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May Meeting May 12, 2018- 9:30 am Ronald McDonald House 745 W. Governor Road Hershey, Pa. 17033-2304

Please join us for this very important meeting! We will be celebrating our 55th Birthday, installing the new officers for the next biennium, and initiating two new members.

Checklist:    

Raffle Basket Donations DKG Pin Pull Tabs Donations for Ronald McDonald House  Books for Foose

A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT As I think back over the past two years, I realize how much I have learned, how many new people I have met, how many new experiences I have had, and I now I know my Beta Theta sisters better than before. There has been a lot work, but I loved it, and wouldn’t trade my experience for the world! Our group has shared tears, laughter, stories, food (and more food), opinions, favorite books, advice, rides, trips, expertise, shared experiences, and have been welcomed into each other’s homes. We also welcomed 5 new members into our chapter. I know I’ve done it before, but I must thank everyone again for all your help. You have made this job a lot easier and a joy. Thank you for the hugs, encouragement and kind words. May God bless all the new Officers and Committee Chairs. And last, BUT NOT LEAST, thank you Kathy Woodbridge for all your help, hard work and patience. I could have NEVER put out this newsletter without you. I must also thank Donna Winch for teaching me how to send an attachment. I will still be busy; Jeannette has signed me up for a couple of committees. đ&#x;˜Š Gaye Hicks

State Convention 2018 The May 15 deadline is approaching quickly. If you are attending, send your registration and room reservation in right away. We usually carpool to State College. You will receive more information at the May meeting. Please join us if you have never attended. We always have a wonderful time.

State Convention Raffle Basket Our Chapter turns 55 on May 3, 2018!!! We will celebrate During the May 12th meeting. This milestone also be recognized at the State convention in June.

Hostesses May 12, 2018 Patricia Ethridge Connie Stackhouse Sherry Welty Laurie Williamson

We have chosen “Reading at the Beach� as the theme for our basket this year. The money raised by these raffle baskets goes to the state. Please bring your donations to the May meeting. We received many wonderful items for our basket last year and it was a very popular choice as evidenced by the large amount of tickets.

Cottage Meetings

Our last Cottage Meeting of the year was held at the home of Kathy Dunn. We were happy to be working with Luc Crum again. She demonstrated how to make large, beautiful flowers using 2-3 pieces of glassware that were glued together. The profit from this event went to the Grantin-Aid Fund. There were 10 ladies in attendance. We had a wonderful afternoon.

Books For Foose As you know, we collect books at our business meeting four times a year. If you have books to donate and you don’t want to store them until the meeting, you can drop them off at Sue Bay’s church. Several people have asked about this, so I am including this information. Colonial Park United Church of Christ 5000 Devonshire Rd. Hbg. Pa 717-545-3782 If you decide to do this, call the church for drop-off days and hours.

Four Chapters Meeting The Four Chapters Luncheon was held on April 21, 2018 at the Carlisle Country Club. We listened to an excellent message from our State President, Barbara Gasperini, enjoyed a delicious buffet, and were treated to a wonderful musical program. Kathy Dunn and her sisters, Eddie and Marty, sang a wonderful selection of songs. They were accompanied by Mike Carl. That was followed by Donna Winch and Louise Poorman, playing two beautiful selections (“A Little Bit of Bach” and the theme from “Beauty and the Beast”) on the piano. We raffled off the quilt that was made by several members. Rosemary Ruhl’s name was drawn. She in turn presented it to Barb Gasperini. Barb was overwhelmed by Rosemary’s kind gesture. Those members in attendance were Marlene, Rosemary, Donna, Louise, Linda G., Kate, Nancy, Kathy, Jeannette, Norma and Gaye.

Officers for 2016-2018 Gaye Hicks- President Norma Mateer- Past President Jeannette Thomas- First Vice President Stephany Davidson/ Kathy Dunn- Second Vice Presidents Linda Geesaman- Secretary Suzanne Long- Parliamentarian Nancy Thompson- Treasurer

Book Club

Kathy Woodbridge- Newsletter Editor/Webmaster

Incoming Officers for the New Biennium May 16, 2018

Your officers for the next two years: President- Jeannette Thomas

2:00 at the home of Stephany Davidson Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

Past President- Gaye Hicks

June 20, 2018

Davidson/Kathy Dunn

2:00 at the home of Norma Mateer Ruthless River by Holly Fitzgerald

July- No Meeting Planned August 1, 2018 12:00 Noon at the home of Beverly Utz The Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber

September 19, 2018 2:00 at the home of Cindy Sell The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

Co- 1st Vice Presidents- Stephany Co-2nd Vice Presidents- Suzanne Long/Cindy Sell Secretary- Linda Geesaman Treasurer- Nancy Thompson Parliamentarian- Norma Mateer Newsletter/Webmaster- Kathy Woodbridge

Calendar of Events Business Meetings

May 12, 2018- 9:30AM at Ronald McDonald House Road Trip June 27, 2018- NYC Trip State and International Dates

