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Betting Terms – The Complete Sports Betting Terms • Stake The amount risked as a wager or bet on an event.For a back bet, the stake is the maximum amount a punter can expect to lose should the bet lose (eg bet £10 on Team1 and if Team1 loses, you lose your £10 stake). For a lay bet, the lay stake is the size of bet that you are prepared to accept from a backer and the corresponding lay liability for that stake is (odds-1)*stake (eg if you accept a lay stake of £10 at odds of 2 decimal, the lay liability is also £10 – for odds of 3 the lay liability would be £20, etc). • Starting Price Usually refers to horse racing. The Starting Price or ‘SP’ of a horse is the price that the horse ‘settles at’ when the race starts.Prices can fluctuate greatly right up to the start of the event. If you take a bet at a bookmaker at ‘SP’, it means that the odds you receive will be those that are deemed correct for the horse at the very start of the race, regardless of what the odds were when you placed your wager.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Football betting tips, Fixed Matches, Fixed Matches Bet, Football predictions, Soccer predictions See also:Fixed Odds • Steam Used to describe a selection whose odds are shortening rapidly. Opposite of “Drift”.A selection within an event whose odds are shortening rapidly is known as a ‘steam line’. Example: the odds on Arsenal are steaming in. Also used to describe a state of anger, normally considered to be a step above a “Tilt”.

Compare:Drift See also: Arb • Super Heinz A combination bet over 7 selections giving; 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four folds, 21 five folds, 7 six folds and 1 seven fold (120 bets in total). • Super Yankee (Canadian) A Yankee bet with five selections instead of four providing; 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds and a fivefold. • System Bet A system bet is a bet which comprises a number of separate selections on the same betting slip which constitute a number of accumulator or multiple bets. See Box Betting for more info.See also:Box Betting • Target Betting An advanced (and very high risk) betting strategy employed with the purpose of completing a wagering requirement more efficiently / with greater expected value (but at greater risk to one’s bankroll). Most commonly applies to casino wagering requirements.The basic concept of target betting is that one places very large (often full balance) bets at the start of betting session with the aim of hitting a certain ‘target’ balance quickly (and in the process making the value of the bonus a lot greater). Once the target balance is reached, the remainder of the wagering requirement is completed on minimal risk bets to avoid losing too much of the (now much greater) potential profit. There are several advantages to this technique which mean that target betting can increase the expected value of a bonus – in theory at least. However care must be taken to ensure that the risks of the strategy are fully understood and that the strategy is suitable for the particular wagering campaign one is about to undertake (for example it is not (as) suitable for a post wager casino bonus campaign). Also known as:‘tier or tiered betting’. See also: Betting Strategy See also: Expected Value See also: Wagering Requirement

• Teaser American term for taking a more favourable point spread and therefore lowering the evens payout. Also known as ‘buying points (on the spread)’See also:Reverse Teaser • TheGamblingTimes The finest sports betting reviews, news, offers and forum on net. The home of Value Betting. • Tic Tac A form of sign language used by bookmakers to convey odds/prices on horses in an environment where vocal use alone is insufficient (ie on race courses, noise is often very high and so using sign language saves the on course bookmaker from losing his voice). • Tick See:Pips / Ticks • Tilt Mental frustration normally linked to poker where a player will stop using optimal play. A tilt is often caused by a bad beat, or general annoyance with other players. Also, in general gambling parlance, refers to the act of blowing a large amount of money in a relatively short space of time as a result of frustration/anger at losing bet(s).See also:Steam See also: Red Mist • Tip The offering of a suggested wager. Someone charging for this advice is a tipster.See also:Nap • Tipster Someone who charges for their recommendations on wagers. • Ton Slang for £100. • Toss Up An event with two participants where either participant could win. Odds would be Evens / 2 decimal. Refers to the odds of tossing heads or tails in a coin flip. • Tote

Shortened version of the term “Totalisator”. A “Tote” is a system for adding up all bets placed on a pari-mutuel betting market and displaying the associated ‘odds’ (referred to commonly as ‘dividends’ on a tote market) for each selection in the event.In a pari-mutuel / tote market, all bets are pooled (all bets go into one big ‘pot’), and the odds or dividends are calculated based on a share of the pool going to all winning bets. See also:Scoop 6 • Trading Placing backs and lays either on exchanges, or between bookmakers and exchanges, and attempting to make a profit, regardless of the result, through the movement in the odds prior and during the event.See also:Market Maker • Treble An accumulator made up of three selections, all of which need to win for a payment to be made.See also:Multiples • Trends See Form. • Tri-cast A bet predicting the first, second and third places in an event, normally a horse or dog race, in the correct order. • True odds The actual likelihood of an outcome occurring. Different to the odds provided by a bookmaker to ensure they make a profit regardless of the outcome.See also:Odds • Turf Accountant A racecourse bookmaker.

Betting Terms – The Complete Sports Betting Terms  
Betting Terms – The Complete Sports Betting Terms