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Rabbi's Reflections A Year of Potential, Fulfilled Wow. I had hoped that this Shanah Torah/Year of Torah would lift us all up and conclude with a bang, but until we welcomed the Charman Torah scroll into the building, with music, dancing, food, and hundreds of our members in attendance, I didn’t realize just how much we have been inspired. We have talked, sung, and studied our way through practically every day of this year, in formal classes, in informal discussion groups, and at special programs. We delved deeply into texts, rediscovered favorite traditions and discovered many that were new to us. Our learning inspired us to know more, to do more, and to be more. At the same time, we began a new initiative to ensure the future of Judaism in our area. The Me’ah Campaign, designed to upgrade our facility and to establish an endowment for the future, has been a huge success so far. As we look ahead to summer we will continue to reach out to every family at Beth Judea for support of this crucial effort. I am very grateful to Natalie Solomon and Mitch Lerman, our campaign co-chairs, for their many hours of work on behalf of our community, and I hope that you will show gratitude to them as well, by taking their call and setting up a meeting to take part in Me’ah. In the not-too-distant future, our congregation will celebrate 50 years of vital Jewish living; once we reach our Me’ah goals, we will have guaranteed another 50 years for the generations that will follow us. Our learning inspired us to give, and that generosity will make it possible for others to learn.

The Word – June 2015

As I conclude my fourth year as rabbi at Beth Judea, I am filled with pride and gratitude toward those who have made these and many other successes possible. Our staff, Board of Directors and numerous volunteers, Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Education and Youth departments, committees, lay teachers, students and participants have all contributed untold hours to make these years fun and meaningful. I thank you all and ask for your continued support as we look ahead to the fall holidays and another year of ever-deepening relationships. I have made more progress on getting to know each of our members, but it has proved harder than I first imagined. I will continue to reach out to all of you, but please do not sit passively, waiting for my call. If we do not yet know each other, take the initiative and contact me; let’s find time to talk, either in my office or in your home. Getting to know you is a primary goal for me; it is what makes my work meaningful. In a sense it is the very definition of my work. I cannot serve you well until I know you by sight and by name; help me to do that. May the God who blessed our ancestors continue to bless us as we plan a new year filled with joy and learning, prayer and comfort. We recommit ourselves to the never-ending quest for the truth, beauty, and peace, the values that animate Torah and which are our sacred inheritance. I’ll see you in 5776. Rabbi Jeff Pivo



Sefer Torah Celebration

Special Shabbat Events June 5

BBQ Shabbat Dinner & Services

June 6

Shabbat Services Honoring Past Presidents

June 27

Award & Installation Shabbat Services

July 10

BBQ Shabbat Dinner

July 10

Shabbat Services with Special Guest Speaker Seth Goldberg

Photos and Video by Carl Weiss View video and media coverage

Tisha B’Av

Special Observances June 17

Rosh Hodesh 1 Light Candles

June 18

Rosh Hodesh 2

July 5

Fast of 17th of Tammuz

SATURDAY, July 25, 2015 – 8:00 PM

July 17

Rosh Hodesh


July 25

Erev Tisha B’Av Services at 8:00 pm


July 26

Tisha B’Av Fast of the 9th of Av

August 15

Shabbat Rosh Hodesh Rosh Hodesh 1

August 16

Rosh Hodesh 2

July 25 – Erev Tisha B’Av | July 26 – Tisha B’Av


The Word – June 2015



CBJ ONLINE Congregation Beth Judea has recently purchased a software update to our Membership Management software program. This is an interactive software package which permits our Members to log in to the site and accomplish many tasks. A member can:  Look up directory information on any fellow Congregant  Update their own profile  Register for events  Make a Donation online  Fill out next year’s membership forms starting in May  View Yahrzeit information By getting full utilization of the software package, Beth Judea will be able to save several thousands of dollars and have accurate information. Several months ago every member received a user id and password. If you have misplaced your user id or password please contact Lisa at 847-634-0777. Thanks Arnie Goldberg Executive Vice President

Lisa Neiman Executive Director

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The Word - June 2015

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CALENDAR Social Action

Special Events June 5 June 6 June 27

BBQ & Shabbat Celebration Shabbat Service Honoring our Past Presidents Installation & Award Shabbat

June 7

Danny Siegel

Israel Committee Programming June 2

June 28

Beneath the Helmut

Dinner & Conversation with Rabbi

Youth Men’s Club Sunday Sunday Aug 30

Softball League Fitness Walk Golf Outing Sponsor a Hole

Sisterhood June 9 June 18 July 26July 30 August 2 August 31

Sisterhood Installation Book Club – Mornings in Jenin Rummage Sale Drop Offs Annual Rummage Sale Annual Membership Dinner

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Aharei Mot Evangelical Literature AJEC Program

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June 5, 2015 – 7:30 pm

July 3, 2015 – 7:30 pm

Those who celebrate birthdays and anniversaries during the month of June will be recognized at our service on June 5th. Our worship will begin at 7:30 pm. Children of every age are welcome!

The Word - June 2015

Those who celebrate birthdays and anniversaries during the month of July will be recognized at our service on July 3rd. Our worship will begin at 7:30 pm. Children of every age are welcome!


NOTES FROM THE CANTOR SUMMER MONTHS soon to arrive!! Many opportunities for service participation! Summer is the perfect time to take up or revitalize synagogue skills. We have ample openings for both adults and young adults who know how to leyn Torah. Or perhaps you have learned to lead some of our services, whether weekday mornings or evenings or on Shabbat? Do not let these abilities go to waste!! When was the last time you were called up to the Torah for an aliyah or a related Torah honor? We even have opportunities for learning and taking part in the unique chanting of the Book of Eicha which is read on Erev Tisha B’Av (the evening of July 25th this year). How can we make your role in our synagogue service more fulfilling, more meaningful? I am ready and happy to work with you and provide you with recordings to help strengthen you in whatever area you would like to participate – I just need to hear from you!! 5776 HIGH HOLIDAY CHOIR – Another opportunity for those who are musically inclined is our High Holiday Choir that rehearses on Tuesday evenings beginning usually in early July. If you are interested in joining us this year, please contact either me ( or Marty Karlin ( for details. The rehearsal schedule for the 2015 season will be available soon! RELIGIOUS SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM – Jr. Yad Squad for Beginners & Advanced Special opportunity for accelerated incoming BET Students to learn how to read Torah with Hazzan Weisberg on Thursdays, 4:15 - 5:00 pm!! Students who enjoy learning Hebrew and music are invited to get a head start using the ancient musical phrases known as the Trope System. After getting to know the trope signs, students will have a chance to prepare small portions in the Torah for Gan Shabbat services in early 2016, for the Bet Class Shabbat and Alef/Bet Kallah that spring. There is a one-time $60 fee for texts/recordings. Returning Jr. Yad Squad members will be able to continue their Torah-reading studies and receive new assignments in the 5:05 - 5:45pm time slot on Thursdays. Please me at (847) 634-0777 or to sign up or for more info. Please respond by June 11, 2015 if you wish to participate in any of the above opportunities SAVE THE DATE July 3 – 14, 2016 Join us on this Deluxe trip to Spain You will be hearing more about this unique and exciting opportunity in the weeks and months ahead, but please save those dates if you think you might be able to join us! Click here for flyer

The Word - June 2015


Congratulations to our new Officers and Board Members! President Arnold Goldberg Executive VP Sidney Mathias Education VP Lance Pacernick Facilities VP Dana Goldstein Finance VP Gary Krugel Membership VP Michael Gluck Planned Giving VP Arnold Bender

MISSION STATEMENT Congregation Beth Judea is a welcoming, egalitarian synagogue whose mission is to create a warm and inviting home that serves the lifelong spiritual, educational and fellowship needs of our members. Consistent with the principles of the Conservative Movement, we embrace Torah and our responsibility to serve and support the greater Jewish community, the community at large, the United States of America and the State of Israel.