June 15-17, 2018 Alpha Alpha Pennsylvania State Convention July 16-20, 2018 International Convention, Austin, Texas March 28-30, 2019 Creative Arts Retreat, Ludlow Pa. We are so fortunate to have several of our members who volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and are able to arrange for us to use the community room free of charge for our meetings. They do ask us to make a donation to the operation there as our honorarium. The following list is suggested by the management. “We are particularly in need of the following food and supply items” RMHC of Central PA 

         

Individual serving size cereal, crackers, chips, granola bars, nuts, fruit cups, and other healthy snacks Microwave meals, shelf stable stews, soups Disinfectant spray High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent Paper towels, bathroom and toilet bowl cleaners Snack size zipper baggies 13 gallon trash bags Automatic dishwasher detergent (no tabs or pods) Copier paper (8 1/2 by 11) Non Dairy Creamer Food containers and plastic spoons

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank Gaye Hicks for her tenure as president of Beta Theta! Her leadership and service have been greatly appreciated, and we know that she will continue to provide guidance and friendship for many years to come.

Delta Kappa Gamma Pennsylvania State Association of DKG Beta Theta Chapter – March 17, 2018

The third 2017-18 chapter meeting was held at The Ronald McDonald House in Hershey. Leslie Moyer, Anna McDonald and Laurie Williamson provided snacks and beautiful spring decorations. There were 19 members present. President Gaye Hicks, acknowledged Middletown Superintendent Dr. Lori Suski, Laurie Williamson, and Pat Ethridge as they joined her in delivering the Early Educators’ gift bags to classrooms. Nancy Thompson’s guest, Bonnie Hindman, was introduced. Gaye also expressed appreciation to Donna Winch for creating a chapter brochure and Linda Geesaman and Kate Humphrey for hosting cottage meetings. Sue Bay shared her thanks for the prayers, cards and thoughts given for Tom’s recovery from the bicycle accident. Gaye Hicks introduced the guest speaker, Denise Britton, representing Shalom House. Denise explained that in addition to providing emergency shelter for homeless women and children, the organization has changed their mission and operation in order to better “empower women and transform lives.” Shalom House has created a Social Enterprise Initiative and is very interested in having volunteers that can share skills and special interests with their clients. There will be a theater event April 7th and a May Walk for a Healthy Community. More information about the events and Shalom House can be found at President Gaye Hicks opened the business meeting. The minutes of the November 18, 2017 meeting were approved. Motion by Rosemary Ruhl and second by Norma Mateer. Nancy Thompson presented the Treasurer’s report noting a balance of $9,438.45. This balance includes money for the New York City bus trip. She also noted that the Bon Ton coupon book sale was very successful.

Old Business NYC Trip: Donna reported that all 47 seats for the NYC theater bus trip have been sold and there should be a profit of about $1,300. Balance for the tickets ($140.) is needed by April 13. Beta Theta Quilt: Kate Humphries presented a quilt made with squares by Beta Theta members at the February cottage meeting. Kate completed the quilt and also included squares with embroidered roses. All agreed that it was beautifully done with great colors. Thanks to Kate for hosting the activity and donating her time and the materials. Tickets to raffle the quilt were made available to those who could name the Delta Kappa Gamma flower. Ticket price is $2. for one and $10. for six. The quilt will be presented at the Four Chapters Meeting if tickets can be sold at that event. Otherwise, it will be presented at the May meeting. Cottage Meeting: The third cottage meeting will be held Tuesday, April 10th at 2:00 at the home of Kathy Dunn. Participants will have several choices including making a glass lawn ornament. Payment needs to be check or cash. A sign-up sheet was passed. Grant-in-Aid: Gaye reported that our recipient, Samantha Hicks, received the second semester money.

New Business: Nominations: Norma Mateer presented the nominations for officers for the next two years. Marlene Popnick seconded the motion presented by the committee. Nominations are Jeannette Thomas, President; Stephanie Davidson & Kathy Dunn, Co-1st Vice President; Suzanne Long & Cynthia Sell, Co-2nd Vice President; Nancy Thompson, Treasurer; Linda Geesaman, Secretary. Motion was unanimously approved. Officers will be installed at the May meeting. A parliamentarian is needed. State Convention: The Convention will be held at State College on the first weekend of June. Registration information is in the Keystonian and room reservations should be made ASAP. Our chapter is sponsoring a Beach Reading Basket. Donations should be brought to the May meeting. Norma’s church will be used again to practice music for the convention and persons to host participants may be needed. Sunshine Committee: It was suggested that the chapter create a sunshine committee. Four Chapters Meeting: This meeting will be held April 21, 2018 at the Carlisle Country Club. The guest speaker is Barbara Gasperini, PA State President. Kathy Dunn and her sisters will provide musical entertainment. Donna and Louise Poorman will also do a piano duet as part of the entertainment. A motion by Norma Mateer, seconded by Marlene Popnick, to pay for the tickets for Kathy’s sisters and the accompanist was approved. Registration forms for the luncheon meeting were provided. Cost is $32, and registration should be mailed directly to Mary Wilhelm of DKG-Kappa Chapter. Achievement Award: Members present were asked to select a person who has served the chapter. Individual ballots were given to President Hicks for tallying.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Geesaman Secretary

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