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RABBI’S REFLECTIONS “Shabbat Shira: Sabbath’s Song”

During the long winter months between Hanukkah and Purim, we must fight the yetzer hara (evil inclination) that urges us to sleep late on Shabbat mornings. The cold outside should not stop us from enjoying the warmth and light of Torah and community. For instance, January 11th is a Shabbat, which is reason enough to come together at the shul, but it is also Shabbat Shirah and Sisterhood Shabbat. Any one of these is reason enough to come together, but having all three together is really something.

Shabbat Shirah marks the day when we read of our ancestors crossing the Sea of Reeds and permanently escaping their captivity in Egypt. As their pursuers drowned in the sea, they sang a song of their redemption, praising God as their redeemer. There are only a few occasions on which we rise when the Torah is read; one is whenever we read either of the two sections that include the Ten Commandments, and the other is this Shabbat. We do so in order to feel ourselves present at the moment of liberation, reminding ourselves that it was not only then that God redeemed us, but in our own lives as well. We include this section of the Torah, Az yashir Moshe…, in daily prayer so that we begin each day with a reminder of God’s power to transform our lives. Tradition places a special emphasis on the role of the Hebrew women in celebrating that moment at the sea, specifically Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, as they led the singing and dancing on that occasion. (continued on next page)

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BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES Shabbat Prayers January 3, 2014 – 7:30 pm Those who celebrate birthdays and anniversaries during the month of January will be recognized at our service on January 3rd. Our worship will begin at 7:30 pm and will conclude by 8:15 pm.

Children of every age are welcome!

UPSTAIRS THOUGHTS “Shabbat Shira: Sabbath’s Song”


Similarly, on Sisterhood Shabbat each year our Beth Judea women lead us not only in celebrating their and our achievements, but also in prayer. Just as the women of our past led our people, so too will our Sisterhood members lead services on that Shabbat, read Torah and haftarah and give the sermon. Kiddush will follow services, during which we can deepen our relationships by spending time with old friends and meeting new ones. Our Sisterhood is one of the main reasons that our shul is as active and successful as it is, and we are very pleased to honor its achievements and dedication to our congregational family. I cannot help but note that the last three presidents of the Central Great Lakes region of Women’s League have come from our shul. I look forward to seeing all of you on this special day as we celebrate Shabbat Shira and our Beth Judea Sisterhood.

Rabbi Jeff Pivo



THE TOPIC WILL BE: Birthright Israel: Transforming the Next Generation of Jews Gary has been the Midwest Regional Director for the Birthright Israel Foundation, headquartered in Chicago, since February, 2011. Before coming to Chicago, he was the President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, a community of 60,000 with an annual campaign of $11 million and Foundation assets of $150 million, for 14 years. Gary has served the Jewish community as campaign director of the Metrowest (1992-1997) and Housong (1983 – 1992) Federations. From 1980 – 1983, he worked for the Cleveland United Jewish Appeal. He started his career in youth services as a high school teacher, City Director of Young Judea, and as a Regional Director for BBYO. He has a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas and a Masters in Higher Education from the University of Houston. In 1973, Gary did his Junior Year abroad at Tel Aviv University and volunteered for the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He returned to Jerusalem in 1978 where he served as Madrich for Young Judea Year Course. Gary is married to Miriam and together they are the proud parents of 4 children.

OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY – BRING YOUR FRIENDS RSVP to or call the synagogue office Want to know more about Birthright Israel?

Go to their website | | Click Here to Watch a Video Congregation Beth Judea – 5304 IL Route 83 – Long Grove, IL 60047 (847) 634-0777

The Word January 2014

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A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM CANTOR WEISBERG Dear Members, I wish to share some important information with you from AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and ask your help in urging our congressmen to enact an upcoming piece of legislation that will put a concrete time limit on the US’s efforts to negotiate with Iran in regard to its nuclear program. The words below were composed by one of our members, Evan Ribot, who has recently taken on a leadership role in AIPAC. Please take a moment to read them to gain a fuller understanding of this vital matter, and then send a simple email or place a call to Illinois’ other senator, Dick Durbin, to let him know your thoughts. Thank you for your time and your willingness to help, Hazzan Roger Weisberg ______________________________

From Evan Ribot: Last month, President Obama joined allied leaders in reaching an interim agreement upon negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. These negotiations impact not only the United States but also the State of Israel on its quest to maintain peace and stability throughout the Middle East while protecting its borders and its people. Diplomatic talks are promising, but the failure of such negotiations could make it easier for Iran to possess a nuclear weapon, an outcome the President has called “unacceptable.” In order to strengthen these negotiations-and to ensure Iran knows the consequences of walking away from a true diplomatic solution-26 Senators last week introduced legislation to impose additional sanctions on the Iranian regime should diplomacy fail, while still providing the President the space and time he’s asked for to participate in talks. The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 will strengthen America’s hand at the negotiating table, allow for Congressional oversight in a critical round of diplomacy, and proactively protect American interests-including the security of our ally Israel-should talks collapse. The bill was co-authored by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), who formerly represented Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, and has attracted bipartisan support from 34 Senators as of this writing. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has yet to co-sponsor the legislation, and his support will be critical to the bill’s success in the Senate. As a member of his constituency, you can make a difference by taking three minutes to contact his office and urge him to vote in favor of the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. He, and other Senators, can be reached by email, and Senator Durbin’s DC office can be reached directly by dialing (202)-224-2152. Taking just a few minutes to voice your opinion could have tangible results on this very important Senate vote. Elie Wiesel wrote the other day about the dangers of a nuclear Iran, both to the safety of the Israel and to freedom, security, and human rights across the globe. Contacting Senator Durbin-and others in the Senate-and urging them to heed Wiesel’s words will make a difference in keeping America strong and Israel safe.

(continued next page)

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Call (202) 224-3121 Senators can be reached through the Capitol switchboard

Urge Senators to Support Legislation Strengthening Diplomatic Efforts to Prevent a Nuclear Iran

E-mail your Senator

The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013, authored by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), and cosponsored by twenty-five Democratic and Republican Senators would strengthen American diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability.


The legislation will:

your Senator

 

Info/Questions Contact Rachel Charles (202) 639-5203

 

Give the president the time for negotiations to achieve a final agreement without requiring additional sanctions during the talks Expand U.S. sanctions on Iran if it fails to negotiate a final agreement on its nuclear program Provide guidance to the administration for the acceptable contours of a final agreement between Tehran and the permanent five members of the U.N. Security Council (The United States, France, Great Britain, Russia and China) and Germany Codify President Obama’s pledge that new sanctions will be forthcoming if a final agreement cannot be reached that “makes it impossible [for Iran] to develop a nuclear weapon.”

View Bill Summary ACTION ITEMS: 1. Call Senators who have cosponsored the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act and thank them for theirsupport. View Cosponsors Sample Phone Script: "I am calling the Senator to thank him/ her for cosponsoring The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. This legislation will strengthen American diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability." 2. Call Senators who have not yet cosponsored the legislation and urge them to do so. Sample Phone Script: "I am calling the Senator to urge him/ her to cosponsor The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. This legislation will strengthen American diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability."

Talking Points

   

This legislation meets the President’s request that no additional sanctions be imposed during the talks. New sanctions, provided for in the bill, would be suspended for up to a year to allow negotiations for a final agreement and could be suspended further if an acceptable final agreement with Iran is reached. Previous sanctions passed by Congress brought Iran to the table. The possibility of further sanctions serve as additional inducement for Iran to negotiate an acceptable final agreement. The administration itself has continued to enforce sanctions, designating more than a dozen entities in December. Despite threats to walk away from the agreement, Iran remains at the negotiating table. If Iran walks away, it knows that it will not receive desperately needed sanctions relief. It is not only appropriate, but critical, for Congress to outline its views concerning an acceptable final deal while diplomacy is underway.

The Word January 2014

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE I know that I mentioned the Mitzvah Mall gift card program in my Word article last month, but it's such a valuable service that it's worth repeating. Gift cards from over 100 retailers, restaurants, and services are available for purchase. The synagogue earns a percentage of the face value on each card sold. I personally purchase gift cards for the area grocery stores and Starbucks, and CBJ is earning money on purchases I would be making anyway. It's that simple! Mitzvah Mall order forms can be found at both main floor entrances and in the office. Gift cards are also sold on Sunday mornings in the foyer. Lisa can get the cards in a couple of days after ordering them! May I offer another suggestion. The Social Action Committee, headed by Bruce Arenson, has been active in aiding the tornado victims in Washington, IL. The agencies that are helping the residents are requesting gift cards so that the families can purchase needed clothes, cleaning supplies, building materials, etc. Mitzvah Mall offers gift cards for Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart. Purchase some cards, give them to Bruce, and you will be helping Washington rebuild as well as helping CBJ. It's a Win-Win.


MISSION STATEMENT Congregation Beth Judea is a welcoming, egalitarian synagogue whose mission is to create a warm and inviting home that serves the lifelong spiritual, educational and fellowship needs of our members. Consistent with the principles of the Conservative Movement, we embrace Torah and our responsibility to serve and support the greater Jewish community, the community at large, the United States of America and the State of Israel.

The Word January 2014

Speaking of winning, everyone who attended “Win Big at CBJ” had a great time. Thank you to Michael Gomberg and Brian Gurin for organizing this event and all the volunteers who made this night possible! Our next big event is the Purim Masquerade on Saturday, February 22, 2014. This year we will be honoring our King and Queen, Evan and Merle Rumack! I guarantee that you will have a “ball”! It's an evening of great food, live music, open bar, and other entertainment. In addition to a full room, we need sponsors, ad book advertisers, and live/silent auction items. If you can help in any of these ways, please contact Michael Gluck or Lisa in the office. Finally, on a spiritual note, we have been having difficulty making minyan on Monday mornings. It's important to the entire Buffalo Grove/Long Grove area Jewish community to make minyan so kaddish can be said. If you are available to attend minyan at 6:15 a.m. on Mondays only, please help. Thank you very much!

