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Featured California Wedding Dress Designer Glamour, Feminine, Flirty, Vintage, Rustic and Chic are just a few words to describe ...

Amy Kuschel Bridal Gowns San Francisco wedding dress designer, Amy Kuschel has created beautiful wedding gowns for over fifteen years. She began with her personal wedding dress created for her marriage to Bill Brugger in 1997. Her six years of professional design work in a New York City ready-to-wear company and her diploma from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan in 1989 gave her the desire to bring creative ideas to her wedding dress. Being a very busy lady, she originally shopped for her dress and found frustrations in design and expense. She wanted something elegant and modern without spending a fortune. Her move from New York City to San Francisco found Amy in love with creating wedding gowns. She and Bill opened their business, and the passion now finds the Amy Kuschel Collection of gowns in twenty-five states and in England, China, Australia and Canada. You can achieve private appointments in their San Francisco salon by calling 415-956-5657. Giving Back is a favorite topic with Amy, Bill and their Team. They continue a program called “Giving Gown”. Every year they choose a designer gown from the collection and when a bride selects that gown, a gift of $50 is given to one of their beloved non-profits. Bride’s love the

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fact their gown purchase contributes to a worthy cause. The website,, offers a journal, photos of designs, and a variety of brides that have sent in their wedding day photographs wearing an Amy Kuschel design. We would like to introduce you to several gowns in her 2015 Collection.

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Life is not measured by the breaths you take . . .

Dennis Urbiztondo UNITED STATES 707-843-1331

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but by the moments that take your breath away!

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Your Favorite Style Catering From Park Avenue Catering Five Tips For Hiring A Caterer

1. Understand the business history, goals, longevity and menus. 2. Determine if food is prepared on site or brought in. 3. Find a company that works with you to fulfill your vision. 4. Choose a caterer that shows alternative budget possibilities. 5. Choose caterer with staff trained to work as a team. Planning the food for your reception can be challenging. The caterer’s reputation to listen, deliver your vision for your budget while meeting your expectations is a primary concern. encourages and trains their staff to achieve the teamwork that “goes beyond great” for a client’s reception or special event.

continued on page 124

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Plan Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding with

Just Honeymoon Trave

Honeymoons and destination weddings are more popular than ever. They can be planned with immense detail, and fall together easily with a knowledgeable, bonded and insured travel agent.

Just Honeymoons owner,Valerie Barnhart’s goals are to be the ultimate travel servi for honeymoon couples and those wanting the best in travel experiences. Valerie stated, for 2015 … The Five Most Popular Honeymoon Areas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Hawaii, Maui, Kauai and Tahiti Islands Mexican Rivera Jamaica Island – Caribbean Cruises Napa and Sonoma Wine Country – CA Italy and Greece – Mediterranean

Valerie stays current on honeymoon trends, and is always willing to complete a client’s




unique travel request. The company provides a complimentary “Honeymoon Gift Registry” in a trust account. guarantees her rates, and has no extra charge for booking. Honeymooners gain preferred amenities designed into the trip with companies participating in the “My Time Plan”. This is an exclusive offering of amenities: dinners, spa days, excursions and tours. Couples complete their honeymoon with a common thread: romance, relaxation, along with entertainment and extreme sports are often the objectives. They want everything from a relaxing beach chair with local nightclubs for evening fun, to mountains for climbing, or reefs to dive. Valerie Barnhart is also a qualified destination-wedding planner who has been in business 21 years. continued on page 123

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L. Cheri’s Exotic Evening Bag

collection is handcrafted from many unique land and sea materials that are non-endangered or farm raised. Shells used in our collection are environmentally friendly. The lustrous shell is hand shaved, cracked and meticulous applied to the handbag. We use an elegant new Shagreen/Stingray leather product that has been sanded and polished to create a shiny and smooth finish; one that is luxurious to the touch, wear resistant and durable.

L. Cheri South Sea and Freshwater Pearls

have been sourced from the Philippines, the world’s leading producer of pearls. Pearls are special because without respect for the environment these beauties would not exist. We search for pearls with exceptional natural luster that could never be reproduced in a faux pearl. The L. Cheri pearls are meticulously knotted by hand to ensure against the loss of your pearls.

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California Beach Resorts

California is a favorite destination for vacations or honeymoons. Couples find many great hotels, luxury resorts and affordable choices for lodging in the various regions. Explore is the motto. While each areas of the state offers its own uniqueness. No matter what part of California you plan a honeymoon trip in, your car or a car rental will be an important part of your trip and budget. Exploring and finding a nearby fun day outing, specific sports, or a local restaurant to try is part of the experience. area menus provide links to popular ideas. Enjoy the area honeymoon articles and reputable travel businesses on! Best Style Wedding and Honeymoon has some great free Apps to share with you as you plan your trip and use your smart phone to assist you. Tips on Travel - Use your smart phone and travel Apps to assist in a variety of ways. We found the Viber App so helpful in our travels. You can gear up your personal smart phone with some useful apps and not fret over the phone bill because you can call and text globally from the Wi-Fi and halt those roaming charges with this great App. Works with windows, IOS, Android, Blackberry and PC. We found many countries speak English, but if you want a fun language APP, then go to Lonely Planet for the Fast Talk App. Easy to look up phrases and words. Be your own travel agent and plan every detail of your trip—from car rental to lodging and restaurants — with Tripit. You can customize 24-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

your itineraries by hand, or simply forward the email confirmations of your flight, rental car, train tickets, and hotels to and watch Tripit construct the itinerary for you. When you’re in a new city, you sometimes look around and ask: Where are all the people? Goby has the answer. This App for Android pinpoints the neighborhood hot spots (including museums, hotels, eateries, and more). But its true value comes in finding nearby events. You’ll discover concerts, plays, and entertainment right around the corner of where you are staying California Beach Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Venice Beach

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Music for a Memorable Wedding and Reception or Special Event

Seven Tips on Hiring a Band

Listen to their music prior to hiring. Ask about the band’s history and experience. Look for a band that offers you the option of a DJ for their break time. Look for a band that can provide music for your ceremony. Look for versatility in the music played. Look for a band that is skilled in emceeing and coordinating a celebration. The number of musicians increases the price of the band. The Susie Hansen Latin Band performs at a variety of events. Their busy concert performing schedule is posted on their website, www., giving you an idea of why you will want to book them early! They are available for all types of receptions, parties, concerts, nonprofit fund-raisers, business events and especially weddings. Busy is what they are, often playing over 150 performances a year. Weddings celebrations are among the band’s favorite events. Being part of a bride and groom’s very special day and their memories means a lot to Susie. When couples hire Susie’s Latin Band for their wedding celebration, they often ask them to play the ceremony, too. She provides classical music with a trio of musicians from the band -- violin, continued on page 129 26-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

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Best Style

California Wedding & Honeymoon Table of Contents Sponsors Featured California Dress Designer......................................................... 2 Amy Kuschel Bride DU Photography...................................................................................... 13 Park Avenue Catering............................................................................... 14 Just Honeymoon Travel........................................................................... 16 Hughes-Photography............................................................................... 18 Invitations by Tiny Prints ...................................................................... 20 After Six & Dessy..................................................................................... 21 L.Cheri New York.................................................................................... 22 California Vacations . ............................................................................. 24 Susie Hansen’s Latin Band...................................................................... 26

Editor’s Corner ....................................................................... 30 The Couple’s Style How HE Popped the Question.............................................................. 36 Mona and Mike included their Dogs ................................................... 38 Uniquely YOUR Style ............................................................................ 42 Catering Your Way in 2015..................................................................... 44 How to Select a Boudoir Photographer................................................ 52

Tantalizing Styles - The 2015 TRENDS ................................... 54 Wedding Colors............................................................................................. 56 Wedding Dresses........................................................................................... 58 Wedding Venues . ......................................................................................... 60 Wedding Invitations .................................................................................... 62 Wedding Flowers........................................................................................... 64 Wedding Rings ............................................................................................. 66 Catering & Food .......................................................................................... 68 Cakes & Desserts . ...................................................................................... 70 Honeymoon Travel....................................................................................... 72 Best Style 2014 Regional WeddingLinks Awards .......................... 76 Northern California North Coast ............................................................................................ 78 North Valley.............................................................................................. 82 Sacramento, Sierra Foothills & Lake Tahoe......................................... 86 Eastern Sierras.......................................................................................... 90 Northern Wine Country......................................................................... 94 San Francisco Bay Area.........................................................................100 Central and Southern California Central Coast...........................................................................................106 Central Valley..........................................................................................110 South Coast.............................................................................................114 Inland Empire.........................................................................................118 After Your Wedding....................................................................................132 Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -29

Editor’s Corner by Judith Rivers-Moore

The Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon digital magazine is about the entire state of California. This unique state is host to many exciting wedding destinations for the United States and brides from other countries. The magazine explores the local couples stories, 2015 wedding trends, the industry wow factor, and top businesses from Pacific Coast beaches to the Sierra mountains. The direct links from businesses in our magazine make your planning easier. You will also find thousands of luxury to affordable business links on our support websites: and Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon We would like to introduce you to the winners of the Best Style WeddingLinks Awards for 2014. Shape up your wedding and honeymoon plans from our Award winners found in each of the beautiful California regions of Best Style Wedding and Honeymoon Magazine. Criteria for the award: to be in business five years or more, have great reviews, and have an easy accessed website. Many of the Award Winning businesses will work both weddings and events, several counties around their base. The winners are reported to you with city and California County in the listing. The magazine links take you directly to the business website. If you do not find what you are seeking, the and (mobile access) have links to thousands of qualified 30-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Guys can be stylish too!


