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Lifestyle and Fitness Expert isa anker otts is the owner of outi ue ody itness tudio located in the rant ark istrict of tlanta. isa is considered the guru of fitness for women seeking to enhance their li es through fitness and has hel ed thousands of women achie e healthy lifestyles and get the hysi ue of their dreams. isa s trademark is her ositi e attitude warm energy and her e ertise in training women of all ages. isa s u beat s irit and ability to make e ery client feel e clusi e has uickly ro elled her to be a to sought after fitness trainer s eaker and lifestyle e ert. fter earning a aster of usiness and aster of ealth dministration and working eight years in harmaceutical sales industry isa decided to follow her assion for hel ing women to get fit and healthy and became a fitness trainer. isa has been a regular guest on etter ornings tlanta on the ennifer eitt . how and on the tlanta ournal and onstitutions ifestyle log. isa has also been a featured s eaker at the ational on ention ransforming omen ntre reneurs onference and the ennifer eitt m owerment onference.


Lisa Tanker-Potts


ecember is finally here and so are many of your fa orite holiday treats ou e worked hard this year and this month ust seems to be the a ro riate time to en oy great food and wonderful com any. ut the big uestion is how do you ha e fun and en oy those tasty holiday treats without gaining weight ell it s ossible ecute these fi e easy ti s and start the ew ear without the e tra holiday weight gain. 1. STAY ACTIVE or many fall and winter months are the two seasons where eo le seem to ta er off on their workout routines. te into the ew ear without the weight gain by going to the gym o ing in your fa orite workout ideo or attending e ercise classes regularly. im for three to four days of cardio and two to three days of hen you finish you will be glad you did

minutes of weight training.

2. MONITOR YOUR WEIGHT reat this month like any other when it comes to your fitness regimen. irst determine whether or not you would like to maintain your current weight or lose a few ounds. sually ecember is the erfect time to maintain your current weight while you en oy the holiday celebrations. econd be sure to weigh yourself and track your weight weekly to kee those unwanted ounds off. 3. BE SELECTIVE WITH WHAT YOU EAT It s common for food to be the focus of holiday gatherings. In order to a oid o ereating eat regular healthy meals throughout the day and use this holiday season as the erfect time to engage in good con ersation games dancing and other festi e acti ities. or dessert lo ers choose only one ser ing of your fa orite dish to satisfy your sweet cra ing. aking se eral bites of all desserts will only significantly increase your calorie intake. 4. DECORATE YOUR DESK WITH FRUIT ome of the best treats during the holiday season are ust within arm s reach either on your desk your co workers desks or a common area in the office. In order to distance yourself from any ossible holiday weight gain kee fresh fruit handy instead. 5. SEND LEFTOVERS HOME WITH THE GUEST AFTER THE HOLIDAY CELEBRATION! It s uite to en oy your fa orite foods during the holiday season but the key is to ne er o er indulge. he macaroni sweet otato casserole dressing red el et cake ound cake and banana udding taste so good but these high calorie foods should only be en oyed in moderation. nd while the thought of eating lefto ers for a few days after the arty sounds great these high fat high calorie foods will only work against you. hen hosting a arty be sure to send the lefto ers with your guest. ith all of the food out of the house you will a oid those holiday ounds and start the new year with a bang a y holidays and cheers to a healthy and fit holiday season Lisa Tanker-Potts Fitness and Lifestyle Expert


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by: Boutique Body Fitness | 650 Hamilton Ave SE, Suite D | Atlanta, GA 30312 BEST SELF ATLANTA Phone: (678) 568- 17 | ti ebody


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