticing and delicious! In preparation for our Sanctuary Shabbatot, we ask you to put your culinary skills to work by sharing with the congregation a recipe which no one will be able to resist. Your delectable donation will help Beth Am live up to its motto “Feels like Home.” Sign up: or Desiree at

Second Fridays Kabbalat Shabbat services with dinner to follow. Check our social media for updates closer to the actual date. Some events are catered; some are potluck.

December 9, 2016 at 6:30pm January 13, 2017 at 6:30pm February 10, 2017 at 6:30pm March 10, 2017 at 6:30pm April 14, 2017 at 6:30pm During Pesach May 12, 2017 at 6:30pm Find us online: 9

ATTENTION ALL ACTORS & WANNA BE ACTORS! Purim Schpiel Casting Call December 18, 11:00 am in the Sanctuary Purim Schpiel is March 11, 2017





Beth Am is collecting women’s and men’s winter professional clothing and accessories for donation to Suited to Succeed and Our Daily Bread. Friday, Dec. 18 is the final day of the collection. Please make sure that your donated garments are cleaned, ready to wear, and on hangers. They should be hung at the far end of coat rack

NEXT MEETING: Jan. 11 at 7:30 pm 4308 Greenway

ALL ARE WELCOME! We address many issues relating to poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, environmental sustainability, literacy and more in the Reservoir Hill community & beyond! Contact Arthur Shulman if you need a ride: The Talmud teaches us Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh (All of Israel is responsible for one another). To that end, we invite Beth Am’ers to gather, prepare & freeze Shabbat dinners which will be distributed to fellow congregants following a birth, death or hospitalization.


Sessions will be Sundays from 2 - 4pm on: 12/18, 2/12 & 5/7 Please RSVP to

Program RSVPs to: (410) 523-2446, ext.16


Mitzvah Day Dec. 25


BETH AM 5777 AT A GLANCE KLEI KODESH Musical Kabbalat Shabbat

March 17 April 21 June 9



Monthly on Tuesdays

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Dec. 20 Feb. 21 April 25

Jan. 17 March 21 May 16

4th Annual Shabbaton March 24 - 26 Second Fridays

Hebrew Marathon March 9 & 23 Megillah Reading & Purim Shpiel March 11

TASTE OF LAB April 9, 2017

Dec. 9 Jan. 13 Feb. 10 March 10 April 14* May 12 *Pesach

Purim Carnival March 12 Scholar-in-Residence March 31 - April 2 GOT Shabbat May 19


APRIL 30, 2017 People’s Talmud Services in the Park

Contact Michael Sanow at

Dec. 17 Feb. 11 May 13

June 30 & August 4


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No Lab Mitzvah Day 4:49pm Candle Lighting

January 1

26 4:50pm Candle Lighting

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21 No Lab

Noon Lunch & Learn (pg. 6)

Lab 2:00pm Reshet (OS)


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28 No Lab 4:51pm Candle Lighting


No Lab

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11 Lab


December 1 Rosh Chodesh 1 Kislev


4:26pm Candle Lighting


3 8:45am Torah Study 9:30am Sanctuary Shabbat 10:30am Shabbat Lab 11:15am Shabbat Yachad

9 4:25pm Candle Lighting 6:30pm BAYITT


10 8:45am Torah Study 9:30am Sanctuary Services w/ Alex Norbrook’s Bar Mitvah 11:15am Shabbat Yachad



4:27pm Candle Lighting

8:45am Torah Study 9:30am Kesher L’Neshama 10:15am Junior Congregation 11:15am Shabbat Yachad 12:45pm People’s Talmud



Chanukah Begins


8:45am DIY Torah Study 9:30am Kesher Services 11:15am Shabbat Yachad 4:00pm Shabbat is Awesome 4:49pm Candle Lighting

29 4:52pm Candle Lighting

Rosh Chodesh 1 Tevet


4:53pm Candle Lighting


5:06pm Candle Lighting 6:30pm BAYITT

7 8:45am Torah Study 9:30am Sanctuary Shabbat 11:15am Shabbat Yachad

14 8:45am Torah Study 9:30am Sanctuary Services w/ Blanca BergerSollod’s Bat Mitzvah 11:15am Shabbat Yachad





8:45am Torah Study 9:30am Sanctuary Shabbat 11:15am Shabbat Yachad 4:53pm Candle Lighting

6 4:59pm Candle Lighting







u c at i o n

5 7 7 7 co - Chairs:

Roberta Greenstein Rachel Rosenheck


Sunday, December 11 Beth Am @ the Movies See descpition below Date TBD The December Dilemma Join other Beth Am families in a conversation on conflicts and resolutions that arise in our intermarried families at this time of year. Sunday, January 22 The Play’s the Thing Theatre J presents Copenhagen, the thought provoking Broadway hit by Michael Frayn. Group ticket discount and communal kosher lunch prior to the performance. March 24th through 26th Shabbaton in the Spring! (see insert)


March 31st through April 1st Scholar in Residence: Stay Tuned!






Sunday, April 30 Sages for the Ages This year Ron Shapiro welcomes Drs. Freeman Hrabowski, President of UMBC, and Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore Public Schools for a discussion on leadership. Wednesday, May 10 Israel’s Challenges from Within and Without Dr. Robert Freedman provides perspective on today’s issues. “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” Sunday, December 11@ 3pm GORDON CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS, 3506 GWYNNBROOK AVE. OWINGS MILLS 21117 This feature-length documentary puts a face on the culture of Israel, drawn from the more than one hundred cultures that make up Israel today – Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze. A rich and human story of the people emerges. The producer/director, Roger Sherman, will be the guest speaker and do Q&A after the movie. The “star” of the movie is Michael Solomonov, the chef and owner of Zahav in Philadelphia. - 3:00 pm: Live Israeli music in the lobby and Israeli snacks. - 4:00 pm: The screening Beth Am will be getting a special group rate of $10pp. Tickets will go on sale November 1. Please go to www.gordoncenter. com/film and note our group discount code: BACUISINE.