Dennis Urbiztondo

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California and GLOBAL wedding and honeymoon venues and services for every budget. The Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon 2014 AWARDS are included in this edition. Each region of California offers inspiring wedding venues and talented wedding vendors. We hold a spotlight on these businesses in our AWARD selections found in 2014. They each offer you five or more years in business and come with high reviews and with several price packages. Their direct links will make it easy for you to select and contract your services in ten exciting areas of California. Judith Rivers-Moore, Author, CEO Sharon Sacks, Graphic Designer Nancy Azevedo, Office & Sales Bob Moore, Editor Our 24th year in publishing J.R. Publications 1014 Hopper Ave. #456 Santa Rosa, CA 95403 707-539-3585 & 800-233-3850 Join Judith on her BLOG and Facebook. To receive our Free Wedding Planning Book and Management Forms, please e-mail


Dennis Urbiztondo

s n o i t a r b e l e c g n i d d e w r u o y o t n u f Add

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The Couple’s Style

How He Popped

How Justin Proposed to Amanda

Personal Story from Justin and Amanda, Wedding Day April 2015

Acts of kindness led to Justin’s and my relationship. He had stopped to help me fix a flat tire on my bike. Total strangers, he saw my dilemma, as I was not prepared to fix a flat. We both had decided individually to get involved with the San Francisco home-to-work bike ride days. That is how he found me, stuck and ready to push my bike. After he fixed the flat, we exchanged phone numbers. A few days later I called to say thank you for his help. He was alone and very sick with the flu when I called. I got his address and brought him some soup and cold medicine. I shared this meeting story with you as it has a great deal to do with how he proposed. We both love our bikes and began taking time to ride on our days off. We explored Golden Gate Park, the 36 -

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

d the Questions Question

beach and we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. We found out we could hook our bikes on the public buses and go beyond. While our friends saw us as biking buddies, we began realizing there was so much more to our shared time. Our relationship moved to where the word love crept into our conversations and our response to one another. Christmas was coming up and I asked him what he would like as a present. I thought it was strange he did not ask me what I wanted, but gave him a hint that I needed a new bike helmet. Sounds boring huh? But I really needed a new one. Both of our families live far away, so we decided as an act of kindness to do a Christmas day party for our other city friends who could not be with their families. Before we knew it we had sixteen heading to my tiny apartment. Everyone was to bring food or wine, plus one gift for a drawing exchange. continued on page 128

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My Style Wedding Mona and Mike Personalize their Wedding Celebration … With their dogs, Oscar and Phantom Mona and Mike met along the river in Sacramento on a very hot day. She and her friends headed to the river for cooling off and to enjoy the summer fun. She was standing and talking to her friends when something wet hit her ankles and she looked down to see a delightful Boston terrier licking her ankles. Being a dog lover, she knelt to play with this affectionate canine. As she looked around for the owner, a very nice-looking young man approached and apologized for his overly friendly pup. As Mike put it, the dog chose Mona. They got to know one another with the dog as a third on their dates. At work, a friend brought in a stray Pug found on the street and Mona immediately contacted friends to find out if anyone wanted a dog. Mike stated, “You do”! She had already fallen in love with this puppy, but was concerned about its care, and if it would get along with other dogs. (We knew she really meant Mike’s dog.) Oscar and Phantom were immediately best friends. After the engagement, this foursome seemed like a family to Mona and Mike who were living in cities away from their hometowns and families. As they decided on a wedding date, Mona was struggling with decisions on the wedding and the structure she wanted. They both agreed to head to Mona’s hometown, making this a destination wedding that brings another set of concerns in the planning process. The more they talked about including Oscar and Phantom in the continued on page 41 38-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

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Mona and Mike continued wedding, they acknowledged, how could they not place this important part of their family in the wedding celebration. “Every wedding is beautiful but sometimes the same”, Mona stated. By placing the dogs into the mix, it was an insight to their love story, humor, and enjoyment of their dogs. “The Dogs made it their family Ceremony” Once they decided to put the dogs in the wedding celebration, everything moved together quickly. Keyed to the wedding colors, they chose cornflower blue dog leashes. Granted, there are all types of tuxedos and garments for dogs, but the dog’s comfort in the summer with new Mona and Mike met along the river in Sacramento on a very hot day. She and her friends headed to the river for cooling off and to enjoy the summer fun. She was standing and talking to her friends when something wet hit her ankles and she looked down to see a delightful Boston terrier licking her ankles. Being a dog lover, she knelt to play with this affectionate canine. As she looked around for the owner, a very nice-looking young man approached and apologized for his overly friendly pup. As Mike put it, the dog chose Mona. They got to know one another with the dog as a third on their dates. At work, a friend brought in a stray Pug found on the street and Mona immediately contacted friends to find out if anyone wanted a dog. Mike stated, “You do”! She had already fallen in love with this puppy, but was concerned about its care, and if it would get along with other dogs. (We knew she really meant Mike’s dog.) Oscar and Phantom were immediately best friends. continued on page 126 Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -41

Uniquely YOUR Style

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Catering Your Way in 2015 2015 views couples planning a wedding and reception with a multitude of exciting food and banquet options. Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, to grand banquets with varied menus from chefs, barbecue experts and full service catering companies to gourmet and skilled ethnic food caterers. Define what you want prior to shopping for a caterer. • Most hotels and banquet halls have a full service caterer and planner. • Independent, full service caterers provide linens, table and equipment rentals and often a licensed bartender service. Many have a professional event planner on their staff. • Independent caterer who only handles the food, serving and cleanup of the kitchen and tables at your venue. • Home chefs will create exciting meals in your kitchen and bring a serving staff to serve your guests and clean up. • Barbecue chefs bring huge barbecues to your site and pre-make all the side dishes for your desired menu. • Take out caterers range from pizza to gourmet dish and deli items. • Caterers that are ethnic food experts. Whichever type of catering business you decide upon, make certain they are licensed to work in your county, and prepare from a current health department certified kitchen.

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Couples are offered a choice of plated and served by staff, or may choose to create a buffet, food stations and a variety of tempting serving bars; alcohol, margarita, coffee, candy, ice cream, dessert, cigar and brandy, etc. We are finding caterers are accenting their skills, menus and presentation with words like; wine and food pairing, local sustainable, grass fed beef, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and barbecue along with their ethnic dish specialties. Many couples and their wedding guests declare they are on special diets and have unique dietary concerns. Some have extreme allergic reactions and need to know what is in a specific dish. Some are on gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or sugar free diets. So how do you handle this type of menu for twenty or more guests? There are several choices. Handle it for your immediate selves and leave the guest responsible for asking the staff or caterer what is in each dish. You can provide a variety of menu items that cover a wide range of diets with a buffet, but please do not think you have to solve their personal diet dilemmas. They should come prepared with knowledge about what they can and can’t eat. We have found shellfish and peanut butter in recipes cause the highest number of allergic reactions. If you are concerned, talk to your chef regarding their preparation methods. Some hosts give their guests an option of a meal in their reply card to the wedding celebration. The card can read: fish, beef, vegetarian or you can indicate a place for special dietary needs. This is only meant to be a guideline, not an absolute. You do have enough to think about when planning a wedding reception. Your main concern is you and the immediate family being able to eat the great food you have served.

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TIP: Because so many people neglect returning the Reply Cards for weddings and events, please add e-mails and phone numbers to your guest list record. You may need to do some last minute calling or e-mails regarding your food headcount for the caterer. Wedding Time and Styles Require Specific Catering Morning Weddings - 9 a.m. to 12 noon: Brunches, plated or buffet. Afternoon Wedding - 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.: Luncheons, plated or buffet and barbecues, champagne or punch and cake. Tea Time Wedding - 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Tea service with punch, small sandwiches and delicate desserts, plus a cake and champagne. Cocktail Party and Hor d’oeurves - 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. to midnight. Afternoon and/or Evening Wedding - 4 p.m. to midnight. Hors d’oeuvres (optional). Plated formal dining or buffet, dancing and bar. Wine Serving Measurements & Serving Tips Your caterer or bartender will have the best determination of how much wine to purchase. There are many warehouses and liquor stores who will buy back unopened bottles. Check around. As with everything in planning, you can direct your bartender to serve a specific way. Most vintners state four (4) glasses of wine to a bottle. You can ask your server to pour five (5) glasses to a bottle. Request your bartender not open many bottles ahead. They are to check each opened bottle for spoilage prior to serving. This can be up to 5% of corked wines.