Programming VP Tammy Brody Ritual VP Bruce Darin Social Action/Israeli Affairs VP Scott Eisner Ways & Means VP Steve Limer Youth VP Andrew Bauman Secretary Mark Sheft

The Word - June 2015

At-Large Directors: Marah Altenberg Herbert Finn Brad Finkel Ron Friedman Brian Gurin Mitch Hecht Jason Heiger Stewart Margolis Ken Redfern Merle Rumack Lewis Smith


B’nai Mitzvah Bio Daniel Irving Schechter will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, June 13th, 2015. A seventh-grader at Daniel Wright Junior High School in Lincolnshire, Danny is all about sports. His favorite is basketball; this year he played on both the DWJHS team and the Stevenson HS feeder team. When basketball season ended, Danny and a group of the players formed their own team, the Raptors, and they compete in tournaments on weekends. In addition to playing basketball, Danny also plays on the DWJHS volleyball team and participates in the co-ed kickball league through the Lincolnshire Sports Association. When he is not playing sports, Danny enjoys playing X-box, reading and watching movies. Since sports have played such an important part in Danny’s life, he wanted to make sure other kids got the same opportunities to experience those benefits. To that end, he has been working at Sports Shed a charitable organization which provides sports equipment and funding to under-privileged children who otherwise would not get to play sports. Danny is looking forward to sharing his Bar Mitzvah with his parents, Jodi and Jeff, his younger brother Noah, his grandparents, Fran and Lenny Heller and Marilyn and Burton Schechter, as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends coming from all over the country- Seattle to Boston. He thanks them all for their love and support, in the past, now, and in the future as he continues his journey into Jewish adulthood. Danny would also like to thank Rabbi Pivo, Cantor Weisberg, Anna Besser, and all his teachers at both CBJ and before that at the JCC where Danny first began his Jewish education. In addition, he would like to give a special thank you to his tutor, Andrea Dickson, for her time, effort, and patience in helping him prepare for this special milestone in his life.

The Word - June 2015

Jordan Blake Pine will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, June 20th, 2015. Jordan is a 7th grade high honor roll student at Daniel Wright Junior High School. His passion is soccer, and he has been a member of the Lincolnshire Lightning Travel Soccer Club for the past four years. He also enjoys playing on the Daniel Wright Volleyball Team. Jordan is looking forward to spending his fourth summer in Michigan at Greenwoods overnight camp, where he loves to water ski. Family and friends mean the world to Jordan. He is excited to be sharing his special day with his proud parents, Jodi & David, his sister Carly, beaming grandparents Millie & Harvey Pine and Simmy & Barry Weiss along with his aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends. Jordan and his family would like to thank Rabbi Pivo, Cantor Weisberg, Anna Besser and all of Jordan’s Hebrew school teachers who have guided him throughout the years of his Jewish education. A very special thank you goes out to Jordan’s tutor, Natalie Gurin, for preparing him for this special day. Gabriel Aaron Goldman will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. Gabe is finishing his 7th grade as an honor roll student at Carl Sandburg Middle School in Mundelein. Gabriel will share this simcha with parents Ana and Fred along with highly supportive siblings Eli, Leah and Shelby and somewhat supportive pet siblings Durango and Tonks. This will be a true Goldman family world event with close family coming in to share in his achievements. Proud Bubbe, Audrey Kirst and loving AZ grandparents Sandi and Paul Goldman will be with us in celebration. Gabriel is a bit of a nerd as he is the lead programmer on his school’s robotics team but also enjoys time away from the computer to spend time on Xbox. Outside, Gabriel is an avid skier, volleyballer, umpire and Australian Rules Footyball. Gabriel (and his parents) say a big “Todah!” to his tutor Andrea for her really fine work and patience assisting Gabriel reach the bima. Also “thanks” to Rabbi Pivo, Hazzan Weisberg, Anna, Lynn and the entire education staff for a wonderful family experience throughout the years.


Religious Education Confirmation Class of 5775 Congratulations to this year’s Confirmation Class: Adam Gurin, Sydney Pacernick and Paige Reinstein. Over the years you have devoted yourselves to a lifetime of Jewish learning. Mazel Tov - You have worked hard towards this goal!

18 + Shabbat Awards Each year there are certain students who go above and beyond the School Shabbat Service Requirement. We recognize those who have attended 18 or more Shabbat Services this year with a gift card to Barnes & Noble. They are:  Sarah Besser  Aaron Kudlowitz  Talia Brody  Anna Kudlowitz  Sari Gluck  Eli Levsky  Talia Gluck  Rebecca Malkin  Alexander Goldwasser  Arielle Reinstein  Samantha Goldwasser  Harrison Reinstein  Eli Gurin  Zachary Shultz  Rachel Gurin Yasher Koach for your accomplishments! Religious School Hours Please note that during the summer, the Religious School Office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have any concerns or would like to just visit, please do not hesitate to come in. Have a wonderful summer. Thank You to our Teachers The 2014-2015 school year has drawn to a close. It was a year of many highlights — academic, programmatic and systemic. We are blessed with an excellent faculty of teachers who make every effort to reach each of our students on an individual level. They plan superb lessons so that our students can learn about, appreciate and thrive in their Judaism. Our students are very well prepared to face the world as knowledgeable Jews. And . . . such enthusiastic students we have. It is a pleasure to observe them in their studies and their informal gatherings. During the year, every Jewish holiday was celebrated in a way that our students could experience the joy and the meaning behind each one. Our Kallot provide opportunities to learn, pray and play together create memories that last a lifetime. I would like to thank all our teachers who diligently taught our children this year. They are:  Marc Sender  Yochi Eilian  Shira Sender  Natalie Gurin  Carrie Shapiro  Judy Jury  Michele Sussman  Batya Kogan  Erica Veronie  Norm Kurtz  Peggy Weiner  Jodi Levit  Debbie Weiss  Lisa Ribot  Sandra Zussman  Tammy Scheibe

The Word - June 2015


Religious Education I also want to thank our music teachers – Megan Ernsteen, Samie Moskowitz and Paige Reinstein – for making music enjoyable and fun for all! What To Do Over the Summer Now that formal classes are over, there are many things that parents can do to help our students nourish and maintain their Jewish identities throughout the summer months. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to focus on doing things for other people? What a great way for our students to become mensches! Have students create a list that encourages them to do random acts of kindness.                 

Make military care packages Deliver treats to someone who could use a pick me up Clean out closets and donate clothes Gather cans to give to the homeless shelter Donate sheets, blankets and towels to the humane society for the animals Pay for the person behind you at a drive thru Bring books to donate at the library Find a need at the hospital in oncology and do it Give popsicles to friends in the neighborhood Collect sleep-away camp items for Camp Dreamcatcher, a program for children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Donate kids’ craft kits to a local children’s hospital. Organize a board game night at your local nursing home. Gather your friends and favorite classic games, and plan a fun afternoon. Wrap gifts during the holidays for Barnes and Noble to raise money for a specific cause. Make a no-sew fleece blanket for a child in need through Project Linus. Collect DVD’s and videogames you no longer use/watch and donate them to a Children’s Hospital for patients. Volunteer at an animal shelter- play with the dogs and cats, help to brush them, and clean up after them. Stuff warm socks with snacks and fruit to pass out to people who are homeless.

Best wishes for a very relaxing summer vacation. -Anna Besser

Big Tent Judaism Sunday in the Park – Sunday, July 12 at 10:00 am – 12 noon Deerpath Park, Phillips Road and Route 45 at 299 Onwentsia, Vernon Hills Sunday in the Park with Bagels offers families with young children a free tour of the Jewish calendar through food tastings, interactive activities, and games. Save the date - more details to come soon! Beth Judea is hosting the Passover table. If you would like to volunteer, contact Ronna at Hosted by the Northwest Suburban Collaborative and Big Tent Judaism Chicago. Beth Judea is a member of the Northwest Suburban Collaborative

Facebook link :


Welcome to our Adult Education Series. To register for classes or to find out more information, please contact Anna Besser at

Adult Education Series June 2015

Life Cycle: Aharei Mot: preparing for Death Rabbi Pivo & Irwin Goldman of Goldman Funeral Group

June 2, 9, 16 Tuesday evenings @ 8:00 pm Our latest offering in our ongoing series on a Jewish approach to death, this class will examine the rituals and customs that take us from the moment of death through burial and shivah. We will learn about the ritual, emotional and practical concerns of planning for death.