Fondly, Debbie Kreisman Dubin President

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Buy Tickets for Yourself Bring Your Friends

Tickets – $75 per person Tickets include: Great Food, Live Band, Open Bar, and Entertainment

There are so many ways to show your support for Beth Judea: 1. Attend the Purim Masquerade: Attend the event on February 22, 2014 2. Become an Event Sponsor We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Please consider one of the many options as you determine your gift.

Click here to visit the website to sign up. Please let us know if you sign up to attend this event as we are keeping a list of congregants who will be attending.

3. Purchase an ad for our Event Program: * Honor Evan and Merle Rumack * Highlight your business to all of our expected Purim Masquerade attendees * Honor the other professional staff * Send a personalized greeting to one of our congregants, clergy, or staff. 4. Donate Auction Items: Ask anyone and everyone for a gift! Sports Tickets * Professional Svcs * Gift Certificates Airline Tickets * Hotel/Condo Vacations* Birthday Parties * Theater Tickets * Other Products & Services

The ARK is very pleased to announce the opening of The ARK Northwest: A Safe Harbor for the Jews of the Northwest Suburbs. The new office is located in the Dundee Place Corporate Center, 3100 Dundee Rd., Suite 204; Phone (773) 973-0011. This new satellite office, at the northeast corner of Dundee and Landwehr in Northbrook, will provide increased access to The ARK’s vital human services in the northwest suburbswhere the greatest growth in Chicagoland’s Jewish population has occurred in the past 10 years.

Hours at the new location are: Monday, 9:00 am – 7:30 pm and Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Click here to visit the website or go to:

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B’NAI MITZVAH BIO’S Shane Isaac Pollard will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, January 18, 2014. Shane is a 7th grader at Daniel Wright Junior High School. Shane is an active volunteer with the Guided Students program at Daniel Wright. He assisted with the summer camp program for the special needs students this past summer and just completed his goal of initiating a new club at Daniel Wright (Best Buddies), which pairs mainstream students with special needs students and gives them opportunities to interact together at various school functions. Shane has also been an active volunteer in various Buddy Baseball organizations in the community. In addition, Shane spends a lot of time volunteering in classrooms at the local JCC in Buffalo Grove. Shane is an avid reader, interactive game player, and is quite competitive when it comes to playing any family games! Most of all, Shane loves playing ball with his dogs, Shiloh and Landon. Shane is sharing his special day with his proud parents Todd and Beth Pollard, sister Mikayla, grandparents Jerry Pollard and Renee Levine, and many family and friends. Although Shane’s great grandmother, Thelma Rosen, and his grandparents, Marvin Levine and Jackie Pollard are no longer with us, they will always be a part of Shane and will always be in our hearts. Shane would like to thank Rabbi Pivo, Cantor Weisberg, Shira Sender and all of his Hebrew school teachers who have taught him and guided him towards this special day.

Corey Lennon Barnett will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, January 25, 2014. Corey is a seventh grader at Aptakisic Junior High School in Buffalo Grove.

Corey loves sports of all kinds and enjoys playing baseball, soccer, basketball, and flag football. He has played travel baseball for many years and also represents his school on the soccer and basketball teams. Corey also plays the piano and upright bass and has performed for several years in his school’s orchestra. In his spare time, Corey enjoys building Legos, playing games, video games, and hanging out with his friends. Family and friends have always been very important to Corey, and he feels very lucky to be commemorating this special day surrounded by so many.

Corey will be celebrating with his proud parents Cheryl and Russ, his older brother Max, and grandparents Lou and Louise Barnett and Chuck Walcer. He is honored that so many friends and family members will be traveling from places such as California, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Florida. Corey would like to extend a special thanks to Hazzan Weisberg and Rabbi Pivo for helping him prepare for this special day and to all of his teachers for their guidance and assistance during his Hebrew education. He is especially indebted to his tutor, Andrea Dickson, for her patience, dedication and enthusiasm.

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WANT TO HELP VICTIMS OF THE NOVEMBER TORNADOS IN ILLINOIS? You can: 1) Please make your donation through the Jewish Federation of Peoria. Donate online or by mail to: The Jewish Federation of Peoria 2000 Pioneer Pkwy. Suite 10B Peoria, IL 61615.

As always, 100% of your contribution will go to aiding those most affected. JUF has an initial grant for relief work. In partnership with our Peoria colleagues, JUF is in contact with the Community Foundation of Central Illinois, the Central Illinois Red Cross, and NACHAMA, the Jewish response organization, to assess additional aid measures and coordinate volunteer opportunities. 2) Buy gift cards from Target, Walmart and Costco from the synagogue and we will donate them directly to the Peoria Federation.


We will be working directly with one young family who lost everything in the storms and will be collecting household items for them when they move into a new apartment. If you have 18-24 month clothes for a toddler boy that are in good condition, please contact Ronna at

Sundays (when Religious School is in session) 10:30 am - 12:00 pm By using Gift Cards for all your everyday purchases and gift giving you help support Congregation Beth Judea Download order form here


Upon three things the world is based: Upon Torah, Upon Divine Service, and Upon the Practice of Charity.

The Word January 2014

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SOCIAL ACTION January 5 – Bingo at Friend Center 3:30 pm We meet the first Sunday of every month from 3:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed to help Friend Center at Gidwitz Place (1551 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield) residents play Bingo. Assistance from all congregants is welcome.

ARK FAMILY Once a month, through volunteer efforts, we provide groceries for a needy Jewish family. If you would like to help with a $25 donation, please contact: Bruce Arenson 313-383-4560


SHALVA The Face of Domestic Abuse is not always easy to recognize. It could be your daughter, your sister, your best friend.

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone at any time. One in four women will experience domestic abuse at some point in her lifetime. 90% of children are aware of the abuse directed at their mothers.

Abuse can take many forms: verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, physical, and psychological.

SHALVA has helped over 4,000 Jewish women since 1986 and is specifically certified by the State of Illinois to provide domestic violence counseling. We are the oldest independent Jewish domestic violence agency in the United States.



SHALVA offers free confidential domestic abuse counseling services to the Chicago Jewish Community.

Dear Congregants, There are many programs in which we are engaged to help others, but without your help these programs cannot go forward.

SHALVA’s free, confidential services include: 24 hour crisis-line 773-583-4673 (HOPE)

Participation in these programs is determined by support of congregants.

Culturally sensitive individual & group counseling

We ask that you help volunteer so that these programs can go forward. Please sign up early -- this could make a difference whether or not the program is canceled. ---------------------------------------------"If there is any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not deter or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.“

Legal information & court support

-- William Penn

The Word January 2014

Financial assistance Rabbinical & community advocacy & training

Information and referrals Community prevention & educational programs Page 9



Divorce Support Group

Experiencing a divorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful transitions in life, affecting adults, children, and extended family. We are reaching out as a synagogue community to those who are in the process of divorcing, or have recently gone through a divorce, to offer support at this extremely stressful time. This group, designed for both men and women, would meet weekly with our member Ellene Lammers, a trained therapist, and Rabbi Pivo. Please contact: Ellene at or Rabbi Pivo at for further information.

Download Flyer

Download Flyer DATE





Jan. 7

6:30 pm

Challah Chaverim



Jan. 12

10:30 am

Gan Shalom



Jan. 16

2:00 pm

Challah Chaverim



Jan. 18

6:30 pm

Magical Havdalah/ Magic by Randy



Bowling League

Every Shabbat Saturday Morning – 10:30 – 11:30 am GAN SHABBAT



Contact Debbie Bender for more information

Do you like to bowl? Then join the synagogue bowling league on the 4th Saturday of each month. Cost: $20 per person per month – members $22 per person per month – non-members 4th Saturday of each month @ 8:00 pm


ADULT EDUCATION WEEKLY CLASSES These classes are ongoing. Please join at any time. Hebrew is not required for any of these classes unless specifically noted.

ADULT EDUCATION AT CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA. Congregation Beth Judea offers a variety of meaningful Jewish learning opportunities through classes, lectures, and informal sessions on Jewish Law, Torah, prayer, and other topics of interest that will intrigue and inspire you. All classes (unless otherwise noted) are held at Congregation Beth Judea. For a listing of adult education classes offered here at CBJ, you can download our Adult Ed brochure by clicking here.

“When I pray, I speak to God;

When I study, God speaks to me.” -quote by Rabbi Louis Finkelstein

Interpretive Minyan in the Library Service Leader: Norm Kurtz You are invited to join the Interpretive Minyan in the Library the first and third Shabbat of every month. Our minyan is designed to build community by providing a passionate, meaningful, and spiritual Shabbat morning experience.

This Shabbat morning service focuses on examining the structure of the prayer service, learning the major prayers, and becoming more comfortable with the choreography and customs of the Shabbat morning service. Our minyan is friendly and welcoming to all who choose to attend. We meet in the synagogue library on the second floor from 10:30 until 11:45.

Shabbat shalom,

Parsha Perspectives Thursday evenings after minyan (7:45 - 8:00 pm) Beginning Oct. 10, 2013 Do you have 10 minutes to spare? It only takes 10 minutes to get started on a lifelong journey. Spend each Thursday after Minyan learning about the upcoming Parsha with Rabbi Pivo, and before you know it you’ll have completed hours of Torah study. Talmud & Jewish Life: Grappling with Life, Law, and Innovation Sunday mornings at 8 am Participate in a lively discussion of the Talmud and its relevance for us today. No prior knowledge required and texts will be provided. We are working our way through the fascinating array of topics in the Tractate Ketubot (Marriage Contracts). Orin Rotman will facilitate this weekly Talmud study session. (Artscroll Schottenstein edition is used for the class) Sweet Taste of Torah Wednesday evenings at 8 pm For thousands of years Judaism has been interpreting and applying the Torah to everyday life. This class follows the Tanach cycle. Each week we will read through several chapters a week of the Nevim (Prophets) texts, then on to Ketuvim (Writings), then back to Torah again. Shabbat Torah/Haftarah Study Shabbat morning at 9 am Weekly study to discuss the parsha of the week. We will discuss questions raised by the participants.