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Measurements For one glass of wine. For two drinks multiply by two. For 100 guests you will purchase more bottles of red and fewer white. For 100 guests you will need 20 bottles for five glasses per bottle. For 100 guests you will need 25 bottles for four glasses per bottle *Known Guest Drinking Habits: order two thirds red and one third white wine. (Example: 300 guests - we need 60 bottles for 5 glasses, or 75 bottles for four glasses. *Purchase 75 bottles = 50 bottles of red and 25 bottles of white.) For one drink of champagne/sparkling wine. Brut is sweet and Sec is dry. Ask to check the size of your glasses for champagne. What is the fill? For 100 guests you will need 20 bottles for five glasses per bottle For 100 guests you will need 25 bottles for four glasses per bottle Tips Be aware: Champagne corks have high velocity and can injure. Storage after bottle is open: white wines will go two days in refrigeration and red wines will store at room temperature for up to a week. Champagne and sparkling wines lose their fizz after two days. Re-cork and refrigerate. Stop serving alcohol one to two hours prior to end of reception. Begin serving coffee and tea for the safety of your guests as they leave. 50-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -51

Not Your Ordinary Style Prese ~ A Boudoir Photo Recently we interviewed Dennis Urbiztondo, a trusted and talented professional wedding photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area and the wine country regions of Sonoma and Napa. We noticed he has now included boudoir photography in his skills. We were curious about how he became involved with the new trend of Boudoir Photography. He shared the facts and his photos for this article. His education, award winning photos, knowledge of cameras, lighting, Photoshop and teaching abilities has brought about the people skills and comfort level to those he works with. Achieving the photo that reaches the emotional link is what he strives for in all his photography. We asked what emotion level the boudoir photograph brings out. For the women, it can be said they want to remember and share their appearance at its best. For the men, who often receive these as a gift, it is about keeping her on his mind in a positive way.


We were curious about the reason women choose to pose? Dennis shared it is growing in popularity as a valentine’s gift, wedding gift for the groom and anniversary gift. Sometimes the men want their sweetheart to be photographed in this manner. Sometimes the guys balk at the idea. Many of the women he works with to achieve the photograph they desire, is based on capturing their body at a time they feel most beautiful. This is often when they are deeply in love, and being loved. When they have worked hard on diet and fitness or had an augmentation, to gain new respect for their body. Also completed for professional model portfolios. The average age is 25 to 45, and some women want to do alluring photo sessions in the fifties. We asked what a person shopping for a boudoir photographer should look for.  The photographer should have a private studio with backdrops, lighting and Photoshop experience to put in backdrops the lady chooses and smooth out areas of the photos.  Important to have several price-sized packages.  The consultation should include discussion on privacy. If a male photographer, it is important to have a woman make-up and hair artist to work with the client. continued on page 122

Tantalizing Styles - The 2015 Trends

Wedding & Honeymoon Trends & Retiring Trends Whether you are planning a spring, summer or fall wedding celebration, you will find the wedding trends are changing in 2015. Some favorites are fading and retiring from the scene and others are finding their way to the top. Trends are following these key words: Reflect, Communicate and Personalize your wedding celebration. Vintage, Downtown Abbey, Princess Kate continue to influence brides in their planning process. Smaller guest lists, destination wedding groups, beach weddings are still big. Best Style has studied what’s new on the scene and invite you to read further to find your interest. Wedding styles heading toward retirement: Shabby Chic, Barn Weddings.

54-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Photo: Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -55

Color Trends Because brides often begin their wedding planning decisions with theme colors, Best Style begins with the 2015 color trends. Marsala, Strawberry Ice, Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, as well as Classic Blue are favorites. We find the shades of Lucite Green and Tangerine are big. The base colors appear to be Glacier Grey and Toasted Almond that combine with more vibrant shades. Traditional White Weddings are still vogue. Things with bling, glitter and crystals are still the rage. Wedding colors heading for retirement: The neon or hot shades of pink, yellow, reds and green olive shades.


Glacier Grey

Toasted Almond

56-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Scuba Blue

Strawberry Ice


Lucite Green

Classic Blue

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -57

Wedding Dress Trends There are two theories on when to select your wedding dress. Bridal shop owners want you to select your dress and then go look for a wedding venue that enhances your dress. We suggest you decide what style wedding you want first. Set your budget. Find the venue and shop for the dress to enhance you and your venue. Reason? Brides fall in love with, or purchase a dress that does not meet their final budget, or looks out of place or uncomfortable in the venue. The low back dresses are stepping smartly on the ramp. Most designers have included beautiful plus size and short dress designs. (Find 2015 video fashion shows on Maggie Sottero continues to understand fabrics and knows what drapes properly on a body and what is a standout cloth for other creations. Mia Solano’s gowns bring femininity into focus with inspiring styles. Fabrics range from be-jeweled lace and tulle is back with many designers. The shoulder areas are defined with unique straps, bow, fabric flowers or flattering necklines to enhance the dress. Maggie Soterro and other stylists offer modest gowns with sleeves and no cleavage. We find Carolina Herrera, Nacem Knan, Haughton Bride, Oscar de la Renta, Allerto Ferreti, and Kerry Pieri offer high style designer gowns. Bridesmaid Dresses - Morilee has a new “wrap dress for bridesmaids” with an ohhh so sexy back that lends versatility and creative ideas for every figure. Bille Levcoff is showing more long styles than short. Watters keeps it soft and sexy with styles that reflect his wedding dress styles.

58-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -59

Wedding Venue Trends So much of your wedding planning depends on the wedding location you choose. Local or destination, it all comes down to the number of guests to the style or budget you desire. We find these tried and true venue themes still govern a bride’s decision; beach wedding sites, wine country, hotel ballrooms and romantic shady gardens and lawns. California is host to several of the nations favorite destination wedding areas; the Sonoma and Napa wine country, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Palm Desert, LA’s South Coast and San Diego. A growing trend is to lower the guest list and provide more luxury to the venue and what is included during the wedding celebration. Emerging are the sites with an industrial look and ultra modern chic. In the cities, couples seek skyscraper views and roof-top gardens. Along the California coastal communities, they want western window views for fabulous sunsets, and in the Sierras, wooded or lakeside A Napa Vineyard views. The central valley cities are very warm in the summers where the gardens and vineyard settings provide an oasis for the guests. Venues heading toward retirement: barns, shabby and rustic chic locations will go to the wayside. 60-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -61

Wedding Invitation Trends Selecting a Wedding Invitation has so much to do with your decision for the theme colors and the style wedding. Custom invitations are important for formal weddings and they can be engraved, embossed and addressed by an calligraphy expert. Unique papers and wedding dress fabrics appear to be a growing trend that personalizes the invitation. In larger cities we see the invitations are delivered by special messengers. The trends are moving toward more photographs on the Save The Date and Wedding Invitations, so consider having your engagement photo completed by a professional photographer. The “tea length invitation” has room for photo and your invitation message.” Invitation enhancements are a growing trend with belly bands, wax seals and monograms and pockets. We still find the response card and stamped envelope are part of the weight. Remember to weigh them at the post office prior to placing stamps. You may need additional postage. The post office has delightful love stamps for your invites. Receive a free wedding website by clicking here. Warning: Do not put your wedding date and time, nor your personal physical address on your web page nor Facebook. The crooks want to steal your wedding presents, and search the web for this info when they see your engagement announced. The online WeddingLinks Planning Book on, offers all the details and guest sheet forms for “Completing Your Invitations”. Future invitation retirements: e-mailed invitations 62-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -63

Wedding Flower Trends California has a more difficult time getting hold of peonies and easier time finding orchids and many flowers are grown here. Favorite bridal bouquets may include the delightful small calla lily, enormous hydrangea and lovely roses of every color. Flowers are less expensive if you request in-season-flowers for your area. Flower-packed styles with very little greenery are growing in popularity. Use of magnolia leaves, small ivy and smilax or maidenhair fern to round out table centerpieces works well. Use of herbs (rosemary, mint, lemon leaf), air plants and succulents in the decor offer special greens to the bridal tables, and we still see them tucked into bridal bouquets. Small bouquets remain popular as are the ribbon wrapped stems. Matching the bridal bouquet with a floral hair tierra or flower comb is part of the scene for brides and bridesmaids. Table decor moves us through shabby chic, ultra modern, traditional or luxury style weddings. The luxury styles are 3 to 4 feet tall with flowers at the top and the base. Small blooms or sparkling crystals hanging between the two levels. Your guests must be able to talk across the table. When the flowers block this, the guests have less enjoyment. For volume and less smell use the hydrangea and open roses with a lovely soft scent. Read the articles on flowers. Retiring flowers: The daisy, violets and very large bridal bouquets are on their way to retire. Because of allergies, the strong scented lilies and flowers are out!

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Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands Rose gold for engagement and wedding rings is a growing trend. Pave set diamond wedding rings are frequently found in the wedding sets. The gemstone engagement ring has added the new look of gemstone/ birthstone stackables to wedding sets. The Celtic Ring is still very popular and comes in a variety of metals and pewter. The men’s wedding band is going through a revolutionary change with simple white or yellow gold moving toward platinum, cobalt, stainless steel, satin finishes, beveled edges, hammered and segmented styles to elegant pave diamond insets. We encourage you to read as much as you can regarding how to select your engagement and wedding rings. We found Apples of Gold, www., offers a reputable method to purchase online.