“In the Kitchen with Harriet, Vol.2” is available. Hardcover: $25

Paperback: $18

The net proceeds benefit Beth Am. Order/Reserve your copy today!  410-523-2446 or

In the spirit of volunteerism, we would like to invite you to help clean up after Kiddush Lunch. Join our unofficial cleanup crew to make the transition quicker and cleaner than ever before. Make it a mitzvah!

From time to time Beth Am members ask for help in the following ways: • Rides to shul and events • Rides to doctor appointments • One-Dish Meals for those who are ill • Occasional errands Beth Am’s Congregant to Congregant (C2C) committee wants to provide these services for our members. Please indicate your interest to Joyce Keating:


Items are ready to find a new home - yours! Come browse! After hours and special appointment times contact: Marcia: 410-433-5582

Bonnie: 410-653-2380

Enrollment for The Jewish Discovery Lab 5777/2016-2017 is now open for kindergarten through eleventh grade. Enroll Online! 15



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50+ ANNIVERSARIES Richard & Nancy Bloom 26-Dec Myron & Linda Weisfeldt 29-Dec

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RECENT DEATHS Edward Gulin, husband of Ida Gulin father of Joan Schoenfeld (Stuart) Miriam Shulman, mother of David (Carol) Shulman and grandmother of Gabriel Nathan Shulman and Michael Jacob Shulman Doris Fader, mother of Eileen Fader (Steve Himmelrich) and grandmother of Jessie and Andie Himmelrich Shirley Leaderman, mother of Pamela Berman (Mark) Gary Stern, cousin of Michael Sanow




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Rabbi's Discretionary Fund cont. Ellen, William & Lawrence Heller in memory of her mother and their grandmother, Frances Moses, on her yahrzeit Janet Horn & Alan Yuspeh in memory of Al Kanterman, father of Fran Kanterman Risa Jampel in memory of her father, Harry Chait Lainy LeBow-Sachs in memory of Debbie Potts, wife of Efrem Potts Liz Moser in memory of her husband, Peter Moser, on his yahrzeit Nadja & Albert Pats in memory of his sister, Leah Leavy, on her yahrzeit in memory of her father, Irving Barron, on his yahrzeit Leslie & Larry Polakoff in memory of his parents, Ruth & Herschel Polakoff, on their yahrzeits Jane & Ron Reifler in memory of Debbie Potts, wife of Efrem Potts Ellen & Jeff Spokes in memory of her father, Marvin Kotzen, on his yahrzeit Joyce & Gilbert Walker in appreciation of Rabbi Burg Eileen Yoffe in memory of Rikki Kessler, mother of Barry Kessler in memory of Al Kanterman, father of Fran Kanterman

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You may dedicate/rededicate a siddur in honor or memory of a loved one, including placement of a bookplate in the siddur. From now until 12/31/16, as long as we have undedicated siddurim, they will be available at a reduced price: Standard Lev Shalem $36, effective 1/1/17 $48

Siddur Eit Ratzon $54, effective 1/1/17 $65

Large print Lev Shalem $72, effective 1/1/17 $85

Sim Shalom (weekday) $36, effective 1/1/17 $48

Which book(s) you wish to dedicate: _________________________________ How many:_____

Contact phone number: ______________________

Email:____________________________________________________________ The name(s) of those people you wish to honor/memorialize/appreciate: ____________________________in H/M/A ____________________________ ____________________________in H/M/A ____________________________ ____________________________in H/M/A ____________________________ ____________________________in H/M/A ____________________________

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Return form(s) to: Beth Am Synagogue 2501 Eutaw Place Baltimore, Maryland 21217 or Fax (410) 523-1729 Please make checks payable to: Beth Am Synagogue Questions? Call Nakia at 410-523-2446 or email her at

As a kindness to neighbors without parking pads or garages, please park in the Beth Am parking lot behind the Esplanade Apartments - unless you have mobility or accessibility concerns. The lot is accessible from Brooks Lane and Beth Am’s spaces are designated by blue stripes. Take care to park only in the Beth Am spaces to avoid being towed (at your expense).


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Garden Fund - Beautifies grounds General Fund - Applied to the operating budget of the congregation I. William Schimmel Student Scholarship Fund - Assists students in their educational pursuits Kiddush Fund - Used for luncheons following Sabbath and holiday services Prayer Book Fund - Supports the purchase of prayer books and dedication prayer books Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund - Allows the Rabbi to support special programs and individuals in need Social Action Fund - Supports social action activities in the Reservoir Hill area and the general community Tiny Tots Shabbat Fund - Supports Shabbat programs for our preschoolers Youth & Teen Education Support Fund Supports educational programs for all of Beth Am’s youth


We encourage all congregants to send their contribution requests directly to Nakia Davis, so they can be processed in a timely manner. Online donations available at our website First & Last Name(s): __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ If your contribution is from a couple or family, please list all names (use additional paper if necessary) Telephone: (________) __________ - ___________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Amount of Donation: ____________________________ ($18 minimum requested; please make checks payable to Beth Am) Fund Designation____________________________________________________________________ In honor/memory/appreciation of ______________________________________________________ Send Acknowledgement Card To: Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________________


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