Kab Shab – Alternative Kabbalat Shabbat Service Friday Evenings in the Beit Midrash Contact Adam Bender for Schedule at Get Flyer EVENT



Kab Shab (Alt. Kabbalat Svc)

Adam Bender

Adult Education

Anna Besser

Hebrew School

Anna Besser

Anna Besser

Norm Kurtz

EDUCATION SERIES To register for classes or to find out more information about the Adult Education programs, contact Anna Besser at (847) 634-0777 or at

The Word January 2014

Community Jewish High School

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ADULT EDUCATION Welcome to our Adult Education Series. To register for classes or to find out more information, please contact Anna Besser at

Adult Education Series January 2014


Taught by Norm Kurtz & Eric Yegelwel

Tuesday evenings; 8:00 – 9:00 pm

Dates: Jan.7, 14, 21, 28, Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25

COST: Members – FREE; Non-Members - $36 for series Don't miss this opportunity to learn core prayers! For those who have taken Hebrew Literacy I and want to continue learning, then this is for you! This 8-week class will focus on teaching the prayers from the Saturday morning service while incorporating parts of the Understanding Prayer curriculum at the same time.

BLEND IT UP with RABBI PIVO “JUDAISM: A STARTER KIT” 2nd Thursday of the Month 9:30 am

LOCATION: Caribou Coffee at 4196 Rt. 83 (in the Sunset Foods Plaza at corner of Rt. 83 & Aptakisic) Whether you are new to Jewish living or never really got a good grounding in basic beliefs, this is your chance to catch up. One Thursday morning a month Rabbi Pivo will discuss an essential theme in Jewish identity from spiritual and practical points of view.

JANUARY 9th: MINDFUL EATING We do and don’t eat things for all sorts of reasons – what Jewish values are expressed through food?

L’CHAIM: Life 101 Jan. 9th: 8:00 – 9:00 pm

Road Not Yet Travelled Enjoying and redefining midlife and adult aging as chance opportunities during the second and third “chapters” of your life

Facilitated by: Dr. Susan Weitzman Goldwasser and featuring Rabbi Pivo and Guest Speakers On life’s journey, each of us will have our share of missed connections, breakdowns, and fears for the next stop. But we are not alone on that trip. In this series of discussions, we will address a number of life’s challenges from both a therapeutic and a Jewish point of view, gaining insight from the experts and from each other.

The Word January 2014

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ADULT EDUCATION TAP the Torah “The Who: Hear Me, See me, Touch Me"

Join us for or a lively Torah study, a review of rulings relative to use of sign language and Braille, while we down some beer at The Continental Restaurant. COST: $5 donation January 16, 2014

The Continental Restaurant (788 S Buffalo Grove Rd BG) 8:00 pm

CONtext: JEWISH UNIVERSITY FOR A DAY Sunday, January 26, 2014 Time: 11:00 am – 4:45 pm Solomon Schechter Day School (Northbrook) A celebration of adult Jewish learning featuring interactive sessions with outstanding visiting and local Jewish Studies scholar/teachers. Spend the afternoon engaged in stimulating study and conversation with scholar/teachers who are enriching the landscape of contemporary Judaism. Visiting Scholars include:  Dr. Eitan Fishbane, Associate Professor of Jewish Thought at JTS.  Dr. Stephen Garfinkel, Associate Provost and Assistant Professor of Bible at JTS.  Dr. Alyssa Gray, the Emily S. and Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman Chair in Rabbinics at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.  Dr. David Roskies, the Sol and Evelyn Henkind Chair in Yiddish Literature and Culture and professor of Jewish Literature at JTS. Local Scholars include:  Dr. David Shyovitz, Assistant Professor of History at Northwestern University.  Claire Sufrin, Lecturer of Religious Studies at Northwestern University. Admission Fees: 35 and Under $25 General $50 Seniors (62+) $35

Crash Course in Jewish History Taught by Rabbi Emeritus Lifshitz

Thursday evenings; 8:00 – 9:00 pm

Dates: Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13, 20 & March 6

COST: Members – FREE; Non-Members - $25 for series Come join us for a discussion that will span the ages and will impact on the choices we make everyday. You’ll learn four thousand years of Jewish history in this five part lecture series. Learn about key dates and events that have shaped both Jewish and world history. Develop an appreciation for the richness of our Jewish heritage.

Download January Adult Ed Flyer

The Word January 2014

Download Tap The Torah Flyer

Download Jewish University for a Day

Page 13

EDUCATION Celebrating Tu B’Shvat As we put away our Hanukkah decorations and clean out the wax from our menorahs, we turn our attention to the trees. On January 16, 2014, the 15th of Shevat, we will celebrate the holiday of Tu B'Shevat: the Jewish celebration of trees, enjoying the natural world, and protecting our environment. Even though the trees here in Chicago are bare, snow is on the ground, and Spring seems far away, Tu B'Shevat is a reminder for each of us to take a moment and give thanks for all the gifts we receive from trees and our environment. Here are some ideas for celebrating Tu B'Shevat:  Hold a Tu B'Shevat seder and taste the fruits of Israel  Read a book about trees  Plant parsley seeds in a pot indoors  Do a recycled materials art project (paper towel holders, cereal boxes)  Bundle up and take a walk in nature Upcoming School Events: Kindergarten & First Grade Family Program Coming up on Sunday, January 26th at 10 am, Kindergarten & First Grade Parents are invited for a special program called The Essence of Shabbat. The program will consist of parallel student & parent sessions dealing with Shabbat customs and rituals. Please RSVP to Lynne at Parent Teacher Conferences Religious School Report cards will be sent out in mid-January. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be done as phone conferences from Sunday, January 12th through Sunday, January 26th. Conferences are for KINDERGARTEN through DALET students only. If you are interested in setting up a conference, please call or email me to reserve a date and time slot between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. Conferences will be set up in 15 minute intervals (7:00, 7:15, 7:30 pm, etc.). CALENDAR UPDATES: January: Saturday 1/4 Sunday 1/5 Monday 1/6 Tuesday 1/7 Saturday 1/11 Monday 1/20 Sunday 1/26

NO Gimel Shabbat – Winter Break NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Beyachad Classes resume (at Temple Chai) Religious School Classes resume Gimel Shabbat Resumes No Beyachad classes K & 1st Grade Family Program

February: Sunday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Saturday

Men’s Club World Wide Wrap K – 2nd Grade Shabbat Dinner No Gimel Shabbat NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL No Beyachad classes Dalet leading Shabbat Services in Main Sanctuary

2/2 2/7 2/15 2/16 2/17 2/22

The Word January 2014

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COMMUNITY JEWISH HIGH SCHOOL Striving to create the best learning experiences for our students, Beth Judea, Temple Chai and Beth Am are combining their 8th through 12th grade programs to create a community high school, Beyachad, which means “together”. We are redefining what it means to be a student in the Northwest Suburbs! By combining our resources, Beyachad enhances student’s learning opportunities with more diverse classes, taught by five clergy of the three synagogues, as well as other teachers.

Our 8th graders, who will be part of Beyachad, will have a special 8th grade-only experience for the first two trimesters focusing on Israel (and getting our students ready for Ta’am Yisrael) and Middot (Jewish Values). They will join in with the 9th12th Grade electives in the third trimester. The 12th graders will have a special Senior Seminar that will take place at that same time, so 8th graders and 12th graders won’t be in class together.

CLASS BREAKDOWN: Sessions are Mondays from 6:30—8:30 pm 6:30 pm: Elective #1 7:15 pm: Dinner Break 7:45 pm: Elective #2 DATES: Begins Monday, Sept. 23rd and ends Monday, May 12th (See Course Description information for detailed calendar) LOCATIONS: Sept. 23rd—Dec. 16th at Congregation Beth Judea (Rt. 83 & Hilltop Rd., Long Grove) . Jan. 6th—May 12th at Temple Chai (1670 Checker Rd Long Grove)

General Guidelines of the Program: Classes are open to 8th through 12th grade students whose families are members of either Beth Judea, Temple Chai or Beth Am. Students will register for electives by trimester on the first night of classes.

FOR QUESTIONS OR INFORMATION: Contact Anna Besser, Education Director for details at

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WEEKEND OF GREATNESS 2014 Weekend Of Greatness 2014 Saturday, February 15, 2014 until February 17, 2014 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Its back for its 3rd year! Travel with BEANS USY and BJUSY to the Water Park Capital of the WORLD, the Wisconsin Dells, in one, weekend of Greatness. Don’t believe it can be done? Join us and we will show you the time of your life. Highlights Include: Kalahari Water Park and Theme Park, Snow Tubing, Movies, Winter Bonfire, bowling, Great Food, and plenty of time to chill. Weekend Costs (in order to receive the early bird discount, registration and payment must be received before that date)! By Monday Jan. 6th- $169 By Friday Jan. 17th - $189 After Jan. 24th - $215 and space dependent! To Register GO TO Payment can be accepted by checks made out to "Beth El Youth Community" or by credit card via phone. Contact Sam or 847-432-2040 Registered participants will receive more information after February 3rd. Any questions contact Marc Sender at



MAZEL TOV TO JOEL SPIEGEL BETH JUDEA MEN’S CLUB - 2014 YOUTH OF THE YEAR Join Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club as they honor Joel Spiegel as 2014 Youth of the Year and Allen Harris as the 2014 Man of the Year at a special dinner on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 4:30 pm in Northbrook. You must RSVP by Friday, February 7, 2014 Price is $36/person if purchased by Feb. 2, 2014. After that date, the purchase price is $45/person. Click here to download the flyer

The Word January 2014

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YOUTH A MESSAGE FROM: MARC SENDER, YOUTH DIRECTOR Dear Beth Judea FamilyWow I can’t believe 2013 has really come to an end. What an incredible year it has been at Congregation Beth Judea. From hosting a Midwinter convention and a wheels bus, to winning regional chapter of the year to sending an incredible 16 delegates to Kadima Konvention this year has truly been amazing. Now I am excited to announce that we have really finished 2013 with a bang having our very own president Joel Spiegel nominated as the Youth of the Year and then following that up with being awarded three incredibly prestigious awards at international convention. BJUSY has been named the best of the best chapter in all of international USY in the categories of Social Action/Tikun Olam, Israel Affairs, and Religion/Education. This feat encompasses being awarded best of the best in three of the five total major award categories. A great accomplishment and a testament to all the hard work our USYers put in on a regular basis. WAIT!!! STOP!!! 2013 MAY BE THROUGH BUT 2014 IS JUST FOR YOU!!! BJUSY is kicking off the year in style in 2014 with a welcome back Whirly Twirly Whirlyball program on January 7th. Kadima and Kadinkers meanwhile will be having a day off of chillaxing on their MLK Day off program on January 20 th. In addition applications are now available for our brand new Kadima board. If you are a 6 th, 7th, or 8th grader, and want to get involved and be a leader in our group make sure to get your application in by January 20 th.

