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October 2012


Loud, Proud & Pink

Empowered women share their stories of strength p. 45 Shining A Light On Laser Treatments

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Staying Ahead of Venous Disease by Dr. Lisa Perez p. 53

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Your self-improvement journey starts here.

Good habits start early. That’s why we teamed up with Kohl’s Cares to create the Kohl’s Healthy Halls program, which teaches young school kids the benefits of staying active and eating right. Learn more at

©2012 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All rights reserved.

Lyn Ross, L.M.E. Founder and CEO

Institut’ DERMed Mediclinical Spa Celebrates Its 23 rd Anniversary

Anniversary Special Experience the Diamond Peel for face and hands, a unique blend of TCA and Matrixyl Peptides to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for a

firm, flawless complexion.

Price: $67.50 (Value $215) Treatment includes:

Facial - surface cleansing, corrective cleansing, Diamond Peel, relaxing upper body massage, hydration and sun protection. Hands - a mild exfoliator with corundum crystals and jojoba beads polishes away damaged cells and the Diamond Peel is applied to improve overall texture and diminish uneven skin tone.

3726 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342




Call to schedule your Diamond Peel today:

404.261.5199 Offer good through Oct. 30th, 2012. Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. One per client please.

Did You Know?

Thirteen million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence - 85% of them are women. From young mothers to aging boomers, one in four women over the age of 18 experience episodes of unplanned urine leakage. Urinary incontinence is not a normal part of having children or aging and typically worsens over time. •

Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh hard?

Do you wear pads or liners to protect against leakage?

Do you plan activities based on the location of a restroom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the good news is that there is treatment!

Georgia Urology delivers the most advanced urological care available. As the largest urology practice in the Southeast, our 37 highly-trained and experienced urologists specialize in the medical and surgical management of all genitourinary conditions in men, women, adolescents and children including: •

Urological cancers (including prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular)

Male and female incontinence

Kidney stones

Male reproductive health and infertility (including vasectomy and vasectomy reversal)

Prostate problems

Erectile dysfunction

Urinary tract infections

Pediatric urology

To learn more visit or call 404-256-1844.



Your self-improvement journey starts here.



Patti Stephens EDITOR


Carmen Koehler

Sara Young

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Taylor Arnold


Erin Cotter Intisar Seraaj-Sabree

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It’s not what you lose. It’s what you gain. So say goodbye to stubborn fat. And say hello to the body you once had with our clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment without the downtime. How cool is that? To learn more, call us today. CALL GARDNER DERMATOLOGY & MED SPA FOR A FREE CONSULTATION ON COOLSCULPTING, THE NEW, NON-INVASIVE WAY TO REDUCE FAT.


Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa 2550 Windy Hill Road, Suite 220 & 204 Marietta, GA 30067, 770-952-2100 ext. 3

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7/23/12 8:07:38 AM


Cindy Simmons, host of STAR 94 Mornings

October 2012


The Power of Pink

Local breast cancer survivors share their journey of triumph and growth

Our Pink Issue Women’s health checklist, advancements in breast cancer treatment and great ways to keep fit



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Staying Ahead of Venous Disease by Dr. Lisa Perez p. 53

on the cover Cover models: Dr. Kimberly C. Hutcherson, Cindy Simmons, Chef Nancy Waldeck, Angie Patterson Photography by: Gregg Willett Photography Makeup by: Jessica Kisielewski of Institut’ DERMed Spa Hair by Charmaine Smith of Pat Alessi - Salon 1580



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Products, expert tips and more

61 L-R: Angie Patterson, Dr. Kimberly C. Hutcherson, Jeyme Colodne (Best Self editor), Cindy Simmons, Chef Nancy Waldeck, Sherri Adair (Best Self publisher)



my money

New ways to look at your finances

my giveback

Tons of ways you can volunteer



LEGS done

Our practice is dedicated to the treatment of

varicose veins, spider veins and venous disorders

Atlanta 678-731-9815 Darrell Caudill, MD, FACS


from the publisher


Change is All Around Us - Embrace It! The first breath of cool, autumn air and acorns falling all around has signaled the change of seasons. With the election just a month away and holidays on the horizon, we are reminded that life is fluid and ever-evolving. Sometimes it is hard not to let this change become overwhelming. That is when we need to remember that elections and holiday seasons will come and go, and these are things that just happen in the normal course of life. Today, however, is what we have and what we need to make the most of. In fact, how we take charge of our own life and live it every day should be our focus. The decisions we make to be physically and spiritually fit and healthy in mind and body will give us the foundation and tools to live our best life. So, embrace change! Be present and deliberate in the choices you can make so you can be ready for all those changes that are just part of the natural journey of life. All the best Sherri Adair, Publisher,

My Best List SurfSET Fitness/Total-Body Surf Trainer and Shark Tank – This combines two of my favorite things. I discovered this new fitness trend on the television show, Shark Tank. This show is great because it features real entrepreneurs and inventors pitching their ideas to a group of savvy but shrewd investors (the Sharks). SurfSET Fitness was one of the ideas that was pitched and won a deal with investor Mark Cuban. Using a stand-alone surf board engineered to allow you to perform an array of exercises, the “rider� gets all the benefits of surfing, like core strengthening and improved balance, without being in the water. SurfSET Fitness Tour will be coming to Atlanta on Nov. 8. Check our Facebook page for more event details. Details: Kirkland Salmon Fillets - If you would like to add more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, this is an easy, cost-effective way to do it. Super easy and cooks in less than 10 minutes, these flash-frozen Atlantic salmon fillets are absolutely delicious. Seven individually wrapped servings are $18.99. Details: Your local Costco, Karaoke on Saturday nights in Sandy Springs - If you want to add some off-beat fun to your life, check out this odd mixture of an old English pub and sing-along karaoke. Often hosted by uniquely-styled DJs, it is quirky, funny and sometimes even really good. It is so much fun to see people forget their inhibitions and just sing for fun. Details: The Ship & Anchor Pub, 5975 Roswell Road NE, Sandy Springs, GA, (404) 256-3550








EVOS - I love this healthy fast food place. There are plenty of health food options like veggie, turkey and salmon burgers, great salads, fruit smoothies and more. Details: The Prado, Sandy Springs.









from the editor Think Pink

Whether it’s your aunt, a friend or a neighbor, you may know at least one person who has battled breast cancer. For me, it was my good friend Keri, who, after receiving her diagnosis, quickly rallied friends together for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The first thing I did, after agreeing to be part of her Pink team, was to learn how to properly do a self-breast examination (SBE). Even if you haven’t been personally affected by breast cancer, don’t wait to book that mammogram or learn SBE (The American Cancer Society recommends that you do a routine check once a month). Learn more about other important screenings on our Women’s Health checklist (p. 37). We spoke with four inspiring breast cancer survivors who shared their journey from diagnosis to recovery (p. 45). If you are thinking of getting involved with any “pink” events this month, make sure to check our list of great ways to donate your time (p. 35). Let us know how you plan to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month by logging on to our Facebook page and writing on our wall. Lastly, we are introducing our newest Best Self contributor, financial planner Karen Lee (p. 61), who offers insightful tips on how to refocus your financial goals. Like it or not, aging depletes hormone levels in 100% of adults. Most adults begin significant loss of hormones after their early 20’s.

Happy Reading!

Childbirth, menopause, and time also alter womens’ hormone levels.

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Male hormone levels typically decline 1-2% annually, meaning that by their mid 40’s, most men have lost almost half their prime hormone levels.

Jeyme Colodne, Editor Amor Vie® therapy will, among other things, renew the hormone levels of your prime. Unlike many other hormone treatments, your Amor Vie® therapy is personally designed to restore the optimal hormone levels found in your early 20’s, not just the levels for a mid-life or senior adult.

Coming in November

THE GIVING ISSUE Feature: The Greatest Gift - How to become

Amor Vie® Therapy guarantees that your hormone levels will improve.

a donor. Learn more about donating blood, marrow and organs, as well as donor registries, banks and transplants

HRC Medical patient sampling indicates that regular treatment provides a sustained hormone level, consistent with that of our prime.

Feature: Yoga Defined - various practices, gear, clothing and more

Our patients have self-reported life-changing IMPROVEMENTS in symptom relief.

Profile: Facebook/People’s Choice - Atlanta’s top

yoga instructors

Call us today for your free consultation so we can help you start improving your quality of life.

Best Finds: Wonderful ideas for holiday

gift giving

Plus Best Rx, Best Fun, Best Events, Best Beauty, Best Bites and more Check out our Give-Back Guide for tons of ways to volunteer.

Dr. Carmelita Fields

For more of everything go to

2849 Overlook Parkway SE, Suite 380 Atlanta GA 30339 (770) 877-8800 Visit 10


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BEST SELF ATLANTA 8/21/12 10:04:10 A

Keeping You Naturally More Beautiful! • Skin Cancer • Hair Restoration • Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation • Ultherapy • Cosmetic Facial Surgery • Laser Skin Treatments • Rhinoplasty • Acne • Necklift • Laser Hair Removal • Professional Skin Care Services • Rosacea • Psoriasis • General Derm • SmoothShapes

No Surgery & No Down Time

$500 Off any Ultherapy Treatment plus a 30 minute facial. Expires 11/1/2012 - Not valid with any other offer



Dermal Fillers & Botox

Seth Yellin, MD, FACS | Clem Doxey, MD | Paul Espy, MD | Robert Harper, MD | Myles Jerdan, MD | Mark Knautz, MD Paige Camp, MD | George Dobo, MD | Jared Friedman, MD | Elizabeth Richwine, MD | Piyush Raman, MD | Ken Anderson, MD




Specializing in Hair Color, Cuts and Styling


PHIPPS PLAZA 404.233.0047

“Friend” us on Facebook carter arnes_halfh.indd

PACES FERRY 404.848.0047

Beautiful, new renovation in process-visit us at Phipps location until complete


8/1 /12 12:38:50 PM

New Therapist. Flying Change partners horses in psychotherapy and personal growth to help you find new insight and solutions to life challenges. Therapy groups beginning in October for: • Grief & Loss • Addiction Recovery • Eating Disorders • Healing from Trauma & Abuse Visit our website to learn more! 404-512-0834 12



flyingchange_halfh.indd Sec11 9/19/12 11:27:01 AM


The scoop on what’s new around town A Survivor’s Story Having experienced it firsthand, Patricia Prijatel wrote the book, “Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Hope, Treatment, and Recovery.” Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) means the cancer is not supported by the hormones estrogen and progesterone, and does not respond to hormonal therapy. As a health journalist diagnosed at age 60, Prijatel talks about the research on TNBC, treatment options and more. $18.26

On the Move Get ready to run, walk, jump or dance your way down North Highland Avenue on Oct. 7 from 2 to 6 p.m. for the Atlanta Streets Alive! festival. This event will give you and your friends and family two miles of freedom to enjoy outdoor activities such as soccer, yoga, Zumba and more. Get up and get out of your boring weekday routine. Details: North Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA, (404) 811-1112,

Details: Your local Barnes & Noble

Shoppin’ at Fern’s Tammi Cody, owner of the newly opened Fern’s Market in Serenbe, traded a 17-year law career to be the proprietress of this unique general store. Inspired by the community at Serenbe, Tammi saw a need for a local grocery store and decided to fill it. Fern’s carries a variety of organic and local produce as well as cool gifts. Details: 10642 Serenbe Lane, Chattahoochee Hills, GA, (770) 463-3456,

Row Your Boat Get ready for an intense and fun workout at Rowbot Fitness. This new gym in Smyrna offers one hour group classes on state-of-the-art indoor rowing machines. Since indoor rowing is a non-impact exercise, it’s great for all fitness levels. Details: 2690 Cobb Pkwy. SE, Ste. A-6, Smyrna, GA, (678) 310-3233,

Photos courtesy of: Oxford University Press (top left), Ferns Market (middle left), Rowbot Fitness (middle right). Mariano Pastor of Via U Photography (bottom left)

YogaFit Comes to Atlanta Your Inner Vixen “Light the Spark” Premium Intimacy Kit was created by Decatur resident and former Playboy Entertainment executive Caroline Gallrein to help women keep the spark in their relationships. The kit includes an organic Madagascar vanilla candle that melts into decadent massage oil, a luxurious tickling feather, a trademarked pleasure menu and more. $49.95

Stretch out your worries and relax your body at the Mind/Body Fitness Conference on Nov. 8 – 11. Expand your inventory of yoga moves, experience yoga for the first time or earn continuing education credits at this fun and tranquil event hosted at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center. Find specific pricing and register online or by phone. Details: 3405 Lenox Road NE, Atlanta, GA, (888) 855-7741,






Local businesses think pink

Details: 918 Austin Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 872-4990,


Get ready for Paint the Mall Pink, which takes place at Mall of Georgia and Town Center at Cobb on Oct. 4-7. Grab some friends for a weekend of fun health-focused activities, live music, giveaways and more. The festivities kick off with Girls Night Out on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at Mall of Georgia and 5:30 p.m. at Town Center at Cobb. Details: Mall of Georgia, 3333 Buford Drive, Buford, GA, (678) 482-8788, Town Center at Cobb, 400 Ernest Barrett Pkwy, Kennesaw, GA, (770) 424-0742,


