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CUSTOM DESIGNS There are a number of licensed vendors that can facilitate the production of a custom design for apparel items, printed materials and other ephemera products. This section outlines the approval process for customized designs, inappropriate usage and the appeal process. Licensed vendors have a contractual obligation to abide by Beta’s branding standards and have expressed permission to use our name, crest, letters, coat of arms, brand identities (logos) and insignia. Unlicensed vendors may be found guilty of infringing upon our rights if discovered to be using any of Beta’s registered trademarks on their products. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all members of Beta Theta Pi to only use licensed vendors that carry the “Official Licensed Product” logos on their products and websites from Approval Process 1. A member contacts a licensed vendor to create a customized product. 2. The licensed vendor develops a new design or accepts a design from the member. 3. The vendor submits the design to Affinity Marketing Consultants (AMC) for approval. 4. If the design meets Beta Theta Pi’s branding standards, then AMC approves the design. 5. If not, the design is submitted to the Administrative Office for review. Unacceptable Usage • References to alcohol, drug use or hazing, or words/images that run counter to Beta’s core values. • Sexual innuendo or the belittling/objectifying of a particular group based upon gender or sexual orientation. • Demeaning any cultural segment based on religious affiliation or race, or by inferring socio-economic superiority. • Manipulation or alteration of any Beta Theta Pi brand identity or insignia. • Infringement upon another brand’s graphic identities or trademarks. Appeals Contact the Director of Communication at 800.800.BETA to appeal. Decisions of management are final.

2017 Beta Theta Pi Graphic Standards Manual  
2017 Beta Theta Pi Graphic Standards Manual