Finally, BJUSY has two great weekend trips coming up in February. The regional Midwinter Convention and SA/TO marathon is coming up on February 7 th and 8th and then the following weekend BJUSY is once again teaming up with BEANS to offer a Weekend of Greatness in the Wisconsin Dells. More details are on this page. Make sure to check your inbox for applications for both great events. As we wrap up this year I would be remise if I did not wish a huge yasher koach to all those who have helped plan or lead a program in this past year (I will avoid listing names so as not to leave anybody out). It is no small accomplishment to successfully plan any program from start to finish so great work to all who have been involved. A special mazel tov goes out to Larry Bender for his work on CHUSYfest and Cara Golberg for her work with the Kadima Konvention. Both programs were outstanding and huge successes and they were a result of your hard work and planning. Remember you can always stay up to date with all things BJUSY throughout the entire year by visiting our new and improved website and you can sign up for membership by going to B’Shalom, Marc Sender - Youth Director Congregation Beth Judea - 5304 RFD Long Grove, IL 60047 Office: (847)-634-0777 ext. 114 Cell: (847)-334-8639 Email: Sign up for membership at Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!


BJUSY Whirly Twirly Welcome Back Program - $10 (6:30-9:30 pm)

Jan. 8

Regional Lounge Night – SHMUSY (Bus will be provided from Northbrook area) (7:00-9:00 pm)

Jan. 14


Jan. 18

BJUSY Extreme Trampoline - $10 (5:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

Jan. 20

Kadima and Kadinkers CHILLAXIN Day Off Program (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Jan. 21

BJUSY Fort Night (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

Jan. 25

BJUSY Teen Minyan Candyland (10:30 am – Noon)


Online RSVP


Jan. 26

BJUSY Kadima Board Mtg. (12 noon – 2:00 pm)

Jan. 28

BJUSY – Quilt Your Own Israel – (7:00 pm -9:00 pm)

Feb. 2

Kadima attends CHUSY Regional Kadima Day (Time: TBD) BJUSY attends World Wide Wrap (8:00 am – 10:30 am) GO TO OUR CALENDAR TO KEEP ON TOP OF OUR EVENTS

BJUSY Basketball is back for all Jewish 8 th – 12th Graders!!! CONTACT MARC SENDER Basketball Website



Please consider making a donation to the Youth Fund or Rachel Hirshman Fund to help USYers go to regional programs and Israel.



JANUARY 21ST, 2014!!!






Registration is Due January 30, 2014

The Word January 2014

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SISTERHOOD SOURCE We would like to wish everyone a very healthy and happy New Year. Our Annual Membership Dinner was held in November. We would like to thank everyone who donated to our Sisterhood Tikun O’lam project by bringing in children’s hats, gloves, mittens and scarves on the night of the event. Thank you to Lauri Rosenbloom and her wonderful committee for planning a great evening. The food was delicious, the room was beautiful, and of course, special thanks to Rhonda Cohn for a really fun evening. Beth Judea Sisterhood and the synagogue sponsored the Spertus Author Event. Author Jami Attenberg was delightful as she discussed her book The Middlesteins. Thank you very much to Jami’s parents, Joan and Steve Attenberg, for their generous donation to Sisterhood. Thank you to Linda Lippman for sending out College Care Gift Cards. Our Hanukkah Bazaar was very successful. Thank you to all those who purchased gifts at our Bazaar and special thanks to Ann Lerman, Karen Nagel, and their committee who have spent endless hours at the synagogue setting up our beautiful Bazaar. Keeping on Hanukkah, Brenda Levin planned a fun evening for us in December to celebrate this very special Hanukkah. We ate sufganiyot, enjoyed a unique gift exchange, and played Latke (Hanukkah bingo). We hope you will join us on Saturday, January 11th, as we celebrate our Sisterhood Shabbat. The entire service will be led by women and their voices are beautiful. Thank you to Michele Sussman and Rhonda Cohn for coordinating this event.

On January 22nd, we will have a very special Judaic Arts Program, an Evening with Kevin Coval, author of Schtick. Kevin is a native Chicagoan, author, poet, educator, and founder of Louder than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival. He will discuss his life while reading some of his poetry from Schtick which is quite insightful and often humorous. For more information, contact Sherry Weinberger. Our next Book Club meeting will be on Febuary 12th, location to be announced. We will discuss Herman Wouk’s The Lawgiver. Nosh-A-Night will be held on Saturday, February 1st. This is a fun event for singles or couples. We eat, mingle, switch homes, and do it again. See flyer for more information. Bobbi Goldenberg, Elizabeth Ladin-Gross, Lauri Rosenbloom Sisterhood Co-Presidents


January 11, 2014

Sisterhood Shabbat


January 14, 2014

Board Meeting


January 22, 2014

An Evening with Kevin Coval, author of Schtick

View Flyer


February 1, 2014


View Flyer


February 12, 2014

Book Club – Herman Wouk’s The Lawgiver


February 20, 2014

Board Meeting


February 24, 2014

Vashti Event

The Word January 2014

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Nosh-A-Nite Flyer

Kevin Coval Flyer


Torah Pin Fund

All Occasion Cards

L’Chaim Cookbook (get your free recipe by clicking here)

SISTERHOOD GIFTSHOP Congregation Beth Judea Gift Shop (Where shopping is a mitzvah) The Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Judea's Judaica Shop carries a wide variety of Judaica and gift items such as tallitot, kippot, Seder plates, Hanukkah menorahs, candlesticks, kiddush cups, tzedakah boxes, mezzuzah cases, books, toys, games, teacher gifts, and nonreligious gift items. The shop carries Gary Rosenthal, Nambe, and a large number of items imported directly from Israel. The shop also carries special seasonal items and gift baskets. In addition, you can special order about anything you may want. Stop by when the shop is open: Sundays from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and by appointment. Karen Nagel is the Gift Shop Manager. The Gift Shop has lots of new merchandise, including great High Holiday and other holiday gift items, as well as Bat/Bat Mitzvah and wedding gift items.

Check out Sisterhood’s own L'CHAIM TOO! Cookbook, filled with special recipes for all your holiday needs or as a great gift for any occasion. MC, VISA. and Discover accepted

The Word January 2014

Congregation Beth Judea Gift Shop (Where shopping is a mitzvah)

20% OFF ONE SINGLE ITEM OF $25 OR MORE Coupon must be present at time of purchase Exclusions include sale merchandise, special orders, scrolls, consignment items. Nambe Discount Limited to 10% / No Discount on Michael Aram One coupon per family. No other discounts or promotions apply -Expires January 1, 2014 COUPON

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Man of the Year/ Youth of the Year 2014 Dinner

For Men's Club, the start of the new year always kicks off with the announcement of our FJMC Midwest Region Man of the Year. However, the FJMC Midwest Region has added a very special addition this year by incorporating a new honor ... Youth of the Year. With that, we couldn't be more pleased to announce that our Man of the Year honoree is Allen Harris and our Youth of the Year honoree is Joel Spiegel. We will be celebrating their accomplishments at the annual Man of the Year dinner to be held at Beth Shalom on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 4pm. You can show your support for each honoree by purchasing an advertisement in the Ad Book for the program (see the attending flyer or contact Eric Yegelwel at If you plan on attending the celebration dinner please make reservations by following this link: FJMC Midwest Region Man of the Year/Youth of the Year Dinner. Here's more about our honorees:

ALLEN HARRIS Allen was raised in a traditional Jewish household in West Rogers Park and attended Hebrew school at Congregation Knesses Israel Nusach Sephard, where he developed a strong relationship with synagogue life. During his teenage years, Allen was heavily involved in his synagogue’s youth group, where he participated in many ritual and social activities.

Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club Honoring

• Allen Harris and Joel Spiegel • Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 4:30 pm – 9 pm Congregation Beth Shalom • 3433 Walters Ave. • Northbrook, Illinois Join us as we recognize Allen Harris as the Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club, 2014 Man of the Year and Joel Spiegel as 2014 Youth of the Year

Allen’s commitment and generosity has continued during his tenure at Beth Judea including: past vice president of programming for the synagogue, the synagogue Board of Directors, and as a member of a variety of synagogue committees. His passion for synagogue life (particularly Men’s Club programming) has truly shown through with his active participation, leadership and donation of resources to many Men’s Club programs ranging from this past year’s regional softball tournament, Lox Box, Steak and Scotch Under the Sukkah, the annual Jack Rizman Golf Outing, to so much more. After completing his undergraduate degree at Loyola University, Allen went to work for Best Kosher Foods and subsequently Sara Lee (now Hillshire Brands), where he is currently employed. Allen and his wife Sharon live with their two children, Samantha and Evan, in Vernon Hills. JOEL SPIEGEL

NEW this Year, Dinner reservations and display ad placements saluting Allen Harris and Joel Spiegel will only be processed online.