Come out on Oct. 6 to celebrate local photographer Peter Doyle’s new book, “Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom From The Journey,” at a Pink soiree brunch, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This portrait book pairs photos of local breast cancer survivors with a personal note of wisdom. A portion of the proceeds from this book and ticket sales will go to local breast cancer organizations. Purchase the book at www.breastcancerportraits. com and the tickets at Details: M. Rich Building, 115 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, Atlanta, GA, (770) 846-9274,





Amoena, a Kennesaw-based company that helps women with post-surgery breast cancer needs, is donating 100 percent of the proceeds from their breast cancer awareness pin to support breast cancer organizations. The pin, which was designed by a survivor, is available at Dillard’s, Nordstrom and other specialty boutiques. $1.75 Details: Nordstrom, 4390 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA, (770) 394-1141,


Dine and donate at The Melting Pot’s Dip for the Cure event on Oct. 15 – 21.The event will feature a three-course menu with cheese fondue, salad, signature entrées and Ta-Ta Tinis. This special cocktail is $5 and proceeds from the drink will benefit Save the Ta-Tas. Details: 754 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 389-0099,,

Jessica Shops Pick of the Month Wear Your Support I am such a fan of OKA b., an Atlantabased footwear company that is as functional as it is stylish. This manufacturer of eco-friendly spa shoes, sandals and ballet flats announced a partnership with the American Cancer Society to provide comfortable spa shoes to cancer patients nationwide. The initiative, “Our Greatest Feat,” will donate one pair of its signature Madison Slides to a cancer patient for every pair sold online at through Oct. 31. In addition to donating products to those who could use a little extra pick-me-up during a challenging time in their lives, OKA b., in collaboration with the American Cancer Society, has created a Limited Edition Pink Ribbon Madison slide to help raise money for cancer research. For every pair of the Pink Ribbon Madisons sold online, $10 will go to the American Cancer Society. To purchase, visit Jessica Dauler For more info visit For more info on Jessica visit

Photos courtesy of: Britain Baker (top left), Amoena (top right), The Reynolds Group (middle right), OKA b (bottom right)


Raise your glass and toast to finding a cure at The Albert in Inman Park. Their new cocktail, The BBC (which stands for Beet Breast Cancer), is a sweet concoction of fresh squeezed beet juice, Cathead Honeysuckle vodka and lemon lime soda. For the month of October, a dollar from each BBC cocktail sold will benefit breast cancer research.

Atlanta Smiles & Wellness Dentistry and Wellness for the Entire Family



4405 Northside Parkway, Suite 110 • Atlanta, Georgia 30327 • 404.262.7733 • • 404.262.7733

Dr. Marianna Kovitch


Atlanta Smiles and Wellness is a family-oriented practice with expertise in cosmetic dentistry and wellness. Dr. Dina Giesler is a Master Dentist of the Academy of General Dentistry, a very high distinction achieved by less than one percent of dentists. She received the 2004 and 2010 Atlanta Magazine, Top Dentist Award and is a member of the ADA, GDA and the AACD. Marianna Kovitch, D.M.D. completed her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia and has recently joined the practice. Both share the same philosophy in conservative treatment along with passion of health, nutrition and wellness. Dr. Dina Giesler



2012 Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk







11 16


12 OCTOBER 2012





2012 Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk, Sept. 13, Turner Field 1. Julia Dunbar, Brittany McEtheney, Anne-Marie Berte, Jesse Lujan (Exhale Mind Body Spa) 2. Sage Salas, Marianna Kovitch, Kris Kent, Morgan Collier (Atlanta Smiles and Wellness) 3. Walter Hayes, Mallory Hazen (Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta) 4. Robert Bellamy, Terrence Ellis, Christopher Seabrook (New York Life) 5. Leslie Clayton (Body Awareness Studio) 6. Sharad Patel (2U Medical) 7. Alethea Tinkle (Bella by Alethea) 8. Alicia Nicely, Faith Terrassa (Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa) 9. Charmaine Smith, Pat Alessi (Pat Alessi - Salon 1580) 10. Beth Anne Holcombe (Harley Anti-Aging Institute) 11. Kenneth Ricci, MD (New Vitality Medical Institute), Saira Gillani, ND (Natural Health Atlanta) 12. Catherine Wilmot, Belinda Faust (Balanced Diet)

Hi, my name is Brian J. Johnston. I’m a busy “40-something” husband, father, and business owner, working as a personal trainer for the last 23 years to help others achieve their Best Self! With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m going to help 40 people (ages 40+) in 40 days:

Located in Sandy Springs: Brian J. Johnston: - Personal Trainer / 23 years - Motivational Speaker - Best-Selling Author

95 Cliftwood Drive, Atlanta 30328


Community Special Events






gnc_halfh.indd Sec11


3 Institutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; DERMed Spa celebrates 23rd Anniversary, Sept. 14, Atlanta 1. Founder Lyn Ross 2. Aesthetician Amy Anderson with guest 3. Makeup artist Jessica Kisielewski with guest Town Dentistry Opening Party, Sept. 13th, Brookhaven 4. Dr. Heather Bussey, Jason Bussey 9/19/12 10:24:39 AM

It’s time to get your pre-beer belly back. Our delicious, convenient gourmet meal plans remove all the guesswork and the hassle. GMM’s chef-inspired portion- and calorie-controlled meals are locally prepared and fresh, never frozen -- the perfect blend of culinary magic and nutrition science. And what about convenience? GMM has over 90 pickup locations (and counting) throughout ‘”–Š ‡‘”‰‹ƒǡƒ†Š‘‡‘”‘ƥ…‡†‡Ž‹˜‡”›‹•ƒŽ•‘ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡Ǥ

ˆ›‘—‡‡†ƒŽ‹––Ž‡Š‡Ž’ǡ Šƒ•ƒ–‡””‹Ƥ… menu of nutrition support services. GMM’s experienced team of registered dietitians and wellness professionals can help you set achievable goals and put you right on track to getting it back!

You lose...and the underserved right in your own community win big time. Good Measure Meals is the only gourmet meal plan that donates 100% of proceeds†‹”‡…–Ž›–‘‘’”‘Ƥ–—–”‹–‹‘’”‘‰”ƒ•‹›‘—” community. So now you can eat well and do good. What could be better than that?

GET IT BACK TODAY! Order at or 404-815-7695 100% of proceeds support Open Hand community nutrition programs provided free of charge to homebound seniors and individuals battling chronic or critical illness. For more information, visit


$50 OFF


*Use promo code NC50 or call for details.


Atlanta doctors provide answers to your questions



I’ve read that you can decrease your breast cancer risk by exercising. I’m 45 and I am worried that even if I start exercising now, the damage has already been done by years of not exercising. Should I even bother? The old saying that it’s never too late to change really applies here. A recent study shows that exercise and weight loss significantly decrease a woman’s breast cancer risk, before and after menopause. So you can start exercising later in life and still enjoy great benefits! This even applies to overweight or obese women—those who exercised had a lower risk of breast cancer than those who were not physically active at all.

Q Piyush Raman, MD Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center




Why should I have a full skin examination and what does it involve?

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. In fact, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Thus, the early detection of skin cancer can be a lifesaving measure. When you see a dermatologist for a complete skin checkup, expect a head-to-toe skin examination. Always point out any moles or growths that are changing, bleeding or not healing during the examination. If a lesion is suspicious for cancer, a biopsy may be performed. Depending on the results of the biopsy, your dermatologist will discuss a treatment plan to ensure that it is treated properly, completely and in a timely manner. A full body skin exam should be done yearly or more often if needed.

What is atrial fibrillation and how do you know if you have it? Atrial fibrillation is a very common heart rhythm abnormality in which the heart beats in a very irregular and chaotic manner. It is often, but not always rapid. Common symptoms include sensations of a racing or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath and weakness. Some patients have no symptoms. An ECG (electrocardiogram) is the first step in evaluating a patient. A visit to the doctor can determine if an additional evaluation or treatment is needed.


Thomas Deering, MD Piedmont Heart Institute



Julius N. Skeete, OD Dr. Skeete & Associates, PC


Kristina Bowen, MD Georgia Cancer Specialists

Does working on the computer damage my eyes?

Perhaps the greatest concern that a person should consider when working on the computer or staring at a cell phone for extended periods of time is the issue of dry eye. When we engage in these tasks, we tend to blink less, therefore our eye can become dry. Periodically, completely closing the eyes and shifting our gaze away from the digital device are two simple tasks that can be used to enhance our comfort and eye health.

Can drinking eight glasses of water per day help prevent

kidney stones?

Even in Georgia—part of the “kidney stone belt”—64 ounces of water (eight 8 oz. glasses) is usually beyond the amount needed for kidney stone prevention and overall health. The best indicator is the appearance of your urine. With the exception of your first morning urination, your urine should always appear very dilute or pale yellow. Of course, you should drink more fluids during times of exercise or heat exposure.

Scott Miller, MD Georgia Urology





i will take care of myself


The Circulatory Centers can help. For 30 years, we’ve helped women painlessly remove unsightly veins from their legs. Our local board-certified doctors specialize in improving the look and feel of your legs. All procedures are done in the privacy and comfort of our center. 95% of all procedures are covered by insurance with little to no out-ofpocket expense. Don’t wait. Now there’s no reason not to have healthier, younger-looking legs once again. Call today for your FREE consultation! 678.954.7684 |

Visit our convenient offices in Roswell, Perimeter or our newest Johns Creek location on 3921 Johns Creek Court, Suite C.

The vascular experts doctors recommend most.


Connect with experts in our business community Healthy Attractive Legs! At Atlanta Access Care, located in Decatur, patients always come first! Our Patient Services Coordinator will greet you at the front desk to get you started. Next, you will meet with Dr. Kevin Sullivan where you will receive a personalized consultation to help you find the causes of your vein problems and choose the treatment that is best for you. Dr. Sullivan is boardcertified by the American Board of Radiology and has a certificate of Added Qualifications in Vascular and Interventional Radiology. For patient convenience we even offer Saturday hours! Atlanta Access Care 250 E. Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, GA 30030, (866) 996-9729,

Lush Lashes At Atlanta Lash Addict, get super-sexy, lush, semipermanent eyelashes that can last indefinitely with touch-ups every 2-4 weeks. The application is a painless, relaxing process that takes just 90 to 120 minutes. These semi- Beautiful eyes with natural eyelashes top and lash extensions bottom. permanent lashes are waterresistant so you can swim, shower, exercise and sleep worry-free. At Atlanta Lash Addict, you will recieve a flawless set of lashes that lengthens and thickens without the need for mascara. They are perfect for special occasions or simply for day-to-day wear. You will love your new look and your vibrant, long and luscious lashes. Atlanta Lash Addict 1385 Spring St. NW, Atlanta, GA, 30309, (404) 437-8396,

Click to Connect with Community of Experts Connecting you with the experts who can help you be your best self, our website is the most comprehensive source for information on beauty, health, fitness, wellness and anti-aging. Simply go to to search by popular topics like back pain, laser treatments and breast cancer prevention and get information directly from the experts. With over 30,000 pages of Google-indexed content, we are Atlanta’s ultimate guide to health, beauty and overall life-improvement. Best Self Atlanta Magazine




Celebrating 23 Years Lyn Ross, founder and president of Atlanta-based Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare, is a Licensed Master Esthetician, product innovator and author of “Your Guide to Beautiful Skin at Any Age” and “Ultimate Secrets to Unlimited Referrals.” Believing that clean, clear skin is important for health and well-being, Lyn is a true medical spa pioneer dedicated to sharing her knowledge. All of the Institut’ DERMed staff are highly qualified in advanced skincare therapies and cosmeceutical products, in many cases the most highly qualified therapists for miles around. Institut’ DERMed Spa celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year. Institut’ DERMed Spa 3726 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342, (404) 261-5199

We Make it Simple to Live Younger NO ONE CAN STOP THE AGING PROCESS, however, OUR doctors are trained to design and prescribe a plan that will make you feel and look better. At New Vitality Medical Institute, we focus on affordable plans for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. This means increasing your energy level throughout the day, losing more fat, toning up, gaining strength and stamina, improving your bone mineral density, building muscle from exercise, improving your libido and sexual function, as well as your mood, memory, motivation, and drive. New Vitality Medical Institute 5755 North Point Pkwy., Ste. 53, Alpharetta, GA 30022, (404) 228-7900,

BACK PAIN...Why Wait? When you have back or neck pain, the last thing you want to do is wait for relief. Northside Hospital’s Spine Center offers immediate assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of spine conditions ranging from minor back pain to more complex conditions. Appointments can be made within 24-48 hours, and you don’t need a referral. We coordinate your personalized care to provide a multidisciplinary approach at one convenient location.


