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November Meeting

Special Program for November Meeting

November 17, 2018 9:30 AM at the Ridgeway Community Church for fellowship 525 Progress Ave, Harrisburg 10:00 AM Program 10:30 AM Business Meeting Hostesses: Stephany Davidson, Gaye Hicks and Donna Winch

Please remember to bring “New Teacher” supplies and “Books for Kids.”

Annual Dues If you have not paid your dues, please call Nancy Thompson!

Our program for November 17 will feature guest speaker Don Heist of Harrisburg. Don has been a businessman and musician for the past forty years and is the owner of a music store in the Harrisburg area. He will tell us about an unusual instrument, the shofar. Don is accomplished musician and has travelled around the world performing on the shofar. We're looking forward to welcoming Don and learning more about this unusual ancient instrument.

idea you use in your classroom. The application is on the website under “Awards”. The State Achievement Award will be presented at State Convention in June. If you know of someone in the chapter who deserves this award, let me know and we will get the process started. I have more information on all of these items, so please let me know if you are interested.

A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Happy Fall everyone! After so many hot and humid days of the summer, it’s nice to slip on a light jacket and breathe in the wonderful, crisp air of November. I hope this message finds all of you looking forward to many more of these days. I’m looking forward to our next meeting on Saturday November 17, 2018, at Ridgeway Community Church in Harrisburg. We will begin at 9:30 AM with fellowship, followed by a program and business meeting. I hope to see many of you there! Please remember to bring new teacher school supplies and books for our “Books for Kids” project. Thanks! I’ve received these items of importance from State President, Barbara: There is a new application, rubric, and criteria for the Album of Distinction Award, to be presented at the state convention in June. You can get this information on the state website ( Barb is looking for workshop presenters for the convention. If you are interested in presenting, let me know. If you are a classroom teacher, the Nancy Grove Visionary Fund Award is available for an innovative

If you have not signed up for our Christmas dinner on Tuesday December 11, 2018, please do so at the November meeting or call Sherry Welty or Pat Ethridge. I want to thank Bonnie Hindman for chairing the “Books for Kids” project. Please support her in this endeavor as we want to put books in the hands of as many children as we can. Thanks, also, to Nancy Thompson, who is in charge of our “new teacher supplies” project. She will need our help in January to gather, pack, and deliver these supplies to new teachers in the Central Dauphin district. Cindy Kerstetter and Kathy Dunn have worked hard with their committee to set up a program with a local Girl Scout troop. They will be telling us about this program at our November meeting. It sounds exciting! As you can see, Beta Theta sisters are busy with many projects in our chapter. Please offer your help in whatever area you can. We need everyone! If you have any questions for me about DKG, please don’t hesitate to give me a call (717-361-4045). I’m looking forward to seeing YOU at our November meeting!  Jeannette Thomas

Calling All Hostesses

Christmas Dinner Bon Appetit!

Our Christmas Dinner will be held on December 11, 2018 at Gilligan's on Eisenhower Blvd. starting at 6 PM. Please join us for a relaxing holiday evening of good food and good friends! There will be a sign-up sheet at the November meeting if you haven't already done so...or call Sherry Welty or Pat Ethridge if you are unable to attend the meeting.

Books for Kids At the meeting on September 15th I gave some incorrect information. The books at the Colonial Park Church of Christ on Devonshire Road are for Foose School only. Since we have decided to look for other needy schools and classrooms, all donated books are to be brought to our meetings. I will store them and deliver them to schools or teachers. If you know of places or people in need, please pass the information on to me. My phone number is 717- 433-8055 and my email is

The hostesses for the November meeting are Stephany Davidson, Gaye Hicks and Donna Winch. The Hostess Committee has basic supplies that have been passed along from previous hostess groups, in case, you need...or forget!...anything. These include: white 9" paper plates, large and small white napkins, small clear plastic cups, white plastic cups, and lots of clear plastic a 12 cup coffee pot with filters, 1/2 and 1/2 coffee, assorted tea bags, sugar and sweetener packs, and powdered creamer. Beta Theta sisters enjoy socializing so thank you for signing up to hostess at the following meetings: Mar. 16, 2019: Suzanne Long, Anna McDonald, Marlene Popnik May 18, 2019: Kathy Dunn, Norma Mateer, Connie Stackhouse If you have any questions or are unable to hostess, please contact: Sherry Welty at or Pat Ethridge at

Cottage Meetings We had our Make a Tote Bag cottage meeting on Oct 10th and had a great time! Everyone went home with a completed Tote Bag. They were all the same pattern but each one was unique with different colors and fabric. So much fun together!