What's the Deal with the Evangelical Literature on My Doorstep? Taught by Gloria Hernandez Monday evenings @ 8:00 pm June 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20

The course focuses on explaining the recurring trend of why Lake County residents - specifically those who are Jewish or are believed to be Jewish - have been targeted with evangelical publications and videos, which are directly mailed to them or left at the front door of their homes. The class will also examine who is behind this effort and why, and how a person, when confronted face to face, can easily counter missionaries. Pre-registration/instructor approval is required to enroll. Week 1: June 15 - What's the deal with the evangelical literature on my doorstep? Week 2: June 22 - Why don't Jews believe in Jesus? Week 3: June 29 - What is "Messianic Judaism"? Week 4: July 6 - Dealing with Missionary Tactics Part One Week 5: July 13 - Dealing with Missionary Tactics Part Two Week 6: July 20 - Dealing with Missionary Tactics Part Three/Is there a solution to the evangelical/ missionary problem? What this course is NOT: This course is not a forum for debate, nor is it a course on apologetics. Participants in this course will be expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Interpretive Minyan in the Library

AJEC presents Lunch & Learn

Service Leader: Norm Kurtz You are invited to join the Interpretive Minyan in the Library the first and third Shabbat of every month. Our growing minyan is focused on building community by enjoying a passionate, meaningful, and dynamic Shabbat morning experience.

Unknown Women of Ancient Times – Who Had the Power? Featuring Dr. Betsy Dolgin Katz

Our minyan is friendly and welcoming to all. Join us for prayer/discussion/learning and stay for Kiddush/lunch after services.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at The Arboretum Club

We meet in the synagogue library on the second floor from 10:30 until 11:45. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Shabbat shalom, Norm Kurtz

The Word - June 2015

Download flyer and registration form


Adult Education

Adult Education

Welcome to our Adult Education Series. To register for classes or to find out more information, please contact Anna Besser at

WEEKLY ONGOING CLASSES These classes are ongoing. Please join at any time. Hebrew is not required for any of these classes unless specifically noted. TALMUD STUDY Talmud & Jewish Life: Grappling with Life, Law and Innovation Taught by Orin Rotman Sunday mornings at 8 am Participate in a lively discussion of the Talmud and its relevance for us today. No prior knowledge required and texts will be provided. We are working our way through fascinating array of topics. Orin Rotman will facilitate this weekly Talmud study session. (Artscroll Schottenstein edition is used for the class)

MORNING TORAH STUDY Caffeine for the Soul (Rabbi Pivo) Tuesday Mornings after Minyan (8:15 am) Linger after morning minyan for a light breakfast and a bit of Torah, as we spend a few minutes together looking at the weekly parshah with Rabbi Pivo.

TASTE OF TORAH Sweet Taste of Torah: Kohelet & Song of Songs Taught by Orin Rotman

Wednesday evenings at 8 pm For thousands of years Judaism has been interpreting and applying the Torah to everyday life. This class follows the Tanach cycle. We are starting Kohelet and Song of Songs. Join us each week as we read through several chapters a week of the Nevim (Prophets) texts, then on to Ketuvim (Writings), then back to Torah again.

PARSHA OF THE WEEK Shabbat Torah/Haftarah Study Saturday Shabbat mornings at 9 am Join a study/discussion of the week’s parsha. We will discuss questions raised by the participants .

The Word - June 2015


Sisterhood Sisterhood Update - June 2015 The Ba'al Shem Tov is credited with having said, "I believe that one should strive to attain three loves: the love of G-d, the love of Israel (the Jewish people), and the love of Torah." In so much that we do at Beth Judea, we endeavor to reflect these three criteria. We had our Sisterhood board elections in May, and our Installation Potluck Dinner will be June 9th at the home of Karen Nagel. Many thanks to our outgoing board members for all you have done for Sisterhood and the synagogue. May you go from strength to strength. Also, a hearty mazel tov to our incoming board; thank you for all that you will do for Sisterhood and the congregation in the coming months. We look forward to working with each one of you, and may you, too, go from strength to strength. Our May 7, 2015 social program at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Buffalo Grove was a success. We learned salsa and meringue, and had a delightful time - good exercise - good friends - and wonderful fun. Thursday, June 18, 2015, 7:00 pm, will be the next Book Club meeting at Brenda Levin's home. The selection is Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa, and the book talks about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through four generations of a single Palestinian family forcibly removed from the ancient village of Ein Hod into the Jenin refugee camp due to the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. Our annual Rummage Sale will be on Sunday, August 2, 2015 at the synagogue. Please drop off your gently-used merchandise July 26th through July 30th.

We will have our annual Membership Dinner on Monday, August 31, 2015 which is a departure from our usual November date. We welcome volunteers for the committee and encourage you to call Lauri Rosenbloom if you wish to help us organize this delightful event. We hope to see as many of you as possible that evening.

The Word - June 2015

We will have our annual Membership Dinner on Monday, August 31, 2015 which is a departure from our usual November date. We welcome volunteers for the committee and encourage you to call Lauri Rosenbloom if you wish to help us organize this delightful event. We hope to see as many of you as possible that evening. Thank you for your past support of our synagogue Gift Shop. We hope you will continue your support in the future. We have so many beautiful items, and it is our pleasure to be there for you. Please also continue to support our Torah Fund, which supports students at the Jewish Theological Seminary. In all these activities, we strive to attain the love of G-d, the love of Israel, and the love of Torah. May we all be spiritually and intellectually elevated by this endeavor. L'hit-ra-ot, Merle Rumack, Secretary


MORNINGS IN JENIN by Susan Abulhawa A powerful novel portraying the "other side" of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict-the viewpoint of Palestinian refugees uprooted in 1948.

An intimate look at their existence by Amal, the granddaughter of the patriarch. Amal' s story threads through 6 decades of Palestine-Israeli tension and is a story of love & loss, of childhood, marriage, parenthood and finally the need to share her history with her daughter. Richly told & full of humanity.

JUNE 18, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Download Flyer 14

SISTERHOOD  June 9 – Installation Pot Luck Dinner. Sisterhood Installation Dinner Flyer


 June 18 – Book Club Sisterhood Book Club Flyer


 Annual Rummage Sale: July 26 – July 30 – Drop Offs Accepted August 2 – Rummage Sale VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Sisterhood Rummage Sale Flyer

BEFORE YOU DONATE THOSE SALEABLE ITEMS We will be accepting donations of clothing, household items, dishes, kitchenware, books, toys, bikes, pictures, linens and SMALL furniture. Click here for flyer

 August 31 – Annual Membership Dinner Sisterhood Annual Membership Dinner (We’ve moved the date up on this)

SISTERHOOD FUNDRAISERS Torah Pin Fund All Occasion Cards Entertainment Books

L’Chaim Cookbook (click here for your free recipe)

SISTERHOOD GIFTSHOP STOP IN AND SEE OUR NEW AND UNIQUE ITEMS We Have Great Gifts for Any Occassion Congregation Beth Judea Gift Shop (Where shopping is a mitzvah) The Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Judea's Judaica Shop carries a wide variety of Judaica and gift items such as tallitot, kippot, Seder plates, Hanukkah menorahs, candlesticks, kiddush cups, tzedakah boxes, mezzuzah cases, books, toys, games, teacher gifts, and nonreligious gift items. The shop carries Gary Rosenthal, Nambe, and a large number of items imported directly from Israel. The shop also carries special seasonal items and gift baskets. In addition, you can special order about anything you may want. Stop by when the shop is open: Sundays from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Tuesdays when Religious School is in session and by appointment. Karen Nagel is the Gift Shop Manager. The Gift Shop has lots of new merchandise, including great High Holiday and other holiday gift items, as well as Bat/Bat Mitzvah and wedding gift items. Check out Sisterhood’s own L'CHAIM TOO! Cookbook, filled with special recipes for all your holiday needs or as a great gift for any occasion. MC, VISA. and Discover accepted

The Word - June 2015

Congregation Beth Judea Gift Shop (Where shopping is a mitzvah)

20% OFF ONE SINGLE ITEM OF $25 OR MORE Coupon must be present at time of purchase Exclusions include sale merchandise, special orders, scrolls, consignment items. Nambe Discount Limited to 10% / No Discount on Michael Aram One coupon per family. No other discounts or promotions apply -Expires July 31, 2015 COUPON


