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E H T T A D E T R A T T A S I K “ O O L W O N , M O BOTT ME!” 55 Rage!

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elise sandwell! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! From poverty to phenomenon Elise Sandwell has had her fair shair of set backs however she continues to battle on and after years of waiting for her break sheconfides in her life struggles and what it is like to be a rock star! Elise, so you performed at the LG arena, how was it? Incredible, to see all those people shouting my name, it was amazing! It’s hard to put into words how it feels to perform on a stage like that but it was one of the biggest highlights of my career and my life!

Things have really sky rocketed after you released your new album ‘Riot!’ – what’s that been like?

When did you first realise that music was your calling? I’ve been wanting to perform ever since

I was 7 years old, it’s always been my passion to get up there and sing. I did try and put a band together in my early school years but I was the only one to take it seriously so the band didn’t last long.

What are your hopes for the future?

My aim is to perform as much as possible for now but I would love to do something Its been crazy, I get a lot more fans a little bit different in the future, recognise me when I’m out and about, I just hope that this lasts, I kind of like being I have a lot of plans that I am very excited about! I can’t give the centre of attention for once! “I like being the too much away but you can You say ‘for once’ what do centre of attention! expect a lot of surprises!

you mean by that?

Well I haven’t had the best childhood; I lived with 6 other siblings so I didn’t get much attention in the first place. We lived in poverty for the majority of my childhood and so there weren’t many good opportunities for any of us. I was 18 when I could afford my first singing lesson. I really started at the bottom now look at me!

Can you not give us any more information? We’re all dying to know! I’m afraid I cant! I have been given strict rules not to give too much away too soon!

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