Book Club November 13, 2018 2:00 PM at the home of Stephany Davidson Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber

December 13, 2018

Our next meeting will be February 19 at 2PM. We will be making Little Dresses for Africa at Linda Geesaman’s home (4346 Victoria Way, Harrisburg 17112). We always have fun sewing with others while at the same time feeling good about helping little girls in Africa have dresses to wear to school. On April 9 at 2 PM join us for another fun Craft with Luc Crum at Kathy Dunn’s home (437 Vesta Dr, Dauphin 17018).

2:00 PM at the home of Rosemary Ruhl, 400 Erdman Drive, Dauphin PA. Book: Bring a book to share with the group and trade your book with someone else.

Officers for 2018-2019 Jeannette Thomas - President Gaye Hicks - Past President Stephany Davidson/ Kathy Dunn – Co-First Vice Presidents Suzanne Long/ Cindy Sell – Co-Second Vice Presidents Linda Geesaman- Secretary

One more cottage meeting will be added at Kate Humphrey’s house to watch a Broadway HD play on the “big screen.” Daddy Longlegs is a strong contender. Time and date will be announced later, but most will likely be in June.

Little Dresses for Africa February 19, 2019 2:00pm Linda Geesaman’s home 4346 Victoria Way Harrisburg, 17112

Craft with Luc Crum April 9, 2019 2PM Kathy Dunn’s Home 437 Vesta Dr. Dauphin 17018

Norma Mateer- Parliamentarian Nancy Thompson- Treasurer Kathy Woodbridge- Newsletter Editor Heather Lister-Webmaster

More information on the meetings will follow. Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss these fun activities!

LYNCH CREEK FARM FUNDRAISER The holidays are around the corner and it is time to start planning your decorating and gift giving. Beta Theta can help you with both and you can help support our Grant-InAide. Just go to the website listed below and follow the step by step instructions to see all of the fresh Evergreen items available. The stated price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA. You can also set your delivery date and 20% of the cost goes to Beta Theta. Please note there is a Donate Button if you are not in need of any greens. Visit Click on Find A Fundraiser at the top of the page. Search for 148168 Beta Theta Click on SHOP ON LINE or DONATE NOW Contact Marcy Sharpe with any questions 717-580-5862 ***************************************** Beta Theta is embarking on the DKG Girl Scout initiative. On November 1, 2018, Donna Winch, Rosemary Ruhl, Kathy Dunn, Linda Geesaman, Cindy Kerstetter, and President Jeannette Thomas will be sharing our DKG Culture with the Girl Scout troop that meets at Gaye Hicks’ church in Chambers Hill. The activities at the scout meeting will share our DKG heritage ( motto, music, founder information, and our “Little Dresses for Africa” project) while relating it to the Girl Scout’s motto, music, and their founder’s information. Through their participation in these activities, the girls will earn the DKG Girl Scout patch, which beautifully displays the red rose of DKG. Cindy Kerstetter

Calendar of Events Business Meetings Light refreshments served prior to meetings.

November 17, 2018 9:30 Ridgeway Community Church March 16, 2019 9:30 Ronald McDonald House May 18, 2019 9:30 Ronald McDonald House Cottage Meetings and Social Events

December 11, 2018 Christmas Dinner Gilligan’s Restaurant on Eisenhower Blvd. February 19, 2019 2PM Sewing Little Dresses for Africa at the home of Linda Geesaman April 9, 2019 2PM Craft with Luc Crum at the home of Kathy Dunn Fundraiser Lynch Creek Farm “Elegant Evergreens” orders November and December State and International Dates

March 15, 2019 State Achievement Award deadline March 29-31, 2019 Creative Arts Retreat, Olmsted Manor, Ludlow, PA June 14-16, 2019 Pennsylvania State Convention, Nittany Lion Inn, State College, PA July 30-August 1, 2019 Northeast Regional Conference, Mashantucket, CT July 7-11, 2020 International Convention, Philadelphia, PA