Men’s Club Men’s Club has had another phenomenal year. Our many successful programs included an extremely well attended club retreat, a championship softball season, and an inspirational Men’s Club Shabbat. We also had another successful Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah dinner. The first annual Craft Beer and Burger dinner (Moo and Brew!) that as of this writing has not yet occurred will hopefully be even more successful. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the World Wide Wrap because of the Super Bowl blizzard. However, unlike certain footballs, there was no deflation of the turnout when the Wrap was rescheduled. The attendance was much greater than we anticipated. Our commitment to Congregation Beth Judea extends beyond the ritual and social aspects of our synagogue. Education is a priority for Men’s Club. Our members teach the Hebrew Literacy One, Two and Three courses. The Interpretative Minyan Shabbat service was developed and implemented by former CBJ Men’s Club President and former FJMC International President Norm Kurtz. This program will be introduced nationwide at the International FJMC convention in July. Likewise, the “Leading a Shiva Minyan” program will also be presented nationwide at the FJMC Convention in July. FJMC and the Cantorial Assembly cosponsor this program. Its goal is to teach men how to lead a shiva minyan. Five members of Congregation Beth Judea completed this course, which was taught by Hazzan Weisberg. Men’s Club has also made a commitment to keep the Melton School at Beth Judea by volunteering to donate funds towards this end. We have several important programs set for this summer. The Dr. Jack Rizman Memorial Golf Outing is scheduled for Sunday, August 30. More information will be available soon. We also will be starting a Fitness Walking Program on Sunday mornings following minyan at 10 AM. This is set to start on May 31. One of the most important things Men’s Club participates in is volunteering at the Lieberman Center in Skokie on a regular basis every fourth Shabbat morning. We assist the residents to and

The Word - June 2015

from services and as needed during the Shabbat service. We continue to receive extremely positive feedback from the folks at the Lieberman Center. Our own Sandy Victor will be honored at the FJMC Convention when he receives the Midwest Region Ma’asim Tovim Award. The Ma’asim Tovim Award is the highest recognition a region can give to one if its own members. It is given to an individual who has worked on behalf of the region for many years. Sandy has served on the Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club Board for 25 years. Sandy also has served on our Congregation’s Board of Directors for 20 years including terms as Facilities VP, Ritual VP, Parliamentarian, Constitution Committee Chairman, and co-chairman of the Rabbi Search Committee. Burt Fischman will also be honored at the upcoming FJMC Convention. He will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. Although Burt has been a member of Beth Judea for a relatively short time, his involvement with Men’s Club goes back a long way. His is the heart that beats behind the FJMC’s Leadership Development Institute. Many of you know him as “Captain Ruach." You can honor both Sandy and Burt by placing a tribute in the on line journal at Finally I would like to publically thank those members of the Beth Judea Men’s Club Board of Directors who have been instrumental in the continued success of Men’s Club. This is truly a joint effort by a group of men who are fully engaged in our synagogue community. They are: Allen Harris (VP Programming), Louis Rabin (VP Ritual), David Granoff (VP Membership/Communications), Evan Rumack/Brian Schwartz (Treasurer), Jerry Sakol (Secretary), Rob Lipka, Ron Friedman, Maynard Hirsch, Norm Kurtz, Fred Rabinowitz, Sandy Victor, and Orin Rotman. Thanks to these men as well as to everyone else who has participated in any Men’s Club program during this past year. Yasher koach and thank you! Eric Yegelwel



Tzedakah Fund The Men's Club has made donations from the minyan tzedakah box to:

click here to download flyer

Mazon Hillel Keshet

Questions – contact Allen Harris at

We thank all those who have contributed to the tzedakah fund administered by Men's Club.


HELP THE ELDERLY ATTEND SERVICES Once a month, the Beth Judea Men’s Club volunteers at the Lieberman Geriatric Center and helps the elderly get to and from services. We need volunteers for June 13.

Begins Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 10:00 am following Minyan Get the details

Men’s Club strives to offer something for everyone. As such, we’re always open to new and creative programming ideas that help Jewish men lead rich and filling Jewish Lives.


MEN’S CLUB 20TH ANNUAL DR. JACK RIZMAN MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING Sunday, August 30, 2015 Buffalo Grove Golf Club First Tee Off - 10:30 AM - Handicap Scramble Come as a foursome or we can arrange one…everyone welcome! Outing Includes: Electric Cart - Contest Holes - Course Cash for Food/Drink Dinner at Lou Malnati’s - 6:30 PM Cost: $125 per person Complete form below and send with check payable to CBJ Men’s Club


Chuck Walcer at 847-419-1605 or Morry Rizman at 847-478-9790 or Allen Harris at 847-612-2247 or

Sponsor a Hole The Word - June 2015

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Social Action Dear Volunteers, We are still in the process of preparing our summer schedule. Please contact me if you are interested in the Bingo at Friend Center or the Pet Visit to Alden to be sure these events are taking place. Bingo at Friend Center 3:30 pm 1st Sunday of each month from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm We meet the first Sunday of every month from 3:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. . Volunteers are needed to help Friend Center at Gidwitz Place (1551 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield) residents play Bingo. Assistance from all congregants is welcome. Pets to Visit Alden Retirement Ctr. 2nd Sunday of each month from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Bring your pet to visit the residents of Alden Retirement Center in Long Grove. June 29 – Social Action Meeting Last Monday of each month at 8:00 pm Please join us for the 7:30 pm minyan just before our 8:00 pm committee meeting every month. The Social Action Committee meets on the last Monday of each month. WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN US!! For further information on any of the above, please contact Scott Eisner at .

Interfaith Council As Beth Judea is a member of the Interfaith Council, we ask for your assistance in supporting the following programs: June 14– Flag Day Click for Flyer Join us for a Flag Day celebration at Veteran’s Park in Buffalo Grove. The Interfiath Council generously donated for a brick to be laid there with Beth Judea’s name on it in honor of our Veterans. June 28 – iWalk – Click for Flyer A 5K family event to help feed our community’s hungry. August 4 – National Night Out – Click for Flyer FREE Food, Entertainment and Giveaways 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm - Food and freebies 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Live Music w/Neverly Brothers

MAOT CHITIM Make a Mitzvah with Maot Chitim. Distribute kosher holiday food packages to needy Jewish individuals and families in the Chicagoland metropolitan area. Our holiday delivery schedule is as follows:

Rosh Hashanah 2015 Sunday, August 23, Non-perishable Packing Day Sunday, August 20, 2015, Delivery Day Other volunteer opportunities are available. Visit our website at

INVITES YOU TO JOIN US ON Sunday, June 7, 2015 10:00 am to 11:00 am as we welcome renown guest speaker

Danny Siegel 116 Practical Mitzvah Suggestions: Variety in Your Personal Mitzvah Work .....AND How to choose the Kind of Tikkun Olam that Is the Very Best for You

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The Word - June 2015

JCC Grandparents Weekend Create Special Memories to Treasure Forever JCC Perlstein Resort Grandparents Weekend L’Dor Va-Dor June 19 – 21, 2015 Click here for flyer

Ramah Family Fun Day Sunday, July 12, 2015 Click here for flyer


Did You Know... HONOR FLIGHT LAKE COUNTY Lake County Honor Flight transports America's veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the monuments and memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices. Two Beth Judea Congregants are being recognized for their dedicated service this June by being awarded the Lake County Honor Flight Trip on June 6 – 7, 2015; with a “Welcome Home” party to follow: Meyer (Mike) Halperin Veteran WWII Army/Air Corp


Marty Rockwell Veteran Korean War Army

Right now you can log into their Guest Book at Let them know your gratitude.

You can also write a letter to them which they is a special surprise to our veterans (see box to the right) Please try to attend their “Welcome Home” also!!!

They will be loading a bus to the Milwaukee Airport at 3:30 am on June 6th

And will arrive back in Milwaukee at 8:00 pm on June 7th and transported by bus to North Chicago. There will be a celebration on June 7, 2015 starting at 9:00 pm at the Veterans Memorial Park, 1801 E. Sheridan Ave., North Chicago, Illinois.

Please contact Bonnie Halperin if you have any questions at (815) 728-7206

Friends and Family are all welcome to attend and welcome home these distinguished \Veterans and join the celebrations.

This new article is to share congregants achievements/accomplishments. If you would like to share something, please contact the synagogue office.

The Word - June 2015


ISRAEL COMMITTEE The Israel Committee would like to thank the congregants who joined our committee May 7. Thank you:

S S C Sunday vening une as we view the movie

Rona Wolf Linda Fisher Joel Fisher Stan Robbin Steve Dicker Yigal Greener Craig Cohn We look forward to your participation, knowledge, and opinions!! Thanks again from the Israel committee.

eneath the rom

igh School to the

elmet ome ront Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front takes viewers inside the Israel Defense Force (IDF), and “beneath the helmet� of its brave young soldiers, to reveal the true human stories of the young women and men who are drafted into compulsory service to defend their country and the values we share.


OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY Details and time will follow. Please watch your weekly emails or visit our website at

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Disability Awareness DISABILITY AWARENESS PROGRAM BBQ followed by Shabbat Services with Special Guest Seth Goldberg July 10, 2015

The Torah teaches that humanity was created in the diving image. Jewish tradition teaches that we are obligated to treat every person with the love and dignity due them. Congregation Beth Judea is part of the community wide effort to incorporate special-needs programming into synagogue life. Please join us for a BBQ followed by Shabbat Services with a sign interpreter for the deaf and more as we honor the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Watch our website at for more details.

The Word - June 2015


YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE We firmly believe that reaching out to others benefits not only the recipient, but the person providing help as well. This is, without a doubt, a win-win situation for all involved. If you are interested in making a difference, please contact one of the Hesed (Caring) committee members below: Rabbi Pivo Ellene Lammers Wendy Wunsch Evan Rumack

We Would Like To Know WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW . . . . If you are celebrating a life cycle event such as a birth, engagement, or wedding, we would like to know about it so that this milestone can be included in The Word. If you are ill or know someone who is sick, we would like to know about it so that a prayer for recovery can be said, so that the clergy can call or visit, and so that the Hesed (Caring) committee can be notified and be of assistance.

Upon three things the world is based:

Upon Torah, Upon Divine Service and Upon the Practice of Charity

LIFE IN ISRAEL THE GOODMAN’S BLOG Howie and Suzanne Goodman were valued members at Beth Judea until they decided to make aliyah in 2009. The Goodmans have agreed to provide us with a blog on their experiences as new olim in Israel. Though we continue to miss the Goodmans, we can all look forward to reading about their adventures in Israel through the blog.

If there is a death in your family, we would like to know about it so that we can offer our support, can share this information with our congregation, and so that we can add your loved one to our Yahrzeit records. Please call the synagogue office with this information. Do not assume that someone else will have notified the synagogue staff.



In this issue, they talk about the holidays and about the Sar El program. Laura and Stan Zollar are currently participating in that program. The Sar El program is, where volunteers are stationed on IDF (Israel Defense Force) or IAF (Israel Air Force) posts for two or three weeks where they do work in place of israel soldiers.

The Hesed committee would like to know if you have any difficulties/problems that you would like to discuss with a knowledgeable individual. We have a group of congregants who have been trained or are professionals who would be able to provide a brief consultation with you in order to refer you on for more in-depth assistance. We are also thinking about starting some support groups. We would like to know what you feel your needs are. Please email Ellene Lammers at or call Rabbi Pivo.

To learn more about the Goodman’s life in Israel. .click here to share their experience.


The Word - June 2015


SHALVA “Its okay, the children aren’t effected” But what if you knew they were?

Did you Know……… SHALVA Collects Cellphones?

Shalva clients will often say that they can withstand their husband’s abuse as long as he never directs his anger toward their children. What many women don’t understand is that children are the silent victims of abuse and that they often repeat the behaviors they have seen.

For quite a few years now, Congregation Beth Judea has been generously collecting cell phones for SHALVA.

According to a recent study, over 90% of children are aware of domestic abuse in their home. These children are affected emotionally, cognitively, and physically. They are at great risk and often experience low selfesteem, shame, fear and guilt. Many distrust adults, fail to thrive or suffer from depression and anxiety. What can we do? The issue of domestic abuse is not just a women’s issue; it affects the entire family as well as our Jewish community. SHALVA offers free counseling to Jewish women who are or were in an intimate partner relationship. If you or someone you know needs our help, call 773-583-4673.

We thought you’d enjoy knowing a bit about how this process works. After we gather the phones you put into the collection box, we ship them to a recycling operation in Florida, Shelter Alliance . They pay us according to the “blue book”value of each phone. In processing the thousands of phones we send them every year, they wipe clean all your personal data and either refurbish your phones, recycle the parts or melt them down. Each year SHALVA receives around $40005,000 just by collecting your old or broken cellphones. All of these dollars go directly to help our clients. Recently Shelter Alliance has expanded their recycling program and now accepts Ipods, Ipads, and Readers. So, the next time you pass by the synagogue office and see the SHALVA collection box, think about all those old cellphones, ipads and ipods taking up space in your drawer or closet, and help us turn them into dollars for clients.

Upon three things the world is based: Upon Torah, Upon Divine Service, and Upon the Practice of Charity.

Cell Phone Drop-Off Box In Synagogue Office! Help domestic abuse victims by donating your old cell phones. Each phone raises money for domestic abuse crisis-counseling services in the Jewish community! There is a collection box in the synagogue office. The Word - June 2015


JUNE BIRTHDAYS We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members of our Beth Judea Family: June 1

Brian Dembo Gary Harris Stuart Schwartz

June 2

Gary Ernsteen Gail Gerber Ed Kaufman

June 3

Joel Brodsky Debra Dubin Julie Korol Mitch Lerman Leslie Neimark

June 4

Bonnie Lane

June 5

Deborah Karp

June 6

David Alhadeff Joseph Ginsburg Betsy Haberman

June 7

Joyce Levinstein Steve Malkin Allen Shub

June 8

David Sherman Stacy Shub

June 9

Robert Handler Sandy Moses Sally Sherman

June 10 Bruce Horwitz Jeffrey Schechter Mitchell Schwerdlin Susan Shub June 11

Susan Rabinowitz

June 12 Debra Brodsky Sherry Krawitz Lori Thalheimer June 13 Alina Greenhill Renee Haskell David Pine Carol Rosen June 14 Steven Shapiro

June 15 Julia Lyubomirsky Evan Rumack Rhonda Wener

June 21 Tara Arnold Ronald Bloom Rena Feinberg June Lieberman

June 16 Dennis Anderson Dustin Epstein Craig Newman Miriam Spickard Marilyn Victor Roberta Zarchy

June 23 Harold Harris Bruce Nixon June 24 Karen Saharack Randi Simon Elli Waldrop

June 17 Mitchell Feiger Mark Zorfas

June 26 Jan Adelman Carey Bacalar Kimberly Granoff Steve Simons

June 18 Cheryl Barnett Michael Drazin June 19 Robert Dritz Michael Gomberg Susan Hershinow Rachel Jordan Merle Kalisky

June 27 Louise Barnett Peggy Kaplan Susan Silver

June 20 Norm Kurtz Elena Riber Phillip Samuels

June 29 Sara Kalina

June 28 Rhonda Schwartz

June 30 Deborah Fishman Linda Portnoy

JUNE ANNIVERSARIES We wish a very Happy Anniversary to the following members of our Beth Judea Family: June 1

Ted and Marla Goldberg Michael and Helene Miller

June 2

Jeffrey and Melinda Fine Gregory and Julie Harris Howard and Michele Sussman

June 3

David and Cheryl Levsky Lawrence and Ilene Schneider

June 4

Tom Lilien and Linda Rothnagel Morrie and Geri Rosenblatt

June 5

Marshall and Cheryl Brownfield Erwin and Andi Dolgin

June 6

Nate and Natalie Solomon Sandy and Marilyn Victor

June 7

Neal and Laurie Ford Jeffrey and Barbara Julis

June 8

Martin and Barbara Stern

June 9

Robert and Ellen Antman Arnold and Debbie Bender

June 13 Wes and Renee Brown Robert and Geri Friedman Myron and Janet Reicher Ronald and Jean Friedman Michael and Leslie Golde Joseph and Sheila Koek Josh and Erin Weisberg June 15 Mark and Karen Baich Irving and June Lieberman Orin and Denise Rotman June 16 Jeff and Gayle Brim Gary and Deborah Cortes Sheldon and Barbara Robbins June 17 Steve and Joan Attenberg Michael and Erin Drazin Richard and Miriam Krieberg Carey and Joan Rosemarin June 18 Sergio and Donielle Escalante Marvin and Rena Feinberg Robert and Nori Spiro June 19 Charles and Renee Lustig Glenn and Randi Simon

June 10 Alan and Dorinne Palmer June 11 Ted Mellow and Beth Silver Carl and Randee Weiss June 12 Brian and Fern Dembo Sam and Sharon Kleinerman