Joel is a dedicated member of our synagogue as well as our community as a whole. He aids as a madrich in the Hebrew School, sells popcorn to raise money for the Tikun Olam charity fund, and is the president of the synagogue USY chapter, BJUSY.

For dinner registrations:

Joel ran for his first BJUSY executive board position his sophomore year, becoming programming vicepresident and has since gone on to do incredible things. The following year he became BJUSY’s Social Action/Tikun Olam VP, and finally this year he became president. While acting as Social Action/Tikun Olam vice-president, Joel raised over $3,000 for charity as well as taking part in organizing the first interfaith youth social action event with a nearby Methodist church and another synagogue. Joel also regularly helps run programs for the 3rd-8th graders at Beth Judea by helping staff events and giving leadership and guidance to the younger members. For display ads Questions/Concerns: Contact Eric Yegelwel at 847 808-0047 or email before 8 pm or leave a detailed voice message. No communications over Shabbat, please! Note: Deadline for dinner reservations is Friday, February 7, 2014. Price is $36/person if purchased by Feb. 2, 2014. After that date, the purchase price is $45/person. Get Flyer | Make Dinner Reservations | Place A Display Ad

The Word January 2014

Joel also is very passionate about social activism. to which he was first exposed by going on the Jewish program, Or Tzedek, run by the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs. Whether it’s protesting for immigrant rights, working to build Islamic-Jewish relationships, or phone banking to pass marriage equality in Illinois, Joel has taken what he has learned from Or Tzedek and has put it into action. Joel even started a club at his school, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, called Students Fighting Discrimination. With all this Joel also finds time to be an active citizen in the Buffalo Grove community. Joel, having just recently turned 18, is now currently running for his first political office running for the position of precinct committeeman, an elected office in Buffalo Grove.

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MEN’S CLUB MAZEL TOV TO ALLEN HARRIS BETH JUDEA MEN’S CLUB - 2014 MAN OF THE YEAR Join Congregation Beth Judea Men’s Club as they honor Allen Harris as the 2014 Man of the Year and Joel Spiegel as 2014 Youth of the Year at a special dinner on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 4:30 pm in Northbrook.

You must RSVP by Friday, February 7, 2014 Price is $36/person if purchased by Feb. 2, 2014. After that date, the purchase price is $45/person.

Click here to download the flyer Tzedakkah Fund The Men's Club has made a donation to the Jewish United Fund of Peoria for tornado relief from the funds collected at the daily minyanim. We thank all those who have contributed to the tzedakkah fund administered by Men's Club.


Click here to register

Lieberman Volunteers January 18, 2014 Every third Saturday, from 9:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., volunteers are needed to help Lieberman Center (9700 Gross Pointe Road, Skokie) residents attend Shabbat services. Assistance from all congregants is welcome.

Jerry Sakol – The Men’s Club


PROGRAMMING Hi Everyone, My name is Fred Rabinowitz and I am excited to be the Vice-President of Programming. It is my goal to make sure that we have programs that are of interest to all the different congregants of the synagogue and to get people to help plan and volunteer to help with those programs. I invite you to join the Programming Committee. If you can’t attend but would like to be involved call or email me.

Any ideas for new programs are welcome!! Fred Rabinowitz

An Important Announcement CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA HESED (CARING) COMMITTEE The Hesed committee would like to know if you have any difficulties/problems that you would like to discuss with a knowledgeable individual. We have a group of congregants who have been trained or are professionals who would be able to provide a brief consultation with you in order to refer you on for more in-depth assistance. We are also thinking about starting some support groups. We would like to know what you feel your needs are. Please email Ellene Lammers at or call Rabbi Pivo. FOR A LIST OF EMERGENCY HOTLINE NUMBERS, AGENCIES AND RESOURCES click here

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If you are celebrating a life cycle event such as a birth, engagement, or wedding, we would like to know about it so that this milestone can be included in The Word. If you are ill or know someone who is sick, we would like to know about it so that a prayer for recovery can be said, so that the clergy can call or visit, and so that the Hesed (Caring) committee can be notified and be of assistance. If there is a death in your family, we would like to know about it so that we can offer our support, can share this information with our congregation, and so that we can add your loved one to our Yahrzeit records.

We firmly believe that reaching out to others benefits not only the recipient, but the person providing help as well. This is, without a doubt, a win-win situation for all involved. If you are interested in making a difference, please contact one of the Hesed (Caring) committee members below:

Rabbi Pivo Ellene Lammers Wendy Wunsch Evan Rumack

Please call the synagogue office with this information. Do not assume that someone else will have notified the synagogue staff.

Hesed (Caring) Committee Congregation Beth Judea Hesed (Caring) Committee Please complete the following form to notify the committee of a person who is ill, hospitalized or in a rehabilitation facility,

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Location ______________________________________________________________________________

Contact person/phone number: ____________________________________________________________ Your name: ___________________________________________________________________________

â–Ą Please contact this person

â–Ą Please ask the clergy to contact this person Please return this card to the office before or after Shabbat. You may also fax the information to (847) 634-8055, call the Rabbi or contact our committee chairs, Wendy Wunsch

The Word January 2014

Evan Rumack (847) 253-4130

Beth Judea Office (847) 634-0777

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ALIYAH IN OUR 60’s FROM ARLINGTON HTS, IL TO CAESEREA, ISRAEL (Part 21) L TO R: HOWIE GOODMAN, SUZANNE GOODMAN, AND BEVERLY GOODMAN TCHERNOV NEAR EILAT, ISRAEL Howie and Suzanne Goodman were valued members at Beth Judea until they decided to make aliyah in 2009. The Goodmans have agreed to provide us with a blog on their experiences as new olim in Israel. Though we continue to miss the Goodmans, we can all look forward to reading about their adventures in Israel through the blog.

Aliyah in Our 60’s – January 2014 - Part 21 Happy New Year! As mentioned in past blogs, the secular New Year is really not celebrated in Israel except by some Anglo Organizations. December 1 was our fourth anniversary as olim in Israel. We have noticed that our English, as our readers probably have noticed, has degraded. Our Hebrew has improved but not up to the level we expected. If you want to really learn Hebrew, you have to immerse yourself by living in a non-English speaking area for a while. We marvel at our five-year-old grandson, Erez, who switches from English to Hebrew to English depending with whom he is having a conversation.

We would be remiss if the subject of the Iranian Nuclear situation were not discussed. We realize that our attitude is coming from being a citizen of Israel as well as the United States but living in Israel. There is no trust of Iran. We see another North Korea scenario. In this region of the world, time is measured in centuries not days or weeks. The Iranians understand the West’s inability to have slow moving negotiations and exploit it by stalling. We do not speak for Israel but have noticed a shift to negativity towards President Obama since the Syrian and Iranian events. Since the chemical WMD retrieval has begun, the world has not put the 100,000 plus deaths from this war on the front page. We, as Israelis, did not necessarily want an attack on Syria. Now there are some reports that Assad may not have been the origin of the chemicals. Many countries in the Middle East view the United States as a less reliable country (sic). In the past few weeks, six or seven more UN resolutions condemning Israel have occurred. Israel continues to offer humanitarian aid to Syrians . We hope this has been mentioned in the world press. Exploring the land of Israel is one of the great joys of making aliyah. Almost every month we go on a daylong bus trip to different interesting locations in the country. In November we went with a group of thirty on a tiyul (trip) sponsored by Hadassah. We traveled about five hours and stopped along the way at Sde Boker to visit the graves of David Ben Gurion and his wife Paula. It is on the beautiful overlook at Machtesh Ramon, a giant crater. There was a family of three ibexes posing for us on the ridge. Ibexes are similar to a small deer as we have in the states. The trip took us through the scenic Negev Desert to the Kibbutz Ketura.

(continued on next page)

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ALIYAH IN OUR 60’s (continued from previous page) At Kibbutz Ketura we enjoyed the afternoon learning about kibbutz life with Leah who came to the kibbutz in 1977 as an olah. Ketura is one of seventy kibbutzim that is still on the social system while others have privatized. All money earned goes to the kibbutz, and every member is paid the same. There are currently 450 people on the kibbutz, of which 150 are members (not including the 200 children), volunteers, residents and students. About forty percent of the residents live there but work outside the kibbutz. The population is composed of observant, Masorti, and secular members which is unusual for an Israeli kibbutz. It is not considered a religious kibbutz. However, kashrut and Shabbat are observed in the dining room, public areas, and at social and cultural events. There is a functioning egalitarian synagogue where we once attended Rosh Hashanah services before we moved to Israel. Our group was housed for two nights in comfortable guest rooms with bath and kitchenette. There was a coffee shop and our apartment came supplied with milk, tea, coffee, chocolate (!) cereal, cookies, and fruit. Our tasty meals were cafeteria style in the large, spacious dining room. They even had an espresso latte type coffee dispenser with a long line of people waiting. Sound like Starbucks? The dining room and guest suites were built with the assistance of the Hadassah organization. If you wish to explore the Negev this is a nice, clean, hospitable place to stay.

The kibbutz was originally agricultural. However, about fifteen years ago the economy of Kibbutz Ketura changed. They leased out the vegetable farm to a local farmer and concentrated on the natural resources of the area. These resources are sun, land, and water. The water is saline in an aquifer that starts in the northern Negev desert and flows to the Arava. One of their businesses is harnessing the solar power and water for a sophisticated algae farm, Algatech. The sea plants are grown in a filtration system of clear pipes and sold (mostly to Japan) where their antioxidants are harvested and used in food, fish food, and cosmetics. The manufacturing process employs 15 members and is so successful that they are considering closing their dairy farm to expand the operation.

Methuselah The tree from a seed from Masada

One day the bus took us to look at the 3000-tree date orchard which is right on the border with Jordan. Ketura produces 600 tons of dates per year, watered from the underground aquifer. We visited the agricultural experiments of Dr. Elaine Soloway. She grows plants and herbs that are used for medicinal purposes. One of her most unique plants, a date palm germinated from a 2,000 year old seed found at Masada, is enclosed by a fence on the kibbutz.