66-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Dennis Urbiztondo

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -67

Catering and Food Trends

We are seeing “family style serving” at tables. This al fresco style does cut labor costs, yet it works best with specific themes; barn, industrial and informal garden. Does not work well with ballrooms, classy establishments, nor luxury mansions. What’s in Style... Hors d’oeuvres and cocktail-style receptions, High Tea Receptions (very Victorian). Morning weddings with brunch instead of dinners (very British). There is a growing trend toward sustainable farm selections, grass fed beef, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free items on the menus. Luxury weddings are extending the food service ideas by requesting a food trunk at the entrance of their venue for favorites served toward the last couple hours of the reception. Make your own sundae with an Ice Cream Bar set up, and make your own wedding favor Candy Bars are part of food fantasies. Several types of beverage bars are in style with Natural Fizz Bars, Coffee Bars, Wine or Specialty Beer Bars from local breweries. We see a growing trend toward a luxury bar at receptions with cigars and brandy or whiskey served. Its all in the drink this year. The Champagne Tower is back in vogue. We see couples creating and naming a drink (cocktail) for their wedding celebrations. They carry this throughout their celebrations; the before social parties, rehearsal dinner and their wedding reception. Retiring trends: Heavy meals and fewer foods that make the guests sleepy.

68-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Dennis Urbiztondo

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -69

Cakes & Dessert Trends Smaller cakes to cut with cupcakes or sheet cakes available for the guests in different flavors are a growing trend. Monogrammed and geometric plus dimensional lattice styles by custom cake designers give a more masculine flare. We find couples personalize their cakes with a monogram. A growing trend for fillings is toward heritage flavors giving you honey lavender, blueberry, aztec chocolate, caramel apple for cakes. Macaroons, brownies and cheesecakes continue as favorite desserts. We do see more couples each year moving toward gluten free and sugar free dessert choices on their menus. They now have edible metallic icings and edible glitter for that couple wanting to carry out their bling into the dessert area. From the couples favorite plated desserts, such as pastry, pies, tarts, and cookies are all being seen at receptions. This may be considered more of a casual dessert, but the idea is to find something for everyone’s taste and enjoyment. No matter what dessert style you select, please remember to create a lovely dessert table with a floor-length cloth and lovely serving items. Retiring trends: Some would say the “one tall main cake� is retiring, but we believe it will always be in your growing number of choices. 70-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Dennis Urbiztondo

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -71

Honeymoon Travel Trends The west coast couples still loves Hawaii, Tahiti, Cabo and Cancun Mexico. There are two major cruise ports in California. (Long Beach in southern California and San Francisco in northern California. Couples often plan a day or two in the region of their port and get on a cruise ship. Driving Trips are Fun in California. The beautiful California resorts range from beachfront to gorgeous forests. Couples enjoy the privacy of a vacation rental and beach house rental. You will find excellent ideas from Newport Beach, San Diego cities, Monterey and Santa Cruz, plus lakeside in Tahoe and the Mammoth Lakes Regions. Conde’ Nast names the Sonoma and Napa wine country one of the top ten romantic areas of the United States. Honeymooners also love Yosemite Valley, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, Southern California and San Diego beach areas for lovely hotels, resorts and great restaurants. For hiking, fishing or ski and water enthusiasts you will find all the above areas are adjacent to great sports also. We would like to add a few areas for more honeymoon sports enjoyment: Shasta Lakes for fishing and houseboating plus winter 72-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -73

skiing. Santa Cruz for surf boarding, Monterey for aquarium and ocean diving lovers, the Eastern Sierras with Mammoth and June Lakes with summer fun or winter skiing. Santa Barbara and Ventura offer beaches and wine country. Southern California’s, Palm Desert enjoys tennis, golf and poolside fun. Southern California works for couples who desire a quiet beach experience or the joy of Disneyland, and all the Hollywood and movie industry glitz.

74-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Monterey Coast

Lake Tahoe

View of San Francisco from the Bay

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -75

Best Style 2014 WeddingLinks Awards We would like to introduce you to the winners of the Best Style WeddingLinks Awards for 2014. Shape up your wedding and honeymoon plans from our Award Winners found in each of the beautiful California Regions of Best Style Wedding and Honeymoon Magazine. Criteria for the award: to be in business five years or more, have great reviews, and have an easy accessed website. Many of the Award Winning businesses will work both weddings and events, several counties around their base. The winners are reported to you with city and California County in the listing. The magazine links take you directly to the business website. If you do not find what you are seeking, the and (mobile access) have links to thousands of qualified California and GLOBAL wedding and honeymoon venues and services for every budget.

76-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Look for this Award tile on their website

2014 AWARDS SECTIONS IN THE MAGAZINE FOR CALFORNIA Northern California North Coast North Valley Sacramento, Tahoe & Sierra Foothills The Wine Country San Francisco Bay Area Central and Southern California Central Coast Central Valley Eastern State - Hwy. 395 South Coast Inland Empire

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -77

North Coast California

Includes: Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino Counties

Rocky and pristine coastlines await couples from Crescent City south to Humboldt and the Mendocino coastline communities. The growing college communities bring youth who never want to leave Mendocino again. While timber and tourism are the mainstay of the regions, we found fishing and a growing number of unique industries. The Internet offers amazing opportunities to isolated areas. When we speak of the Crescent City and Del Norte, it is with reverence for the amazing redwood forests that open up to rocky coves and beautiful bays in a cool climate. The Hidden Coast and state parks set aside thousands of acres to be enjoyed. As you move south into Humboldt County the beaches become longer, wider and enjoy delightful coves. The city of Arcata, above Eureka has the college campus. Traveling east, you will find nearby inland lakes for sunny and warm environmental wedding venues. Eureka Bay, Scotia and the inspiring Eel River settings in the redwoods provide wedding 78-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon North Coast Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Humboldt

Beach Venue: Mendocino

Destination Wedding Venue: Ferndale, Humboldt

Elopement Venue:

Garden Venue: Willow Creek, Humboldt

Historic Site: Ferndale

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Eureka

Luxury Venue:

Unique Venue: Redway, Humboldt

Wine Country: Fieldbrook, Humboldt

Honeymoon Hotel, Gualala, Mendocino

Bridal Shop:

Caterer, Arcata, Humboldt Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -79

locations along the Avenue of the Giants. We love the unique Victorian Village of Ferndale. This quaint Village has several bed and breakfast hotels and restaurants for receptions that are perfect for small Victorian-style weddings and romantic honeymoons. The Mendocino Coast brings couples from all over the world to exciting and romantic coastline venues for their weddings and receptions. You will find the wedding services are very knowledgeable. The towns of Fort Bragg south to Mendocino Village, Little River and Gualala are dotted with romantic coves, excellent boutique hotels with uncomparable views of the rocky coastline. These are often sunny parts of the North Coast. The western sunsets bring added romance to any occasion in this region. (We will mention Mendocino again in the North Wine Country Section.)

80-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Cakes & Desserts: Ft. Bragg, Mendocino

Florist: Arcata, Humboldt

Jewelers: Eureka, Humboldt


Paper Divas

Officiant: Trinidad, Humboldt

Planner: Arcata, Humboldt

Photographer: Mendocino, Ft. Bragg

Makeup Artist: Eureka, Humboldt

Music & DJs: and

Party Rentals: Eureka, Humboldt

Transportation: Eureka, Humboldt

Videographer: Eureka, Humboldt

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -81

North Valley California Includes: Â Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta, Lassen, Butte, Tehama, Trinity, Plumas, Glenn, Colusa, Sutter, Sierra Yuba and Yolo Counties

Siskiyou, Trinity, Lassen and Mono are very beautiful, with rugged parks and remote settings. There are very few venues or reception services. Shasta Mountain is considered a highly spiritual location to live and to be married. The city of Redding supports a Mt. Shasta number of quality vendors and venues with Mt. Shasta in the background. While many think of Shasta as a ski area, couples find its backdrop heightens the beauty of their nuptials. The growing area offers the Shasta Dam with fingers of lakes to enjoy in the summer sun. Â Houseboats and camping resorts are very popular. Other unique summer possibilities for honeymooners are houseboats for rent. The northern Central Valley floor leads to unique grasslands, wide volcanic buttes near Chico, and delightful self-contained cities with good colleges. The agriculture area enjoys warm summer and autumn evenings with daytime temperatures up to 100 degrees. The wedding 82-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon North Valley Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Chico, Butte!/c192c

Beach Venue, Chico, Butte

Destination Wedding Venue: Plumas, Yuba City, Sutter

Elopement Venue: Burney Falls, Shasta

Garden Venue: Redding, Shasta

Historic Site: Biggs, Butte

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Chico, Bidwell Mansion

Luxury Venue: Chico, Butte

Unique Venue: Chico, Butte

Wine Country: Oroville, Butte

Honeymoon Hotel: Paradise, Butte

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -83

locations range from historic Victorians to modern community facilities, parklands for environmental weddings, and to unique western working cattle ranches. There are a few wineries, and restaurants with banquet facilities along the northern Sacramento River. The Best Style research for businesses with over five years found many had good experience and great reviews. From Red Bluff south, you will find the area is rich in rice fields and almond groves. There are beautiful modern golf course facilities that look over the valley from Paradise, the Oroville Dam and Lake Almanor shorelines. The regions are rich in talented wedding services and historic Victorian mansions. Moving south through thousands of fruit orchards, we find the communities of Yuba City and Marysville have a unique side by side city history along the Sacramento River.  We found quality wedding and event services in this area with creative ideas and not enough wedding sites. Farm and ranch weddings appear to be quite popular here.Â