June 20 Hugh and Arlene Block June 21 Rickey and Arlene Ament Steven and Abby Golberg June 22 Joel and Linda Fisher Martin and Nanci Karlin Robert and Rachel Ragland Jerrold and Susan Silver June 23 Sam and Leah Chiprin Matthew and Rana Dragon Ron and Susan Shoffet Harris and Sharon Weiner

June 24 Michael and Helaine Damsky Jeffrey and Ellen Gluskin Jason and Andrea Heiger Michael and Renee Klass Murray and Helene Lewison June 25 Adam and Laura Barshefsky Michael and Alison Berg Ken and Marla Brandt Jerry and Helen Brin Ross and Amy Gluck Herbert and Kathleen Kanter Ira and Linda Lippman Sid and Rita Mathias June 26 Louis and Louise Barnett Chuck and Roberta Kamen Martin and Rosita Rothenberg June 27 Michael and Sheryl Bauer David and Pamela Kahn David and Jodi Pine James and Robin Tehrani June 28 Richard and Ellen Chappe Arthur and Lois Mills Robert and Rhonda Schwartz June 29 Jeremy and Dana Clorfene Steven and Betty Kolko Morry and Marti Rizman Martin and Sandra Rockwell Phillip and Judith Samuels Scott and Amanda Shulman June 30 Brian and Natalie Gurin Ronald and Deborah Kovich

We encourage you to also contact one another to share in their celebration. NOTE: If your name is missing from the list please contact the synagogue so we can update your information in our files.

The Word - June 2015


JULY BIRTHDAYS We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members of our Beth Judea Family: July 1

Marlene Sachs

July 2

Jeremy Clorfene Joel Fisher Susan Silverstone

July 3

Gayle Ludwig Susan Weitzman Goldwasser

July 4

Arlene Block Amy Gluck Martin Karlin Karen Nagel

July 5

Robyn Gomberg

July 6

Sharon Wein

July 7

Debbie Bender Irving Gurin

July 8

Ted Goldberg

July 9

Louis Rabin Judith Zelson

July 10

Suzie Cohn Ivy Elkins Marti Rizman

July 11

Amy Balson Paul Drizner Sandra Drizner Julie Harris

July 12

July 13

Michael Altman Barbara Bernstein Ronald Cushing Joy Margolis Morrie Rosenblatt David Kahn David Levsky Randy Markowitz Ron Shoffet

July 23

Larry Bender Glenn Simon

July 24

Jonathan Altenberg

July 25

Helaine Damsky Stew Margolis

July 26

Donielle Escalante Howard Kaufman Burt Litwin Michael Malter Lisa Miner Ira Sender

July 27

Hugh Block Rachael Finkel Neil Holman Michael Sheade Nori Spiro

July 28

Sheree Arbus Bob Pinzur Roberta Uhler

July 14

Debbie Adelstein-Posner Suzi Darin Harriet Krugel

July 15

Sheryl Bauer Lew Smith

July 16

Alisa Levey

July 17

Geri Rosenblatt

July 18

Suzanne Citron

July 19

Alison Berg Herbert Kanter Helene Lewison Stewart Segal

July 29

Cynthia Bauer Brad Finkel Eileen Kahn-Fine Brian Udany

Michael Berg Esther Mosak Jill Rosenbaum

July 30

Andrew Nissenberg Joel Polakow Justine Rovin Ben Siegel Allan Wernick

July 31

David Podber Beth Rose

July 20

July 21

Merle Rumack

July 22

Richard Goldwasser Steven Peck Larry Wollheim

JULY ANNIVERSARIES We wish a very Happy Anniversary to the following members of our Beth Judea Family: Russell and Cheryl Barnett Rick and Pam Herstein Mike and Peggy Weiner

July 14

Steve and Deborah Limer

July 26

Ronald and Davita Bloom

July 15

Stan and Jill Lieberman

July 27

July 3

Eric and Julie Marder Richard and Marci Sussman

July 16

Robert and Audrey Block Alan and Debbi Green

Edward and Andrea Hockfield Vadim and Elena Riber

July 29

Edward and Melinda Grossman

July 4

Randy and Hadrian Markowitz

July 20

July 31

Todd and Beth Pollard

July 5

Richard and Barbara Kavitt Ross and Alisa Levey

James and Barbara Hyman Mitchell and Beth Polonsky Steven and Rita Spitz

July 21

Michael and Cheryl Sturt

July 6

Steven and Gayle Kwasman Allen and Susan Shub

July 23

July 8

Sheldon and Carol Kaner

Neil and Alina Greenhill Martin and Sherry Krawitz Carl and Darlene Tominberg

July 25

Marc and Shira Sender

July 2

We encourage you to also contact one another to share in their celebration. NOTE: If your name is missing from the list please contact the synagogue so we can update your information in our files.

The Word - June 2015




Bea Bauer * Edna Krassek * Alan Medansky Jane Rosenberg Scott Taxer

Rachel Hershman * Pauline Krivitzky * Denise Posner * Eric Schweitzer William Travis *

Janice Jacobson * Rosalyn Levin * Lorraine Ramras Ruth Silberstein Bernard Yegelwel *

William Kamerling * Morris Linderman * David Rosenbaum * Raymond Simons * Dolly Zucker

June 12

Abe Bangelsdorf * Bernice Cohen * Gilbert Fooden Evelyn Hortick Arnold Klass * Victor Lichtenstein * Max Rosen * Janis Siegellak Lynn Zacherl *

Adrienne Bauman` Judith Drobner Aileen Gold * Gertrude Horwitz * Betty Lazar * Jacob Magill Sidney Rudolph Lewis Spivak *

Hyman Brody * Estelle Eisenberg Randy B. Goldberg Pearl E. Kahalnik * Morris Levin Sid Pollans Bertha Sabol Solomon Springer *

Betty Chorpash Saul Fagan Osna Goldstein Harry Kamen * Steven Levy Morris Rich Marc Schwartz Nathan Stoller *

June 19

John Alterman Dorothy Block Estelle Charman Anna Feld Esther Kintz * Sara Liebovitz * Charlotte Nothmann * Anita Alberta Schoen * Harry Watchman

George Altman Edward Bower Abe Cohn Henry Feld Mollie E. Levine * Shirley Lipscher * Ronald Pinkus * Shirley Shifrin *

Maurice Baygood * Allan Brandt Rose Falk * Margot Isenberg Barbara Levy * Jennie Lipsey Sol Polonsky Lawrence Tepper

Rachel Bernstein Sam Burkin * Ida Feinstone Al Jacobs Lois Lichtenstein Norman Moses * Norman Rabinowitz * Marvin Udany *

June 26

Leonard Altman * Ira Drazner Jean Kalisky Annette Movitz * Fannie Rabinowitz * Abe Sachs Stephan Shiffers Rose Waldman *

Jerry Belsky * Alex Feldman * Jack Kersky Raya Nochimson * Adele Revzin Kalman Sachs Harry Silverstone John Wallach *

Marion Block * Jack Goldberg * Stuart Kreisman Gerhard Nothmann * Rose Rosenthal * Irene Schweitzer Estelle Slivinsky

Dottie Dicker Aaron Greenberg * Joanne Miller Richard Peck Simon Rubinstein * Harry Shavitz * Jacob Tominberg *

* Denotes the deceased has a yahrzeit plaque. If you are interested in purchasing a plaque please contact the synagogue office.

