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FRATERNITY LETTERHEAD The Fraternity’s vertical identity should be placed approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of an inch from the top of the letter and aligned to the center. The identity is not to exceed 2.5 inches in width. The body copy should have an inch margin on either side of the letter and justified to the left. The return address is to be placed approximately a half inch from the bottom of the stationery. This line is to be aligned to the center and should include chapter designation; university/ college name; street address; city, state/province, zip code; chapter phone number; and the chapter website URL or country (if room permits). A vertical bar “ | ” with two spaces before and after each segment should be used as separators. The text in this line must be in 8 point Arial or Helvetica regular type. This stationery may be purchased online at

2017 Beta Theta Pi Graphic Standards Manual  
2017 Beta Theta Pi Graphic Standards Manual