The Arava desert is the Silicon Valley of renewable energy. The best way to reduce carbon emissions is energy efficiency. Energy resources such as fossil fuels of oil, gas, and coal are finite. The better idea is to use renewable sources of energy such as sun, water, hydroelectric, wind, and bio-fuels. Israel has committed to reducing energy consumption, and Kibbutz Ketura is part owner of the Arava Power Company, which produces electricity through solar panels. Yossi Abramowitz, who visited the kibbutz from Massachusetts, founded it. He had once been a volunteer there and came in 2006 for a visit with his family. He joined the kibbutz’s course for environmental energy, and five years later the first solar field in Israel was established at Kibbutz Ketura. It uses 18,500 photovoltaic panels situated on 20 acres in the Arava and produces 5 megawatts of electricity. Another solar field is planned that will be large enough to produce one third of the energy needed for the resort city of Eilat. Yossi Abramowitz has maintained the Jewish tradition of leaving the corners of one’s fields for the needy. The equivalent of the four corners of the proceeds of the solar field is donated to four different charities. There is a statue of Ruth just outside the solar installation that symbolizes the gleaning of the corners of the fields.

The Arava Institute of Environmental Studies is located at Kibbutz Ketura. It was founded in 1996 and is a school that brings together students from different parts of Israel and the world to study in a platform of peace. A panel of students talked to us the first evening about their experiences at AIES. They were from Australia, Israel and Jordan. The young man from Jordan is Jordanian with relatives in Palestine. He spends a month every year in the West Bank. He said his parents were quite shocked when he told them where he wanted to study. Now their attitude has changed as a result of his experiences. The Israeli girl lives near Gaza. She thought her experiences studying and living with students from the PA and Jordan would change the way she looks at the world and how she practices as the doctor she plans to become. One of our daughter’s students at Haifa University attended AIES and thought it was a positive experience. (continued on next page)

The Word January 2014

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ALIYAH IN OUR 60’s (continued from previous page) There were many classes going on at this kibbutz in the desert. One group of young people staying at Kibbutz Ketura were from Italy. They were there studying English!. One of our activities there was a craft class in sand painting. The teacher was a chiropractor by profession and currently the head of security at the kibbutz. Howie took a seminar on film making and made a video interviewing him. This Hadassah tour seemed a bit like going to going to adult summer camp. It was three days and two nights of learning and relaxation. We had a showing of the video and talked about our craft classes and it was like slap stick comedy. Kibbutz Yotvata is not far from Kibbutz Ketura, and we went to see their pilot project for a thermal solar plant. This type of solar energy uses a parabolic mirror to track the sun from east to west. Photovoltaic panels power all the lights on the road between the kibbutzim. An extremely interesting part of our tours was a visit to Kibbutz Naot Smadar. It is located 400 meters above the Arava where the climate is cooler at night. The average rainfall is only 2 cm per year! A group from Jerusalem formed the kibbutz thirty years ago. Our guide explained that the founders wanted to build a place for learning through relationships. The center of their kibbutz is a crafts center that was built by the founders totally by hand. They had to learn everything about building and design as they went along in the construction. They all worked on the construction after completing other jobs and it took them 13 years. The result is a facility using desert design principles with a cooling tower using a passive cooling system in the middle. It has a large shaded court and terrazzo floors throughout. The whole effect is that it looks somewhat like a castle in the desert. There are rooms where they teach crafts and create items such as terrazzo tables, jewelry, wood crafts, and dyed silk which is sold in their magnificent shop. The kibbutz supports itself through the arts, a goat farm, a boutique organic winery, a solar field, producing olive oil from olive trees, and making jams from their apricots, plums, and grapes. They are a traditional kibbutz. The cultural center at Kibbutz Naot Samdar Our guide described a typical day at Kibbutz Naot Smadar. At 5:30 every morning they have a silent meeting in the dining room. They sit in a circle for 25 minutes not speaking, and then they say, “ boker tov” (good morning), and go on to their day. Meals are eaten quietly. If you want to speak to someone you need to leave the dining room and talk outside. Each person sits at the next free place at the dining table, not with friends. The children have their own dining hall and only eat with families on weekends. The community doesn’t eat meat. They do not have TV in their houses but do have one for the children. They all change jobs frequently. Discussions are “deep” and concern the self and what is inner freedom. Every six of seven years in the summer, they all move out of their houses. The houses are renovated and families switch houses. The reason was that one should not become attached to places. Kibbutz Naot Smadar is a most unique place in Israel. (Maybe in the world!) If you are visiting Israel and travel to Eilat, the resort city on the Red Sea, you may be interested in learning about the Arava desert. You might want to stay at Kibbutz Ketura, as it is a good way to experience kibbutz living and to learn about the new energy producing systems in Israel.

Howie and Suzanne Goodman We hope you enjoy the twenty-first installment from the Goodmans, who have graciously agreed to blog for our congregation their experiences as Olim in Israel. If you there are specific topics that you are interested in hearing about of if you just want to stay in touch with Howie and Suzanne, you can reach them at:

The Word January 2014

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The Word January 2014

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BIRTHDAYS We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members of our Beth Judea Family: January 1

Rabbi Jeff Pivo

January 14

Cathy Feiger

January 2

Gary Krugel Cheryl Levine

January 16

January 3

Brian Cutler Leslie Klassman Jonathan Lippman Alan Marcus Ethel Schwerdlin

Robert Atlas Adam Citron Helaine Katz-Ratskoff Jason Neiman

January 17

Hadrian Markowitz

January 18

Stella Greener Kathryn Harris Linda Kramer Josh Weisberg

January 19

Barbara Stern

January 20

Terri Behn Leonard Moskowitz Chuck Walcer

January 22

Erin Drazin William Kramer Gloria Secler Bonnie Sender Richard Ward

January 23

Alan Friedlander

January 25

Joan Rosemarin

January 26

Darlene Bikshorn Neal Ford Edward Hockfield Darlene Tominberg

January 28

Audrey Block Barry Cohen Jeffrey Gluskin Andrea Heiger Eli Seltzer Marlon Suskin Audrey Weisberg

January 29

Beth Brooks Cheryl Kersky Saretta Kessler Marc Zeidman

January 30

Jerrold Behn Mari Moskowitz Sheldon Rubin

January 31

Kandy Ginsburg Marlene Gothelf Randy Polonsky

January 4

Barry Bikshorn Lauri Rosenbloom Gary Watts

January 5

Judith Atlas Diane Shultz

January 6

Jay Gomberg Steven Kaufman Robert Lipka Michael Shultz Robert Spiro

January 7

Brent Gross Rosita Rothenberg

January 8

Cynthia Andreoli Michele Greenberg Howard Levy Renee Lustig Alan Steiner Robin Steres Sanford White

January 9

Renee Brown Patricia Hermann Matt Veronie

January 10

Bobbie Babbitt Russell Barnett Michael Bauer Allen Harris Stacey Resnik Michael Sturt

January 11

Helen Brin Robert Weissman

January 12

Nicole Colen Celia Geiger Pamela Kaufman Judy Solomon

January 13

Alan Gould Debbi Green

We encourage you to also contact one another to share in their celebration. NOTE: If your name is missing from the list please contact the synagogue so we can update your information in our files.

The Word January 2014

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ANNIVERSARIES We wish a very Happy Anniversary to the following members of our Beth Judea Family: January 1

Sam and Rebecca Flint

January 12

Dave and Marilyn Rebnord

January 2

William & Diane Soteras

January 18

David and Suzanne Waitz

January 6

Brian and Elizabeth Dichter Morris and Harriette Elisco Richard and Suzanne Reingold

January 23

Marc and Marlyn Spivak

January 28

Yosef and Leslie Dahan

Michael and Susan Mangurten

January 31

Stephen and Barbara Katz

January 7

We encourage you to also contact one another to share in their celebration. NOTE: If your name is missing from the list please contact the synagogue so we can update your information in our files.

The Word January 2014

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Walter Berkley * Harry Fleiss Oscar Krawitz Phiip Meltzer * Joseph Rosenfeld * Gertrude Schoenman *

Sandy Caplan * William Frankel * Louis Lifshitz * Darrell Pollack * Bernice Rothenberg * Milton Silverstein *

Alexander Davis * Miles Klein * Louis Margolis Irene Ramras William Rubenstein * Hilda Tominberg *

Herman Feldman * Seymour Klein * Gail Medoss Shirley Rose Harvey Schmall

January 10

Bruce Abrams Bella Cohen * Samuel Goldman * Herbert Levine Leonard Meltzer Margaret Pinkus * Shirley Schechtman

Anna Berkovitz * Abe Cooper * Era Greiman * Ethan Levitan * Sheila Moskowitz Ernest Poll Helen Schwartz *

Roselin Berman Aubrey Dembo Hyman Karafin Alex Lustig * June Pearlman * Ida Pollack Dora Stein *

Adele Chubin Charles Frank Annette Kessler * Gertrude Manewith Mandel Perl * Melvin Reback Ethan Noah Sulkin

January 17

Bernice Abraham Diane Brown * Sarah Finkelstein Rose Howard Estelle Kerstein David Rosenfeld * Morris Spiegel *

Davidf Appel Gregorio Copelovitz Pearl Fleiss Robert Isenberg Rachel Levin Elizabeth Rosenthal * Betty Wasserman

Gerald Bernstein Morris Damsky Anna Herstein Stuart Julis Arthur Marc Sam Rothnagel Clara Weisberg

Alfred Braun * Mitch Davis * Charlotte Herstein Irv Kaufman Adelyn Nixon Rose Secler * Jack Leonard Weitzman

January 24

Jack Babbitt * Bertha Feldman * Richard Ganden * Marvin Harris * Howard Lorber * Jules Mellow Jacob Rizman * Rose Sher Bernard Stouber

Irwin Dritz Ceil Feldstein Sol Ganelin * Dorothy Hyman Sidney Lorber * Ann Nemser * Minnette Rothstein George Sherman * Inge Weiss