No referral necessary. For an appointment, call (404) 459-1809. Proud Partner of

2 LOCATIONS: Atlanta & Forsyth

northsidespinectr_halfh.indd Sec11 SouthernPlasSurg_halfh.indd Sec11

9/19/12 10:28:03 AM




9/19/12 8:49:40 AM

no facial hair

no wrinkles

no buldge

hether you have wrinkles you’d like to erase, breakouts to clear up, a tattoo to remove or body hair to eliminate, chances are there’s a laser treatment for that. Compared to more invasive surgical procedures, laser treatments have minimal side effects, less downtime and are often more affordable. And with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian touting the marvels of these non-invasive procedures, it’s no wonder women everywhere are heading to their favorite med spa to see what’s what. Light therapy has been used for its therapeutic benefits as early as the ancient Egyptians, but as the technology evolves, so have the results. Today’s lasers offer better results because they use low-powered light, causing less downtime. Read on to learn about what you can expect from these cosmetic laser treatments and get the latest information from local experts. As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s important to do your homework and learn the pros and cons of these treatments.

Skin deep “Getting an evaluation before a laser treatment is critical,” says Dr. Tara Margarella, a cosmetic surgeon at Blue MedSpa. “You need to make your expectations known so that you can get the best results.”

no cellulite

Shedding Light on Cosmetic Laser Treatments By Taylor Arnold





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There are numerous lasers on the market today; here are a few to check out. LASER SKIN REJUVENATION

Many med spas that offer laser procedures will use terms like “rejuvenation,” “resurfacing” or “tightening” interchangeably because they fall under the same umbrella. This treatment, which works to improve the overall appearance, texture and clarity of the skin, can be broken down into two categories: skin tightening and skin resurfacing. Consider how sensitive your skin is, how long you want the results to last and how much money you want to spend when deciding on which treatment you want.

Skin Tightening

Purpose: To reduce wrinkles and loose skin for a more youthful appearance. How it works: Laser skin tightening involves heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing it to tighten. GentleMax Laser • What to expect: To minimize any discomfort, your esthetician will use a topical numbing agent and cryogen skin cooling system. The laser portion of the treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes, and most people need three to four treatments spaced three months apart. Results can last up to two years. • Cost: $500 - $3500 per session. • What the experts say: “We use the Candela GentleMax Laser because it is safe and effective for every skin type,” says Sharilyn Berg, licensed medical esthetician and manager at Nirvana Med Spa. “I follow up with a soothing mask to reduce the erythema (redness) and do not apply ice, because I believe this minimizes results.” Affirm Laser • What to expect: Since lower individual energy levels are used during this treatment, you feel less discomfort and have a faster recovery time

compared to single-wavelength lasers. For the best results, you’ll need six to eight sessions at one-month intervals. You may leave the office looking red, but this won’t last more than 24 hours after the procedure. • Cost: $400 - $700 per session. • What the experts say: “This is a very powerful laser that can produce temporary redness so appointments have to be worked around your schedule accordingly,” explains Alethea Tinkle, founder of Bella by Alethea. “Often clients will do a single procedure in January to start the new year with all new fresh skin.”

Skin Resurfacing

Purpose: To reduce wrinkles, scars and blemishes, and improve aged or sun-damaged skin. How it works: Your esthetician uses a laser that sends short beams of light into the skin to remove the outer layer, or the epidermis. When the treated area heals, the new layer of skin that appears is smoother and firmer. IPL Photofacial • What to expect: Treatment time may range from 15 to 45 minutes. Some patients see hyperpigmentation (brown spots) that peel off in about 10 days. Avoid the sun for a day or two following treatment, as you will be more sensitive to developing a burn. Most patients need between five and eight treatments at three-week intervals. • Cost: $200 - $500. • What the experts say: “The most popular treatment we offer is IPL,” says Lyn Ross, President of Institut’ DERMed Spa. “The number of treatments will vary according to the amount and type of pigment or other lesions to be treated. Age spots and blood vessels require one to three treatments. Rosacea may require four to six, however the benefit is long lasting.”

Do your homework According to Dr. Alan Gardner of Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa, you should consider the following questions before having any laser treatment done: • What type of laser will be used and is it safe for all skin types? __________________________________________________________ • Who is doing the procedure? _____________________________________

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• How many treatments will I need to achieve the results that I want? __________________________________________________________ • How much laser experience does the technician have and are they certified or licensed? __________________________________________________________ • Is there a doctor on-site when the laser procedures are performed? _________ • Is the doctor trained and certified on the laser procedures? _______________ • What are the risks and complications associated with the laser procedure? __________________________________________________________ • Is there any downtime and how much?______________________________ • Are there any medications or other things to avoid before or after the procedure? ____________________________________________________________________ • Is the procedure painful? __________________________________________________ • How long has the laser clinic or office been in business? ______________________________




Be Georgeous with a NonSurgical Lift! Ultherapy Ultrasound Skin Tightening After After After

before After

Fractional CO2 Laser • What to expect: The procedure can take between 30 minutes and two hours. Your doctor may use a topical anesthetic, but most patients say the discomfort is minimal. Immediately after the procedure, your skin will look pink and puffy and may be extra sensitive to sunlight for up to a year. • Cost: $2,500 - $4,000. • What the experts say: “The Fractional CO2 laser is one of our most popular anti-aging lasers,” says Dr. Alan Gardner of Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa. “Patients love the tightening effect this laser offers without having to go through invasive surgery.”


$300 off Ultherapy Until November 7, 2012 Call today to schedule your appointment! Cobb Wellness is proud to offer the acclaimed non-surgical lifting procedure, Ultherapy! Not a facelift, but an uplift — Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to gradually strengthen and tone your skin from deep within…without any downtime. The result? Tighter, firmer, better-fitting skin!

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Micro Laser Peels • What to expect: Immediately after the procedure, your skin may become red and irritated, but many patients get their micro peel on a Thursday or Friday and return to work on Monday morning with no signs of the treatment. Most people require one to six treatments, depending on the condition of their skin. • The cost: $300 and up per treatment. • What the experts say: “Essentially, a micro laser peel is a step between microdermabrasion and heavier chemical peels,” says Patricia Daniel, co-owner and laser director at Laser Lights Cosmetic Center. “Because the top layer of skin is removed, the body’s natural healing processes take over and revitalize the skin, producing lustrous skin with more even tone and texture.”

If you thought laser treatments were only for your face, think again. Today’s state-of-the-art procedures can treat a range of issues from cellulite to varicose veins, as well as unwanted body hair and even tattoos.

Cellulite Lasers

Purpose: To help with cellulite reduction and body reshaping. How it works: Controlled heat is delivered 1 to 3 centimeters under the skin where stubborn fat cells tend to be. The laser works to melt the fatty pockets, disband the rigid connective tissue and tighten the skin. TriActive Laser • What to expect: A session lasts between 30 minutes and one hour, and most patients see improvement after five to seven treatments. Ten to 15 sessions are recommended, but the results are temporary and most patients need monthly maintenance sessions. • Cost: $100 - $200 per session. • What the experts say: “It’s great for the thighs, back of the arms, neck area, buttocks or stomach,” Tinkle says. “Patients say TriActive is very comfortable and feels like a massage.” Exilis • What to expect: In general, people see results after six treatments, but clients who want to lose larger volumes may opt for eight or more sessions. Each treatment takes between 20 and 40 minutes, and should be scheduled seven to 14 days apart. Exilis is because of the cooling mechanism inside the laser that prevents the skin from getting overheated. • Cost: Price averages between $750 to $2,000 per session, depending on which areas are treated. • What the experts say: “Fat reduction and skin tightening with Exilis is our most popular treatment,” says Dr. Jerry Cooper of Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery. “It is a pleasant experience, and we have been generally pleased with the results.” Cellulaze • What to expect: The entire procedure takes about an hour. Your doctor will inject a numbing medicine under the skin, so you’ll feel nothing. You’ll wear compression garments for a week following the procedure, and you’ll have some soreness for four to six weeks. Most

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All About The Feet Cellulite and wrinkles aren’t the only issues that lasers address. A growing number of podiatrists are using lasers to treat toenail fungus, warts and other foot problems. Dr. Anthony Gatti of Village Podiatry weighs in on the uses of lasers in podiatry. How are lasers used in podiatry? Laser procedures have been successfully used in podiatry for the treatment of multiple foot problems that require removal of diseased or damaged tissues, and is now being used for disease prevention, musculoskeletal disorders and also cosmetic treatments. In podiatry, we frequently employ the laser to treat warts, ingrown toe nails, superficial skin cancers, spider veins, fungus and small varicosities in addition to selective nerve surgeries. What does laser nail treatment involve when treating a fungal infection? We use a sterile medical pedicure process prior to laser treatment to thin the affected nails and remove any loose nail or debris. This allows the laser treatment to better penetrate the nail for optimal effect. Our process is not finished with the laser treatment, as our patients are advised on ways to prevent further fungal infection of the feet and nails. This includes methods to keep the shoes sanitized. How many sessions does it require? The amount of treatment sessions will depend on how severely affected the nails are from this disease. Patients should be wary of salons promising a cure with one laser treatment. If a nail has been diseased for 20 years, there is no laser treatment in the world that will rid the fungus of the nails. What types of results do your patients see after laser nail treatment? We are experiencing a nail clearing of fungal infections—six to 12 months after laser treatment—in excess of 80 percent. Fortunately, laser treatment requires no blood tests to monitor liver function, and there are no risks or complications with laser treatment of fungal toenails.

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patients see improvements in three months, and results continue to improve for up to a year with this FDA-approved laser treatment. • Cost: $4,000 - $7,000, depending on the size of the area treated. • What the experts say: “Compared to other cellulite treatments, this is a one time treatment,” says Dr. Jay Kulkin of Women’s Institute for Health (WIFH). “Cellulaze changes the architecture of lumps and bumps, releases scar tissue and tightens skin by making more collagen. Over 80 percent of the women we’ve treated are satisfied with the results.”

Laser Vein Removal

Purpose: To treat the appearance of varicose veins Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) • How it works: A laser is threaded into the catheter and heats the lining of the vein. Then it is slowly pulled out of the vein, damaging it and causing it to shrink and seal shut. Once this happens, blood can no longer flow through the vein, eliminating the pressure in the vein that caused it to bulge. There is no incision other than a small puncture where the catheter was inserted. • What to expect: EVLA is a 45-minute procedure, and it is done under local anesthesia. You may experience some mild soreness and bruising in the week following the procedure, and compression stockings are also required for a week or two following EVLA. • Cost: Price ranges from $3,000 to $3,500, but insurance typically covers this treatment. • What the experts say: “This is our most popular procedure,” says David Martin, president and CEO of VeinInnovations. “This is a one time treatment, and has about a 95 percent success rate.”

Psoriasis/Vitiligo Treatment

Purpose: A laser treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo (a skin condition in which there is a loss of pigment from areas of skin, resulting in irregular white patches).





XTRAC Laser Treatment • How it works: Concentrated beams of laser light are delivered directly to the targeted areas from a fiber-optic system that is placed directly on the skin and moved across the area. The high-exposure laser energy treats active lesions while leaving healthy skin intact. • What to expect: Treatment sessions last from five to 30 minutes depending on amount of skin involved. Most patients don’t experience pain during treatment, but your skin may feel like it has a mild sunburn for a few days after the procedure. Most patients require 10 sessions. • Cost: Pricing varies, but treatment is covered by all major insurance companies for psoriasis, and some cover it for vitiligo as well. • What the experts say: “XTRAC is great for patients with plaque psoriasis and vitiligo because it is safe, does not expose healthy skin to treatment, doesn’t thin the skin and it has no dangerous health risks,” Dr. Gardner says. “We hear from patients all the time who tell us how grateful they are for XTRAC and how much it has given back to them in their everyday lives.”


Purpose: To remove or reduce the appearance of acne on the skin. Isolaz • How it works: The Isolaz vacuum applies gentle pressure to your pores to extract dirt, blackheads and excess oil from deep pores, while the laser’s light helps destroy acne-causing bacteria. The laser treatment works by slowing down sebum production (oil) and killing the bacteria that contribute to acne. • What to expect: Treatments on the face can take 15 to 20 minutes, but areas on the body may take longer. There may be mild redness that lasts less than an hour, but you can return to your normal activities immediately. Most people require a series of four treatments at one to two week intervals. /18/12 12:4 :14 PM


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• Cost: Price varies depending on the area(s) treated. • What the experts say: “Patients often use this half hour treatment as a way to quickly clear up a bad breakout on their face, chest or back,” Berg explains. “It is a tool that needs to be coupled with proper skincare. There is no cure for acne, but you can control it.”


Purpose: To remove unwanted hair from the body or face. Brand names for this laser include Light Sheer, IPL, Yag, Duet or Cool Glide. • How it works: Beams of highly concentrated light penetrate the hair follicles and destroy the hair within the follicle. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. • What to expect: Depending on the area being treated, a session may range from 15 minutes to an hour, and should be scheduled every four to six weeks. Your skin may look and feel sunburned for a day or two, and over the next month, the treated hair will fall out. • Cost: Price varies depending on the area(s) treated. • What the experts say: “Contrary to popular belief, we can treat all skin types, but the easiest to treat has dark hair and light skin,” Dr. Cooper says. “The laser targets pigment in the hair root, so those with light blonde or white hair are less likely to respond to laser treatments. You can never permanently remove every hair, but any recurrent hairs will be fewer and smaller in size.”


Purpose: To permanently remove tattoos in an non-invasive way. For this procedure, a Q-switched laser (quality-switched laser) is typically used. Brand names include Astanza, RevLite and MedLite C Series, just to name a few. • How it works: The laser delivers energy that breaks up the dyes, then the broken down ink is absorbed by your body.

