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Rethinking Big Pharma How questioning the role of prescriptions in medicine can lead to true health By Jennifer Colosimo


ever before have Americans taken so much medicine. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, in 2014, over one million people took a trip to the emergency room due to adverse drug effects. About 124,000 of them died. Roughly half of those deaths could have been prevented. With American society so conditioned to take a pill for whatever ails us, we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a serious drug crisis. And we’re still not feeling any better. “We’re prescribing a lot more medications than we need. When it comes to pain medications, for example, we [the United States] take over 80 percent of some of the world’s opioids (like hydrocodone and oxycodone),” says Sanjay Gupta, MD, faculty neurosurgeon at The Emory Clinic and chief medical correspondent for CNN.

Tasneem Bhatia (Dr. Taz), MD, founder of CentreSpringMD

Nationally recognized, Dr. Taz, is a wellness expert who is boardcertified in integrative medicine, pediatrics, and holistic medicine. She is a best-selling author and a frequent guest on “TODAY,” “The Dr. Oz Show,” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”



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