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Computer Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Best USB Laptop and Hand Held PC Hoovers A hand held computer vacuum cleaner makes cleaning all the dirt and dust accumulated within the CPU, keyboard and on the side panels of the monitor become a very easy job.

Portable vacuums can also pick up food crumbs and other dirt from the small spaces between the keyboards. Small computer vacuums can be powerful devices especially designed to suck all dirt and dust from the crevices and enclosures of the PC units. People who work at their desktop computer or notebook laptop like Apple Mac Book Pro are in a habit of eating while working. Hence, food bits are inevitable to fall on the keyboards. It is very hard to take them out from the small gaps between the keys. Computer hoovers can efficiently do the job while sucking them out along with other accumulated dust particles from inside the board.

Core Features of Computer Vacuums: Listed below are some of the common features found in most PC vacuum cleaners: • • • •

They have thin, narrow and fat, wide nozzles for inserting inside the thin, constricted and open spacesof the computer for cleaning. Some designs can get charged from the USBport of the computer itself. Laptop hoover is usually built in mini size, thus it is compact, lightweight and portable in nature. They can suck out dirt, dust, hair, food particles, cigarette ashes, etc. with ease.

Recommended Keyboard Vacuum Best Buy: Ukayed USB Keyboard Vacuum

This computer hoover runs on the USB port of the computer itself and is very easy to use. It does not need an external power supply. Ukayed also have a high power boost button that enables greater suction. The laptop vacuum is provided with two cleaning attachments, viz., a brush and a flexible rubber for general use and keyboard cleaning. Pros: has an easy slide switch for activation, high power button for enhanced suction and can remove heavy grime and dust. Cons: no notable negative review as of the moment of this writing.

Dirt Devil Hand Held PC Hoover

These mostly run on 12Volts and can be recharged in 20 minutes, delivering high performance of basic vacuums. The power of the suction motor of a standard device can reach up to 1300 Watts, with micro filter systems. The filters are mounted on the sides of the bag that bypasses the dirt collected. The vacuum bags are completely sealable so that dust cannot escape. Advantages: has Micro filters for better cleaning, Powerful motor for enhanced suction and Sealable vacuum bags for trapping dust. Disadvantages: Some models do not have HEPA filter for the best results.

Dream Cheeky USB Computer Vacuum Cleaners

These ones come with stretchable vacuum cords. They are equipped with a combination of attachments and accessories. Dream Cheeky has wide nozzles for broader and bigger debris and smaller ones for picking up crumbs. These hoovers also have the common brush tool that can dust the keyboards and delicate surfaces. The Turbo Power switch activates greater cleaning power. The Desktop cradle is included in the unit for easy storage. These do not have batteries as they get powered by the USB of the computer. The Good: Compatible with almost all computer platforms, has Turbo Power for greater cleaning and Stretchable cords for flexible reach. The Bad: Does not have multiple filter system.

Is It Safe to Use Vacuum Cleaners on Computer? USB Gadget Vacuum Cleaner Video Demonstration Though computer cleaners are very useful and effective, they can sometime harm the system. Being efficient dust busters of hand held size, Laptop hoovers fully perform what they promise. But most of them do not come with HEPA filter that absorbs dust mites and allergens from the workspace. Computer hoover can also restrict the airflow of the computer. This often leads the circuitry to get corroded. It is recommended not to use a standard cleaner as they generate a large amount of static electricity. This can also cause heavy damage to the pc itself.

Conclusion about Computer Vacuum Cleaner: While computer vacuums have their utility of saving the computer from malfunctioning due to dust accumulation, they can also harm the computer in several ways. Hence, it is entirely your personal choice to decide if you want to buy one.

Computer Vacuum Cleaner  
Computer Vacuum Cleaner  

A hand held computer vacuum cleaner makes cleaning all the dirt and dust accumulated within the CPU, keyboard and on the side panels of the...