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The Disney princesses can be good role models for little girls. They all have different personalities, though they are all kind, independent, intelligent, and beautiful. Some Disney princesses are more oldfashioned, while some are rebellious and free-spirited. With Disney princess toys little girls can enjoy pretending to be their favorite princess and they can continue their adventures. Learn More About Disney PrincessToys

The Disney princesses are not all the main heroines from animated Disney movies, as not all Disney heroines are princesses. For instance, Mulan is a Disney heroine who is strong and beautiful, but she is not a princess. Tinkerbelle and Wendy are also characters that girls like, but they are not princesses so they are not a part of the collection. Also, animal characters like Nala who are princesses are not included: only human princesses are. The princess that are included are Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, and Jasmine. Tiana, the newest princess, is also now an ensemble member. She is not included in many illustrations of the group

of princesses, but she probably will be someday. Her products, along with those of Mulan and Pocahontas, are included among the Disney princess collections. However, Tiana is the only one of the three who is actually considered one of the group. Some "princesses" also are not really princesses until the end of their respective movies, as they married into it. Tiana, Cinderella, and Belle are all princesses that are included because they eventually became princesses.

So what can a little girl do with these toys? Well, there are many different types of toys to choose from. There are special movies and video games that feature the princesses. Girls can enjoy getting into the world of the princesses through watching them or playing them interactively. Video games can help them to experience the princesses' lives. The toys that are available vary greatly in terms of types of toys. There are castles, dolls, plush toys, action figures, play sets, cooking sets, learning activities, bikes, among many other products. With all of these possibilities, a little girl's room can even be decorated completely in princesses, with all of her toys related to the princesses. The toys can give them many hours of enjoyment with their favorite heroines. Princess products can be purchased in Disney parks such as Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Euro Disney. At these parks girls can dress up like their favorite princess and also enjoy seeing many products that have to do with the princesses. There are many toys, outfits, souvenirs, and activities that can be

bought that feature the princesses. Some of these products are only available at the parks, though some can also be bought in stores or online. Online many different princess products are available. With these toys, little girls can continue to enjoy the princesses from their favorite movies. They can find just about any type of toy that they want that features their favorite princess. The amount of products available make the toys great for gifts for one's little princess.

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