• What to expect: Tattoo removal requires a series of seven to 10 treatments done every six to 10 weeks. The treatment is uncomfortable, so technicians often use a cooling machine to numb the skin. • Cost: $200 and up per session. • What the experts say: “Because you don’t know what ink the artist used or how much they used, you don’t always know how much of a reduction you’ll get,” Dr. Kulkin explains. “It requires different lasers for different colors because not every wavelength will attack every color.”

Editorial Resources: American Society of Plastic Surgeons - Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery - Bella by Alethea - Blue MedSpa - Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa - Institut’ DERMed Spa - Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center - Nirvana Med Spa & Laser Centre - Saint Joseph’s Vein Center - VeinInnovations - ViIlage Podiatry - Women’s Institute for Health (WIFH) -

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Resources A New You Skin & Body Clinic See ad on p. 29 Access Care Atanta (866) 996-9729 See ad on p. 30 Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery See ad on p. 26 Bella by Alethea See ad on p. 59 Circulatory Centers See ad on p. 21, 53 Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics See ad on p. 28 Dermatology Associates of Atlanta See ad on p. 24 Dermatology Center of Atlanta See ad on p. 32 Gardner Dermatology & Medspa See ad on p. 5 Harley Anti-Aging Institute See ad on p. 36 HRC Medical Centers See ad on p. 10 Institut’ DERMed See ad on p. 3 Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer Center See ad on p. 11 Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center See ad on p. 11 Nirvana Med Spa See ad on p. 64

DON’T LET JUST ANYONE PERFORM YOUR LASER NAIL TREATMENT Trust A Laser-Certified Physician To Diagnose And Treat Your Toenail Fungus If you have toenail fungus, do you visit a spa or clinic under the care of a non-medical technician? Or, do you choose a professional practice, where your entire experience, from diagnosis to treatment, is handled by one of Atlanta’s most skilled podiatrists? At Village Podiatry, our board-certified doctors painlessly perform an FDA-cleared laser procedure, killing fungus under the nail without harming the surrounding skin. So don’t take chances. Trust the medical professionals at Village Podiatry, the Southeast’s largest, most respected practice specializing in foot and ankle care.

North Atlanta Dermatology See ad on p. 56 Southern Plastic Surgery, P.C. See ad on p. 23 The Laser Institute of Georgia See ad on p. 24 Vein Atlanta See ad on p. 67 VeinInnovations See ad on p. 7

Dr. Anthony Gatti

Dr. Gary Laden

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Village Podiatry Centers See ad on p. 33 Vinings Surgery Center See ad on p. 31

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Boost Your Health Feel good from the inside out

No matter what your age, a clean bill of health is one of the most important things you can have to help you be your best self. Besides visiting your physician regularly, be your own best health advocate by staying informed, being proactive and making positive lifestyle choices. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you will find insight into the latest advancements in breast cancer treatments plus a health checklist and fun and effective ways to stay fit. Advancements in the Fight Against Breast Cancer By Taylor Arnold While there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, there are many strategies for decreasing your risk for developing it. According to the American Cancer Society, death rates from breast cancer have been declining since 1990, with larger decreases in women under age 50. Thanks to new screening methods, innovative drugs and improved treatment options, doctors can better identify a patient’s individual risk factors and ultimately determine the best course of action.

Advancements in Screening Methods

With so much controversy surrounding the safety and reliability of mammograms, it can be difficult to know how often and at what age a woman should be screened for breast cancer. But most oncologists stand by the American Cancer Society’s guidelines that say mammography should start at age 40 and continue on a yearly basis. “A 30 percent decrease in death rate has been seen in this country since the use of mammography became widespread,” explains Dr. Lynn Baxter, a diagnostic radiologist at Northside Hospital. “Opponents of mammography say that it may lead to false positives, so women are then recalled for additional imaging when they do not actually have cancer. While this certainly can be stressful and inconvenient, in my mind it is not a reason to forgo a potentially lifesaving test.” Fortunately mammograms aren’t the only method of screening for breast cancer. For women who are at high risk due to strong family history, or the BRCA gene mutation, a breast MRI is also recommended. “With wider availability and usage of breast MRI, the results are earlier detection of tumors at lower stages offering better potential for a cure,” says Dr. Sandra L. Gregory, a radiation oncologist at Atlanta Oncology Associates.




Additionally, new tissue sampling diagnostics are providing increased characterization of the tumor, which often means less chemotherapy for the patient. “Oncotype DX testing helps to divide high-risk node-negative patients from low-risk node-negative patients, thus allowing some women to avoid chemotherapy,” Dr. Gregory says.

New Prognostic Factors

Once a breast cancer diagnosis is made, oncologists now have a better ability to classify a patient’s cancer into various risk categories. “As always, a patient will be given a stage of their cancer ranging from Stage 0 to Stage 4,” says Dr. Shannon Kahn, a radiation oncologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “However, we now understand the significance of prognostic factors beyond the stage of the cancer.” These prognostic factors include the grade of the cancer, hormone receptor status, patient age and menopausal status. When examining all of these factors and the patient as a whole, a physician can identify the optimal treatment for each patient. Another important prognostic factor is breast density. “This reflects the amount of breast tissue that is seen in a mammogram,” says Dr. Carl D’Orsi, director of breast imaging research at Emory University School of Medicine. “The more of this ‘white appearing’ tissue seen on the mammogram, the denser the breast.” He says the importance of knowing your density is twofold. The first is that it can make breast cancer detection more difficult. The second is that it can be a risk factor for developing breast cancer. According to the National Breast Cancer Institute, mammograms can miss 20 to 40 percent of breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue, and these women are four times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with less dense breasts.

Alternative Treatment Options & Trends in Surgery • Pertuzumab

In June of 2012, the FDA approved a new drug called pertuzumab as a treatment option for patients with early stage metastatic breast cancer. Used in combination with two other drugs called trastuzumab and docetaxel, pertuzumab injections are believed to inhibit the growth of tumor cells. • Partial Breast Irradiation

“The goal of partial breast irradiation is to treat the area of the breast that is at the highest risk of recurrence with minimal dose to the lungs, heart and surrounding breast tissue,” Dr. Kahn says. “In addition, this treatment can now be delivered over a five day time period which can be less physically and emotionally taxing.” • Preventative Mastectomy

A growing trend among women who are at a high risk for developing breast cancer is a preventative (prophylactic) mastectomy, or the elective removal of their breasts. “Patients with a strong family history of breast cancer and those with precancerous cells on biopsy can also be a candidate,” says Dr. Grant Carlson, chief of surgical services at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. • Oncoplasty

This type of surgery removes a woman’s breast tumor plus enough of the surrounding tissue to clean up any errant cancer cells. At the same time, the surgeon fills the gap by reshaping the tissue around it. • Nipple Sparing Surgery

This procedure removes the breast tissue and preserves the entire breast skin envelope including the nipple areola complex.

Your health checklist Prevention is key to avoiding potential health problems. These are broad guidelines based on national statistics. Please check with your primary care physician to schedule screenings that are based on your personal health profile and family history.

Cervical Cancer Screening

According to the American Cancer Society, any woman who is or has been sexually active can be affected with cervical cancer. Regular screenings are important, and an HPV test detects the virus that can cause these cancerous cell changes.The CDC recommends: • Get a Pap test every three years starting at 21 or younger if sexually active, and continue having a Pap test until 65. • Women 30 and above should discuss with their doctors if and when they should receive an HPV test.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

According to the CDC, colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the


’s Healt



Oct. 1: Pink Ribbons Fashion Show & Luncheon

Presented by Belk and Georgia Plastic Surgery, this special event will feature a high-energy runway show blending models and breast cancer survivors on the catwalk. Proceeds will go to the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund and the Breast Cancer Angel Fund of the Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation. Tickets are $125.

Details: The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead,

3434 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA, (770) 643-1807,

Oct. 1: Mobile Mammography Screening

This event will feature mammograms by the staff of St. Joseph’s Hospital held at Concourse Athletic Club from 9:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Open to club members and nonmembers, registration is required.

Details: 8 Concourse Pkwy NE, Sandy Springs, GA, (770) 698-2000,

Oct. 6 –7: Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer

Spend your weekend walking one or both days and enjoying a festive evening on Saturday night. The walk begins at 7 a.m. and raises money to help provide education, screening, early detection, treatment and support services.

Details: It’s the Journey Inc.,

Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, 265 Peachtree Center Ave., Atlanta, GA,

Oct. 6: Rock ‘N Rib Run for Breast Cancer

The 4th Annual Rock ‘n Rib Run for Breast Cancer is a 5K race and a one mile Fun Run. The one mile Fun Run will begin at 9 a.m., and will be followed by the 5K race at 9:15 a.m. $30

Details: Fleet Feet Sports,

145 North Perry St., Lawrenceville, GA, (770) 664-6215

Oct. 6: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Atlanta

Take this opportunity to honor breast cancer survivors and remember the victims we have lost at this walk to find a cure. Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, this event raises money for the American Cancer Society. The walk begins at 9 a.m.

Details: Centennial Olympic Park,

234 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW, Atlanta, GA, (404) 315-9417,

Oct. 13: Winship Win the Fight 5K

Legendary football coach Vince Dooley and his wife, Barbara, will be the honorary grand marshals of this event. The 5K race starts at 8:30 a.m. All participants will receive a timing chip and a shirt.

Details: McDonough Field, 26 Eagle Row, Atlanta, GA, (888) 946-7447, BEST SELF ATLANTA



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United States. Possible screenings include the High Sensitivity FOBT (stool test), and a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy to check for polyps or cancer in the rectum and lower part of the colon.The CDC recommends: • Start having a screening test for colorectal cancer starting at age 50. • If you have a family history of colorectal cancer, talk with your doctor about when you should begin screening. • The High Sensitivity FOBT should be done yearly, a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy every five years, or a colonoscopy every 10 years.

Blood Pressure Screening

According to the American Heart Association, starting at age 65 or after menopause, women are more likely than men to have hypertension. Normal blood pressure is considered to be lower than 120/80mm Hg, readings over 140/90mm Hg signal high blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends: • Get tested every two years if you have normal blood pressure (lower than 120/80). • Get tested once a year if you have blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89. • Discuss treatment with your doctor or nurse if you have blood pressure 140/90 or higher.

Bone Density Screening

The National Osteoporosis Foundation states that 80 percent of those affected by osteoporosis are women. A bone density scan can determine your risk of fractures or decreases in bone density. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends bone density testing if: • You are a woman 65 or older or over 50 and have experienced a broken bone. • You are a postmenopausal woman under 65 with one or more risk factors for osteoporosis.

Breast Cancer Screening

The National Cancer Institute & American Cancer Society recommends: • Women age 40 or older should have mammograms every year. • Women at higher risk of breast cancer because of a family history or because they carry the BRCA1 or the BRCA2 gene, should talk with their doctors about how often to have a mammogram. • Women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam (CBE) about every three years, and women age 40 and over should have this done every year. • Self-breast exam (SBE) is an option for women in their 20s.

Skin Cancer Screening

Yearly check-ups with a doctor can be done during a routine physical. Inspect the skin and look for any new moles or changes to existing moles to spot the early signs of skin cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends: • Women should have a skin examination done periodically – first by a general doctor to determine if existing moles or spots are normal, and then to get treated by a dermatologist if needed.

Heart Disease Screening

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, women account for just over half of the total heart disease deaths in the country each year. • Beware of your personal risk factors for developing heart disease – this will tell you how often to get checked. • Specific kinds of arterial plaque don’t show up on angiograms, so you may also need an intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) which is more suited to detecting plaque in women.

Diabetes Screening

Get tested for diabetes with a fasting plasma glucose test. According to Mayo Clinic, a healthy blood sugar level is 70 to 99 mg/dL. A fasting blood sugar level between 100 and 125 mg/dL indicates pre-diabetes and 126 mg/dL or higher signals diabetes. Mayo Clinic recommends: • Screenings should begin at 45. If results are normal, get screened every three years thereafter. • Get tested if your blood pressure is higher than 135/80, you have a BMI over 25 or if you take medicine for high blood pressure.

Editorial Resources

American Cancer Society – American Heart Association – Atlanta Oncology Associates – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Emory University School of Medicine – Mayo Clinic – National Cancer Institute – The National Osteoporosis Foundation – Northside Hospital – St. Joseph’s Hospital – Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University – U.S. Preventive Services Task Force –


’s Healt


PINK EVENTS Oct. 19 – 21: Susan G. Komen 3-Day

Join thousands of men and women who are walking to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Starting on Friday, participants walk about 20 miles each day to raise funds.

Details: (800) 996-3329, Oct. 20: Grady Health Foundation’s “Travel in Pink”

Treat your ears to a special concert from 7 to 10 p.m. Benefits will go to the Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Center at the Grady Memorial Hospital. Tickets are $150.

Details: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta

International Airport, 6000 North Terminal Pkwy., Ste. 4000, Atlanta, GA, (404) 489-1550,

Oct. 20: The 2nd Annual Pink Ribbon Story Foundation Founders’ Gala

This event starts at 7 p.m. and includes a silent and live auction, music and dancing.

