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“A Carefully Orchestrated Plan” My name is Owen Churchill an ex bookmaker and successful punter who made national news media headlines... Exchange Sting Bookie Banned Eight Years And Riders Given 18 Months... "Churchill, a registered racehorse owner who runs a betting shop in Lowestoft, was banned from the sport for eight years." [Read] Jockeys 'Groomed' By Bookmaker Are Banned... "The HRA said that Churchill, through "a carefully orchestrated plan" ensured that he would win £56,339" [Read] The past 25 years of my life have firmly evolved around the betting of horses. I have always been a very large and successful punter and jumped the fence (no pun intended) into the art of bookmaking, where I had several prominent pitches at grade 1 tracks and also owned 2 local, to me, betting offices. After being banned from the sport for eight years I am sure many people will not be impressed that I am still making a very good living from the Sport of Kings, all be it just backing winners. The Birth of BetOwen... At a recent race meeting with a couple of friends the subject of tipping horses to a members only club came up. It's something I've always had in the back of my mind but lets be real, I wouldn't know where to begin. Yes I have the knowledge and contacts to relay profitable information but I'm way to busy out there busting the bookies. That's when one of my friends mentioned BetFan and how they successfully manage a service for him. Being a very good pal for many, many years I showed great interest and here we are today and "BetOwen" is Officially Open for business. Working with BetFan seems an incredibly good way of "giving a little back" by using the exceptional knowledge I've acquired and sharing the information on a daily basis for everybody's benefit and long term advantage. Lets just say "It's Pay Back Time!"

Why Should You Consider Joining BetOwen? I still retain a massive network of contacts, including Jockeys, Trainers, Owners, Agents and other frontline sources. I categorically am no longer involved with the actual direct laying of horses, although understandably, I am still advised of those horses where "substandard runs" are more than expected by connections. I am always open to communicating/corresponding with subscribing members. Selections/information will not be "mass produced" or "fabricated" for the record and consequently, will only be made available to subscribing members when I am 110% assured of its complete integrity and therefore will be carrying my own money which I do not like parting with! All information provided through BetFan will be accurate, profitable and reflect considerable confidence from those connected at the sharp end. Additionally, I wish to advise that all selections will be backed personally by myself. Betting Selections provided will be deliberately varied as to not incriminate those who have supplied me with the information. From time to time, some very strong selections will be given to my members which in my own opinion, will be MAXIMUM "certainties."

Secure A Place Today... On joining you'll be sent a welcome email with details on a recommended betting bank and staking plan. You'll also be given login details to access information online which will be supported by a daily selections email. Cost of Joining... You have three membership options. 28 Days costs £55.00, 90 Days is a bargain at £110.00 or 6 months is great value at just £175.00. The longer commitment means better the deal! The 6 month option works out at about £29.17 a month!!! If you share my passion for the Sport of Kings and want to make considerable profits then click the button below that suits you...

CLICK HERE To Join For 28 Days! CLICK HERE To Join For 90 Days! CLICK HERE To Join For 6 Months! Owen Churchill PS. I will be strictly limiting the numbers who can initially join so trust in this invitation and make sure you get a place today.


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