84-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Yuba City, Sutter

Caterer: Chico, Butte

Cakes & Desserts: Marysville, Yuba

Florist: Chico, Butte

Jewelers: Red Bluff, Tehama

Invitations: Chico, Butte

Officiant: Redding, Shasta

Planner: Redding, Shasta

Photographer: Chico, Butte

Makeup Artist: North Valley

Music & DJs: Tehama, Shasta

Party Rentals: Chico, Butte

Transportation: Oroville, Butte

Videographer: Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -85

Sacramento, the Sierra Foothills along Hwy. #49, Lake Tahoe Includes: Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento, Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa counties

Sacramento is the capital city of California in the north eastern Central Valley region. A very large community of cities surround Sacramento Valley and the Delta.  The summer temperatures range between 90 and 110 degrees giving you amazing warm summer evenings throughout the spring, summer and fall. Two rivers converge to form Old Sacramento the rich Sacramento Delta area with wineries and unique locations beside the river’s flow. The talented wedding services are endless in this area. Many belong to associations and come with very high credentials and longevity in the industry. Lake Tahoe sits at six thousand feet above Sacramento. Popular wedding regions are the beautiful Squaw Valley and all around the Tahoe Lake basin for both the California and Nevada side. They are one of the fastest growing wedding and honeymoon areas in California with very talented wedding professionals. After just a few days, the awesome blue lake will be long remembered and an integral part of your life. They 86-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for Sacramento, Sierra Foothills, and Lake Tahoe Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Rocklin, Placer

Beach Venue: Lake Tahoe

Destination Wedding Venue: Murphy, Calaveras

Elopement Venue: Â Grass Valley, Nevada

Garden Venue: Sierra City, Sierra

Historic Site: Placerville, El Dorado

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Sacramento

Luxury Venue: Lake Tahoe

Unique Venue: Yosemite, Mariposa

Wine Country: Plymouth, Amador

Honeymoon Hotel: Squaw Valley, Placer

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -87

have several types of beach wedding sites, state parks, vacation rentals and unique services for elopements and destination weddings. Couples find there is much to do and gambling on the Nevada shoreline. The restaurants offer catering services and the region has a wedding association and a variety of very top notch event professionals. Â Warmer weather begins around June and August is the warmest month. The Sierra Foothill country ranges from the very popular wedding settings of historic Nevada City and Grass Valley south through Auburn in Placer County to the El Dorado wine country. Quaint towns like Auburn open up to forests and mountain tops across the historic gold field Sierras communities of California. The wedding locations move south with an increase of vineyards in Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne and into Mariposa County, (where Yosemite Valley inspires thousands of visitors and weddings yearly). The Sierra Foothills trail completes around Oakhurst in Madera County. This is a very long trail called Highway 49. The area is dotted with historic hotels, wineries, unique waterfall wedding venues and gardens. All intended to have your guests talk about your wedding for years to come. The area is rich in quaint bed and breakfasts inns for the small, boutique weddings and enjoyable honeymoon as you explore the towns where gold was discovered.

88-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Sacramento

Caterer: Sacramento

Cakes & Desserts, Colfax, Placer

Florist: Roseville, Placer

Jewelers: Citrus Heights, Sacramento

Invitations: Sacramento

Officiant: El Dorado Hills, El Dorado

Planner: Sacramento

Photographer: Yosemite, Mariposa

Makeup Artist, Lake Tahoe

Music & DJs: Lake Tahoe

Part Rentals: Folsom, El Dorado

Transportation: Sacramento, Tahoe and Gold Country

Videographer: Sacramento Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -89

Eastern Sierras along Highway #395 Includes: Alpine, Mono, Inyo Counties

The Hwy. 395 corridor includes: the northern counties of Mono and Lassen. While very remote areas, they are found in the North Valley section of the magazine. The heavily forested area of remote Alpine County moves south to the Mammoth Lakes area and the Death Valley region and high desert Bishop area. From the unique peak of Mount Baldy, the Tioga Pass, (the back entrance to Yosemite National Park) and favorite summer vacation areas of June Lake, you will find the majesty of California mountains on this drive. Alpine County is filled with pristine lakes, quiet environmental spots and very few wedding venues, or hotels. It is a hiker and camper’s paradise alongside one of their beautiful lakes or streams. There are few event services, hotels or venues in this area.

Lake Tahoe

Mono County includes the Bridgeport Valley and Mammoth Lakes’ area. The valley region is well-known for event planning services to 90-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for the Eastern Sierras Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Bridgeport, Mono

Lake Venue: June Lake, Mono

Destination Wedding Venue: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Elopement Venue: Crowley Lake, Mono

Garden Venue: Bridgeport, Mono

Historic Site: Death Valley, Inyo

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Luxury Venue: Mammoth Lakes

Unique Venue: June Lake, Mono

Honeymoon: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Bridal Shop: Shop online.


Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -91

the movie stars that swagger into town for the yearly film festival. They filmed Star Wars and many favorite cowboy movies in parts of these backdrops for years. You will find rustic to glorious mountain ranch settings for your weddings and receptions in the valley floor and awesome ski resorts in the mountain peaks of June Lake, Convict Lake and the Mammoth Lakes region. Heading south, near the town of Independence in Inyo County is the entry into the backside of the Sierra Mountains that brings you into the Giant Sequoia National Park to the west. To the east from Lone Pine there is a route to the Death Valley National Park where you are greeted by summer temperatures of 130 degrees. There are very few wedding sites are in this region, yet the National Park offers a historic resort for lodging. Inyo County with Bishop and Big Pine communities have several wedding and reception locations with beautiful views. With the exception of hotels and restaurants, the wedding and reception services in this area work part time in the industry.

92-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Caterer: Bishop, Inyo

Cakes & Desserts: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Florist: Bishop, Inyo

Jewelers: Bishop, Inyo


Paper Divas

Officiant: Mammoth Lakes

Planner: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Photographer: Inyo and Mono

Makeup Artist: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Music & DJs: Inyo and Mono

Party Rentals: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Transportation: Mammoth Lakes, Mono

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -93

Northern Wine Country Includes: Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa Valley Counties

Sonoma offers the Pacific Coastline and Lake County has beautiful Clearlake. You will find Napa and Sonoma are a one hour drive north from San Francisco. The Lake and Mendocino vineyards are a two hour drive north from San Francisco. The Sonoma and Napa wine country is considered the number two favorite wedding destination area in the United States. They also rank in the top ten favorite honeymoon regions in the USA. If you want a vineyard wedding, we suggest you book your location at least eighteen months or more in advance. When eloping to the region, check out the elopement and destination wedding planner’s linked on Mobile Access is Each county has a variety of remarkable venues, ranging from Victorian hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches and resorts. The vineyard venues and talented vendors have a great deal of experience. The counties are filled with thousand foot hillsides covered with oak, madrone trees and vineyards. The region has several volcanic mountains that historically made the earth perfect for growing grapes Wineries are unique to work with. When a winery has a tasting room, 94-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for Northern Wine Country Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Yountville, Napa

Beach Venue: Mendocino

Destination Wedding Venue: St Helena, Napa

Elopement Venue: Napa City

Garden Venue: Santa Rosa, Sonoma

Historic Site: Upper Lake County

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Napa City

Luxury Venue: Calistoga, Napa

Unique Venue: Napa City

Wine Country: Geyser Ville, Sonoma

Honeymoon Hotel: Occidental, Sonoma

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -95

they are governed by an after 4 pm event rule. They request their wines be served by trained servers at all events. Very few wineries allow hard liquor and some will allow beer and an outside purveyor of champagne/methode champenoise. Large wineries have an event planning staff. They often have their recommend list of services and require that you have a wedding planner for the day of your event. Out of hundreds of wineries, only a few do weddings. Lake County venues range from bed and breakfasts, parks and a few wineries that enjoy both Clearlake and Mt. Cobb views. We found a few wineries alongside the lake in Nice giving you both lake and vineyards to enjoy. The Mendocino area of Hopland to Ukiah and west to Boonville have a number of lovely boutique wineries with more affordable event rates than the Sonoma and Napa regions. These foothill regions are beautiful with forests, farmlands and vineyards combined. The Napa wine region will do weddings at two 96-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Santa Rosa, Sonoma

Caterer: Cotati, Sonoma

Cakes & Desserts: Napa City

Florist: Santa Rosa, Sonoma

Jewelers: Petaluma, Sonoma

Invitations: Santa Rosa, Sonoma

Officiant: Santa Rosa, Sonoma

Planner: Sonoma, Napa

Photographer: Petaluma, Sonoma

Makeup Artist:

Music & DJs: Wine Country

Party Rentals: Petaluma, Sonoma

Transportation: Healdsburg, Sonoma

Videographer: Napa Valley Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -97

winery settings. There are many bed and breakfasts hotel and restaurant locations with vineyard views. Most of the wineries are available for catered dinner parties, business events and rehearsal dinners, but no wedding ceremonies and no wedding receptions. The caterers in this region and in Sonoma County are experts in wine and food pairing. Being a favorite wedding area, Napa and nearby Sonoma Counties are entrenched with top wedding services. The golf courses and hotels with ballrooms are available along Sonoma Area with historic halls. Sonoma wine country is “wedding friendly” with over 450 wineries. Fifty or more will do weddings. The vineyard view sites include bed and breakfasts, restaurants and hotels. Brides find picturesque wedding gardens, beach locations and inspiring hotels with ballrooms. From the small boutique to the unique you will find large settings that look like castles, Spanish mission-styles with historic Victorians and mansions for your venue. Polished wedding professionals bring great talent to every detail of your celebration. Honeymooners love the regions and find romance at every turn of the road.