Details: Piedmont Driving Club,

1215 Piedmont Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 875-2565,

Oct. 25: Ladies Afternoon Tea

Presented by The Foundation of EmoryAdventist Hospital at Smyrna, this event will feature guest speaker and three-time cancer survivor Linda McDonald. 1 to 3 p.m., $100 per person with all proceeds benefiting Emory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna.

Details: The Gardens at Kennesaw

Mountain, 1127 White Circle NW, Marietta, GA, (770) 438-5233,

Oct. 25 – 31: The Bodies of Courage Arts in Medicine Exhibit

This exhibit will showcase 20 photographs of breast cancer survivors by Lisa Scholder. $100 per person with all proceeds benefiting Emory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna.

Details: Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, 30 Atlanta St., Marietta, GA, (770) 438-5233, Oct. 27: Cobb County Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk/Run

This 5K walk/run is the American Cancer Society’s premier breast cancer event. The race starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 10 a.m.

Details: Glover Park, 4 Depot St.,

Marietta, GA, (404) 949-6476,

Oct. 27- Paint the Town PINK Gala

Guests are invited to support the victims of breast cancer. The event is from 6:30 p.m. to12 a.m. and includes a silent auction, dinner, live entertainment and guest speakers. Tickets are $140.

Details: Renaissance Waverly Hotel, 2450 Galleria Pkwy., Atlanta, GA. (770) 953-4500 BEST SELF ATLANTA



Keep Your Fitness Fresh

Trying a new workout class not only prevents boredom from the same routine, but it can also challenge your muscles in a new way. Here are some unique classes that will inspire you to break a sweat and have fun while you’re doing it.

Aqua Zumba

What: Aqua Zumba, known as the Zumba “pool party,” combines

fun Zumba moves with traditional aqua fitness training. This safe and challenging water-based workout that will burn calories and tone muscles.

Where: Concourse Athletic Club, 8 Concourse Pkwy., NE, Sandy Springs, GA, (770) 698-2000, When: Classes are once a month on Saturday. Tip: “It’s important to change up your workouts to keep them

SUP Yoga

What: High Country Outfitters offers this 90-minute yoga class. It

is taught on standup paddleboards in the Chattahoochee River, so be prepared to get wet. It involves using your core and honing your balancing skills.

Where: Morgan Falls Park Overlook, 3906B Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, (404) 814-0999, When: Classes are held on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for 90 minutes. $50 if you need a board and $35 if you bring your own. Tip: “The class is challenging, but being outside; listening to birds and

the wind blow through trees above, it’s also pretty unique. It’s a whole new kind of yoga practice, very sensory.” —Caroline Peters, instructor




Resistance Stretching

What: This stretching class gives you an immediate and permanent increase in flexibility. The latest research shows that excess layers of dehydrated fascia (the connective tissue that lays over the muscles) may be the reason for inflexibility and this technique helps to change the fascia. Where: Body Awareness Studio, 5549 Roswell Road, NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 252-7550, When: Call for times. Private self-stretch session, $78, private session, $95 -$110. Group workshops are available upon request. Tip: “The only way to truly change your flexibility is to stretch with

resistance using your full range of motion and to work the balancing muscle groups.” —Donna Riley, resistance stretch coach/trainer

Photos courtesy of: Caroline Peters, High Country Outfitters (top left), Natalie Najjar (top right), Body Awareness (bottom right)

interesting – and low-impact techniques can be really fun and effective. Aqua Zumba is a safe, body-toning, water-based workout that’s challenging and exhilarating beyond belief.” —Marianne Baker, instructor



What: FlyBarre

classes at Flywheel combine yoga, dance, circuit training, Pilates and strength building to bring you the perfect body sculpting class. This class utilizes a variety of props and low weight repetitions. Where: 102 W Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA, (678) 702-5684, When: Schedule is available online. Classes are $25. Tip: “FlyBarre is a total body workout that shapes your muscles by using

light weights and high repetitions.” —Cara Weaver, instructor

PowerOUT Suspension Training What: PowerOUT suspension

training group classes are perfect if you want to get outdoors and build your core strength. You will utilize the suspension training techniques to increase your strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Where: Brookhaven Park, 2660

Osborne Road, NE, Atlanta, GA, When: Schedule available online. A four-week session $199. Tip: “PowerOUT Suspension Training engages those bodies recovering

Photos courtesy of: FlyBarre (top), Amercian Boot Camp (middle), BTB Fitness (bottom)

from injuries and looking to prevent injury.” —Mari Garner, owner, the American Boot Camp Company

with Dr. Barry Roseman Ask the Breast Surgery Specialist When should I star t getting screened for Breast Cancer? For most women screening begins with self-exams and breast exams done by your primar y care doctor or gynecologist. Screening Mammograms are done starting at age 40, unless there is a strong histor y of breast cancer in your family, in which case it may start earlier. How do I know if I am at increased risk for Breast Cancer? The strongest risk factor we know of is indicated by a pattern of breast cancer that occurs in several female family members.- If your maternal grandmother, mother, maternal aunts, maternal cousins, or your sisters have had breast cancer, this indicates a strong family histor y. Such women may benefit from earier screening, and from genetic evaluation and testing, which can be arranged by a breast cancer specialist. What do I do if I find a lump or mass in my breast? Don’t panic! Lumps are normal for many women, especially younger and pre-menopausal women. If a lump is painful or persists, you should see your primar y care doctor or gynecologist. They may refer you for radiology imaging or surgical consultation. Surger y is rarely needed to determine the cause of a breast mass. But listen to your body, and if you think there is something wrong, find out what it is so you can stop worr ying about it!

Ladies Only Training (L.O.T.)

What: L.O.T. combines dance and gymnastics with weights, cardio and

speed. This class is focused on making training fun and effective.

Where: BTB Fitness, 4300 Paces Ferry Road, Ste. 478, Atlanta, GA,

Surgical Oncology of North Georgia

(404) 688-0100),

When: Class schedules are available online. Single visit passes are $20. Tip: “Vary your workouts in scope, duration and intensity for maximum

results.” —Charles Mayfield, trainer

Are most breast cancers curable? Yes! The earlier the cancer is found, the greater the chance of cure. The good news is that with high public awareness and regular screening, most breast cancers are found early on and these women lead long and healthy lives after treatment.

1218 West Paces Ferry Road, Suite 204 Atlanta, GA 30327 404-841-6262

BEST SELF ATLANTA SurgicalOncology_ask.indd 1



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You can do these exercises for a quick workout at home with minimal equipment. Visit for more exercises and video clips. By Rachel Payne, CEO and co-owner of House of Payne Personal Training, I.A.F.S. Master Certified Personal Trainer Photos by Lena Suh Photography Start at your own pace. Begin with 2-4 sets of 10-20 reps. 1. Legs & Shoulders: Squat with shoulder press


2. Chest: Flat Bench Press on fitness ball

tness ball.

your core.

is will engage


you press up. 3. Legs: Side lunges

position with the leg that is straight.


4. Back: Lat Pulldowns with exer-tubing

the tubing when you hold the handles.

oor and not allow the elbows to 5. Core & Glutes: Hip Lifts oor. oor by your side

4 your glutes contracting. oor.


Editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Note: If you are just beginning to exercise or are recovering from an injury, please go to to see modified versions of these exercises.




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Skip a Mammogram



3949 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna GA 30080

The Power of

Any breast cancer survivor will tell you that navigating the journey from diagnosis to recovery is never easy. For these four women, the journey has led them in different and unexpected directions. Today they are using their experiences to help others. Photos by Gregg Willett Photography

Makeup by Jessica Kisielewski of Institut’ DERMed and hair by Charmaine Smith of Pat Alessi-Salon 1580

Cindy Simmons

Host of STAR 94 Mornings What was going through your mind when you made the announcement over the radio that you had breast cancer? I think when we made the announcement it had only been 24 hours since I found out, so I didn’t really have a lot of time to process it. It just came out the next day. As hard as it was, I knew if just one woman heard my story and then did her monthly self-breast exam or made a mammogram appointment; it would be totally worth being that exposed. What was the first thing you did after you got your diagnosis? What advice would you offer others receiving a similar diagnosis? I was done with the show and the doctor called. I was in the studio with one of my best friends and mid-day personality Heather Branch. She said, “Answer the phone, I am right here.” The first thing I did was cry in her arms. My advice would be to cry and let it out. Give yourself that time to grieve and be scared. Where did you find the most support? The most support was from relying on my strong faith, my mom, Jane, my boyfriend at the time (and my now husband), Eric, my little one, Lily Jane, my close circle of friends and even our morning show listeners. Your mom is a four-time cancer survivor – what type of advice did she offer you? My mom is an amazing and strong woman. She understood everything I was going through. She told me to listen to my body. To live my life the way I wanted to and do whatever I needed to do in order to get through my journey. She is my hero! In April you announced you were pregnant with your second child. How soon after you beat cancer did you find out you were pregnant? My last treatment was June 2011, I got married that December 2011 and then in early Spring 2012, we got the happy news. I just remember thinking, “This is the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the light! What a huge blessing!” What music helped pick you up during the tough times? All music really, because music is such an important part of my life and getting to listen to STAR 94 music helped keep my spirits up. The worship music at my church and then, of course, an ‘80s CD always did the trick too. Who are the people in your life who help you be your best self? Professionally, our STAR 94 Morning Show listeners. Getting the emails of encouragement from people. It is so uplifting. Personally, my wonderful husband, Eric, and my daughter Lily. Also, my parents and my friends who all love me despite my faults, and showed me their hearts and authentic selves during this journey.

How has the whole experience affected your outlook on your life?

It has really reminded me to only focus on what is important in life and not get so caught up in things or people who are energy or time zappers. Also, to focus on surrounding myself with positive people, things and situations.




Angie Patterson

Director of Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education How did your diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001 launch your transition into a new career? At the time of my diagnosis, I was a director at BellSouth Corporation and had worked there over 17 years. When I returned to work after my surgery, I became involved in a newly formed Breast Cancer Awareness Board at BellSouth. I began volunteering for the American Cancer Society in the Reach to Recovery program and with Northside Hospital’s Network of Hope. More than anything, I wanted to help other women through their breast cancer journey. The company wanted to do more to help BellSouth employees or their family members when they were diagnosed with cancer, so we developed a program called “Life Counts.” It was this grassroots program that opened the door to my new career. We had a chance to meet the president of the Georgia Cancer Coalition and my colleague and I shared the program with him. He convinced me to leave BellSouth and to bring my passion for helping others to the small non-profit, Georgia Cancer Coalition, in 2005. Quite honestly, if I had not been diagnosed with cancer, I would have never made this career change. Last month I was very privileged to join the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education (Georgia CORE) where I continue to work on statewide programs focused on cancer survivorship and cancer patient navigation. I am so blessed that for the past seven years, I have a job that allows me to improve the quality of care for people who are diagnosed with cancer. What was the first thing you did after finding out your diagnosis? What advice would you give others? Still stunned and terrified by my diagnosis, I immediately went online to find out any information that I could. As a single mom, I was determined to beat this disease but 11 years ago, it was so hard to find good, reliable information. My doctor suggested that I reach out to Susan Casella at Northside Hospital, who runs the breast health program. Susan provided a wealth of information and was a calming force for me. That is why I have volunteered with the Network of Hope for the past 10 years. My advice is to gather reliable information and become a partner with your health care team. You are a critical member of this team and you have a key role in making decisions that are right for you. Where did you find the most support during your treatment? My family is where I found my greatest support. My sister Brenda is my best friend and she drove me to all of my chemo treatments, sat with me and made me laugh. My parents who took care of me and my son when I was too sick and my precious son Billy is my strength. He gave me encouragement, love and laughter, and he was my reason for beating this disease. What does the word “survivor” mean to you? In the world of cancer, you become a survivor on the day of your diagnosis until the end of your life. It is not just about getting rid of cancer; it is about healing your whole self. Even though we may be cancer-free, there are always the worries: Will it come back? What are the effects of cancer? We must be educated to know what these are. I want all survivors to be empowered and educated and to be their own advocate. Who are the people in your life (both professional and personal) who help you be your best self? My family has always helped me be my best self. Also my husband Bruce. My breast cancer survivor sisters are also so important. We laugh and cry together and we are honest with each other. Professionally, Susan Casella and the Network of Hope helped me realize the importance of volunteering and how important it is to be able to talk with someone who has also heard those horrible words, “I’m sorry, you have cancer.” The past president of the Georgia Cancer Coalition convinced me to take a leap of faith and change my career. My new boss helps me be my best self. She listens to my ideas and brainstorms with me to come up with big picture ideas that help others diagnosed with cancer.




What was the best piece of advice offered to you while you were going through treatment? After I had lost my hair, I could not sleep one night without obsessing about when it would grow back. Trying to fall back to sleep, I picked up my grandmother’s Bible to read it. She had lost her battle with cancer many years before. I found a yellowed article that had been printed in the AJC in the 1980s titled “The Station” by Robert J. Hastings. Slowly I got the message: We spend too much time thinking about arriving at the “station” and not enjoying the ride. My grandmother was telling me to quit worrying, pay attention along my cancer journey and do something with it.