Muriel Epstein * Athur Fierer Edith Gordon Sylvia Katz * Natalie Lubesnick David Polakow * Mary Alice Ryan Seymour Shub * Arthur Westerman *

Jamie Sara Fabian Moe Forman * Selma Greengard Gary Korn Jackie Max * Hymen Polonsky Jerom Schneider * Sidney Simons

January 31

Dorothy Becker * Alice Copeland * Corrine Gill Lene Kagan * Teddy Kray Albert Levin Bernard Resnik Steven Schmeisser * Marshall Sylvan Leslie Zucker *

Morris Braverman * Shirley Davis * Elizabeth Libby Goldenberg Lou Kalisky Norman Leibold * Monte Levitt * Dorothy Rose * David Schwartz Bertha Watchman

David Cohen Norton Ferber * Benjamin Golyer * Samantha Keeshin * Sam Lemsky Victor Nahum * Max Rosenblatt Rywka Slomowicz Bernard Weisberg

Becky Cohn Lillian Freedman Shirley Harris Rita Kravits Leona Levey Jacob Petrynek * Philip Rothstein Herome Sohn Florence Zablen *

The Word January 2014

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Dan Bauer * David Feldheim * Norma Gordon Manny Indes * Barbara Pomerantz Phillip Rothenberg Max Morris Sheft Ellin Wener *

Clara Charlat * Frances Flack Foster Gould Joseph Levin Ruby Rashbaum Hyman Schwartz * Anne Soll *

Rose Coll Frances Friedlander Anna Haberman * Ruth Lifshitz * June Reback Carl Shapiro * William Steres *

Rose Elisco Sherry Gerber * Joseph Hockfield * David Popilsky * Edith Rockwell Diane Shapiro * Jerome Waitz

February 14

Albert Appel Marvin Cohn Henry Eisenhammer Meyer Goldware * Seymour Keeshin * Sofia Magill Helen Mills Barbara Sachs * Lucille Weisberg *

Robert Block * Lester Copeland * Emanuel Fagman Leo Greenberg * Meyer Kovich * Carl Mandel Bessie Mordoh * Vivian Schneider *

Helene Borkan * James Corenman Hannah Fierer Harold Gross * Dan Kwasman Ronald Marcus Sylvia Perl * Barbara Seider

Riva Chiet * Russell Davis * Harold Glassman Charles Haberman * Leonard Levitan * David Marder Marcella Rumack * Ben Silverman *

February 21

Louis Bardos * Sondra Gartenberg * Solomon Klein Bernard Kurtz * Ben Levin * Joel Mosak * Morris Rotman Esther Waddell Richard Welch

Gerald Brownfield Lillian Gold * Wanda Komisarz Steven Landau * Esther Levin * Minnie Muffson Michael Spivak * Jill Waitz Harry Zelson

Samuel Cohen * Lillian Goldstein * Harry Kray Lee Lazar * Leonard Levy * Dora Nechamkin * Harvey Stein * Morris Walcer * Mindy Zolno

Charles Allen Fryer Jacob Hammer Hymen Krieberg Ann Levin * Abraham Lippman Cynthia O. Rafal * Ruth Tolsky Jeffrey Wiesberg *

February 28

Mac Brown * Joseph Shefsky

Miriam Ferber * Derek Warren Smolensky

Cecilla Lerner * Sorris Warman

Judith Mazur Howard Weinert

The Word January 2104

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TRIBUTES FOR AN EXPLANATION OF THESE FUNDS, PLEASE REFER TO PAGES 51, 52 & 53 OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Prayers have been said for the recovery of: Ken Brandt William Kramer Reverend Mike McPherson Felice Reiner Martin Rockwell Ryan Scheibe

Condolences upon the death of: Bernice Altman Mother of Michael Altman Samuel Dicker Father of Steven Dicker Beverly Guttenberg Mother of Rhonda Wollheim

Jacqueline Pollard Mother of Todd Pollard Jane Reisberg Congregant and Mother of Edward Reisberg

Dr. Maurice Slivnick Father of Sari London

Congratulations to: Cathy & Mitchell Feiger on the engagement of their son Brian to Jaime Isaacs. Richard & Miriam Krieberg on the birth of their grandson Henry Ryan Taustein. Carol & Craig Levin on the birth of their grandson Bennett Jack Levin. Linda Paull on the birth of her grandson Liam Jude Paull. Janet & Myron Reicher on the birth of their grandson Elior Gedaliah (Gideon) Reicher.

RABBI PIVO’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Rabbi Pivo for all his time preparing Lauren, Charlie and Molly for the B’nai Mitzvah. Larry & Jean Appel Rabbi Pivo for all of the mentoring and support provided to our daughter Carly in preparation of her recent Bat Mitzvah. David & Nicole Colen Rabbi Pivo in appreciation of the beautiful wedding ceremony for my children Kim and Alex Neiman. Renee Haskell Rabbi Pivo for his kind words and support during the difficult time of the passing of my beloved father, Irving Tolsky. Howard & Deborah Tolsky In Honor of: Ron and Debbie Kovich on the birth of their grandson Theodore (Theo) Michael Brown. Marc’s Bar Mitzvah Gary & Deborah Mills

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Rose Secler. Harold & Gloria Secler

CANTOR WEISBERG’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Cantor Weisberg for all his time preparing Lauren, Charlie and Molly for the B’nai Mitzvah. Larry & Jean Appel Cantor Weisberg for all of the mentoring and support provided to our daughter Carly in preparation of her recent Bat Mitzvah. David & Nicole Colen Cantor Weisberg in appreciation of the beautiful wedding ceremony for my children, Kim and Alex Neiman. Renee Haskell

CANTOR WEISBERG’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Hazzan Weisberg’s guidance in preparing Marc for his Bar Mitzvah. Gary & Deborah Mills Cantor Weisberg for officiating at our wedding. Brian & Jori Slade Cantor Weisberg for his kind words and support during the difficult time of the passing of my beloved father, Irving Tolsky. Howard & Deborah Tolsky In Honor of: Our son’s baby naming. Steven & Rebecca Hanson In Memory of: Dorothy Aronoff, loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. The Schrimmer Family Bernice Altman, with our deepest condolences to the Altman family on the loss of your beloved mother and grandmother. The Pervos Family

Samuel Dicker, beloved father of Steven Dicker. Burt & Nancy Litwin Fred Fleiss Bernard Stouber Susan Stouber and Family

Dr. Maurice Slivnick, father of Sari London, with our deepest condolences to the entire Slivnick family. Phyllis & Robert Dritz Upon the Yahrzeit of: Roselin Berman, beloved mother and grandmother. Carol, Shel and Jill Kaner Holly & Ben Schlan Harry Fleiss Pearl Fleiss Susan Stouber and Family Marilyn Levit, in loving memory of our wonderful mother and grandmother. Steven & Jodi Levit and Family

Marvin Rose Andrea & Ed Hockfield

(continued next column)

The Word January 2014

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TRIBUTES PRAYER BOOK FUND SHABBAT/DAILY Upon the Yahrzeit of: David Polakow, beloved husband, father, grandfather and greatgrandfather. Sylvia Polakow

PRAYER BOOK FUND HUMASHIM-TORAH PORTION In Memory of: Dr. Maurice Slivnick, father of Sari London. Davida & Scott Finkle

Upon the Yahrzeit of: In loving memory of Irving H. Babbitt, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, on his yahrzeit. Jeanne S. Babbitt and Family GENERAL FUND In Memory of: Marilyn Holman, wife of Neil Holman. Cindy Lipka Philip Rich, , uncle of Phyllis Udany. Cindy Lipka

Helen Golden, beloved mother of Dr. Marshall Golden. Andy & Sandy Levitt Thomas Jury, beloved husband, father and poppa. Laura Barshefsky Wendy Kuhlman Susie Pinzur Debbie Posner Jan Waxman Jacqueline Pollard David & Nicole Colen Jodi & David Pine Upon the Yahrzeit of: Maxwell Clamage Marla & Neal Feld Irwin Lipka Robert Lipka



In Appreciation of: Lisa Neiman for all of her help with the arrangements for Charlie, Lauren and Molly’s B’nai Mitzvah. Larry & Jean Appel

In Memory of: Beverly Guttenberg, mother of Rhonda Wollheim. Arnie & Lee Goldberg

In Memory of: Dr. Maurice Slivnick, father of Sari London. Barbara Bernstein Upon the Yahrzeit of: Gerald Bernstein Barbara Bernstein

Sandy Caplan Ron Caplan Clara S. Kersky, beloved mother and grandmother. Stuart, Cheryl, Ariel and Jonathan Kersky

Seymour Klein Bobbie & Floyd Babbitt SISTERHOOD FUND EDUCATION FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Anna Berkovitz, beloved mother and grandmother. The Halperin Family


In Honor of: Shira Sender for all of the mentoring and support provided to our daughter Carly in preparation of her recent Bat Mitzvah. David & Nicole Colen

In Honor of: Janet & Myron Reicher on the birth of their grandson Elior Gedaliah (Gideon) Reicher.