The Word - June 2015



Sol Atern Lillian Cohen * Irwin Gerber * Harriet Handler Faye Lifshitz Joseph Sachsel Helen Stolman Adolfo Zemchuck

Al Berk Norma Cohen Sherry Esther Goldman * Fannie Keifsky Abbie E. Portnoy * Clara Salavitch * Seymour Taradash

Pauline Brill Miriam Drory Reva Gorin * Rose Kriegler Louis Pressburger Beverly Settler * Ron Weiner

Seymour Brownstein Irvin Elkins Rose Gurin Marvin Lewison Linda Ragins Albert Soll * Netty Zakaman *

July 10

Florence Bankendorf * Faye Bloom Anne Damsky Dorothy Goldberg Celia Holman Pauline Margolis Morris Schwartz * Estelle Shub *

Norberg Becker Edith Borkan * Jack Ellegant Harry Goldberg Patti Jones * Marilyn B. Margules Isadore Serbin * Irving Wein *

Brett Berlant * Ann Buzil * Ardmore Myles Essrig * Max Hiller * Morey Lenhoff * Michael Pearl * Morris Shapiro * Irving Zissman *

Alice Bloom Lillian Caplan * Stanley Ferrari *

July 17

Paula Anderson Sylvia Elisco Gary Goroff Naomi Knable Trudy Pollack * Seymour Rosen * William Silver Samuel Wasserman

Isadore Balan Norman Faber * Maurice Harvis * Brian Ladin Zig Price Mary Rothschild Rose Stark * Evelyn Watchman

Morey Coleman * Pauline C. Fox * Charlene Hirsch Harvey Levy * Melville Reichlin Sam Sar Alex Stein Sydney Weinberger

Barbara Levinson Dragon Rose Goldwasser * Barbara Isaacson * Eileen Magesis * Muriel Rosemarin Nancy Sherman * Eli Waldman *

July 24

Morris Barasch Henry Chiprin * Eva Grobman * Sidney Kramer Henry Levin * George Moline Barry Raften * David Shaffer Jeff Shultz

Sandra Berenson Rae Feldman Gloria Hecht * Martin Lafer Marvin Levine Ethel Rose Newman * David Rosenston Harold Shefsky Hyman Somach *

Shirley Braiman Stuart Flack * Sidney Jacobson * Vera Lavin Joseph Mandel * Sonia Nimzin * Joseph Rotberg Eli A. Shifrin * Aaron Jacob Stelzer

Evelyn Brownstein Florence Frankel * Jeanette Kaufman * David Levin Shirley Mandelblatt Ira Pulver Sally Schwartz Dora Shikafsky *

July 31

Abraham Bankendorf * Alan M. Coady * Sydney S. Entman * Joseph Gardberg * Phyllis Kramer Eve Mellow Elizabeth Pressberg Ernest Shaw * Sam A. Tepper *

Samuel Becker * Joseph Cohen * Sara Epstein Rose Goldman * Rita Lafer Judy Metz Joseph Sabel * Charlotte Sheim * Robert Yablon

Leah Bransky Ruth Dolgin Oscar Fischman * Herb Grossman Jack M. Levitt David Movitz Walter Scholl Shirley Smith

Abraham Brin * Minnie Duchin

Delores Hillman Jerome Lettvin Ida Rosemarin Sam Sherman Morrie Zucker

Gloria Maria Garcia/Chamber

Henry Kaner Fannie Loiben Anne Pearl Eleanor Shapiro William Spiegel

* Denotes the deceased has a yahrzeit plaque. If you are interested in purchasing a plaque please contact the synagogue office.

The Word - June 2015



Helen Berkovitz Marlene Cohen * Lillian Fischman * William Horwitz * Daniel Luciano Ben Osgrove * Eugene Ramras Milton David Secler * Sheldon Manny Stern Faye Yablon

Harold Brown * Helen Davis * Jennie Frost Marilyn Kandel * Samuel Manewith Harry Pinzur Stanley Ramras Meyer Segal * Rose Stupel

Shirley Coady * Jack Dennis Yehuda Greener Edna Kessler Lena Mathias * Tevya Polakow Toby Rockwell Abraham Silberberg Elaine Weiner

Isadore Cohen Rae Duboe * Linda Hafft Leo Liebovitz Cantor Murray Nixon * Shirley Pulver Elaine Rothschild Susan Spivak * Abraham Weitzman

August 14

Gerald Balbirer * Morris Feldman Michael Lazar * Clara Pieter * Rose Sandmel Ethel Vinikoor Joseph Zarchy

Hylda Bittmann Paul Fish Howard Leibach * Mayer Rashbaum Ruth Sheft Herbert Wolff

Lillian Dannen * Bessie Kessler * Ruth Mandel * Ruth Rasnick Rose Stein Israel Yatkowsky *

Bernice Ellis Rae Kubiak * Herman Nidetz * Dayton Robinson Morris Sulak Sam Yublosky *

August 21

Kalman Albun * Harry Borkan * Herbert Forman William Long Helen Nevin Mollie Resnick *

Kcio Aminova Gloria Chappe Sonia Karchmar * Dayton Lubesnick Seymour Paisin * Jack Rosenbloom *

Edna Arker * Irene Cohen Irving Katz Rose Luciano * Irv Pearlman * Alice Rothenberg *

Alvin Berger * Earl Elisco Abram Lieberman * Ruth Moses * Daniel Ramras Arthur Silverberg

August 28

Morton Abelson * Sam Cooper Mildred Forman * Alex Greenberg * Millie Hennes Jake Klein * Yetta Lipka Robert Rosenbaum Leo Semel

Barbara Abramovitz * Frances R. Corenman * Richard Freid Ruth Greenhill-Spatt Mary Hill Minnie Fannie Krassner * Debora Litwin * Harris Rosenthal * Sam Stark *

Ida Albun * Louis Duchin Jack Glickman Emanuel Gurin Herbert Howard Bernard Landau Sarah Lorber Arthur Rothenberg * Stuart Trock

Alex Braiman Bernard Fine Theodora Goldberg Kenneth Haberman * Joseph Klaskin * Jacob Louis Levin * Sidney Patt Eve Scholl Donna Truger *

* Denotes the deceased has a yahrzeit plaque. If you are interested in purchasing a plaque please contact the synagogue office.

The Word - June 2015


TRIBUTES FOR AN EXPLANATION OF THESE FUNDS, PLEASE REFER TO PAGES 51, 52 & 53 OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Prayers have been said for the recovery of: Irving Adelstein Sarah Fisher Alana Green Michael Jaffe Esther Mosak Erika Shore

Condolences upon the death of: Anna Barnett Mother of Lou Barnett Grandmother of Russ Barnett Jeanette Bograd Mother of Eileen Kahn-Fine Peretz “Perry” Katz Father of Susan Rizman Congratulations to: Kitty & Bruce Hoffman on the engagement of their daughter Karen and Reggie Modisette. Marti & Morry Rizman on the birth of their granddaughter Pazit Mila Kaplan.

RABBI LIFSHITZ LEGACY FUND In Honor of: Gail & Rabbi Lifshitz on the birth of their grandson, Chase Louis Goldstein. Marcie, Alan & Ross Marcus Carla & Elliott Bankendorf on Elliott’s birthday and wishing them good luck in their new home in Phoenix. Laura & Stan Zoller

RABBI LIFSHITZ DISCRETIONARY FUND In Honor of: Gail & Rabbi Lifshitz on the birth of their grandson, Chase Louis Goldstein. Janice Weiner Barbara & Jeff Julis on the engagement of their daughter, Rachel to Michael Collart Debbie and Ron Kovich

In Appreciation of: Cantor Weisberg for teaching the Shiva Minyan class. Mitch Lerman Cantor Weisberg for his kindness and compassion shown to our family during this difficult time in our lives. Renee Haskell and Family

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Bea Bauer Scott, Alex, Jake and Brett Bauer

In Honor of: Kitty and Bruce Hoffman on the engagement of their daughter, Karen to Reggie Modisette. Patti Davis

Muriel F. Brown, beloved mother. Renee and Wes Brown

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Gertrude Horwitz Rita Gardberg

William Kamerling, beloved father. Renee and Wes Brown Phyllis Geltner Cheryl and Leonard Levine

Helen B. Nixon, Kim’s mom, Joel’s mother-in-law, Alexis & Andrew’s grandmother Kim, Joel, Alexis and Andrew Abern

Max Greenhill Neil Greenhill

Earl Segal, our beloved father and grandfather. The Pervos Family

RABBI PIVO’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Rabbi Pivo for his support at the time of my mother, Anna Barnett’s death. Louise and Lou Barnett

Rabbi Pivo for officiating at the dedication service for my father, Donald Sherman. Judy Goldstein and Family Rabbi Pivo for his kindness and compassion shown to our family during this difficult time in our lives. Renee Haskell and Family In Honor of: Rabbi Pivo Marilyn Green Rebnord and David Rebnord Upon the Yahrzeit of: Leonard Altman, my beloved father. Janice Weiner

The Word - June 2015


USY/KADIMA SCHOLARSHIP FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Jerry Blustein, beloved father. Marcy & Jon Soble

RACHEL HIRSHMAN MEMORIAL FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Jerry Blustein Deborah & Arnold Bender