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Dr. Kimberly C. Hutcherson

Director of Breast Imaging and Intervention at Gwinnett Breast Center - Lawrenceville at Gwinnett Medical Center. What do you feel is the greatest misconception about breast cancer? I have two misconceptions. First, most women with breast cancer have a family history of the disease. This is not true. The vast majority of breast cancer is sporadic. Only 10 percent of women who get breast cancer have a family history. Second, mammograms do more harm than good. This is a common misconception, especially when it comes to the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to. A mammogram is an X-ray, so there is radiation but there are guidelines set to limit the radiation exposure. The current guidelines have not been associated with any known harm. Many women find mammograms uncomfortable, but they are still the best screening test we have. I tell my patients the amount of radiation you get is similar to the amount of radiation exposure you would get from flying from New York to California, or just walking around for three months. When were you first diagnosed? What advice would you give to others receiving a similar diagnosis? I remember the day clearly; it was Feb. 23, 2007. Although my previous mammogram was seven months prior, I decided to have a mammogram that Friday after persistent sharp pain. The ultrasound showed an irregular mass, so I asked my colleague to biopsy me. The next morning I was going to get the results and as I drove home, I prayed that perhaps I didn’t know what the mammogram and breast ultrasound showed. Maybe this time I was wrong. I was so goal oriented and focused on my career, but just like that, I have been cast out of that life. At the age of 40, I had become a cancer patient. After I heard the diagnosis, I didn’t really cry then. I felt uneasy. That Sunday, it hit me and I allowed myself to feel all the emotions. With nothing else to plan, I thought I should get back to work and put all of this behind me until the date of surgery. But I do this for a living, so I had to face this cancer straight on. I could not ignore it, but I knew I could help others, even though I was doing the same. My advice is to take the process one step at a time. The moment you hear the word “cancer” is when the fight begins. Every day that follows, you are a survivor. You can be upset. It is devastating to hear those words, but then pull it together and establish a plan of action. Know all your options for treatment so you make an educated decision. You are not alone and you will be surprised at the people who will walk this journey with you before it’s over. What was the best piece of advice offered to you while you were going through treatment? Two weeks after I began chemotherapy, I went back to work. Initially I would stay for a couple of hours, but one of my colleagues suggested I try to stay longer each week to build my stamina. I think he unknowingly gave me the best advice. I think by having an outlet and place to go and contribute each day, it gave me mental strength. I had something to look forward to even when times got harder. Who are your heroes in real life? Dennis Slamon MD, PhD, for the development of the breast cancer drug Herceptin which revolutionized breast cancer treatment and accelerated research into therapies customized for each individual patient. I personally benefited from his research and development. When and where are you the happiest? I am the happiest when I am spending time with my two nieces (Alexis and Lauren) and my nephew (Drew). They are intelligent, inquisitive and hilarious. Who are the people in your life (both professional and personal) who help you be your best self? Professionally, my colleagues, technologists and sonographers help me be my best self. I work with a fantastic group of women technologists and sonographers. They were with me at the breast center during treatment and gave me positive encouragement daily. Personally, my family helps me to be my best self by expecting nothing but the best. They have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and have sometimes sacrificed to allow me to accomplish them. My current athletic trainer pushes me to extreme physical bounds, which gives me a sense of my best physical self to come.




As a breast radiologist, if you could give women one piece of advice regarding breast cancer awareness, what would it be? Be proactive about your health. The most effective way to detect breast cancer is by mammography. Begin annual mammography screening at age 40 and every year after unless otherwise clinically indicated. A clinical breast exam and a breast self-exam can complement mammography screening. Keep your scheduled appointments with your physicians. Perform monthly breast self-exam and report any changes to your physician.


Dr. Kenneth Ricci, age 55, Practicing Physician for New Vitality Medical Institute. Photo un-retouched.

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Chef Nancy Waldeck Healthy chef and author of Taste and Savor

Why did you choose to change your career path from corporate training to cooking? When I was standing in front of yet another pharmaceutical group teaching them how to record a call on a doctor. It occurred to me that I loved teaching, but I was tired of the subject. I remembered how much I loved cooking and thought, “I know I can teach, I love cooking, why can’t I teach people how to cook?” I spent four years in an apprenticeship program that I designed myself. I worked for anyone who came into town with a book tour, any chef that needed help, and attended classes at the CIA in France and here in town as often as I could. I chopped piles of onions, washed mountains of dishes and schlepped bags of groceries as often as someone would let me. After four years, someone finally paid me to chop and schlep. I worked for two more years before I started teaching in 2006, and I haven’t looked back. You lead cooking classes at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. How did this opportunity first present itself? One of the first doctors I saw when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, when told what I did for a living, said, “You have to go talk to Carolyn Helmer, the Cancer Wellness Program Manager.” I went to talk to Carolyn, and I have been teaching there since 2008. I taught all the way through chemotherapy, surgery, reconstruction and radiation. It’s my favorite place to teach, because I am not only a chef, I am a member of the community. I also have the opportunity to work closely with oncology dietians, and that allows me to learn about the latest information about health and wellness. I consider myself a bridge from the medical community to the layperson. I take well researched advice and translate that advice into action that people can take at home. Where were you when you first found out you had breast cancer and what was the first thing you did? I was at home on July 8, 2006. I was shocked. I had no breast cancer in my family, and had found my breast cancer by discoloration of my skin. The doctor I had seen was also astonished. I went for a second opinion and that is where I met Dr. Allen, the doctor that sent me on over to Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Hospital. What was the best piece of advice offered to you while you were going through treatment? It was from a fellow survivor who told me I was going to be alright. Today, I pass that same information on to others. I can tell them because I have been through it. How is your daily life different today than before you were diagnosed? Like night and day. When I used to hear people say that cancer was a blessing, I thought they were crazy. Now I know what they mean. Cancer, (or any serious illness or life threatening event), allows you to change your perspective. I know from the bottom of my heart that every day is a gift. Who are the people in your life (both professional and personal) who help you be your best self? My husband is my best collaborator. He is an engineer and views the world very differently than I do. This makes him a great person to vet my ideas and presentations. My sister is my cooking buddy. She lives on the other side of the world, yet we are always connected by our passion for food and wine. Mary Moore, the owner of The Cooks Warehouse, has always believed in me and her business sense and creativity is always an inspiration. Mark Bittman, the food columnist from the The New York Times has a super perspective on cooking and eating and I love getting ideas from his writing and recipes. In addition, I have a wonderful Sous Chef Lea Bowen that always has my back and a fabulous support system from friends, family and the wonderful Cancer Wellness community. I am one lucky girl!

What are some of the most vital cooking lessons you teach women who are overcoming cancer? “Eating the Elephant,” i.e. one bite at a time. I don’t believe in diets, I believe in eating better. If you eat a little better each day, the end result is that you feel better every day. One of the things that often happens when you are diagnosed with a serious illness is that you feel out of control. One way to regain control is to watch what you eat. Eating fresh veggies five to nine times a day, limiting lean meat intake and enjoying sweet treats every once in a while enables eaters to thrive and enjoy life.




find your balance inspired wellness

engaging programs

good company

unexpected service


ONE MONTH FREE when you join by October 23

*Restrictions and terms may apply. Must be local resident, age 18 or older with valid photo ID. Offer expires October 23, 2012. Š2012 Wellbridge

get started today Visit us online at or in the Club, 8 Concourse Parkway with easy access off GA400 at Exit 4C.


A Proactive Approach to Venous Disease flow backwards down the veins, causing high pressures to build up in the venous system. This high pressure contributes to even more stretching and dilation of the veins, resulting in a number of symptoms.

What are the signs and symptoms of venous disease? The symptoms of venous disease can vary widely from patient to patient. Most commonly, patients with venous disease will complain of aching, heaviness and pain in their legs, particularly after standing for long periods of time. Patients also frequently complain of leg cramps, restless legs, itching and burning. If venous disease is long standing, patients may develop chronic venous insufficiency.

What are some risk factors for developing this condition? Risk factors for venous disease include a family history, pregnancy, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, jobs that require people to spend many hours on their feet, a history of blood clots or injury to the legs.

How does pregnancy contribute to the development of varicose veins? As the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the large vein on the right side of your body called the Inferior vena cava. This increases the pressure in your leg veins. When youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re pregnant, your blood volume also increases, which adds to the burden on your veins. In addition, as your progesterone levels rise, it causes the blood vessel walls to relax. This can lead to dilation of the veins and damage to the valves, resulting in varicose veins.

How is venous disease treated?

Dr. Lisa Perez What causes venous disease? Venous disease is a condition that occurs when the veins do not function normally. As you walk, the calf muscles help pump blood in the veins up to the heart. The veins have one-way valves in them, so that when you are at rest, the valves close and prevent blood from flowing back down into the lower extremities. If the vein walls become weakened or dilated, the valves can become stretched or damaged. Once this happens, blood begins to

Are there any ways to prevent venous disease or reduce the risk of developing it? As mentioned above, venous disease is mainly hereditary. If you are sedentary, becoming more active and exercising regularly can improve your circulation. If you are on your feet all day at work, invest in a good pair of compression stockings that are at least 20-30 mm Hg. You can find these online or at most compounding pharmacies.

When is the best time to have your leg veins treated?

Dr. Lisa Perez

Circulatory Centers (678) 954-7684

Treatment for venous disease depends on the severity. Treatments may include sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a solution directly into a vein, causing the vein to collapse and close. For larger veins, endovenous laser ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting a laser fiber into the vein and heating the vein wall, causing it to collapse. Other treatments include increasing exercise, elevation of the legs and wearing compression stockings.

Circulatory Centers is a premiere practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. With 23 offices in five states, Circulatory Centers has been awarded accreditation by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. Be proactive about your circulation and prevent further damage to your legs by having them evaluated for venous disease.

Treating leg veins is best done sooner rather than later. This is because venous disease tends to get progressively worse as you get older. Once the valves are damaged or stretched, the vein can only get worse over time. Be proactive about your circulation and prevent further damage to your legs by having them evaluated with a vascular ultrasound. Fall and winter is a great time to get started on your vein treatments because most vein treatments require the use of a compression stocking for a few days up to a week, depending on the size of the treated vein.

This article is brought to you by Circulatory Centers For information on other topics from Atlantaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s experts go to




Mis-Diagnosed HIP, Lower BACK & GROIN Pain? The sacroiliac joint is often overlooked by most doctors. The sacroiliac joint or S/I joint is a semi-fixed joint, located approximately at the top of each buttock, between the hip joint and the lower back. It sits between the sacrum, at the base of the spine and the ilium of the pelvis, which are joined by ligaments. It is a strong, weight-bearing synovial joint (A lubricant in most major joints) with irregular elevations and depressions that produce interlocking of the two bones. Humans have a left and right S/I joint that often match individually but are highly variable from person to person. When the S/I joint becomes inflamed or degenerated from an old fall, slip or minor trauma, it is called S/I joint syndrome or sacroiliatiis. The S/I is also susceptible to overuse, especially with women who have given birth. During the birthing process, this joint is exposed to high levels of stress, increasing that areas susceptibility to arthritic changes and arthrosis. When this happens, the joint surface is no longer smooth, causing irritation to the surrounding overlapping tissues and nerves. Weak ligaments in the area may also allow the S/I to “shift” improperly causing undo stress.


PAIN FREE What We Help With: • Arthritic Joint Pain • Knee Pain • Degenerated Discs • Hip & S/I Joint Pain • Numbness & Radiating Pain • TMJ, Bursitis & Tendonitis

I fell 10 years ago and hurt my low back, my hip and my pelvis...I could not walk, drive, weight bare, sit, or barely stand.After just a few treatments, I noticed my body stabilizing... I could sleep better, walk better and continue to work...Total Health Care is the only place I will go ever again.” —Julie W.

What We Offer: • Regenerative & Integrated Medicine for Chronic Pain • Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists & Chiropractic Physicians On Staff • Regenerative Non-Steroidal Bio-Medicines (injections) • Anti-Arthritic Joint Injections Supartz® (for knees) • Advanced Joint Fluid Replacement • Advanced Nerve Testing (Numbness & Tingling) • Lower Back & Neck Regenerative Disc Therapy • Non-Toxic Non-Surgical Pain Solutions That Work

The problems and pain associated with S/I joint syndrome or sacroiliitis can include unexplained groin pain, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, leg inflammation and even sciatic type nerve problems. Because of these symptoms, often times physicians look to the lower back and hips as the main cause and so the patient usually continues to have off/on chronic issues in that area, leading to potentially severe osteoarthritis of the S/I joint. It is important to understand that the S/I joint relies on the health of the surrounding structures to maintain its health. For example; Weak ligaments and tendons in the area can cause mal-alignment of vital musculoskeletal structures, greatly contributing to S/I joint problems. Additionally knee problems, over extended periods of time can contribute to S/I joint issues. What to do? Steroid or cortico-steroid injections should be an absolute last option because of the potential long term negative side effects to the joint and surrounding connective tissue. Many options for treating the S/I joint are available that may even restore full normal function. The goal of these treatments is NOT only pain suppression, but rather to eliminate the cause by correcting mal-aligned structures, improving the health of the joint and reducing the ligament laxity or weakness. Most health insurance plans and Medicare cover this treatment. To see if you qualify, call Total HealthCare Medical Clinics. Norcross 770-416-9995 or Sandy Springs 678-9998531


We are in-network.