In Appreciation of: Sisterhood hosting Jami Attenberg and the Spertus One Book/One Community Event. Joan & Steve Attenberg In Memory of: Bernice Altman, mother of Michael Altman. Lauri & Stan Rosenbloom

Dr. Maurice Slivnick, father of Sari London. Lauri & Stan Rosenbloom LINDA AND ALBERT STARK FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Michael Schwartz, our precious nephew and cousin. Linda & Albert Stark Peter Stark, beloved cousin. Linda & Albert Stark

Minette Rothstein Philip Rothstein Merle Linderman

The Word January 2014

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TRIBUTES SOCIAL ACTION FUND In Memory of: Maurice Slivnick,, beloved father and grandfather. Our thoughts are with Sari London and family on their loss. Joan & Steve Attenberg Karen & Philip Nagel Heidi & Gerald Sakol Upon the Yahrzeit of: Becky Cohn, always remembered. Hennie & Morrie Elisco

Lee Meyer Katz, remembered with love and appreciation by her children and grandchildren. Family of Stephen Katz & Barb Buhai


In Memory of: Golda Klein, in loving memory of the mother of Yitzchok Klein. Stuart, Cheryl, Ariel and Jonathan Kersky

USY/KADIMA SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor of: Rob and Geri Friedman in honor of the birth of their grandson, Samuel Logan Friedman. Cindy Lipka Debbie & Ron Kovich on the birth of their grandson Theodore Michael Brown. Cindy Lipka

Karen & Philip Nagel on the birth of their grandson Winston Nagel Mermel. Cindy Lipka In Memory of: Dr. Maurice Slivnick, father of Sari London. Darlene & Barry Bikshorn Jacqueline Pollard, mother of Layne Pollard. Darlene & Barry Bikshorn

The Word January 2014

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In Memory of: Beverly Guttenberg, mother of Rhonda Wollheim and family. Leah & Sam Chiprin

In Memory of: Beverly Guttenberg, mother of Rhonda Wollheim and family. Phyllis & Bob Dritz

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Jerry Berenson Jean Berenson

June Walcer

ETHAN LEVITAN MEMORIAL FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Ethan Levitan Isabele, Hartley, Kara and Carley Nisenbaum

JACK RIZMAN MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Beverly Guttenberg, mother of Rhonda Wollheim. Howard Levy & Susan Rizman Upon the Yahrzeit of: Jack Rizman Floyd & Bobbie Babbitt Jack Rizman, with loving memory of our wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Susie Rizman and Family

Chuck Walcer

Monuments & More MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide Quality Cemetery Monuments for those families whose Life Cycle Events have caused the need for our services, the understanding they deserve, a high quality product of their choice, expertly produced, completely guaranteed and delivered in a timely manner, at reasonable prices. TO THE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA, WE GUARANTEE A MINIMUM SAVINGS OF 25% FROM ANY COMPETITIVE OFFER.


Burt Hochberg 847 668 5937

The Word January 2014

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JANUARY 2014 Sunday



Wednesday 01

05 8:00 am 9:00 am 3:30 pm



Talmud Study 6:00 am Minyan 4:15 pm Minyan 6:30 pm Beyahad (@TC)6:15 pm Bingo@Friends 7:30 pm Minyan 6:30 pm 8:00 pm Ritual Mtg. . 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm


8:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am

Talmud Study 6:15 am Minyan 6:30 pm Religious School 7:30 pm Purim Masq. Mtg 8:00 pm Tu B’Shavet at 8:00 pm Ramah (pre-k) 10:30 am Gan Shalom

19 8:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am

26 8:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am


14 Minyan 4:15 pm Beyahad (@TC)6:15 pm Minyan 6:30 pm Membershp Mtg 7:00 pm Ritual Mtg. 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm



Talmud Study 6:15 am Minyan Minyan 10:00 am Youth Program Religious School NO BEYAHAD 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Program Mtg. 8:00 pm Planned Giving Mtg. 27

Talmud Study 6:15 am Minyan 6:30 pm Religious School;7:30 pm K-1 Family Prog.;8:00 pm 9:00 am Dalet Build-APair 11:00 am Jewish University For a Day in Northbrook

4:15 pm 6:15 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm

28 Minyan 4:15 pm Beyahad(@TC) 6:15 pm Minyan 6:30 pm Social Action 7:00 pm Mtg. 7:30 pm 8:00 pm

The Word January 2014

Thursday 02

Friday 03

Saturday 04

9:00 am Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan

7:30 pm Minyan 7:30 pmShabbat Svc 8:00 pm Youth Mtg 8:00 pm Israel Committee Mtg. Candle Ltg. 4:16 pm

9:00 am Torah Study 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs. 9:30 pm Baby Naming 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 10:30 am Interpret Svc




Religious Sch 7:00 pm Melton Classes Heh 7:30 pm Minyan Challah 8:00 pm Torah Study Chaverim . USY Minyan Hebrew Lit 2

15 Religious Sch 7:00 pm Heh 7:30 pm Education Mtg 8:00 pm USY 8:00 pm Minyan Hebrew Lit 2 SisterhoodMtg Ways&Means 22 Religious Sch 7:00 pm Heh 7:30 pm USY 8:00 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Hebrew Lit 2 Communicatio . Mtg. 29 Religious Sch 7:00 pm Heh 7:30 pm Education Mtg 8:00 pm USY 8:00 pm Minyan Hebrew Lit 2


9:30 am Blend It Up 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc 9:00 am Torah Study w/Rabbi at w/special 9:00 am Gimel Shabbat Caribou Israel Comm 9:30 am Sisterhood led 7:30 pm Minyan Speaker Shabbat Svcs 7:45 pm Parsha 7:30 pm Ta’am Yisrael10:30 am Gan Shabbat Perspectives Send Off 8:00 pm L’Chaim 8:00 pm Exec. Mtg. Candle Ltg. 4:23 pm 16



Melton Classes 2:00 pm Challah 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc 9:00 am Torah Study Minyan Chaverim 9:00 am Gimel Shabbat Torah Study 7:30 pm Minyan 9:15 am MC-Lieberman Finance Mtg. 7:45 pm Parsha 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs. Perspectives 9:30 am Bar Mitzvah 8:00 pm Tap the Candle Ltg. 10:30 am Gan Shabbat Torah 4:32 pm 10:30 am Interpret Svc. 6:30 pm FOF Magic Nite 23


Melton 7:30 pm Minyan 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc Minyan 7:45 pm Parsha Torah Study Perspectives Sisterhood Prog.8:00 pm Board Mtg. Candle Ltg. Kevin Coval 4:40 pm


25 9:00 am Torah Study 9:00 am Gimel Shabbat 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs. 9:30 am Bar Mitzvah 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 10:30 am Teen Minyan 7:00 pm HSP Soc Prog 8:00 pm Bowling League


Melton Classes 7:30 pm Minyan 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc Minyan 7:45 pm Parsha Torah Study Perspectives Sisterhood 8:00 pm Adult EdCandle Ltg. Shalva Prog JewishHistry 4:49 pm by Rabbi Lifshitz

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PAGE Israel Shabbat Speaker


Mitzvah Mall


Ramah Day Camp


PaNosh Catering


American Mattress


Special Message from Cantor Weisberg: Your Chance To Make A Difference


Shalom Memorial


Mission Statement


Monuments and More


Purim Masquerade


Tornado Assistance / Social Action




Focus on Families


Divorce Support Group


Bowling League


Adult Education


Religious School Schedule/School Cancellation Info


Community Jewish High School




Sisterhood: Kevin Coval Nosh A Nite


Gift Shop Coupon


Men’s Club Man of the Year/Youth of the Year Dinner


Men’s Club Tzedakah Fund


Men’s Club - Lieberman




Hesed Committee


Goodman Blog


Camp Ramah


CBJ CALENDAR January 5 January 6 January 7 January 7 January 8 January 9 January 9 January 10 January 10 January 11 January 12 January 12 January 16 January 16 January 16 January 18 January 20 January 22 January 25 January 25 January 26 January 26 January 26 January 30

Bingo at Friends Center Beyahad Resumes Challah Chaverim (evening session) Hebrew Literacy II Begins Melton Classes Resume Blend it Up with Rabbi Pivo at Caribou Coffee L’Chaim Special Shabbat Israel Speaker Ta’am Yisrael Send Off Sisterhood Led Shabbat Services Tu B’Shavet at Ramah for pre-K Gan Shalom TU B’SHEVAT Challah Chaverim Tap the Torah Men’s Club at Lieberman Youth Program – NO BEYAHAD Sisterhood Program – Kevin Coval HSP Social Program Bowling League Religious School. K – 1 Family Program Dalet Build-A-Pair Jewish University for a Day Adult Ed – Jewish History w/ Rabbi Lifshitz

SAVE THE DATE SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, August 24, 2014 Next Year’s Men’s Club Dr. Jack Rizman Memorial Golf Outing We had fun, and we have for the past 18 years - plus you get your picture taken with our Rabbi - and next year’s outing will also be terrific . From Left to Right: Jeff Kostis, Allen Harris, Chad Wollheim, Larry Wollheim, Rabbi Pivo

The Word January 2014

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CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA 5304 RFD Long Grove, IL 60047 (847) 634-0777 E-Mail: Website: Rabbi Jeff Pivo Rabbi Emeritus Howard Lifshitz Cantor Roger J. Weisberg President Debbie Kreisman Dubin Executive Director Lisa Neiman Educational Director Anna Besser Youth Director Marc Sender

From The Editors In order for your article to be published in the next issue, we must have it at the synagogue by the 10th of the month! There will be no exceptions. This includes information on disk as well. We need your article as it is important to let the congregation know what your group is doing. Announcements should take the form of articles in The Word rather than separate flyers. The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the Rabbi, Board of Directors or the editors.

Candle Lighting Times

Worship Schedule Conducted by Rabbi Jeff Pivo and Cantor Roger J. Weisberg Monday Minyan……………....... 6:15 a.m. Daily Minyan…………………....7:30 p.m. Friday Night Services…………...7:30 p.m. Saturday Services………………. 9:30 a.m. Sunday Services…………………9:00 a.m.

Candle Lighting time is calculated for 18 minutes before sunset and is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. January 3

.…...................................…… 4:16 p.m.

January 10

................................................ 4:23 p.m.

January 17

................................................ 4:32 p.m.

January 24

................................................ 4:40 p.m.

January 31

................................................ 4:49 p.m.

The Blessing For Lighting The Candles On Shabbat is Bo-ruch A-tah Ado-nai E-lo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam A-sher Ki-de-sha-nu Be-mitz-vo-tav Vi-tzi-va-nu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Shabbat.

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has hallowed us through His Commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the lights of the holy Sabbath.

Profile for Lisa Neiman

The Word - January 2014  

Congregation Beth Judea

The Word - January 2014  

Congregation Beth Judea