Delta Kappa Gamma Pennsylvania State Association of DKG Beta Theta Chapter – September 15, 2018 The first 2018-19 chapter meeting was held at the home of Norma Mateer. Linda Geesaman, Bonnie Hindman and Nancy Thompson hosted the covered dish lunch. There were 18 members and a guest, Mary Beth Latimaki, present. President Jeanette Thomas called the business meeting to order at 1:00. The May meeting minutes were approved with two corrections - Cindy Sell was not inducted on that day, and Cindy Kerstetter also registered for State Convention. Nancy Thompson provided the Treasurer’s report. It was approved for filing and review. Dues are $80. ($40 Reserve) and should be paid by October 31. It was also reported by Marlene Popnik that the Financial Committee had reviewed the 2017-2018 books. Compliments were given to Nancy for her excellent work. Nancy reported that the new membership cards are permanent cards though they are printed on paper. Suzanne Long was not able to be present for this meeting but encourages all of us to invite new members. Programs for this year include (Nov. 17) guest Don Heist, Harrisburg, playing and telling about his instrument, the shofar; (Mar 16) Dr. Krishnamarthy, Interim Sleep Center Medical Director, to discuss women’s sleep issues; “Make a Tote Bag” Cottage Meeting Oct 10 and “Little Dresses for Africa” sewing session Feb 19 and a craft done by Luc Crum on April 9. A summer HD Broadway Show to be viewed at Kate Humphrey’s home may be added next summer. Donna Winch reported that Ways and Means will continue with the Lynch Creek Farms holiday wreaths and centerpieces, a Broadway Show Bus Trip on June 26, 2019. The committee decided not to do a coupon book sale with Boscov’s as the books cost $10. and the sale is one day only. President Thomas encouraged members to access the US Forum website to keep up to date with educational issues. More information is in the latest Keystonian. Sherry Welty reported that the Social Committee has scheduled hostesses for the year. The committee provided a sign up sheet for the Tuesday, December 11 Christmas Dinner at 6:00, Gilligan’s Eisenhower Blvd. It was announced that there will be a review of Chapter Rules this year. The collection of teacher supplies continues and members should bring donations to the November meeting. Goal is about 20 sets/gift bags to be given to first year and new to the district teachers at Tri Community and likely one other school. Norma was made aware of a new teacher at Steel High that is in need of supplies. Norma will make a connection and get a list of items for members to donate.

Bonnie Hindman reported that “Books for Kids,” previously named Books for Foose, are being collected. Books will be donated to Sue Bay’s church project at Foose as well as other needy classrooms. Donations will also come from East Shore Library sale. Our Girl Scout Troop project to provide education about leadership and DKG has begun. Gaye Hicks obtained a contact for a troop at her church. Kathy Dunn attended the State Convention workshop on this project and highly recommends that we include a hands on project. Kathy is also aware of another troop if needed. Norma reported briefly about International Convention held in Austin, Texas. Much discussion around a name change for DKG to disassociate the organization with a sorority name using Greek letters. Our organization is active in 17 countries. The next International Convention will be held in Philadelphia at the Marriot Downtown Convention Center and it will be coordinated by a combined NJ, Del, MD, and PA chapters. Our help will be needed. Past President Gaye Hicks installed Cynthia Sell as Co-Vice President. A red flower was presented to her by Norma. New Business Notes: Next year’s dues will be collected by July 31st to coincide with school year calendars; Heather Lister did an excellent job creating a web page for us and we are invited to send additions to her. We should each check the site at Special thanks to Kathy Woodbridge for her continued excellent job with our newsletters; and special thanks to Norma for the updated directory. New 2018-2020 yearbooks are also completed. Help with distribution is appreciated. A thank you letter from our grant-in-aid, Samantha Hicks was read. Our additional $500. grant was received at a time of illness in the family and brightened the day. Acknowledgment of our memorial gift for Gay Hick’s father was received. Gaye expressed appreciation on behalf of the family for the support given and that the family was really touched as they celebrated their father’s life. Another note from Sue Anthony was read sharing her appreciation that we have included her and continue to remember her as an honorary member. She shared her new address. The meeting closed with singing of the DKG song.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Geesaman Secretary

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November 2018 Beta Theta Chatta  

November 2018 Beta Theta Chatta