TRIBUTES GENERAL FUND In Appreciation of: Having the first Aliyah with our granddaughter, Alyse Lichtenstein as she read Torah. Shaynee & Michael Lichtenstein Rabbi Pivo for his hospitality and presentation to the Friendship Force on May 8. Friendship Force of Northern Illinois In Honor of: Jan Charman’s dedication of the new Sefer Torah. Mazel tov on this special occasion. Sally & Arnold Gleitman Lee & Arnold Goldberg Upon the Yahrzeit of: Rose Babbitt Jeanne S. Babbitt Phyllis Geltner Wendy & Irwin Steinberg Mollie Levine Cheryl & Leonard Levine


Upon the Yahrzeit of: Estelle Eisenberg Balogh Family Elsie Halperin, beloved wife, mother & grandmother. Halperin Family Robert Halperin, beloved son, husband & father. Halperin Family

LIBRARY FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Bernard Yegelwel Gail Gerber, Eric, Robin & Elyse Yegelwel TORAH RESTORATION FUND In Honor of: Jan Charman and his lovely family with deep appreciation for the inspirational day spent at the dedication of the new Sefer Torah written in memory of his beloved, Estelle Charman. Deborah & Arnold Bender Jean & Ron Friedman Erica & Gary Krugel

June Mattson Joan & Norm Kurtz Stuart Weiner, loving and devoted husband, father & grandfather. Janice Weiner, Melissa, Jason & Shauna Allen, Jennifer, Steve & Charlie Gotkin, Susan, Justin, Asher & Miles Newman Uriel Yakubov, beloved father. Avnun Yakubov EDUCATION FUND In Honor of: Adam Gurin’s confirmation. Mazel tov to the whole Gurin family on this special occasion. With love, Jean & Ron Friedman Alyse Lichtenstein reading from the Torah. Bubbe & Zaide Lichtenstein

Jan Charman and family for allowing us to participate in the writing in the new Sefer Torah. Maureen & David Stolman Upon the Yahrzeit of: Irma Reicher, beloved mother. Myron Reicher Solomon Springer, beloved father. Janet Reicher JUDY WALCER MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Anna Barnett, beloved mother of Lou Barnett. Our condolences on your loss. Lee & Arnie Goldberg Upon the Yahrzeit of: Ralph Barnett, beloved father & grandfather. Louise & Lou Barnett & Family Charles Davis

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Mitchell Berenson, beloved grandfather. Melinda, Jeff, Jonathan and Elizabeth Fine MEN’S CLUB FUND

In Honor of: Sandy Victor receiving the Ma’asim Tovim award from FJMC. Gail Fisher & Eric Gyllenhaal Shirley Fisher Upon the Yahrzeit of: Abe Cohn, always remembered. Hennie & Morrie Elisco Donald Sherman, in memory of our beloved father. Alav Hashalom, Judy & Glenn Goldstein

KIDDUSH FUND In Honor of: Kitty & Bruce Hoffman on their daughter, Karen’s engagement to Reggie Modisette Janet & Myron Reicher JACK RIZMAN MEMORIAL FUND In Honor of: Marti & Morrie Rizman’s new granddaughter, Pazit Mila Kaplan Rona Wolf In Memory of: Perry Katz, beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather of Susan Rizman and family. Our condolences. Judy & Glenn Goldstein Janet & Myron Reicher Sandra & Martin Rockwell LINDA & ALBERT STARK FUND In Honor of: Dana Goldstein being named Board Member of the Year. Barb, Barry, Allison & Shaina Stark

Chuck Walcer

The Word - June 2015


JUNE 2015 Sunday







6:15 am Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Program Mtg.

7:30 am Minyan 8:15 am Torah Study 6:00 pm Dinner w/Rabbi 6:30 pm Educ. Mtg. 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Aharei Mot 8:00 pm Me’ah Mtg.

7:30 am 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm





8:00 am 8:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am

Talmud Study MC Softball Minyan Guest Speaker Danny Siegel 10:00 am Fitness Walk 3:30 pm Bingo at Friends

6:15 am 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm



Minyan 7:30 am Minyan 8:15 am Membership Mtg. 7:30 pm Planned Giving 6:30 pm

8:00 am 8:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 11:30 am

Thursday 04

Minyan Minyan Facilities Mtg. Taste of Torah

7:30 am 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm





7:30 am Minyan 8:15 am Torah Study 7:30 pm Minyan .

7:30 am Minyan 7:30 am 7:30 pm Minyan 7:00 pm 8:00 pm Taste of Torah 7:30 pm . 8:00 pm


8:00 am Talmud Study 8:00 am MC Softball 9:00 am Minyan 10:00 am Fitness Walk 11:00 am Baby Naming 1:15 pm iWalk Registration 2:15 pm iWalk Event. TBD Movie: Beneath the Helmut

6:15 am 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm


26 Minyan 7:30 am Minyan Wheels Bus 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc Minyan Board Mtg. Candle Ltg. 8:14 pm

30 Minyan Minyan Evangelical Lit Social Act. Mtg.


Minyan 7:30 am Minyan 7:30 am Minyan 7:30 am Minyan 8:00 am Weekly Parsha Torah Study 10:00 am AJEC Prog. 6:00 pm Premium 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc 9:30 am Shabbat Svc Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan Member 9:30 am Bar Mitzvah Aharei Mot 8:00 pm Taste of Torah Dessert Candle Ltg. 10:30 am Interpret Svc Communicatio 8:00 pm Finance Mtg. 7:00 pm Sisterhood 8:13 pm 10:30 am Gan Shabbat Mtg. Book Club 7:30 pm Minyan

. 28




Minyan Minyan Evangelical Lit Ritual Mtg.

Minyan 7:30 am Minyan 8:00 am Weekly Parsha Minyan 6:00 pm BBQ & 9:30 am Shabbat Svc Israel Mtg. Celebrate in Honor of our MC Mtg. 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc Past Presidents Youth Mtg. 10:30 am Interpret Svc Candle Ltg. 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 8:07 pm

7:30 am Minyan 8:00 am Weekly Parsha 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc 9”15 am MC Lieberman 9:30 am Shabbat Svc 9:30 am Bar Mitzvah Candle Ltg. 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 8:11 pm


6:15 am 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm


7:30 am Minyan 7:30 am Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Taste of Torah 8:00 pm Exec Mtg. . . .

21 Talmud Study MC Softball Minyan Fitness Walk Baby Naming


Minyan Torah Study Minyan Sisterhood Installation 8:00 pm Aharei Mot

7:30 am 8:15 am 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm

8:00 am 8:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am



Talmud Study 6:15 am Minyan MC Softball 7:30 pm Minyan Minyan 8:00 pm Evangelical Lit Fitness Walk Flag Day Event at Veterans Pk 3:30 pm Dogs to Alden Ctr . 22


7:30 am Minyan 8:15 am Torah Study 7:30 pm Minyan .

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27 8:00 am Weekly Parsha 9:30 am Installation & Award Shabbat 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 8:00 pm Final Bowling

CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA 5304 RFD Long Grove, IL 60047 (847) 634-0777 E-Mail: Website: Rabbi Jeff Pivo Rabbi Emeritus Howard Lifshitz Cantor Roger J. Weisberg President Debbie Kreisman Dubin Executive Director Lisa Neiman Educational Director Anna Besser Youth Director Marc Sender Editor Evan Rumack

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Worship Schedule Conducted by Rabbi Jeff Pivo and Cantor Roger J. Weisberg Shabbat Evening Services ........................................ 7:30 p.m. Shabbat Morning Services ....................................... 9:30 a.m. Gan Shabbat – Shabbat Mornings ............................ 10:30 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan: Sunday .................................................................. 9:00 a.m. Monday ................................................................ 6:15 a.m. Tuesday through Friday ........................................ 7:30 a.m.

Candle Lighting Times Candle Lighting time is calculated for 18 minutes before sunset and is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. June 5 .......................................................... 8:07 p.m. June 12 ......................................................... 8:11 p.m. June 19 ......................................................... 8:13 p.m. June 26 .......................................................... 8:14 p.m.

Weekday Evening Minyan: Monday through Thursday .................................... 7:30 p.m.

The Blessing For Lighting The Candles On Shabbat is Bo-ruch A-tah Ado-nai E-lo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam A-sher Ki-de-sha-nu Be-mitz-vo-tav Vi-tzi-va-nu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Shabbat.

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has hallowed us through His Commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the lights of the holy Sabbath.

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The Word - June 2015

Congregation Beth Judea  

The Word - June 2015