Our Treatments Are Covered by

Medicare • Blue Cross • Aetna • Cigna United • Humana • Coventry • Great West and most others.


Pain Consultation & Pre-Exam

Regenerative & Physical Medicine 6315-B Spalding Dr. Norcross, GA 30092 Tel: 770-416-9995

6690 Roswell Rd. NE, Ste 510 Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Tel: 678-999-8531 CALL TODAY FOR APPOINTMENT

6315-B Spalding Dr. • 770-416-9995 6690 Roswell Rd. NE • 678-999-8531 With this coupon. Not to be combined with any service.



A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION FOR: • Herniated or Bulging Discs • Degenerative Disc Disease • Posterior Facet Syndrome • Sciatica • Acute or Chronic Back Pain


Midtown Neurology P.C. Atlanta’s Premier IDD Therapy Center

404-653-0039 Midt

n eur l



• Fewer incidents of back pain • Pain relief, even after a few sessions • Shrinkage in disc herniation • Increased mobilization • Return to an active lifestyle • 85% Success Rate! SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION TODAY! We will pre-certify your insurance!


/1 /12 2:58:2


For all your skin care needs • Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin Cancer • Treatment of Skin, Hair Loss, Nail Diseases, Acne, Warts, Moles, Psoriasis, Eczema Etc. • Vbeam Vascular Laser for Rosacea and Treatment of Leg & Facial Veins • Laser Hair Removal (All Skin Types) • Sclerotherapy for Fine Leg Veins • Botox, Dysport, Latisse, Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm & Chemical Peels Gabrielle M. Sabini, MD • Charles J. Douchy, MD Matthew J. Reschly, MD • A. Damian Dhar, MD Anjana M. Patel, PA-C • Sara A. Barr, PA-C Tracy Friedman, PA-C • Melinda MacKenzie, PA-C Stacey Olivier PA-C All Board Certified 6610 McGinnis Ferry Rd. Suite 200 John’s Creek, GA 30097 (Behind Panera Bread and Community Bank)



3850 Pleasant Hill Rd. Duluth, GA 30096 (Between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway)


NorthAtlanta_halfh.indd Sec11

3331 Hamilton Mill Rd. Suite 1106 Buford, GA 30519 (Across from the Kroger Shopping Center)

North Atlanta

Dermatology Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

770.814.8222 5/21/12 1:13:52 PM


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is ranked among the nation’s top pediatric hospitals in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2012-13 edition of “Best Children’s Hospitals.” The report ranks hospitals for excellence in outcomes, program structure and national reputation in 10 pediatric specialty areas. Children’s ranked in each of the specialty areas, and this year the cardiac program was ranked among the top five programs in the country.

NEW LOCATION-GRAND OPENING Oct 4th! Please join us 6-9 pm for Supplement Counseling, Mini Facials, Massages and More!!

Lane Reid, RN of Emory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna has been voted the Second Quarter, 2012 Associate of the Quarter. Reid exemplifies the hospital’s SHARE qualities, which include sensing someone’s needs, helping others, acknowledgement of other’s feelings, respecting the dignity of others and explaining what is occurring. (770) 434-0710, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia announced Madelyn R. Adams as Director of the Community Benefit Program. In this role, Adams oversees Kaiser Permanente of Georgia’s Community Benefit Program and manages the charitable health coverage and care program, as well as other efforts to improve access to care and reduce health care disparities in metro Atlanta.

• Women’s Health • Pediatrics • Integrative Cosmetics • Nutrition • Acupuncture • Ayurveda

The recently opened New Vitality Medical Institute aims to help their patients improve the way they look and feel. Owner Dr. Ricci is certified in family medicine and is a diplomat of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. He has counseled his patients on nutrition, exercise, neutraceutical supplementation, and prescribed hormone replacement therapy. (404) 228-7900. Northside Hospital-Atlanta and Northside Hospital-Forsyth recently received the UnitedHealth Premium Specialty Center designation in recognition of their quality care in cardiac services. Additionally, both hospitals were praised for their exceptional total joint replacement care, and both have received accreditation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers for their success in treating patients with heart attack symptoms. Matthew Sand, MD recently joined Piedmont Physicians Urology Specialists, located in Buckhead. Dr. Sand specializes in treating patients with low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, stone disease and voiding dysfunction. Prior to joining Piedmont Physicians Urology Specialists, Dr. Sand was the chief resident in urology at the New York University Medical Center. (404) 425-3710,

Tasneem Bhatia, MD

Nationally Recognized Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine. Now offering Expanded Services. Please see website for details.

The Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine

Atlanta fitness center Urban Active came in ninth place for this year’s Club Industry Magazine’s “Top 100 Clubs List.” Urban Active has been voted “America’s Top 3 Healthiest Gyms in the U.S.” according to, and voted “Best Gym” in all of their markets. WellStar Medical Group, WellStar Pulmonary Medicine welcomes Binu George, MD to their practice. An Emory alumni, he earned his Master’s degree at Georgia State University and was a resident at Atlanta’s Grady Hospital. Wellstar Pulmonary Medicine has locations in Acworth, Austell, Douglasville, East Cobb, Marietta and Hiram. (770) 422-1372,


New Location at: 1401 Dresden Drive Atlanta Ga 30319

BEST SELF ATLANTA AtlantaCtrforH&I_halfv.indd 1



9/19/12 10:11:18 A

mybeauty Hair, skin, nails and more After

Clear Your Skin: Micro-Phototherapy

Permanent Makeup Solutions 20% off Areola (Breast) Repigmentation Complimentary Consultations For Questions: 770.751.9881 For Appointments: 678.218.5059 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 32 Alpharetta, GA 30022

Conveniently located near North Point Mall

This light and heat energy treatment creates a mild thermal abrasion on the skin, which stimulates a wound healing response to increase overall surface health. This procedure requires no downtime. $60 Benefits include: • Stimulates new collagen • Replenishes the dermal layer • Lessens fine lines and wrinkles • Clarifies skin • Fades red and brown pigment in the skin • Improves overall tone and texture


—Courtesy of Teri Eastin, owner/esthetician, Love Your Skin Studio, (404) 819-7626,

Pink Beauty Finds Sweet Scent This solid body moisturizer by Rinse Bath & Body Co. is the perfect carry-on item. Small enough to fit in your bag and rich enough to leave skin soft and smelling sweet, a portion of the sale of each stick goes to breast cancer research. $15, Bella By Alethea Medspa,

renu_4th.indd 1

9/20/12 8:23:26 AM

Fall Special



This carefully crafted blend of plant extracts and essential oils balances, hydrates, improves texture and enlivens skin, leaving it refreshed, nourished and positively glowing. It also absorbs instantly, leaving no oily residue, and is completely non-comedogenic. Two percent of proceeds go to breast cancer awareness. $59,

with complete pair purchase

Protect Your Skin

Minimum purchase of at least $350 required. Offer cannot be combined with any offer promotion, discounts or insurance. Excludes prior sales. Some restrictions apply. Mention this ad to receive offer. Offer expires 11/30/12

7 Convenient Atlanta Locations: Atlantic Station 404.593.2926 Buckhead 404.231.3772 East Cobb 770.977.4139 The Forum 770.447.4790 North Point Mall 770.475.6500 Perimeter Place 770.500.3937 Sandy Springs 404.252.4111

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eyegallery_4th.indd 1

Elite Therapeutics helps to treat skin damaged by radiation or UV rays, and during the month of October they will donate 10 percent of online sales to Spa4ThePink. $45,

Brush It Out The KeratinPerfect Bedazzled Brush gently detangles and glides easily through wet or dry hair without pulling or snagging. A 20 percent donation from each sale benefits Think Pink Rocks!, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about early detection of breast cancer. $44, your local Sephora,

BEST SELF ATLANTA 9/19/12 10:15:39 A

Photos courtesy of: Elite Premier (2nd from bottom), Holly Beth (bottom)

Organic Elixir




Ask the Hair Design Specialist When is the best time to transition from your Summer Color into your Fall Color? As we are surrounded with the beauty of the fall colors, we now want to have those luscious colors infused into our strands of hair. With the abuse of the summer fun -- chlorinated pools, sun, etc. -- our hair takes extreme tolls, and our vibrant colors become faded.




with Pat Alessi

Fall is known for its variance of rich, illuminating colors, which we all want reflected into our shades of hair. Adding rich flavors of reds, chestnut, and gold will give dimension of warmth and richness throughout. Fall officially begins September 21st, with peaks of color changing all around us, so now is the time to let those colors flow throughout ever y strand! Let Salon 1580 add the appropriate shades of Fall into your hair.

11230 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 115 | Roswell, GA 30076 678-361-4247 BellabyAlethea_halfv.indd 1

BEST SELF ATLANTA 9/19/12al 10:10:15 n1580_asA .indd 1



/25/12 2:51:4


BrighterTom_halfh.indd Sec11

9/19/12 8:48:51 AM

Pay for college without going broke!

Pat Alessi

Free local workshops help parents save thousands! Woodstock, Ga—Metro Atlanta parents planning on sending a child to college in the next few years, but who aren’t quite sure how to pay for it can now rest a little easier. Jason Flurry, CFP® founder of the National Center For College Planning and Legacy partners Financial Group has been educating parents about what to do if they haven’t saved enough for college and retirement. ‘It’s really sad, but most parents we talk to have done really well financially, but never found the time to save for college, and now they’re facing a bill of $18,000-$50,000 a year. They don’t know who to turn to for help,’ he says. ‘Furthermore, most of the time, all they hear is to not even bother applying for any aid because they make too much money. However, most of the time, that is simply not true…even if they make a good six-figure income.’ Jason would know, because he’s worked with over 1000 families in the last 16 years ranging from single moms to corporate CEO’s, and he swears he can help anyone get through the process and save a bundle….no matter how good of a student they have or how much money they make. ‘Simply put, we show parents the truth that they aren’t hearing anywhere else about how the college process really works, and how they



collegeplanners_4th.indd 1

can get their child into a top school easily, help that student pick a career that will suit them and pay them well, and save thousands of dollars in the process.” North Metro parents will have several opportunities to hear Jason speak. He is teaching his free class ‘How to Give Your Kid a 4-Year College Education…Without Going Broke!’ throughout the year. ‘We’ll discuss everything from the greatest myths about the college process, to how to send your student to a fancy private school for less than the cost of a junior college…it’ll be like learning how to get a brand new Lexus for the price of a used pick up truck,’ he grins. Topics will also include why private scholarships and 529 plans are a waste of time, how to double or even triple the amount of free money you receive from each school, and how to avoid the one mistake that will kill your chances of getting any money at all that almost every other parent will make this year, and much, much more. “The class is totally free, but seats usually fill up quickly. We have to turn people away or add them to a waiting list pretty often,” Flurry says. You can reserve a seat or get more info by calling (678) 388-2233 or online at www.YourCollegePlanners. com.

Hair Educator in NY for 11 years and Certified Redken Color Expert

Full Color with Cut at $69 Half Highlights and Cut at $79 • Professional Coloring • Trendy Haircuts • Global Keratin Treatments

$99 Global Keratin Treatment and Cut Total Value Over $400 11230 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 115 | Roswell, GA 30076 | (678) 361-4247 Extra charges may apply for length and thickness Offer expires November 30, 2012

BEST SELF ATLANTA 3/19/12 Salon1580_4th.indd 10:25:50 A 1

9/19/12 10:29:04 A

mymoney A New Outlook

Change of seasons brings fresh eye for finances By Karen Lee

Fall is the perfect time to refocus on your financial goals for the year. Summer is paired with vacations, barbecues with friends and treats for the kids during their time off. For financial planners, it’s a challenging time to meet with clients. Once the season shifts and school resumes, however, schedules become structured again.

The healthy wrap that really works!

Use your momentum from the season’s change to implement a financial plan for the rest of the year. Consider decisions that will impact your budget over the next three months. Fall and winter bring predictable changes, so here are some tips to help you plan for success:

Take advantage of summer sales to purchase wardrobe staples. Shop the clearance racks for year-round items like sleeveless tops, cardigans and shorts. Don’t overspend, spend smart. Contact your financial advisor as soon as open enrollment begins. This allows time for us to suggest changes, additions or modifications to existing benefits. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help. Start tax planning. Maximize your 401K contributions, and make sure you’ve withheld enough taxes. Self-employed? Some retirement plans for the current tax year must be established before Dec. 31. Distribute holiday spending. Don’t be a last-minute shopper who blows the budget because of poor planning. Make a list, check it twice and start shopping now. Maximize your group benefits. If you’ve met your health insurance deductible, schedule all your doctor’s appointments prior to year-end, and make sure you’ve claimed your flex spending dollars. Consider selling appreciated assets before year-end. It’s highly likely that the capital gains tax will increase from its current low rate of 15%. Stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses and valuables are all examples of appreciated assets that might be subject to this tax.

Look 14 to 30 inches slimmer with your First Supreme Wrap, or your next wrap is Free! Guaranteed!