98-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Dennis Urbiztondo

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -99

San Francisco Bay Area Includes: Marin, Solano, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Contra Costa and Alameda counties

The Bay Area has much to offer those planning a wedding or honeymoon. Sites range from historic to chic and modern. You will find some very impressive vendors to assist in your wedding planning and romantic lodging tucked into parts of the bay area that are fun to explore. Marin is a beautiful county of oak covered hills, a volcanic peak and endless views of the Pacific Coast and San Francisco Bay. The region is dotted with unique cities and open space. The restaurants, parks, community centers and hotels are the focus for lovely Sausalito Houseboats wedding celebrations. Caterers and event professionals based here are well-known for their talents throughout the Bay Area. Honeymooners especially love Sausalito, the Mill Valley redwoods and Pt. Reyes National Park. Solano County is considered East Bay with the historic Benicia’s venues with views of the Sacramento River. This is the first California seat of Government and offers several well maintained historic wedding locations. This area is very warm in the summer and enjoys evening receptions in the popular Fairfield and Vacaville golf courses. There 100-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for San Francisco Bay Area Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Pacifica, San Francisco

Beach Venue: San Francisco

Destination Wedding Venue

Elopement Venue, Halfmoon Bay, San Mateo

Garden Venue, Suisun Valley, Solano

Historic Site: Benicia, Solano

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Berkeley, Alameda

Luxury Venue: Pleasanton, Alameda

Unique Venue: SF

Wine Country: Brentwood, Contra Costa

Honeymoon Hotel: Sausalito, Marin

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -101

are also a few winery locations available in the Suisun Valley for weddings and wine tasting.

Golden Gate Bridge

No matter where we travel, people say San Francisco is a favorite place. No doubt the variety of venues, views and visitors desiring to plan a wedding or event make it a race to gain your wedding site.

We found many affordable halls, parks and historic venues, along with restaurants and inspiring hotels provide every conceivable backdrop for your nuptials or a romantic honeymoon. Cosmopolitan, the populations’ desire for their ethnic food gives rise to some of the best restaurants in the world. A great number of honeymoon suites and being a cruise port add to your romantic adventures. Just south of Frisco is the San Mateo County one of the wealthiest areas in the Bay Area. It has enjoyable golf courses, hotels and resorts tucked into the inner bay region and toward the coast in Halfmoon Bay. We found every type of backdrop and expert wedding services to shape up your San Francisco skyline wedding day. The county is well known for garden locations and unique historic mansions. 102-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Dennis Urbiztondo

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -103

Santa Clara County is a composite of delightful cities. The region is diverse, home to the 49ers Football team and exciting Silicon Valley. San Jose is one of the largest cities in California. This region has a very talented wedding and event planning industry. You Silicon Valley night will find unique backdrops in museums on Egyptian Art and the Tech World right beside a Spanish Mission or gorgeous wineries in the hillsides of Los Gatos and south to the Gilroy valley floor. Looking to the East Bay we find Alameda County to be filled with backdrops for your style wedding. You will find a multitude of venues from airport hangars on Alameda Island, to the hillside golf courses and beautiful hotel ballrooms in Oakland and Berkeley. Inland the TriValley wine regions of Sunol, Pleasanton and Livermore bring you into vineyard venues. The Bay Area views are remarkable from the yachts and ships on the bay. The county has quality reception services. It is so easy to plan an East Bay wedding and reception within Contra Costa County. From the golf courses, various city hotels, restaurant banquet rooms to the remarkable parks systems you will find consistently efficient wedding and event professionals. Everything comes together with high standards. This is a very large area from Pinole along the Bay to the Brentwood vineyards. Warm summer nights add to your party in the Walnut Creek and eastern hill settings.

104-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Burlingame, San Mateo

Caterer: San Jose, Santa Clara

Cakes & Desserts: Oakland, Alameda

Florist: Berkeley, Alameda

Jewelers: San Francisco

Invitations: San Francisco

Officiant: Menlo Park, San Mateo

Planner: San Mateo

Photographer: San Francisco Bay Area

Makeup Artist: San Jose, Santa Clara

Music & DJs: Â Bay Area

Party Rentals: Fremont, Alameda

Transportation: San Francisco

Videographer: San Jose, Santa Clara

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -105

Central Coast

Includes: San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties (Some often state Santa Barbara and Monterey do not want to be considered Central Coast with Santa Barbara being part of the South Coast Region and Monterey and Santa Cruz being part of the San Francisco Bay Area.)

This area has several lovely resorts, long sandy beaches, beautiful wine country venues with hotels and inns plus quaint bed and breakfasts. The coastal temperatures are cooler compared to San Diego, and as usual the Pacific Ocean is cool for swimming. There are many who love to dive in these areas (we recommend NO diving alone). If planning a beach wedding, you will want to check the tide’s schedule for the day. The Santa Cruz beaches are endless and the wine country and redwood groves combine to give you choices in wedding and honeymoon backdrops. It is fun to rent a vacation home in these regions. We find a relaxing atmosphere meets you with a multitude of activities. Santa Cruz Beach is the area where the Surfer’s Competition draws thousands yearly. They offer a great Surfer’s Museum Monterey Coastline and recreation boardwalk. They are well known for agriculture, flowers and incredible strawberry farms. Watsonville is the Artichoke Capitol of the USA. 106-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for Central Coast Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Morro Bay, SLO

Beach Venue: Pismo Beach, SLO

Destination Wedding Venue: Aptos, Santa Cruz

Elopement Venue: Pacific Grove, Monterey

Garden Venue: Arroyo Grande, SLO

Historic Site: Cambria, SLO

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Monterey

Luxury Venue: Paso Robles, SLO

Unique Venue: San Luis Obispo

Wine Country: Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara

Honeymoon Hotel, Aptos, Santa Cruz

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -107

Monterey is a favorite wedding and honeymoon destination. The beautiful Carmel and Monterey Bays are filled with lovely boutique hotels and resorts. The picturesque Carmel Valley vineyards and the beauty of Pebble Beach Golf Courses are known to millions. Romantic inns and hotels around Pacifica to Seaside enrich your honeymoon stay. The restaurants and Monterey Aquarium will host weddings with some very unique backdrops for your photographer’s lens. San Luis Obispo or SLO enjoys the wine regions of Paso Robles, made famous by movies. The coastal mountains drop to long sandy beaches and quiet coves called Morro Bay and Pismo Beach. You will find romantic ocean view lodging in all these areas. Cambria is a favorite wedding and honeymoon area. You are near the never to be missed Hearst Castle. You can now plan a wedding Hearst Castle and reception or enjoy a tour on your honeymoon at this famous location. As you drive the coast Highway #1, you soon realize this is one of the toughest drives in California with cliff hanging curves that intimidate. The larger inland cities of Atascadero, Templeton and Arroyo Grande are along Highway 101. The cities offer a large number of very talented wedding professionals. The event locations offer warm summer evenings and some very unique hotels, wineries and resort locations for creative wedding planning. This is a beautiful, peaceful part of California to explore and enjoy. 108-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Salinas, Monterey

Caterer: Paso Robles, SLO

Cakes & Desserts: Monterey

Florist: Santa Cruz

Jewelers: Santa Maria, Santa Barbara

Invitations: San Luis Obispo

Officiant: Cambria, SLO

Planner: Santa Cruz

Photographer: Santa Cruz

Makeup Artist:: Santa Barbara

Music & DJs: Paso Robles, SLO

Party Rentals: Seaside, Monterey

Transportation:: Central Coast, SLO

Videographer: Monterey Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -109

Central Valley

Includes: Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Merced, Madera, San Benito, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Tulare counties Many weddings are enjoyed in lovely gardens and on warm evenings in the spring, summer and fall seasons by the Central Valley Cities of Lodi, Stockton, Modesto, Visalia, Chowchilla, Fresno and Bakersfield, regions of this unique area of the flat Central California area. Agriculture is predominate with orchards, fields of amazing fresh garden crops and ranches. The area is fed by the waters from the Sacramento River and northern dams making this part of California filled with progressive, growing communities supported by agriculture.

Central Valley wedding a rual area

110-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners for Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for Central Valley Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Stockton, San Joaquin, Morris Chapel

Beach Venue: North Woodbridge, San Joaquin

Destination Wedding Venue: Lodi, San Joaquin

Elopement Venue: Modesto, Stanislaus

Garden Venue: Three Rivers, Fresno

Historic Site: Bakersfield, Kern

Hotel Ballroom Venue: San Juan Bautista, San Benito

Luxury Venue: Sanger, Fresno

Unique Venue: Fresno

Wine Country: Lodi, San Joaquin

Honeymoon Hotel: Lodi, San Joaquin

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -111

Central Valley is known for its 100 degree summer temperatures. Great for grapes, but hard for afternoon summer events and weddings. Lodi is well known for their wine region and lovely parks. The Sierra Foothills are in view and many of the wineries are available for weddings and events. Stockton is a port city for the inland water area. Ships bring tons of items into the Central Valley port and take produce out. Stockton has a few hotels with large event spaces, yet we found the gardens and settings for weddings mostly outside the city. Although bridal shops are scarce from Modesto through Merced and Madera, area enjoys a smaller wedding industry that supports the Central Valley with qualified services. The historic Victorians and garden wedding sites are favorites for the region. There are several fine college communities and a growing population throughout the Central Valley cities. Fresno and Bakersfield are very large cities with a variety of talented wedding services and associations. The region has some very unique locations with beautiful gardens, parks and hotel ballrooms. They offer something for every budget. Nearby are the Sequoia Park and the Tehachapi Mountain range near Bakersfield draws comples to mountain weddings. This is where cooler weather prevails.

