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London: The Most Enchanting Cities Of The World London is one of the most prominent financial and business centers of the world and home to numerous business activities. Beside this, it is also considered as a famous tourist attraction and the city gets millions of tourists each year who come to this city for sightseeing London. With a legacy of rich history and culture, there is so much to explore in London that you will hardly have time for anything else. The city not only boasts of historical attractions, but it is also home to all the modern activities that are loved by the tourists. London is famous for city trips that are conducted in roof top buses. If you are lucky enough to visit this city, your first stopover should be at Buckingham Palace, which is the queen’s residence. A certain portion of the palace hosting the royal artifacts can be viewed by the tourists. The Kensington Palace is another place that houses several members of the royal family. One of the unique places is the Tower of London that served as a prison a one time but now known for Crown Jewels. The city is filled with museums and it seems that you will have to preserve some days to explore Natural History Museum, Tate Museum, and Science Museum. Some of the famous places of sightseeing are located in the city of London and they are known to most visitors even before they arrive in this city. These places include the famous Tower Bridge, which is a landmark of this city followed by the famous Trafalgar Square named after the Battle of Trafalgar and the place is usually filled with pigeons and many important events of this city takes place in Trafalgar Square. The famous clock or Big Ben is another emblem of this city and occupies a portion of the Houses of Parliament or Westminster Abbey. The St Paul’s Cathedral is an acclaimed place for hosting the weddings of royal family. The roof-top bus tours that will take you for a trip around the city leave from specific locations that are present all over the city. The hotel in which you have put up can also make arrangements to drop you at those points from where the buses leave. However, London is also famous for the largest network of metro services that will take you from one part of the city to another. Whether you are planning to visit this city for business purpose or otherwise, sightseeing London is an exciting way to explore the city. Sightseeing London

London_ The Most Enchanting Cities Of The World  

The roof-top bus tours that will take you for a trip around the city leave from specific locations that are

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