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Written by: Sandy Salle, CEO of Hills of Africa Travel you’re opening up their world and mind to new discoveries and possibilities. And what is more rewarding than that?

5. Unique philanthropic tours: Participating in a sustainable tour or spending a day volunteering at a local children’s orphanage, assisting the elderly, or volunteering at an animal hospital are some of the most rewarding and inspirational experiences one could have. When you take part in a sustainable tour or volunteer, you have the ability to explore a world and culture that is both enriching and powerful in its spiritual impact.

8. You can pass on your experience to others: Share your discoveries and the real Africa with others at home. The more we can educate the world on Africa’s rich spirit, beautiful people, and community struggles, the more we can raise awareness and support for community projects and facilitate and grow eco-tourism operations.

9. Local food: From spectacular meats to fresh vegetables, delightful spices to warming soups, Africa is known for its comforting local cuisine and ingredients. Not to mention, eating locally is one of the best ways to participate in sustainable practices!

6. Diverse eco-systems: Celebrated for its various, wildlife-rich eco-systems, Africa is arguably the best place in the world for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts to explore the complexity of mother nature. From beaches to the sea, lakes to lagoons, and grasslands to savannah, there is a wide spectrum of uncharted territory to explore on an African honeymoon safari.

10. Simplicity and exclusivity:

7. You don’t have to compromise luxury for sustainability: There are dozens upon

About Hills of Africa Travel: Hills of Africa Travel specializes in customized African safari vacations to southern and eastern Africa. We offer spectacular adventures with personalized service, guaranteed to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

dozens of exceptional and luxurious accommodations and activities in Africa that also incorporate sustainable practices into their services. Many travelers have a misconception that eco-friendly accommodations are rustic and low-budget. This is by no means the truth. Some of Africa’s most luxurious hotels, lodges, camps, and safari tours are sustainable.

Many of the popular honeymoon hotspots are small Caribbean islands that tend to be touristy and lack authenticity. Africa, on the other hand, provides honeymooners with a vast array of unspoiled destinations that offer complete privacy and are far from touristy hotspots.

To learn more about planning an African safari honeymoon and to view possible itineraries, including sustainable tourism information, please visit For more information, visit Hills of Africa’s blog and connect on Twitter @hillsofafrica or Facebook.

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