0 The most powerful wrap in the US. 0 Safely detoxify and re-energize your body 0 Food grade nutrients. No dehydration. 0 Reduces muffin top tummy, cellulite and stretchmarks 0 Rejuvenates, tightens and firms skin 0 Over 14 million wraps performed worldwide 0 Used by Hollywood stars for years!

•First Supreme Wrap as low as $169. Save $130. •Body Lift Wrap as low as $99. Save $51. Offer expires Nov 30, 2012

Review annual charitable giving. Clean out closets and drawers to donate to the charity of your choice and consider additional monetary gifts before year-end. Karen Lee’s passion for helping people achieve their life’s goals has moved her to reach an audience beyond her practice as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. She is a frequent guest on CNN Newsroom and her articles have appeared in both industry and consumer publications. She is the author of the book, “It’s Just Money, So Why Does it Cause So Many Problems?”

Toxins removed from Alpharetta client

(678) 206-2100 Norcross Sandy Springs Alpharetta


er_half .indd 1



/20/12 3:12:58 PM


Register now


Annual run is Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012

MLD is a gentle manual form of massage that moves lymph fluid out of the affected area, stimulates lymphatic vessels, and breaks down hardened or fibrotic tissue, creating a healthy tissue environment.

Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema and compression fitting also available. Traditional and neuromuscular massage options also available for non-lymphedema clients.

Call today or request your appointment online

Presented by Presented by


431 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue Suite 7 Decatur, GA 30030

TuscanSun_4th.indd 1

97 Hefner Street Suite 100 Ellijay, GA 30540

5/17/12 11:07:33 A

SATURDAY, NOV. 3, 2012 TURNER FIELD *10k run 8 a.m. *5k run/walk 9:15 a.m. Mascot Trot 10 a.m. 2k Fun Run and Stroller Roll 10:15 a.m. *Qualifier for the 2013 AJC Peachtree Road Race 404-785-7370 62


StrongLegs_halfv.indd 1

BEST SELF ATLANTA re 8:58:36 illett_4th.indd 1 8/16/12 AM

/14/12 3:31:1


V Oct. 2


By Erin Cotter

For a complete list of upcoming events visit


Turning Tragedy into Triumph


When Jill Binkley found out she had breast cancer in 2000, she was at a loss for where to turn for information. “Even though I had been a physical therapist for many years, I was unaware of the potential benefits of rehabilitation and exercise,” Binkley says. She decided she wanted to help other women through the process of getting their lives back on track.

Patient Frances Singleton works with Jill Binkley.

Binkley started TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare in 2003 as a non-profit organization to provide continuing education and financial assistance for uninsured and underinsured women who were overcoming breast cancer.

Hosted by Atlanta Independent Women’s Network. This party raises money for Tapestri which fights human trafficking. $35 individual/$60 couples. 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA,


mygive-back guide




Travel through five miles of mud, water, and muck while raising money for a good cause National MS Society, Serenbe Community, 9055 Selborne Lane, Chattahoochie Hills, GA. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Run a 10K or 5K race and bring the kids to participate in a one mile fun run or tot trot. SPECTRUM Autism Support Group, Gwinnet County Fairgrounds, 2405 Sugarloaf Pkwy., Lawrenceville, GA. 8 a.m.


Four soccer teams dressed in their “finest” attire will compete. Park Tavern will host the after-game party. Soccer in the Street, Grady High School, Monroe Drive NE & 10th St., Atlanta, GA. 2-6 p.m.


Support heart disease prevention and treatment in this 5K event. American Heart Association, Marietta Square, 4 Depot St., Marietta, GA. 8 a.m.

Oct. 13-14 24 HOURS OF BOOTY

As a two-time breast cancer survivor herself, Binkley uses her experience to help others feel at ease. “Women seem to find it comforting to relax in a safe environment and share complaints and have a laugh or two with people who understand,” she says. Throughout her work at TurningPoint, Binkley has seen over 1,500 survivors. She has helped them incorporate rehabilitation and exercise into their care routine.

This 24-hour cycling event brings together riders of all abilities to raise funds to fight cancer. The Lance Armstrong Foundation and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Mount Vernon Presbyterian Upper School, 510 Mt. Vernon Hwy, Atlanta, GA. 2 p.m.

The rewards for Binkley have been amazing. “Every day, we see women who come into our clinic in tears of distress, and every day those same women leave with tears of joy to have found help through their journey.”

This event raises funds for food allergy awareness, advocacy, education and research programs. Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, Atlantic Station, 171 17th St. NW, Ste. 1650, Atlanta, GA. 8 a.m.


The Turney for TurningPoint Fundraising Event

Oct. 20

Oct. 14-15: The Swing Fling Dinner Auction will be held at 6 p.m. on the 14th, with a golf tournament on Monday, the 15th. Tickets for the dinner are $50 per person, the golf tournament is $250 per person, and this includes two tickets to Sunday evening’s dinner. To volunteer or for more event information call (770) 360-9271,

WSB-TV’s Jovita Moore, John Bachman and Justin Farmer will host. Guests will enjoy dinner, live music and an auction. Make-A-Wish Georgia, St. Regis Hotel, 88 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA.


Oct. 20 - 21 2012 WALK TO CURE DIABETES

Kids II Strong Legs Run Photo courtesy of: Cindy Grey (top)

Get ready for this year’s Kids II Strong Legs Run, which raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. On Nov. 3, parents and kids can come together to run or trot for a cause. This event will feature a “mascot trot” for the little ones, with special appearances from the Chick-fil-A Cow and Hairy Dawg from the University of Georgia. This event also features a 10K road race, 5K run/walk, 2K fun run and stroller roll, all taking place at Turner Field. Details: 755 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta, GA, (404) 785-7370

Two fundraising Walks to Cure Diabetes will take place on Oct. 20 at Centennial Olympic Park and on Oct. 21 at Tribble Mill Park. 8 a.m.


Join other runners and walkers in the largest AIDS-related fundraising event in the southeastern U.S. AID Atlanta and others, Piedmont Park, 1320 Monroe Drive NE, Atlanta, GA. 1 p.m.


Attend a luncheon to support kids with type 1 diabetes. Camp Kudzu, Piedmont Driving Club, 1215 Piedmont Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA. 11 a.m.


This fun family-friendly event supports children living with special needs. Easter Seals North Georgia, Chastain Park, 135 W. Wieuca Road, NW, Atlanta, GA. The run begins at 8 a.m. and the walk begins at 10 a.m.

Look for this icon to find out where you can volunteer.




Juvederm Ultra $400

Laser Skin Tightening Face and Neck & a full-size jar of Nectifirm

1 Syringe 0.8 ml.


BOTOX $8 a unit

Dysport $8 a unit

Laser Hair Removal $99 per treatment - Bikini or Underarm nirvana (n): a state of harmony, calm or joy



4380 Kimball Bridge Road • Alpharetta, GA 30022

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9/19/12 10:27:23 AM

Faith’s Fabulous


party planning

Creative Decor for Home/office Unique Holiday and Party ideas Rearranging and updating your existing look Shopping for Home or Parties to Meet Your Budget. Call now for your complimentary consultation on Holiday “How-To’s” - Creative ways to spice up your home for the holidays at little cost. Proudly serving the North Fulton area.

Faith Welborn P. 404-547-2555!/faithsdecorandplanning 64


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BEST SELF ATLANTA /12/12 FaithParty_4th.indd 3:0 :51 PM 1

9/25/12 9:12:43 AM


2UMedical ......................................... 47


Flying Change ................................... 12


North Atlanta Dermatology .............. 56 Suddenly Slimmer ............................. 61


Midtown Neurology, P.C..................... 56


A New You Skin & Body Clinic ........... 29 Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery.................................. 26 Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center .......................... 11 Southern Plastic Surgery, P.C. ............ 23 Vinings Surgery Center ..................... 31

Natural Health Atlanta ...................... 49


Eye Gallery ......................................... 58



Ballroom Dance Clubs ...................... 43


GA Urology........................................... 4 Surgical Oncology of North Georgia ............................... 39


Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry ......................8, 9 Atlanta Smiles and Wellness ............. 15 Kimball Bridge Dental Commons ..... 26

Northside Hospital Spine Center ...... 23



Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery.................................. 26 Bella by Alethea ................................ 59 Dermatology Associates of Atlanta .. 24 Dermatology Center of Atlanta ........ 32 Gardner Dermatology & Medspa ...... 5 Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer Center ................ 11 North Atlanta Dermatology .............. 56


Ancient Wisdom Rising 2012............. 65 Kids II Strong Legs Run ...................... 62


Eye Gallery ......................................... 58


National Center for College Planning .............................. 60


Body Awareness Studio ..................... 47 Concourse Athletic Club .................. 52 Flying Change ................................... 12


Carter Barnes Hair Artisans ............... 12 Salon 1580 ....................................59, 60


Alise Jones-Bailey .............................. 50 Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics ......... 28 Harley Anti-Aging Institute ................. 36 HRC Medical Centers........................ 10


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta ........ 2 Emory-Adventist Hospital .................. 44 Northside Hospital Spine Center ...... 23


The Laser Institute of Georgia ........... 24


Authentic Beauty............................... 64 ReNu Cosmetic Clinic ....................... 58


Tuscan Sun Massage and Wellness Center ......................... 62


Fresh N Fit ........................................... 40 Good Measure Meals ....................... 19


Bella by Alethea ................................ 59 Dermatology Center of Atlanta ........ 32 Gardner Dermatology & Medspa ...... 5 Institut’ DERMed ................................... 3 JeJu Sauna ........................................ 66 Nirvana Med Spa .............................. 64


Total Health Care............................... 54

Bridge Publications/Dianetics .......... 42 Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy ..... 60 Venus Hypnotherapy, LLC ................. 65


Evolutions Total Wellness ................... 17 Flying Change ................................... 12 House of Payne Personal Training .... 55


Gregg Willet Photography Inc........... 62


Body Awareness Studio ..................... 64 Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy ........................ 36


Village Podiatry ................................. 33



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Elders From Around The World Gather

/21/12 1:28:54 PM

Atlanta Oncology Associates ........... 47


GA Urology........................................... 4


GNC ..............................................18, 42


Mobile Thermographic Imaging ...... 50


November 9-11, 2012



Atlanta, GA

GA Urology........................................... 4 Access Care Atanta .......................... 30 Circulatory Centers ......................21, 53 Vein Atlanta ....................................... 67 VeinInnovations ................................... 7


Alise Jones-Bailey .............................. 50 Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics ......... 28 Fresh N Fit ........................................... 40 Good Measure Meals ....................... 19 Suddenly Slimmer ............................. 61


Natural Health Atlanta ...................... 49 New Vitality Medical Institute ............ 49 The Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine...................... 57

teachings, workshops, and ceremonies in an intimate setting.


your life's balance by igniting a heart-centered way of living.


home bearing gifts of wisdom and a new way of seeing the world.


Kaiser Permanente ............................ 68 For more resources from our Best Self community go to

To reserve your space visit Re-Discover The Sacred At This Retreat

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8/15/12 3:36:56 PM

Escape to JeJu Sauna • • • •


• Soak in the Jade Marble Hot Tub Meditate on Heated Jade Floors • Warm & Cold Pools Breathe in Gem Stone Steam Saunas Bask in Dry Saunas (Salt, Clay, Jade, Charcoal) • Dine in the Authentic Korean Swim in the Jade Marble Jr. Olympic Size Pool Restaurant



678.336.7414 | Across from Wild Bills

VisitOCTOBER for more information and more photos of our facility 2012 BEST SELF ATLANTA



Who will be your vein doctor? A doctor who is trained in cardiovascular surgery and phlebology. A doctor who has practiced in Atlanta for 20 years. A doctor who offers all the modern vein treatments. A doctor who owns and operates his/ her own clinic. A doctor who will take care of you from beginning to end of your treatment.

FREE VEIN SCREENING D R . L O U I S P R E VO S T I Cardiovascular Surgeon

Tu e s d a y , O c t o b e r 1 6 t h 8AM-5PM Thursday, October 18th 8AM-5PM Saturday, October 20th 9AM-1PM


Johnson Ferry Rd. NE | Suite 165 | Atlanta, Georgia 30342 | 404.446.2800 72

Points North | December 2011 |


We’re proud to be ranked “Highest Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in the South Atlantic Region.“ From our unique integrated care teams and innovative electronic medical records system to convenient Web-based tools and mobile apps, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care possible. Because as rewarding as it is to get a thumbs-up from you, it’s even more rewarding when we can give your health a thumbs-up. For other ways we’re helping our members thrive, visit

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., Nine Piedmont Center, 3495 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 364-7000

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc. received the highest numerical score among commercial health plans in the South Atlantic region (GA, NC, SC) in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Member Health Plan Study.SM Study based on 32,868 total member responses, measuring nine plans in the South Atlantic Region (excludes Medicare and Medicaid). Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of members surveyed December 2011–January 2012. Your experiences may vary. Visit

Best Self Atlanta 1012  

Best Self Atlanta Magazine features “The Pink Issue.” October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - check this issue for updates, events and mo...

Best Self Atlanta 1012  

Best Self Atlanta Magazine features “The Pink Issue.” October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - check this issue for updates, events and mo...