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Sports therapies to help you play your best At Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta, Jessica Loncar, MS, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT, incorporates Pilates into her physical therapy practice. Jessica explains that Pilates develops muscular symmetry, provides resistance training, incorporates a mindbody connection and focuses on the deep core muscles while also strengthening and stretching the muscles of the extremities. Pilates is beneficial because it simultaneously increase power and agility while minimizing risk of injury. Details: Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta, (404) 303-9153,


If your workout has left you overly sore, consider a sports massage to help you get back on track. Sports massage therapist Joey McGlamory, PRT, MT, PT, who has worked with both professional and collegiate athletes, follows the holistic creed of treating the whole person, listening to his clients’ needs and resolving the issues at hand. With over 17 years of training in sport specific massage, he specializes in therapeutic, neuromuscular and rehab massage techniques. Details: Longevity Fitness, (770) 862-3535,


With over 18 years in private practice, therapist Vivian Nichols, CNMT, LMT, has a unique approach to muscular therapy that involves considering the individual’s specific needs and goals and then treating them with both Western and Eastern teachings. The benefits of her therapy include fewer visits, fast recovery and less down time. When resting, stretching and icing do not improve conditions within a reasonable amount of time, Vivian recommends seeking appropriate muscular therapy assessment, physical therapy and or a medical diagnosis.


For those seeking to decrease muscle soreness, rejuvenate skin, increase blood and lymph circulation or reduce pain and inflammation, then the new Icebox Cryotherapy may be the way to go. This non-invasive sports therapeutic technique involves standing inside a chamber or cryosauna where your skin’s surface temperature will be lowered to 30° F for two to three minutes. A single session will last between two and a half to three minutes and is $70. Details: (404) 890-7066,


Some active people may need a combination treatment in order to get the results they need. One such treatment is Integrative, Regenerative & Manual Medicine. IRM focuses on musculoskeletal conditions and injuries that involve ligaments, tendons, muscles or repetitive motion syndromes. Dr. Tara Frix of Total HealthCare Medical Centers explains this treatment focuses on the cause of the condition rather than just the symptoms. It combines several treatment measures, such as bio-therapeutic injectables, chiropractic therapies, regenerative injection therapy, physical modalities and nutrition. Details: Total HealthCare Medical Centers, (678) 999-8531,

Jessica Shops Pick of the Month A Meaningful Massage I love a great massage, but there are times when a body needs more than a “frou-frou” rubdown. Whether you are an avid athlete or a novice who has pushed yourself just a little beyond your physical limit, I recommend Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy in Norcross. As the official sports massage provider for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks, Dr. Malucci and his staff have treated a lengthy list of pro athletes and celebrities, making them a trusted source specializing in corrective care. Massages range from $90 to $150, and they also offer a hyperbaric chamber treatment, great for injury recovery and improving runner endurance. (770) 447-9090, Jessica Dauler For more info visit For more info on Jessica visit

Details: Muscular Therapy Center, (404) 841-0090


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Photos courtesy of: Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta (top left), Longevity Fitness (middle left), Icebox Cryotherapy (top right), Total HealthCare Medical Centers (middle right)