112-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Bakersfield, Kern

Caterer: Fresno

Cakes & Desserts: Modesto, Stanislaus

Florist: Tulare

Jewelers: Stockton, San Joaquin

Invitations: Manteca, San Joaquin

Officiant: Bakersfield, Kern

Planner: Fresno

Photographer: Bakersfield, Kern

Makeup Artist: Fresno

Music & DJs: San Joaquin, Central Valley

Party Rentals: Visalia, Tulare

Transportation: Manteca, Central Valley

Videographer: Stockton, San Joaquin

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -113

South Coast

Includes: Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties

“Anything is Possible” best describes the amazing South Coastline counties of California. The bustling communities are filled with beautiful yacht harbors, beach resorts and inspiring coastal views. The restaurants and hotels hold a key to diversity in many unique settings. Specific ethic style weddings are easy to plan. We found each city has a wide range of quality wedding services. There are unique experience in each community. Santa Barbara, Mediterranean Coast with vineyards and beaches, Ventura’s vineyards and beaches, LA’s Santa Monica, Venice, Palos Verdes luxury styles, the San Fernando Valley, and Long Beach into Orange County with Huntington, Newport and Costa Mesa beaches and cities. The impressive gardens, parks and resorts of San Diego County and notable wedding beaches called Carlsbad, Del Mar and La Jolla. The South Coast cities are a favorite for honeymooners who desire a laid back

Santa Barbara

114-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners For Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for South Coast Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Dana Point, Orange

Beach Venue: Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Destination Wedding Venue: Marina Del Rey, LA

Elopement Venue: San Diego

Garden Venue: West Lake Village, LA

Historic Site: Piru, Ventura

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Beverly Hills, LA

Luxury Venue: San Diego

Unique Venue: Hollywood, LA

Wine Country: Malibu, LA

Honeymoon Hotel: Santa Barbara

Bridal Shop: Santa Ana, Orange

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -115

atmosphere during the day and a fun nightlife with great restaurants and dance clubs. You will find amazing car rentals with Corvettes to Bentleys for impressing the girl of your dreams. Along the Pacific Coast there are yachts for rent, surfing beaches, state parks plus the cruise port of Long Beach to leave the shores for long dreamed of excursions. Catalina Island encourages you to ferry across those 22 miles to the delightful island where you find scuba and snorkeling, and where quaint cottage hideaways are possible. Each of the coastal counties offers museums art and history from the La Brea Tar Pits and Universal Studios in Los Angeles to Disneyland fun, Quality wedding planning services are available for most budgets in the South Coast cities. You will want to look for years of experience in their profession, and ask all your questions before signing your contracts.

Catalina Island

116-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /


Cakes & Desserts: Palos Verdes, LA

Florist: Los Angeles

Jewelers: Lynn’s Jewelery, Ventura

Invitations: Southern California

Officiant: Dan Merrill, So. California

Planner: Mad Platter, So. California

Photographer: Pasadena, LA

Makeup Artist: Avril Lipsky, Makeup Artist

Live Music & DJs: and

Party Rentals: Gardena, LA

Transportation: West Los Angeles

Videographer: Ventura

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -117

Inland Empire

Includes: San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Counties

From the top of the San Gabriel Mountains to the desert floor cities of Palm Desert and south to the Imperial Valley you will find quality wedding and event services and some very fun and unique wedding venue ideas. The region offers many warm desert communities, mountain high settings on lakes and romantic vineyard views and fine wines in Temecula. Whether you plan a wedding or honeymoon, the eastern part of the southland and Palm Springs Inland Empire have expert wedding professionals and inspiring venues. Winter temperatures can be quite cool, but by spring you will find 70 degree to 80 temperatures and by mid-summer it will be 110 degrees. The Big Bear and Arrowhead communities in the mountains above San Bernardino give you boutique resorts and lakeside wedding sites. These answer a destination bride’s nudge for something unique. The sweet smell of the pines and gorgeous lakes provide a playground in spring, summer and fall. The winter skiing adds to their seasons with the glittering white backdrop. The area has a professional wedding association and a variety of great vendors. 118-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Award Winners For Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for Inland Empire Best Style WeddingLinks for: Affordable Location: Redlands, SB

Beach Venue: Big Bear SB

Destination Wedding Venue: Temecula, Riverside

Elopement Venue: Redlands, SB

Garden Venue: Redlands

Historic Site: Redlands

Hotel Ballroom Venue: Indian Wells, Riverside

Luxury Venue: Indian Wells, Riverside

Unique Venue: Lake Arrowhead, SB

Wine Country: Temecula, Riverside

Honeymoon Hotel: Palm Springs, Riverside

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -119

The major cities throughout the counties offer a number of all-inclusive wedding and reception locations. The multi-talented event professionals increase as you move toward the desert communities of Ontario, Redlands, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Cathedral City and the beautiful resort settings in Rancho Mirage. Wine country weddings are possible in the Temecula wine country situated between south Riverside and San Diego Counties. We found many hotel pool-side settings and beautiful golf course resorts, plus Hollywood star fame event sites.

Temecula City Hall

The Imperial Valley has fewer wedding professionals and locations. Steeped in agriculture, the region is truly the garden breadbasket region of the United States. Many engaged couples in the Imperial Valley call upon San Diego and Riverside for their services. El Centro and Brawley are the largest cities. We are certain Inland Empire will provide the services you require for a perfect wedding and reception or honeymoon.

120-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Bridal Shop: Redlands, SB

Caterer: Ontario, SB

Cakes & Desserts: Temecula, Riverside

Florist: Glendora, SB

Jewelers: Victorville, SB

Invitations: Riverside

Officiant: Palm Springs, Riverside

Planner: Redlands, SB

Photographer: Riverside

Makeup Artist: Temecula, Riverside

Music & DJs: Murrieta, Riverside

Party Rentals: Corona, SB

Transportation: Coachella Valley, Riverside

Videographer: Riverside Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -121

Boudour continued  Learn her comfort level on poses and nudity by screening photos during the consultation. This way the photographer knows what she desires in the final outcome.  Discuss the contract and the privacy of the photos; used in public display (yes or no).  Use of props; shoes, feathers, hats, earrings, jewelry, corsets, undergarments in the photos  What to bring to the studio  A private appointment to select the photo(s) from large screen viewing. With a quality photographer you can achieve the lighting, sexiness and sauciness in a tasteful nude or erotic style photo. You can also maintain the comfort zone required by a woman to express the beauty of their bodies. Dennis believes these photos do not show well on a tiny wallet size or 5 x 7. He can create 16 x 20 photographs on up to a 36” canvas. This is a tantalizing trend. Dennis Urbiztondo UNITED STATES 707-843-1331

122-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Honeymoon continued Working to find the perfect balance for both of the newlyweds is of vital concern to the outcome of a romantic and memorable destination wedding and their honeymoon. She and her travel team know who has the best “all-inclusive” or meal plan, chefs, wines or bar services, the local transportation, and/or if you need a car rental. She knows if there are shared properties to experience and local entertainment along with the unique tours considered important to a well-planned and romantic trip. When couples book their honeymoon off the Internet, they come away with very little knowledge of the region they are traveling into. She suggests, when you are planning with a travel agent, look for the agent’s knowledge and experience for the area you have chosen. They can advise you of what the region has to offer, the best time of year to travel there, and the best prices to fit your budget. Watch the beautiful ocean sunset on the Just Honeymoons Video. A honeymoon “is meant to be enjoyed” from the planning stage to the photos and memories. Working with a professional travel agent relieves your doubt and gives you confidence in your choices. Five Things to Ask a Travel Agent 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Are you a bonded and insured travel agent Have you traveled to our chosen location Do you have a complimentary Honeymoon Gift Registry Does the Gift Registry have a Trust Account What do you charge for your service?

