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Betafence cares for the environment

Nature does nothing in vain (Aristotele “Politics�)

Think green... Betafence is world market leader in fencing solutions, access control and detection for perimeter protection. For over 130 years Betafence has promoted unique and innovative products around the world assuring the highest quality in fencing.

CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Environmental sustainability plays a major role in our Group policy: our products, free from toxic compounds and through use of innovative production techniques we aim to minimize the impact on the environment, preserving the world around us. Betafence Italy operates an Environmental Management System complying with ISO 14001:2004 whose main objectives is to make sustainable use of raw material and natural resources maintaining a tight control of emissions, water and energy consumption.

We contribute to pr otecting the envir onment because we care for future generations.

The price of greatness... responsibility

(Winston Churchill )

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Our high quality fences, made in Italy, are durable and safe: produced without the use of lead, cadmium, CR6 and DOP plasticizers. This ensures that our products give long life performance whilst no harmful or toxic substances are released into the environment. For packaging we use 100% recyclable high performance stretch film, protective “top sheet� and recyclable pallets (by EPAL system). According to the ISO 9001:2008 standards, we guarantee high quality and security, using only certified raw materials coming from controlled and accredited production processes. We invest continuously in research and development offering safe, innovative and up-to-date solutions.

Because our guarantee is your security.

Growing... a natural dream.

ETHICS AND SECURITY Environmental responsibility means a healthy a n d safe workplace: our continuous investment i n t r a i n i n g is f o r us a n im p o r ta nt f a cto r f o r o u r competitive growth and development by enhancing the company’s competences and those of our people. It’s a strong commitment to achieve OHSAS 18001:2007 certification on Health and Safety: a stimulating and prestigious objective, unique in our working field.

We take care of the people who work for us.

Betafence Italia Spa Contrada Salinello, 59 • 64018 Tortoreto (TE) • T +39 0861 7801 • F +39 0861780650 - HY PLUS 100 Process Solvent-free ink, ambiente di produzione rispettosi dell’ambiente grazie all’uso di oli vegetali e materie prime rinnovabili

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