Just Honeymoons Travel San Jose, CA 408-446-4898 Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -123

Park 21 Catering continued With years of restaurant experience behind him, Bruce Riezenman opened the Park Avenue Catering Company in 1989. They are a full service caterer, serving the Sonoma, Napa wine country and San Francisco Bay Area. Their green certified catering provides versatile menus that include; American cuisine, wine and food pairing, Indian, Kosher and Asian-Fusion styles. Creativity and action on change continues to intrigue Mr. Riezenman. He stepped into the 21st century with mobile access for his website, and saw a great need as he created a popular APP used to pair food and wines: Innovative again, Park Avenue recently added a very unique bar service for wineries and venues with the new…“Adult Fermentation Bar” They are welcomed into wineries and provide a beautifully presented cocktail bar with unique wine-based recipes. A very big hit! Park Avenue Catering is popular for destination weddings and events by pursuing the common goal of “making it all happen” with great memories of the wine country and San Francisco Bay Area. The company utilizes local wines, fish, meats and cheese with fresh, sustainable vegetables and fruit. They are considered masters in all styles of menus, and serve the plated or buffet to the newest trends with family style. Their full service catering can include bartenders, party rentals, set up and break down of events. Maintaining a sought after catering reputation does not just happen. Bruce Riezenman, Executive Chef and owner of Park Avenue, has over thirty years of chef experience. His vast background has included restaurants from New York to the Ondine in Sausalito, California. He also spent time in Paris, France restaurants. Bruce returned to open 124-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Prospect Park Restaurant in the Sonoma wine country. They continually had requests for off-premise catering and soon opened Park Avenue. The Park Avenue team builds trust with their goals to gain knowledge of a client’s expectations. Their listening takes action in the policy regarding truth in sales. They all work to bring about memorable experiences in food, presentation, service and dedicated teamwork. “Fresh is Best” goals consistently gain returning clients and great referrals. Considered part of the team, and greatly appreciated are the twelve or more local farm-to-table companies Bruce has worked with over the past twenty-five years. Chef Riezenman recently added a new restaurant in the Sonoma Valley at Cornerstone Gardens called Park 121. The café and grill, serves Sonoma CASZH, (elegantly presented fresh food favorites in a casual atmosphere) from 11 am to 5 pm They specialize in serving the Carneros Region wines. Park Avenue Catering Bruce Riezenman Executive Chef /Owner voice: 707.793.9645 cell: 707.484.5617

Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -125

Mona and Mike continued After the engagement, this foursome seemed like a family to Mona and Mike who were living in cities away from their hometowns and families. As they decided on a wedding date, Mona was struggling with decisions on the wedding and the structure she wanted. They both agreed to head to Mona’s hometown, making this a destination wedding that brings another set of concerns in the planning process. The more they talked about including Oscar and Phantom in the wedding, they acknowledged, how could they not place this important part of their family in the wedding celebration. “Every wedding is beautiful but sometimes the same”, Mona stated. By placing the dogs into the mix, it was an insight to their love story, humor, and enjoyment of their dogs. “The Dogs made it their family Ceremony” Once they decided to put the dogs in the wedding celebration, everything moved together quickly. Keyed to the wedding colors, they chose cornflower blue dog leashes. Granted, there are all types of tuxedos and garments for dogs, but the dog’s comfort in the summer with new surroundings was a priority with Mona and Mike. They dismissed the dogs carrying the rings, the flower basket or doing any form of tricks, they just wanted them there during the ceremony. To get the dogs used to Mona’s family, they would bring them as they made wedding preparation visits. They sought an outdoor wedding site making sure there would be no problem having dogs in the wedding. They had friends of the family who could house and care for their animals before and up to the time Oscar and Phantom walked down the aisle. After photographs, they would be taken safely back to the home.

126-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

The evening before was a wedding rehearsal. The dogs were handed over to walk down the aisle with the oldest niece. Eva was old enough, but the dogs were not used to her, so their behavior was not as planned. They were better behaved during the actual wedding, so the rehearsal time was also important to Oscar and Phantom. On the wedding day, Oscar and Phantom were brought down the center aisle to the front with the wedding party and they stayed throughout the ceremony. Facing the guests, they were standing to the far right of the bridesmaids. (If a young man handles the dogs, they would be brought to the far left with the groomsmen.) Recommendations: This does not work with barking (yappy) dogs, so you need to feel secure about their noise making. Mona’s biggest concern was the dogs might “make a deposit� on their way down the aisle, so the dogs were walked in a proper area, just prior to the ceremony time. Oscar and Phantom are small dogs trained not to jump up on dresses. Consider some pre-training for dogs inclined to put paws up, or jump up on owners. It is important not to stress the animals by leaving them in cars or tied up somewhere. They need the comfort of a handler at all times. Have your aisle handler spend some time with the dogs so both dog(s) and aisle handler know one another well before the big day. Create their tote bag with: doggie treats to encourage better behavior, plastic bags for their deposits, water bowls, bottled water and leashes for on-site supplies. Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -127

Mona and Mike continued (Note from the author) After interviewing couples desiring to create a MY STYLE celebration, we found revealing threads between them: They want their wedding to be different/unique Desire their guests to know them better Displayed a sense of humor Respected traditional and unique acts of love Wanted guests to have fun. Send us Your STYLE wedding story to

Justin Proposed to Amanda continued Justin arrived early to help get things ready. He gave me a very small, beautifully wrapped gift. The box held very nice gold earrings. With great praise and thanks, I put them on immediately. I gifted him with a new pair of bike gloves, and we both went on to prepare for our guests. Later, after a great meal we had the drawing for the gift exchange – Justin rigged it with a friend so I would receive his specific box. This was a very big box that I opened in front of everyone. There was a shiny new bicycle helmet, with a company tag hanging down. Attached to the tag was a bright pink ribbon ‌ and a gorgeous diamond engagement ring tied on. He immediately got on his knees and proposed in front of everyone! Our guests said it was the best Christmas they had ever experienced. I know it was my best Christmas.

128-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Susie Hansen continued piano and bass for the prelude music (before the ceremony), and the wedding ceremony itself. Then they typically add a percussionist to make the trio into a quartet, and play lively jazz and Latin jazz for your cocktail hour. They play you and your bridal party into the ballroom for your grand entrance like it’s the Academy Awards! The full band usually begins to perform at the beginning of dinner. They will play beautiful dinner music that is never to loud for your guests to speak comfortably. The band completes the celebration with great dance music for you to dance the night away. They can emcee in English or Spanish or both and coordinate your event for free. Susie will meet with you a couple of months before your big day to create your time-line (and the band’s script) at no additional charge. It is emailed to you for your approval. You can then share the final time-line with you photographer, videographer, location coordinator and anyone else so that everyone is on the same page for your celebration. Born in Chicago, Susie Hansen’s passion for her violin and for Latin music is very apparent in her music. Her band has been well-established in Los Angeles for 24 years, and when you hear the band you will understand her love of jazz, swing, pop, funk, R&B, classical and of course all the great Latin rhythms. Her excitement and joy in playing the electric violin adds a very special dimension to the band’s music. Everyone in the band plays at the top of their game -- they are all professional and dedicated performers. Susie welcomes your calls for her energy-driven crew of talented musicians to perform at your event. The six-piece band includes: Susie’s electric violin, piano/keyboard, guitar, bass, congas and drums. Three of these musicians are the lead singers as well. She can add various instruments at your request for Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -129

Susie Hansen continued additional fees. When they play with their bigger bands, there is a horn section of tenor sax/flute, trombone and trumpet, another female singer and additional percussionists. The band receives great press notices. “It’s a sizzling, swinging band -the whole room was jumpin’ for joy,” according to Phil Elwood of the San Francisco Examiner. Don Heckman of the Los Angeles Times wrote, “Hansen was a ball of energy, creating an atmosphere of high voltage excitement.” According to Brian McGackin of the Glendale News-Press, “I’m usually hesitant to rave so dramatically about the quality of a band, but I just cannot seem to help myself. Hansen’s music is simply too much fun.” When you listen to their website music clips and view their videos, you’ll realize the band is quite versatile, playing favorite Latin dance classics of all kinds, including Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Bolero, Cha Cha Cha and Latin jazz. On the American pop side, they can perform funk, Motown, R&B, disco, swing, classic rock and ballads. They also play classical music and other styles for your wedding ceremony. Their party song list is lengthy and filled with many favorites. Your personal selection of music is incorporated with the size band you want. Their 6 to 12 musicians combine to bring energy and fun to all types of celebrations, from award banquets, fund raisers, corporate events to Quinceañeras, birthdays, anniversaries and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. They are loved in Southern California’s concert and jazz festival circuit and well known throughout Northern California and the USA. If their schedule can accommodate your event, they are happy to travel for destination weddings and performances throughout the USA, Mexico, and Canada and beyond.

130-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

When you speak with Susie on the phone, she will review with you all their services, the band’s break schedule, their ability to emcee and coordinate, the optional services they offer and much more. They especially offer a great combined DJ/band package at a very reasonable rate -- this is really popular. Their DJ can alternate with the band, giving you lots of musical choices and all the contemporary dance music that the younger guests will love. They often learn a new song for the couple’s special first dance music. Susie can also offer talented and colorful dance performers for an additional exciting element of entertainment. When you really want to keep guests entertained all night, feeling the great energy in your celebration, when you want a skilled, professional and fun emcee and coordinator, when you want to dance the night away, and when you want the best in live music, call the Susie Hansen Latin Band. Susie Hansen phone: 323-234-8006 email: Los Angeles, CA 90065 Video Page Event Song List

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After Your Wedding, Don’t Forget

You will want to change your name on many documents, accounts and legal information. Surprisingly in this day and age, our proof of who we are has become even more important than ever, and a subject of newlywed concern your identity. In the dazzle of wedding preparations, the enjoyment of the wedding celebration and honeymoon fun, couples lose track of the business concerns surrounding getting married. Some think all the legal stuff stops with submitting the marriage certificate to the proper authorities on time. Yet both of you will want to look at your insurance policies to make certain of the beneficiary. You may want to take out a joint bank account. and possibly put new names on credit cards. Even our smart phone access and passwords can be a concern. You can do all of this on your own, or consider the company on this page that reminds you of all the changes. We searched for a company that has great credibility in reminding you of the long list that needs to be considered and best of all, how to do them. The Name Change Kit Company, after ten years of business, have no complaints on the internet and offers a good standing with the Better Business Bureau. 132-Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / /

Find thousands of Wedding & Honeymoon venues and services on and Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon / / -133