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June 2014

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Atlanta Women’s Expo

On June 7 and 8, join thousands of women at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart p. 66

Best Beauty

Keep your neck looking young with these products and procedures p. 34

Best Advice

Get planting tips from Atlanta’s gardening experts p. 15


Noticing More Hair in the Shower? by Ken Anderson, MD


Under 40 & Fabulous-Atlanta’s Skincare Expert by Alethea Tinkle



Advising the Next Generation

by Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP®, CSA

Can Rhinoplasty Improve Breathing ...and Looks? by Mike Majmundar, MD


Digestive Problems Slowing Weight Loss?

by Azam Banaian, NMD




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Best Fun

Get saucy at D.B.A. Barbecue’s class and more! p. 20

Time to Ride

Atlanta’s cycling scene gains momentum p. 27

Give-Back Guide

Get involved and volunteer today! p. 69

Celebrating Over 40 & Fabulous!

2014 Contest Winner Diana Hofsommer

Learn how this year’s winners keep themselves looking great, feeling healthy and doing good for Atlanta p. 36 5/21/14 9:15 AM

I N S T I T U T ’ D E R M E D S PA

summer recommended by Lyn Ross L.M.E., Founder of Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare

p ro d u c t s Protect your skin at home from the sun’s harmful UV rays, even skin tone and prevent future discoloration for a vibrant, healthy glow.

Brightening Cleanser Brightening Toner Brightening Moisturizer Vital C Serum ID Cosmetics Mineral Bronzer

Receive 10% OFF Purchase in-store or online at

idermedstore.com with coupon code SUMMER.


t re a t m e n t s Replenish your skin’s vitamin C levels to protect against sun damage and brighten a dull, pigmented complexion.

C+ Vitality Facial includes: skin analysis, double cleansing, peel prep toner, C+ Peel, Brightening Mask, Vital C Serum, Brightening Moisturizer.

Special: $49


Call to schedule today:


OFFERS VALID THROUGH JUNE 30TH, 2014. 404.261.5199 n idermed.com 3726 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342

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35 PM

Mention you saw this ad in

Best Self Magazine

and SAVE $100 on your first Evolve Volumizer! Offer expires June 30th

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5/15/14 5/21/14 10:45 9:11 AM

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Patient • Physician • Pharmacist - Your Pharmacy Leader in Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding -

Low Energy? Insomnia? Hot Flashes? Low Libido? You may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

P3 Compounding Pharmacy can work with your physician to develop a custom prescription treatment program FOR YOU. We are dedicated to the art and science of compounding. • Accepts All Major Insurance Plans

• Fast Turnaround Times – Typically Within 24 Hours

• FREE Overnight Shipping Within 150 Miles of Atlanta

Call P3 Compounding Pharmacy 404-815-1610

As we age, particularly during menopause and andropause, we sometimes develop hormonal imbalances with accompanying side effects. These can range from hot flashes, decreased energy, and insomnia to more serious conditions, such as heart disease and osteoporosis. BHRT is the process of restoring our bodyʼs hormonal balance with hormones that are biologically identical to the ones we naturally produce. Please contact P3 Compounding Pharmacy and your doctor to determine if you would be a good candidate for BHRT.

P3 Compounding Pharmacy of Georgia

1140 Hammond Drive | Bldg. K | Suite 220 Atlanta, GA 30328 877.704.1824 TOLL FREE | 404.815.1610 MAIN 404.815.1609 FAX | info@p3compounding.com 4

JUNE 2014


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5/21/14 5/1/14 8:59 9:11 AM AM

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Your self-improvement journey starts here.


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Aubrey Campbell acampbell@bestselfatlanta.com

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Sandy Henson shenson@bestselfatlanta.com ART DIRECTOR

Dona Halliday

ecials ls er eSrpSpecia mle – SuSmum m b – pecials a ailailabele AvA der S le! tm voSuunm nataebvdle il–ab DisDcis able! cgoveu ills sil s a aia av A aag eor uSn tecd cka e le! p pap k acuDmismce vailab a S ag–es ab kle Avpaailc


Miguel Velázquez SOCIAL MEDIA

Lizzy Stroud

unted ble! Disco es availa ag k c a p


Michael Bakheet, MD Jessica Dauler Leslie Gray, MD Karon Warren PHOTOGRAPHY

Dan Sawyer

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Alan M. Gardner, MD Board Certified Dermatologist since Alan Windy M. Gardner, MD – Board Certified Dermatologist since 1985 1985 2550 Hill–Road, #200 & 204 Marietta, GA 30067

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59 AM


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5/8/14 10:22 AM JUNE 2014

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contents JUNE 2014

Time to Ride

Over 40 & Fabulous! Contest Winners


In every issue 8

From the Publisher

A Summer of Giving Back

10 From the Editor The Next Adventure

13 Contributors

Meet the writers, photographers and experts in this issue

15 Best Advice

Grow that garden!

16 Best Bulletin

The scoop on what’s new around town

18 Best Finds

Get back to nature with outdoor activities

20 Best Fun

Our ideas for enjoying life

24 Best Rx

Atlanta doctors answer your health questions

34 Best Beauty

Atlanta’s experts recommend ways to regain a youthful neck

52 Business News

Atlanta is about 27 to become more bike-friendly than ever SPECIAL SECTION

Guide to the Atlanta Women’s Expo Enjoy a weekend of facials, cooking 66 demos, delicious food and free health screenings


The latest from the business community

by Ken Anderson, MD

55 Best Health

Protect your skin from the sun and compare the benefits of walking vs. running



on the cover

Featured on the cover: Diana Hofsommer Photography by: Sawyer Photography Hair by: Danny DuBose (Bob Steele Salon) Makeup by: Becca Bussert (Authentic Beauty)

Under 40 & Fabulous-Atlanta’s Skincare Expert


Advising the Next Generation

by Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP®, CSA

Can Rhinoplasty Improve Breathing ...and Looks? by Mike Majmundar, MD

Behind the scenes at this year’s Over 40 & Fabulous! Digestive shoot: (back row) Mitzi Shirley (Joseph & Friends Salon), 65 Problems Slowing Miguel Velazquez (Best Self), Lizzy Stroud (Best Self), FlanWeight Loss? nery Keck (Best Self), Brandy Telford (Shear Salon), Patti by Azam Banaian, NMD Stephens (Best Self), Jessica Kisielewski (Institut’ DERMed), (middle row) Elizabeth Johnston (Joseph & Friends Salon), Tammie Brooks (The Event Salon), Rosie Gillespie TO SEARCH FOR 100s OF (Authentic Beauty), (front row) Sherri Adair (Best Self) Not POPULAR TOPICS pictured: Quiaundra Nance (Shear Salon), Julia Thaiese bestselfatlanta.com (Authentic Beauty)



JUNE 2014

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by Alethea Tinkle

69 Give-Back Guide

Charity events and volunteer opportunities

Noticing More Hair in the Shower?

Photos courtesy of Sawyer Photography (top left, bottom left)

(L-R):Trudy Davies Davis, Joseph Golshani, Lea Bay, Rebecca Walden.This year, the contest votes were so close that we honored the top 10 winners as well as the next fabulous five! Meet them on p. 48.


5/21/14 9:11 AM


Photos courtesy of Sawyer Photography (top left, bottom left)


LEGS want to run!

Join VEININNOVATIONS as we celebrate the opening of

Happy LEGS Happy HOUR


Music, Food, Fun, Drawings for cep compression sportswear and sclerotherapy

June 12, 2014 4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. 4255 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite D RSVP to: events@veininnovations.com or call 678.731.9815


Johns Creek



www. 0614_006-007_TOC.indd VeinInnovations_Full-Ver_01.indd 7 1

5/21/14 5/15/14 9:12 9:43AM AM

from the publisher

Free eBook!

A Summer of Giving Back Now that summer is in full swing, Best Self’s Band Together Against Breast Cancer initiative is underway too. On May 10, we kicked off Band Together at Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta’s Race for the Cure by giving neon pink headbands to survivors and supporters at the race. Now you can join in by purchasing a headband of your own.The bands cost just $5, and proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta to help Metro Atlanta’s women get the education, testing, support services and treatment they need to beat pet breast cancer. Visit www.bestselfatlanta.com for details. Another important cause for Atlanta’s women is the Judson Women’s Leadership Workshop, part of the three-day Judson Collegiate & Legends Pro-Am Challenge golf event beginning on June 26. If you know a young woman beginning her career, be sure to tell her about this opportunity to meet and learn from female business leaders.The leadership conference is free to attend with a high school or college ID so that as many aspiring businesswomen as possible can benefit. Visit www.judsongolf.com to learn more.


Last but not least, our annual pet photo contest has begun, but this year with a twist: now it’s a Best Pet Selfie contest! We’ve received selfie submissions showing your love for your dogs, cats, horses and everything in between. From June 16 to 30, you can vote for your favorite Best Pet Selfie on our Facebook page.The top three winners will receive a total of $500 to donate to their pet-related charities: first prize is $250, second prize is $150 and third is $100. So be sure to vote---your votes and the prize money will help Atlanta pet groups get even more animals adopted so they can take selfies with their own loving families. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the contest votes, and good luck!

Selecting the right cosmetic dentist can be a difficult and confusing process,

but choosing the right one is a crucial decision with ramifications on your looks and self-confidence that could last a lifetime. In this eBook you will find key topics covered such as:

• How to understand a doctor’s

credentials (a MUST if you want a dream smile!),

Sherri Adair, Publisher sadair@bestselfatlanta.com

Coming in July

Every Body Healthy: You, Your Family and Your Doctor! Features: Home Healthcare – Evaluate home healthcare options for your loved one Uterine Fibroids – Get acquainted with this condition that affects one in two women Eating Disorders – Recognize these prevalent, life-threatening conditions Profile: Docs Who Walk the Walk – These Atlanta doctors practice what they preach

• Things you need to know in order to make an informed decision,

• Before and After pictures of Do’s and Don’ts with explanations and analysis, and

• Countless more insider tips! To download this free eBook, just visit AtlantaCenterforCosmetic Dentistry.com or scan the code below with your smart phone.

Special focus: Your hormone questions answered, choosing a personal trainer and hair removal options AND Our Give-Back Guide…tons of ways to volunteer For more of everything, go to www.bestselfatlanta.com


JUNE 2014

0614_008-009_PUB.indd 8



5/21/14 9:12 AM

drkin Best

WHY DO PEOPLE TRAVEL THOUSANDS OF MILES FOR ONE OF OUR SMILES? THE ATLANTA CENTER FOR COSMETIC DENTISTRY, founded by Dr. Debra Gray King in 1987, is one-of-a-kind haven for your smile transformation. World-renowned for enhancing the smiles of many celebrities, it has also transformed the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life, from doctors, to soccer moms, to business executives and beauty queens. The transformation process here is performed quickly, with lots of pampering, and minimally invasive techniques. Your smile and oral health are very important. If you have been thinking of enhancing your smile, you owe it to your self to seek out the best. After all, your smile is not the place for on-the-job training. To get optimal results, it takes a well-trained, experienced doctorartist. Dr. King is one of only a few dentists in the world to be an Accredited Fellow, which is the highest level of competence in the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She also has been extensively sought out as an expert on dental trends in the media, including CBS, CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, Extreme Makeover, Entertainment Tonight, The Wall Street Journal, Time, InStyle, Vogue, Glamour, and USA Today. To arrange a consultation, or for more information, please visit our website or call. You will love your new smile!

5014 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342 // 404.994.2562

Scan for a free eBook!

drking_full.indd 1 0614_008-009_PUB.indd 9 BestSelfMagPrintAd2014.indd 1

5/21/14 3/10/14 9:49 AM 9:12 3/7/14 9:51

from the editor The Next Adventure

Life is full of twists and turns, and many times you don’t know where it will lead you. In 2011, my path led me to Best Self, where I had the good fortune to become part of a wonderful team of people and a magazine that helps readers embrace a healthy lifestyle, enrich their lives, follow their dreams and, in short, be their best self.

I have learned so much during my years here, and I will be taking all those lessons with me as I embark on my biggest adventure yet: motherhood. While my daughter and I get better acquainted, I’ll be stepping aside as the editor of Best Self and working from the sidelines on various projects. While I will remain a member of the Best Self family, Flannery Keck will be taking the reins as editor. I am so proud to have been a part of this publication, and I want to thank the readers of Best Self for being so supportive and welcoming. As always, happy reading!

Follow us on

Jeyme Colodne


JUNE 2014

DermCtrAtlanta_halfV1-2h.indd 1 0614_010-011_ED.indd 10


BEST SELF ATLANTA SYNERGYHomeCare_1-4.indd 1 5/13/14 9:08 AM

2/21/14 2:38 PM 5/21/14 9:12 AM



0614_010-011_ED.indd Anderson Hair.indd 1 11


JUNE 2014


5/21/14 4/14/14 9:12 4:34 AM PM

diagnosed cancer, radiation therapy • An experienced team of professionals • Comprehensive quality of care • Leaders in cancer research and treatment • State-of-the-art technology

Decatur ,







RCcenter_Half_H.indd 1

3/5/14 1:33 PM

Announcing New In Town Office to Serve You. Avicenna MD is pleased to announce the opening of a new office inside the Perimeter that will serve both integrative and allergy patients at: 2233 Peachtree Road NE Suite 204 Atlanta, GA 30309

Call 770.977.9300 today for an appointment!

Dr. Rezvani recently completed the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Weil. He is board certified in internal medicine and allergy, asthma, and immunology and serves as medical director of Avicenna Integrative Medicine/ Allergy and Asthma.

2233 Peachtree Road NE Suite 204 • Atlanta, GA 30309

www.avicennamd.com 1000 Johnson Ferry Road Suite E200 • Marietta, GA 30068 www.avicennaallergy.com

2.indd 12Avicenna_1-2H JUNE 2014

0614_012-013_Contributor.indd 12



4/10/14 11:54 AM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:12 AM

contributors Sawyer Photography is made up of Dan and Gail Sawyer. After attending classes at Brooks Institute of Photography and Pasadena Art Center College of Design, they opened their first studio in Burbank, California. Their work has appeared in many major magazines, on album covers and in corporate reports. In 1994, the Sawyers opened their full-service custom studio, Sawyer Photography, in Marietta. See their work on this month’s cover and in the feature article, Over 40 & Fabulous!, on p. 36.

Photos ((top to bottom) courtesy of Sawyer Photography, Steve Carrell, Karon Warren, Bill Adler, Sawyer Photography

Jessica Dauler is the founder of JessicaShops.com. She has been one of Atlanta’s top experts on where to shop, dine and how to save since 2001. Jessica can be heard weekly on Star 94 radio and seen weekly on CBS Better Mornings. She also writes a weekly column in The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Deal Spotter. Her monthly columns appear in Best Self Atlanta and Southern Journal Magazine. Check out Jessica’s pick of the month on p. 16. For nearly 15 years, Karon Warren has provided freelance articles to a number of local, regional and national print and online publications, including Atlanta Home Improvement, Georgia Connector, VOWS, Mom.me, Livestrong.com and eHow.com. When she’s not working, Karon likes to spend time enjoying the great outdoors with her husband and their two children at their North Georgia home. Read her article, Time to Ride, on p. 27. Michael Bakheet, MD, is a part of the Kaiser Permanente of Georgia team. He is boardcertified in family medicine and primary care sports medicine. He works closely with fellow primary care physicians, therapists and various specialists to ensure that each patient has a tailored plan that will lead to a rapid and safe recovery. He feels that exercise truly is medicine. Read his article, Walk vs. Run: How Fast to Hit the Pavement, on p. 56. Leslie C. Gray, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist and owner of Dermatology Center of Atlanta in Johns Creek. She specializes in comprehensive medical, surgical and aesthetic skin care. Dermatology Center of Atlanta has proudly won the Angie’s List “Super Service Award” in 2011 and 2013, as well as Best Self Atlanta’s “Best Dermatology Practice in Atlanta” in 2013. Read her article, How to Stay Safe in the Sun, on p. 55.

Body Composition Analysis Objective PhysicianbyMonitoring and Bone Density DXA of Progress and Safety Motivational and Body Composition Analysis Supportive Counseling and Bone Density by DXA Extensive Individualized Motivational and Nutrition Counseling Based Upon Supportive Counseling The Low Glycemic Index Diet Twice Weekly Small Exercise Group Extensive Individualized Classes Focused On Core Fitness Nutrition Counseling Based Upon The Low Glycemic Index Diet When Indicated Use of Prescription U.S.FDA Approved Loss Twice Weekly SmallWeight Exercise Group ® or Belviq® Medications Qsymia Classes Focused On Core Fitness When Indicated Use of Prescription This isWeight your Loss U.S.FDA Approved ® Medications Qsymia or Belviq® LAST CHANCE to receive 10% OFF your weight loss package! Offer expires June 30th


Meredith PakPour Director of Clinical Services

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(404) 574-2373 www.drgwoodson.com Located in Brookhaven near Marta

Phased Weight Loss™ on Facebook

Grattan Woodson, M.D., FACP Integral Internal Medicine

1418 Dresden Dr., Suite 225 Atlanta, GA 30319

BEST SELF ATLANTA JUNE 2014 13 Grattan Woodson, M.D., FACP

www.bestselfatlanta.com DrWoodson1-2V.indd 1 0614_012-013_Contributor.indd 13

Objective Physician Monitoring of Progress and Safety

Integral Internal Medicine

1418 Dresden Dr., Suite 225 Atlanta, GA 30319

5/9/14 10:11 AM 5/21/14 9:12 AM

DO YOUR CHILDREN SUFFER FROM ALLERGIES? Cure Your Seasonal Allergies Forever We Offer A New Medical Therapy Without Shots!

Get Tested for Your Allergies Today Special: $99 (Value $250)

The Best Part - Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Natural Health Atlanta | Focusing on Integrative Holistic Medicine Convenient Locations in:

Alpharetta, Buckhead, and Lawrenceville

(678) 892-6865 www.naturalhealthatlanta.com Patient Services for Natural Health Atlanta LLC provided by Medically Necessary Services P.C. Pictured: Saira Gillani, ND, Melissa Bennett, ND, Allison Cochran, PA-C, and Marcia Williams, ND.


JUNE 2014

0614_014-015_ADVICE.indd Natural_Health_Atl_full.indd 114



5/21/14 5/7/14 9:12 1:18 AM PM

:18 PM

bestadvice Grow that garden!

Photos courtesy of (left to right) Pike Nurseries, Andrea Brown Photography, Barry Paull, Haigwood Studios Photography, Stephanie Radbill





Store Manager/Certified Plant Professional Pike Nurseries, Buckhead

President and CEO Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture

Founder and CCO (Chief Composting Officer) Compostwheels

Executive Chef of Park 75 at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

What are the benefits of gardening? Gardening is great exercise, reduces stress, helps people connect with nature and can even bring families together as parents or grandparents teach children. How should a first-time gardener begin? Tomatoes, peppers, melons and cucumbers are easy to grow and reward beginners with a bountiful harvest. How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year? Seasoned gardeners know that part of the enjoyment of gardening is trying new plants. Several new varieties of Echinacea this year are easy to grow, attract butterflies, and make a beautiful cut flower in stunning colors. How can someone garden in a small space? Garden vertically. Grow vining vegetables, fruit and flowering plants that climb on arbors or trellises. What are some ideas to get kids involved in gardening? Have kids pick out their favorite plants at the nursery – they love choosing from the vast array of colors. Then have them help with the planting process by digging holes or watering flowers. What plants are easy to grow? Perennial flowers provide yearly bursts of color without the effort of planting each season. Some easy-to-grow favorites include Gallardia, Scabiosa and Rudbeckia.

How should a first-time gardener begin? Pick a sunny location (preferably with southern exposure) with water readily available and soil prepared with compost. Plant crops you will eat and enjoy and that will do well in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7 or 8, where Metro Atlanta is located. How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year? Restore the soil to its natural health by adding compost and other organic materials. They will provide ongoing nourishment for your plants. How can someone garden in a small space? You can grow in a squarefoot plot in the ground or in containers on your patio, porch, or kitchen window – just grow something. If you only grow some herbs for your kitchen, that’s enough. What plants are the easiest to use in home cooking? Let taste be your guide. Most vegetables are delicious in raw salads, lightly steamed or ovenroasted. Try fresh mint leaves and ginger in a glass of green tea, or basil leaves in a salad or tomato sandwich. What can Atlanta gardeners plant right now? This time of year, you can plant things with seeds – cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, okra, peppers and more. Enjoy Atlanta’s extended growing seasons!

What exactly is compost? Composting is the decomposition of organic materials into a dark humuslike material that, when added to your garden, will enrich your soil. In active composting, we combine carbon materials (leaves, wood chips, etc.) with nitrogen (produce waste, coffee grounds, etc.). Then we actively turn the mix to help the process of decomposing. It is just like magic. How should a first-time composter begin? Begin with a small compost pile from your kitchen scraps and collected leaves. How can someone compost in a small space? Apartment dwellers can compost using tumblers, bokashi composters or services like Compostwheels. How can gardeners tell if their soil is healthy? Take a closer look at your garden – are birds finding more interest in your soil than in your fruits and vegetables? If so, your soil is teeming with life and its microbial network is in harmony. What are some ideas to get kids involved in gardening? Children love to touch and feel things, and gardening is a tactile experience. Teach them how to pull up a weed and how to put seeds in the ground. You can also set aside a section of your garden that is your child’s, which will encourage responsibility and stewardship.

How should a first-time gardener begin? Building raised garden beds and getting organic soil can be expensive, so start small and add a little every year. Observe the location of the garden plan for one year and see if it gets enough sun, if it has good drainage or if it floods when it rains. How can someone garden in a small space? You do not need to have acreage to have a garden. At Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, we have eight 12-by-12 planters on the roof that were used for ornamental shrubs, but we have repurposed them to grow vegetables and herbs. Last year we harvested 300 pounds of basil, 60 pounds of sweet potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, mint, thyme, bay, tomatoes, and the list goes on. How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year? The best way to enrich a garden is to compost vegetable matter and reintroduce this compost into the garden on a yearly basis. What plants are the easiest to use in home cooking? Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and scallions are easy to use, and all the soft herbs like chives, tarragon, cilantro, basil and oregano are great for introducing flavor. Sometimes people do not cook with greens like chard and mustard greens as they need a bit more preparation and technique to cook, but they are well worth the effort.


0614_014-015_ADVICE.indd 15


Author and CFO (Chief Farming Officer) Farmer D Organics

What are the benefits of gardening? The benefits of gardening include physical fitness, nutrition from fresh produce, natural medicine from herbs and connecting with others through the sharing of tips, seeds, plants and stories from the garden. How should a first-time gardener begin? Pick good quality materials and ask advice from garden experts at your local garden center or university extension to find out what to grow and when. How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year? Plant something you haven’t grown before, and try extending your season by planting earlier and later than usual. What are some ideas to get kids involved in gardening? Make it fun. Let them get wet and dirty and grow crops that they are likely to taste like peas, beans, carrots and cherry tomatoes. If you’re ready for more, help start a garden at your child’s school. What plants are easy to grow? Radishes will break down the belief that you have a brown thumb. These fastgrowing, nutritious little gems are easy to sow directly into the garden in the spring and fall. My favorite varieties are French Breakfast radish and Watermelon radish.


JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:12 AM


The scoop on what’s new around town Time for Ten Pin

Ditch Your Duffle

The Spence’s general manager Justin Amick recently launched The Painted Pin, a bowling alley that combines entertainment and upscale hospitality. The menu offers everything from tacos and wood-fired pizzas to craft beer and artisanal wine. Plus, The Painted Pin offers personalized lane-side ball and shoe delivery to their 20 full-service bowling lanes. And If bowling isn’t up your alley, you can still enjoy the fun vibe by playing bocce ball, table shuffleboard or ping pong.

Running between home, work and the gym? No problem. Atlanta resident Nancy Apatov has started the Fivesse line of fitness bags specifically tailored to women on the go. With a sophisticated silhouette and labeled compartments to protect your work clothes, gym clothes, toiletries and shoes, these bags will keep you organized and neat despite a busy schedule. Starting at $64.

Get the Glow Even in the heat of summer, there are better ways to get a glow than by tanning. Try cooking and eating wholesome meals like those found in Angela Liddon’s “The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out.” When you read each recipe, from main dishes to hearty snacks, you’ll feel like Liddon is standing with you in the kitchen giving her tried and true tips. Liddon even gives you a thorough look at her pantry items and kitchen tools, so you’ll be well stocked and equipped to create and enjoy each vegan meal she mentions.

Details: www.ohsheglows.com

Power and Pink Stripes Whether you’re a business owner, a leader in the corporate world or a woman who dreams of achieving those titles, the third annual Power and Pink Stripes event is for you. On June 5, hundreds of women will attend this event at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. The day includes a Power Panel dialogue made up of Atlanta businesswomen like Kim Bearden, Tierra Destiny Reid, Denise Reese, Erica Barrett and Best Self’s publisher and owner Sherri Adair. You can also enjoy lunch, a keynote address, a Power Exhibitor Marketplace and networking opportunities, in addition to prize raffles and a selfie station. Don’t miss this chance to tap into your power while also donating to a great cause: Cool Girls, Inc., which is dedicated to girls’ self-empowerment.

Mom Knows Best Moms know babies have delicate skin, and dermatologists know it too. Atlantabased doctor Amy Kim happens to play both roles, so she developed the skincare line Baby Pibu to share knowledge and high-quality products with other parents. Baby Pibu’s Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit features 10 organic, FDA-approved products to pamper babies’ skin. This kit goes above and beyond by including step-by-step instructions and physician tips on infant skincare. $90

Details: www.babypibu.com

Pick of the Month Reboot Your Body If you’re looking for a way to improve your body both inside and out, look no further. Cool off with Icebox Cryotherapy, an excellent way to reinvigorate your body and make sure you’re at peak performance. Innovative research has concluded that extreme cold therapy results in decreased muscle soreness and pain, improved skin tone and even improved sleep. The concept is relatively new to Atlanta but has been endorsed by many doctors, professional athletes, teams, trainers, Dr. Oz, “The Doctors” TV show and ESPN. Clients swear that their skin is tighter and smoother due to the boost in collagen that is produced. The regular price is $70 per session, but by mentioning JessicaShops when you book your appointment, you can get three sessions for $130. Give it a try! www.iceboxtherapy.com Jessica Dauler For more info, visit www.bestselfatlanta.com For more info on Jessica visit www.jessicashops.com

Details: www.sheispower.com


JUNE 2014

0614_016-017_BULLETIN.indd 16


Photo courtesy of Fivesse (top right), Baby Pibu (middle right)

Details: 737 Miami Circle NE, Atlanta, GA,  www.thepaintedpin.com

Details: www.fivesse.com


5/21/14 9:13 AM

BACK PAIN...Why Wait?

When you have back or neck pain, the last thing you want to do is wait for relief. Northside Hospital’s Spine Center offers immediate assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of spine conditions ranging from minor back pain to more complex conditions. Appointments can be made within 24-48 hours, and you don’t need a referral. We coordinate your personalized care to provide a multidisciplinary approach at one convenient location.

Get Relief Now: Multidisciplinary Approach • Prompt Assessment • Pain Management Imaging • Physical Therapy • Surgery • Convenient all-in-one location

No referral necessary. For an appointment, call (404) 459-1809. Northside.com/SpineCenter

2 LOCATIONS: Atlanta & Forsyth

northsideSPINEctr_halfh.indd 1

SouthernPlasticSurgery_halfh.indd 1 www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_016-017_BULLETIN.indd 17

Proud Partner of

1/22/14 3:33 PM


5/6/14 12:16 PM JUNE 2014 17

5/21/14 9:13 AM


Get back to nature with outdoor activities!


The skill of fly fishing takes some effort to master. To educate and encourage you in this sport, Orvis stores offer free Fly Fishing 101 classes. All ages are welcome to attend and learn the basics of fly casting, fly tying and more. Participants can even progress to Fly Fishing 201 and 301 courses, which will help prepare you for long summer days on the river. Details:

3275 Peachtree Road, Ste. 210, Atlanta, GA, (404) 841-0093, www.orvis.com/atlanta


Enjoy views of beautiful Lake Lanier from the deck of a sailboat this summer. Lanier Sailing Academy offers Basic Keelboat Certification and Coastal Navigation classes, as well as private sailing instruction. In Basic Keelboat Certification, you’ll spend 80 percent of the class on the water, learning safety, sailors’ knots, docking and mooring, tacking and jybing, and everything else needed to be a sailor. The three-day class costs $485.

Details: 6920 Lanier Islands Parkway, Buford, GA, (770) 945-8810, www.laniersail.com


Hiking at Cochran Mill Park requires just a comfortable pair of shoes, but the experience is so much more than a walk in the park. Their trails south of Atlanta will lead you to several different waterfalls. Hike the mile-long trail on the east side to get to Cochran Mill Falls, or hike the west side to Henry Mill Falls. Either option offers spectacular views and an enjoyable workout. Details: 6505 Rico Road,

Chattahoochee Hills, GA, (770) 463-8881, www.chatthillsga.us/ cochranmillpark.aspx


JUNE 2014

0614_018-019_FINDS.indd 18



Strap on your skates and learn some moves at the Bohemian Skate School. Classes are held outdoors, either at Piedmont Park or a location of your choice, starting at $35 per student. If you’re really skatesavvy, sign up for the Athens to Atlanta Road Skate in October. The Road Skate covers the scenic 87 miles from Athens, Georgia to the finish line in Old Fourth Ward Skate Park.

Details: www.bohemianskateschool.com, www.aprr.org,



Rent a canoe, kayak or raft and spend a day floating or paddling on the 48 miles of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. Make this a relaxing retreat with leisurely paddling and wildlife observation, or head to the lower stretch of the river for a swift trip on the class I and II rapids. Brace yourself against any splashes, though – the river’s temperature rarely rises above 50 degrees. Details: 1978 Island Ford Parkway, Atlanta, GA,

(678) 538-1200, www.nps.gov/chat


Attracting wildlife to your yard adds an interesting element to your garden each season, and everything from butterflies and bees to frogs and spiders can improve your garden’s health. Free gardening classes at Pike Nurseries can teach you how to invite the prettiest of those to your yard: butterflies. On June 7 at 9 a.m., Pike’s experts will share planting tips about flowering plants butterflies love. On June 11 at 1 p.m., the class will be held again, this time geared toward kids and with a butterfly craft included. Pike’s ongoing community classes can keep you outdoors and connected with nature on a weekly basis, so check their website regularly as new classes are posted. Details:

www.pikenurseries.com www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:13 AM


Beauty Begins with a Smile “The value of a great smile is priceless. Atlanta Smiles and Wellness wants to help you save money through Conservative and Preventive Dentistry.”

• Porcelain Veneers • Porcelain Restorations - Crowns and Bridges • Smile Makeovers • Bonding • Dental Implants • Teeth Whitening Post Riverside 4405 Northside Parkway, Suite 110 Atlanta, Georgia 30327

www.atlantasmiles.com 404.262.7733

atlantasmiles_full.indd 1 0614_018-019_FINDS.indd 19

4/22/14 9:13 5/21/14 1:53 AM PM


Explore new ways to get more out of life

A Saucy Night Out Life is about moderation. So when you’ve eaten healthy and worked out enough this month, give yourself a break at D.B.A. Barbecue’s sauce making class in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood. The night is as close to a party as you can get on a weekday evening, complete with shots of moonshine and bourbon, delectable banana pudding and a plate of delicious barbecue in between. Held on the last Wednesday of each month, the class begins at 7 p.m. on D.B.A. Barbecue’s patio. Bring a group of friends, order a cocktail and grab a spot at one of three long tables. The festivities start right away with four tastes of Junior Johnson Midnight Moon moonshine and Four Roses bourbon. Before long, pit master Matt Coggin will have you chuckling through his sauce making instructions, which are as funny as they are informative. He’ll walk you through the varieties of house sauces D.B.A. offers, from vinegar-based to ketchup-based, and explain how to create your own.

Once you’re satisfied with your sauce creation, head back to your table, where a variety of barbecue awaits. Slather your sauce on ribs, pork, wings and brisket and top off the night with banana pudding dessert and a tour of the smoker. And don’t forget to think of a name for your sauce – participants who come up with the best names win prizes and bragging rights at the end of the night, which just make your sauce taste even better. Reserve your spot today for the June 25 class, just in time for your Fourth of July grill-out, or attend the next month’s class on July 30. $50 for one person, $90 for two, $170 for four. Details: 1190 N. Highland Ave NE, Suite B, Atlanta, GA, (404) 249-5000, www.dbabarbecue.com

Go Wylde!

Close Camping

The Wylde Center began in 1996 with the goal of involving school children in gardening. The organization still encourages children to be stewards of the earth, but on Saturday, June 28, they’re throwing a 21-and-up party in the garden just for the adults. At this year’s Beer Garden event at Oakhurst Garden, you can enjoy local brews, food and desserts from Ale Yeah!, Blue Tarp Brewing Co., Farm Burger and Cakes & Ale Bakery, among others. Tickets are $35 in advance.

Are campsites not your thing? Then try The Great American Backyard Campout! On June 28, thousands of families will pitch tents in their backyards, neighborhoods, communities and parks. The kids will love the mini adventure, and in addition to the opportunity for a close-to-home s’more or two, this event allows you to give back. For each person registered for this year’s campout, the National Wildlife Federation’s board of directors and other sponsors will donate $2 to wildlife conservation work. So whether you camp in your backyard or at one of Georgia State Parks’ 40 participating locations, your night of fun and fresh air will help the environment as much as it does you. Details: www.nwf.org/great-american-backyard-campout.aspx

Details: 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA, www.wyldecenter.org


JUNE 2014

0614_020-023_FUN.indd 20



Photos courtesy of Teordora Niciolae (top), The Wylde Center (bottom left), The Great American Backyard Campout (bottom right)

Then let your creativity take over as you create your own unique barbecue sauce. With help from the knowledgeable D.B.A. employees, you can establish a good base, and then Coggin himself will help you add the spices and seasonings to take it to the next level. Whether or not you know what you’re doing, under their guidance, you will end up with a tasty pint of barbecue sauce.

5/21/14 9:13 AM

Photos courtesy of Teordora Niciolae (top), The Wylde Center (bottom left), The Great American Backyard Campout (bottom right)

BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEONS Dr. Louis DeJoseph Dr. William Silver Dr. Marc Klein

“Setting the Standards for Beautiful Results” Call Today to Schedule Your Free Consultation & Complimentary Skincare Treatment.

1-888-455-FACE www.picosmeticsurgery.com

*free facial good through 8/31/2014 PremeirImage_HH.indd 1


5/19/14 11:15 AM



In-Office Laser Whitening

Starting at $2999

New Patient Exam X-rays & healthy mouth cleaning For patients without dental insurance

All that is good begins with a smile

KIMBALL BRIDGE D E N TA L C O M M O N S 678-256-6304 • www.kbcommons.com 4380 Kimball Bridge Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30022

Now open late on Tuesdays! Last appt. at 6 pm

Laser Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Porcelain Crowns & Veneers ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening • White Fillings (mercury free) • Fixed Bridges Non-Surgical Gum Treatment • Root Canal Therapy • Cleaning & Polishing • Botox • Juvederm KimballBridge_halfh.indd 1 www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_020-023_FUN.indd 21


3/7/14 JUNE 20144:58 PM 21

5/21/14 9:13 AM

Come with or without a partner and...

y a w r u o y e c n Da t loss! h g i e w to

• Have fun while getting fit & toned

• Gain a new level of confidence & grace • Explore the exciting world of dancing

Summer Special 5 Lessons for $30 Adult new students only. Other conditions may apply. Expiration Date 6/30/14

We offer private lessons & group classes in all forms of partnership dancing. Our specialties include the classic ballroom dances like Fox Trot, Waltz, and Tango, the popular East Coast & West Coast Swing dances, and the sultry Latin dances like Cha Cha, Mambo, Salsa, Merengue, and Rumba. Our instructors are the friendliest, most professional in town. Our cutting edge teaching methods are the finest available.

tlanta 404.8 7.5556 • Duluth 678.4 7.7555 yBallroomDanceClub.com 22

JUNE 2014

ballroomdance_full.indd 0614_020-023_FUN.indd 1 22



5/21/14 5/7/14 1:28 9:13 PM AM

28 PM


Event Calendar Evita

June 3 Don’t cry for me, Argentina! This Tony Award-winning musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice tells the story of a woman who rises from the slums to become the First Lady of Argentina. www.foxtheatre.org

Flicks on 5th Summer Film Series

June 5 Bring your blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy this free summer film series, showing movies every Wednesday night in June on the 5th Street Bridge. www.flickson5th.net

Aida: A Slave to Love

June 5-8 This classic Verdi opera is about a tale as old as time: forbidden love. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will perform the grand opera for three nights. www.atlantasymphony.org

Virginia Highland SummerFest

June 7-8 This year’s festival will include a juried artist market, a 5K, a tot trot, music, food, children’s activities and the Warren Bruno Celebration Ride. www.vahi.org

Atlanta Southeastern Women’s Expo

June 7-8 Head to AmericasMart for shopping, great food, fashion shows, free health screenings, cooking demos and relaxing facials. www.womensexpoatlanta.com

The Atlanta Cycling Festival

June 7-14 This weeklong festival strives to connect cyclists of all experience levels with the Atlanta community and is held in various locations around the city. www.atlantacyclingfestival.com

Lavender Festival

June 14 The fourth annual festival in Roswell will feature old favorites like lavender food samples as well as new additions like a lavender wine and beer garden. www.roswellgov.com

Real Men Cook

June 15 Celebrate Father’s Day at the Georgia World Congress Center while sampling more than 150 dishes from local cooks and dads. www.realmencook.com

Atlanta Summer Beer Fest

June 21 Held at Masquerade Music Park, this fifth annual celebration will feature more than 150 local and national beers, live music and the Bud Light Game Zone. www.atlantasummerbeerfest.com

LEGO KidsFest

June 27-29 Bring the kids to Cobb Galleria Center for hands-on LEGO fun at any of five sessions throughout the weekend. www.legokidsfest.com

Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival

June 28-29 This arts festival at the Historic Fourth Ward Park is a two-day celebration of community and tradition presented by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces. www.oldfourthwardparkartsfestival.com

Peachtree Road Race

July 2-4 This Fourth of July race attracts runners from all over the United States. Don’t miss the Peachtree Health and Fitness Expo on the two days before the race at the Georgia World Congress Center. www.peachtreeroadrace.org

Fourth of July Celebration

July 4 Head to this free fireworks show at Centennial Olympic Park. The gates open at 6 p.m., so get there early to stake out your spot. www.centennialpark.com www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_020-023_FUN.indd 23

YReconstruction-2-3v.indd 1


5/16/14 AM3 JUNE 20149:39 2

5/21/14 9:13 AM


Atlanta doctors provide answers to your questions



When should a man begin screening for prostate cancer? Currently there are multiple opinions regarding who should be screened for prostate cancer. The most common answer is for men to begin having annual digital rectal exams at age 40 and having annual PSA levels drawn at age 50. Men with a strong family history of prostate cancer or African-American men should consider having their PSA levels checked as early as age 40 due to their increased risk of developing this disease.

Kristin Magee, MD




Dermatology Center of Atlanta

Mark Merlin, MD Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia

What are molluscum, and how do you treat them? Molluscum are small bumps (generally flesh-colored, dome-shaped, pearly lesions) caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus. Most common in children, this virus spreads by touching a surface with the virus on it. In the warmer months, molluscum can sometimes be associated with swimming pools. Molluscum can take months to years to resolve if left untreated, and they often spread and become irritated and itchy. Common office treatments include freezing or applying a liquid called cantharidin to create a small blister at the affected areas. Moisturizing the skin helps it be a better barrier so the virus does not spread as easily. Avoid sharing bath cloths or towels to help prevent spread of molluscum.


What is age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and are there any new treatments out there that can help? AMD is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in patients over age 65. It is classified in two forms, dry or wet AMD. The only proven treatment for dry AMD is antioxidant/mineral supplements. Treatment of the wet form primarily involves injections into the eye to inhibit the growth and leakage of new blood vessels growing under the macula. For patients with severe vision loss, the FDA has recently approved an implantable miniature telescope (IMT) as part of a treatment plan called CentraSight. The telescope is implanted into the eye at the time of cataract surgery and magnifies images for the patient.

Q Mike Majmundar, MD


Emory Eye Center


Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery.


Chris Bergstrom, MD, OD

What is Neotensil and how does it treat under-eye bags without surgery? Neotensil is an at-home, non-invasive system that dramatically reduces the appearances of under-eye bags and wrinkles while smoothing and tightening skin. Because of its innovative technology, the medication compresses and supports the under-eye area. Because it is a breathable, invisible film on the skin, it is non-occlusive and moisturizing to the eye. It lasts up to 16 hours, so it is great before a big event or party.

How much sleep do I need? While sleep needs vary, most adults require between seven and nine hours to perform their best each day. Not getting enough sleep can mimic symptoms of ADD. You will notice that your ability to concentrate and remember information is dramatically reduced. This will decrease your productivity in whatever you try to accomplish. Over time, as your sleep debt accumulates, you also increase your risk for heart disease and motor vehicle accidents.

Laura M. Beaty, MD

PartnerMD Concierge Physician

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS FOR OUR DOCTORS? If so, please email to: editorial@bestselfatlanta.com


JUNE 2014

0614_024-025_BestRx.indd 24



5/21/14 9:13 AM

“I had no idea.” It’s like an anthem our patients shout proudly. Circulatory Centers is renewing the lives – and legs – of women across the country by eliminating varicose and spider veins with a virtually pain-free treatment. The consultation is FREE and 95% of procedures are covered by insurance!


Visit a center near you and shout it proud.

Perimeter Roswell Johns Creek 678.954.7684 www.veinhealth.com

CirculatoryCenters_HH.indd 1

Juvederm Ultra $400

5/13/14 11:01 AM

Treatment AS SEEN ON

1 Syringe 1.0 ml.

Vertical Microneedling Therapy -new technology, great results!

Entire Face and Neck


Add hands or chest for free!

BOTOX $8 a unit

Dysport $8 a unit

Laser Hair Removal $99 per treatment - Bikini or Underarm

nirvana (n): a state of harmony, calm or joy



www.nirvanalasercentre.com 4380 Kimball Bridge Road • Alpharetta, GA 30022 niravanaspa_halfh.indd 1 www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_024-025_BestRx.indd 25


4/8/14 PM5 JUNE 20144:31 2

5/21/14 9:13 AM

Did You Know? Testosterone deficiency, known as “Low T,” is a very common medical condition which affects approximately 1 in 500 males.This condition occurs when the sex glands fail to produce enough of the hormone testosterone. In males, testosterone plays an important role in the maintenance of sex drive, fertility, and bone health. “Low T” may result from a disorder of the sex glands or of the pituitary gland (a small organ located below the brain). It may be congenital (present at birth) or acquired as the result of aging, disease, drugs, or other factors. Symptoms of “Low T” include erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, fatigue and weakness, depression, infertility, loss of body and facial hair, and osteoporosis. A blood test and review of symptoms are used to diagnosis “Low T.” Testosterone replacement therapy is available in many forms to treat “Low T.” Men receiving treatment often experience an increase in energy, sex drive, and sense of well-being.

Georgia Urology delivers the most advanced urological care available. As the largest urology practice in the Southeast, our 41 highly-trained and experienced urologists specialize in the medical and surgical management of all genitourinary conditions in men, women, adolescents and children including: • Urological cancers (including prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicular) • Male and female incontinence • Kidney stones • Prostate problems • Erectile dysfunction • Urinary tract infections • Male reproductive health and infertility (including vasectomy and vasectomy reversal) • Pediatric urology

Kidney Stone Hotline Appointments within 24 business hours for kidney stone pain.



BEST SELF ATLANTA visit www.gaurology.com or call 404-256-1844. www.bestselfatlanta.com To learn more

JUNE 2014

GAUrology_Full.indd 0614_026-033_CYCLING.indd 1 26

4/28/14 5/21/14 12:30 9:13 AM PM

:30 PM

With significant cycling projects in the works, Atlanta is becoming more bike-friendly than ever Photo courtesy of Barrett Walker/Southern Bicycle League

By Karon Warren


o some, cycling in Atlanta may seem like an inaccessible hobby. With our infamous traffic, incorporating bike rides into day-to-day life is a feat that many of us just aren’t confident enough to attempt. And even if you want to enjoy the occasional ride, there’s such a range of gear and bike options, it can be tough to know where to start. Despite those perceived problems, cycling offers many more benefits than challenges. The activity improves your muscle tone and cardiovascular health, provides great social interaction, gets you out in nature and can even eliminate the need for cars on short trips. Plus, in the next two years, Atlanta will take significant steps toward making cycling accessible to anyone who wants it – and you don’t even have to consider yourself a “cyclist” to join in the fun.


0614_026-033_CYCLING.indd 27


JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:13 AM



A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION FOR: • Herniated or Bulging Discs • Degenerative Disc Disease • Posterior Facet Syndrome • Sciatica • cute or Chronic Back Pain

WHAT TO EXPECT: • Fewer incidents of back pain • Pain relief even after a few sessions • Shrinkage in disc herniation • ncreased mobilization • Return to an active lifestyle • 85 Success Rate!

SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION TODAY! We will pre-certify your insurance!

idtown Neurology P.C.


tlanta s Premier DD Therapy Center JUNE 2014

0614_026-033_CYCLING.indd Midtown Neurology_FP.indd 1 28


www. idtownNeurology.com



5/21/14 4/1/14 9:13 4:40 AM PM

:40 PM

Get Your Gear

Once you’ve selected a bike, it’s time to think about your other gear. Deciding what you want or need is as individual as you are, according to Joanne Massey, president of Southern Bicycle League, but here are some basics to get you started:

If you’re just getting into cycling, gearing up couldn’t be easier. “If it has wheels and you can pedal it, that’s your entry point,” says Rebecca Serna, executive director of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

Protection – Regardless of what the laws mandate, it’s a

Head to your local bike shop and consult with the bike pros to determine the best type of bike for your needs. Dan Thornton, president and owner of Free-Flite Bicycles in Atlanta, says to start by asking yourself where you plan to ride: on the street or off road? “This will quickly narrow the decision by as much as 75 percent,” Thornton says. Then, also consider the following:

good idea to wear a helmet. Mike Wagaman, the owner of Peachtree Bikes, recommends the Echelon II helmet from Specialized, which is adjustable for comfort and safety. To protect your bike from theft, Wagaman likes Kryptonite Kryptoflex combo cables, which give you six feet of cable and a reprogrammable combination for just $29.99. And don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen!

Water – On a casual ride, a water bottle will likely

Photo courtesy of Inside Ride

• How often do I plan to ride? • Do I want to ride for pleasure, for exercise or for competition? • What is my budget?

meet your hydration needs. If you need more capacity for longer rides, try a hydration pack. “Many like the backpack hydration from Camel Bak or Osprey packs,” Thornton says.

Based on your answers, the Repair materials – It’s helpful to be professionals can help narrow your able to patch or pump up a flat tire yourself. options, but don’t be surprised if your bike still costs Thornton says, “We recommend an under seat Bike indoors and perfect your form with $500 or more. “The more you want to do with your stationary rollers like these. pack to carry a spare inner tube and CO2 inflator.” bike, the more money you may spend,” Trish Albert of Southeastern Cycling says, since race bikes can cost upward of $5,000. Cycling shorts and bike seat – To make your seat more If you don’t have a big budget but still want quality, Serna recommends comfortable, wear padded lycra shorts or a baggy style with a padded lycra liner. visiting a local bike shop that sells used bikes, like Atlanta Beltline And if you’re cycling for fitness, which is a great option for anyone Bicycle.


13057 Hwy. 9N Suite 210 770.559.0348


1819 Peachtree Rd. NE Suite 103 404.351.5015


765 Peachtree Pkwy. 678.208.6788



165 Vann St. 770.422.9856

Specializing in: • Sports Injury

• Fungal Nail

• Bunions

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Hammertoe

• Plantar Warts

• Ingrown Nail

• Workers Compensation

• Heel Pain

• Pediatric Foot Care


550 Peachtree St. Suite 1015 678.702.0620


861 Windy Hill Rd. SE 770.434.7078

215 Clairemont Ave 404.508.4026

AnkleAndFootCenters.com Ankle and Foot Centers of GA_halfh.indd 1 www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_026-033_CYCLING.indd 29


3/4/14 AM9 JUNE 20149:50 2

5/21/14 9:13 AM

looking for low-impact but high-intensity cardio, try these accessories:


Cycle computers – Thornton says, “The new Garmin cycle computers are very popular. These allow the cyclist to map their rides, record heart rate, time of ride, max speed, average speed and many other ride facts.” This can help you ensure that you’re getting the most from each workout.


3655 Roswell Rd NE #216 Atlanta, GA 30342 Monday-Saturday: 10-6 Sunday: By Appointment only

Rollers – Companies like Travel Trac and Inside Ride sell simple metal frames known as rollers, which allow you to bike in place and break a sweat even indoors. It’s a great workout because it’s up to you alone to keep your “stationary” bike upright.


An Ambitious Goal In 2012, Mayor Kasim Reed committed to making bicycling an integral part of daily life here in Atlanta. To achieve this goal, he allocated $2.47 million in 2013 toward bicycle projects such as doubling the total miles of bicycle lanes and linked, shared-use paths to 60 miles each and rolling out a bikeshare program.







Because of these goals, Atlanta recently caught the attention of the national organization PeopleForBikes. Just this April, Atlanta was selected for PeopleForBikes’ Green Lane Project, which will run through 2016. Starting now, our city will receive monetary grants and connection with other city cycling experts in order to build a network of protected bike lanes.

When you spend $100-$250

Zach Vanderkooy, the Green Lane Project project manager, explains the benefits of protected bike lanes versus the conventional strip of white paint. “A protected bike lane could be planters, trees or posts, but there’s some sort of vertical separator between moving cars, people on bikes and people on the sidewalks.” So the threat of rogue rush-hour drivers and the fear of not knowing where bikers belong on the road are eliminated. Vanderkooy says, “When you have very busy traffic, protected bike lanes feel a lot safer and more comfortable.”

When you spend $250-$500

When you spend $500 or more Offer expires - August 31, 2014

+ 20% OFF

all laser treatments during the month of June!

Leslie Brothers, R.N., B.S.N Owner


JUNE 2014

Health & Beauty Boutique_halfv.indd 1 0614_026-033_CYCLING.indd 30

Until these changes are fully implemented in Atlanta, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition can help you find bike-friendly roads with their “bikeability” map, featuring rated roadways to help you find the best routes.

Cycling Events In addition to these tangible changes in our infrastructure, Atlanta’s residents are warming up to cycling more than ever. “There is a vibrant cycling

Photo courtesy of SFBC

The Green Lane Project has already increased ridership in other cities. “On Dearborn Avenue in downtown Chicago, ridership doubled compared to what was there before,” Vanderkooy says. “On 15th Street in Washington, it actually tripled.” So don’t worry if you’ve never biked much before – with these new infrastructure changes, everyone can enjoy the road.



5/21/14 9:13 AM



Come see what all the fuss is about....

Buckhead - 2905 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 404.262.9853 Sandy Springs - 225 Hilderbrand Drive, Sandy Springs, 404.254.4116 www.peachtreebikes.com

Mention this Best Self issue or show us a screenshot of this ad and get 40% OFF ANY ACCESSORY. One per person. Exp. 7/31/14.

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5/16/14 9:35 AM

We’ll Take You Back To Your Roots! Did you know that 78% of balding men are thinking about it? You are not alone. NOW is the time you can do something about it. We take a Personal Approach to your Hair Restoration. ◆ Non-Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction ◆ Dr. Danyo creates natural results by individually extracting and placing each graft Affordable ◆ Permanent ◆ Natural No Linear Scarring - No Stitches - No Scalpel y Call toda st ur fir to get yo ts FREE! 250 graf . Redeem Daniel A. Danyo, MD Member ISHRS North Atlanta Hair_halfh.indd 1 www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_026-033_CYCLING.indd 31

ts *1st 5 Clien imum in m h wit fts 1,250 gra

We’re located in

410 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 4200 Cumming, GA 30041 www.nahairrestoration.com

678.845.7521 BEST SELF ATLANTA

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5/21/14 9:13 AM

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5/5/14 1:57 PM

For all your skin care need • Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin Cancer • Treatment of Skin, Hair Loss, Nail Diseases, Acne, Warts, Moles, Psoriasis, Eczema, etc. • Lasers: Vbeam Vascular Laser for Rosacea and Treatment of Leg and Facial Veins, Laser Hair Removal (All Skin Types), Yag for facial rejuvenation and CO2 for wrinkles and scars. • Sclerotherapy for Fine Leg Veins •Cosmetic: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Juverderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero & Voluma


Gabrielle M. Sabini, MD • Charles J. Douchy, MD Matthew J. Reschly, MD • A. Damian Dhar, MD Stephanie S. Gardner, MD • Anjana M. Patel, PA-C Sara A. Barr, PA-C • Stacey Olivier PA-C Scarlett Melton PA-C • Karly Kincaid, PA-C All Board Certified 3370 Paddocks Parkway Suwanee, GA 30024 (Off Peachtree Parkway in Suwanee) 1 3 2NorthAtlantaDermatology_halfh0114.indd JUNE 2014 BEST SELF ATLANTA

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3850 Pleasant Hill Rd. Duluth, GA 30096 (Between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway)

North Atlanta

3331 Hamilton Mill Rd. Suite 1106 Buford, GA 30519 (Across from the Kroger Shopping Center)

Dermatology Adult & Pediatric Dermatology


770.814.8222 5/1/14 9:17 AM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:13 AM

scene with group rides every day of the week, road races, mountain bike rides, a cyclocross series and dozens of century rides within an hour’s drive of Atlanta,” Albert says.

Beltone First

If you aren’t ready for a century ride, Atlanta offers events for bikers of all levels, such as the annual Atlanta Streets Alive or this year’s inaugural Atlanta Cycling Festival, which features bike rides and classes from June 7 through 14. More events can be found on the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Southern Bicycle League and Southeastern Cycling websites, so what are you waiting for? The time is now!

Pioneering g better hearing

Hitting the Trails PICK A PATH:

Stream phone one n calls, calls c ca lls, lls l ,m music musi us c and usi and mov mo movie ie o dir direct di e lyy fro ect fr rom ma n iiPhone P ne to Pho audio directly from an Beltone aids. Belton Bel t e First to ton Firs irstt hearing hear earing ing ai a ds.

Arabia Mountain Trail Atlanta BeltLine Silver Comet Trail Sope Creek Trails South Peachtree Creek Trail FIND CYCLING FRIENDS: Atlanta Bicycle Coalition – www.atlantabike.org

Introducing a revolutionary made for iPhone hearing aid ®

Georgia Bicycle Racing Association – www.gacycling.org North Atlanta Riding Club – This group focuses on century and charity rides. www.bikenarc.com North Georgia Cycling Association – Check this group out if you’re interested in race teams. www.ngca.us Sorella Cycling – Join more than 160 women who enjoy all levels and types of cycling. www.sorellacycling.com Southern Bicycle League – “We’re about bringing people together around the common interest of biking,” says Joanne Massey, the group’s president. www.bikesbl.org Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association – Find off-road biking and events through this group. www.sorba.org USA Cycling – www.usacycling.org

Editorial Resources Trish Albert, Southeastern Cycling – www.southeasterncycling.com Rebecca Serna, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition – 


Now, stream audio from your iPhone , iPad , ® or iPod touch directly to your hearing aids. Hear phone calls, music, movies, real-time directions and more like never before. Sound is clean and clear, even in noisy locations. Your iPhone remembers the places you visit, and automatically adjusts your settings*. And, the “Find My Hearing Aid” function locates misplaced devices.* *With free HearPlus app.

Make an appointment for a FREE hearing screening today. If you qualify, try Beltone First hearing aids on the spot. ™

Call 404-869-3494 XXX-XXX-XXXX now. Atlanta Beltone 2900 Peachtree Rd NW Suite 210 GA and 30305Work area) (DispenserAtlanta, Imprint 404-869-3494 Located in the Peach Shopping Center

www.atlantabike.org Joanne Massey, Southern Bicycle League –


www.bikesbl.org Dan Thornton, Free-Flite Bicycles – www.freeflite.com Zach Vanderkooy, PeopleForBikes – Mike Wagaman, Peachtree Bikes – www.peachtreebikes.com

Beltone First is compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) using iOS 7.X or later. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper fit. Beltone Hearing Care Centers are independently owned and operated. © Beltone 2014.


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5/21/14 9:13 AM


In the Neck of Time

As early as your 20s and 30s, gravity, sun damage and other elements of aging begin taking their toll on your neck. No matter how much time has passed, restore some of that youthful look through these treatments recommended by Atlanta’s expert plastic surgeons and aestheticians.

Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) – RF can be used for clients of all skin types and colors to tighten loose skin of the jawline and neck without surgery. An electric current runs between two electrodes placed on the skin, heating up the tissue and stimulating dermal collagen. After several treatments, costing $237 to $385, you can help maintain results by applying topical serums at home such as A+ serum and Vital C Serum. Available at: Institut DERMed, 3726 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, www.idermed.com — Information provided by Lyn Ross, LME, Founder of Institut’ DERMed

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Micro Vein Laser – These light and laser treatments remove unwanted sun damage on the neck like brown spots and redness. The skin may be pink for about one day after either procedure. Revision’s FDA-approved Nectifirm works well for at-home maintenance and further repair of loose, pigmented neck tissue. Depending on which laser procedure you choose, the cost may be anywhere from $125 to $1200. Available at: Bella by Alethea, 4603 Wieuca Road, Atlanta, GA, www.beautybyalethea.net — Information provided by Alethea Tinkle, medical aesthetician

SkinPen Microneedling – Microneedling creates precise micro-injuries to the skin, which trigger the body to dissolve damaged tissue and replace it with new cells, resulting in sun damage reversal and acne scar improvement. The procedure costs $300 for the face and neck. Your skin may have slight redness for two to four days, and your skin’s natural repair process will make the final result visible in three to six months. Be sure to wear sunblock and use a good antioxidant serum to prevent further damage. Available at: Nirvana Med Spa, 4380 Kimball Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA, www.nirvanalasercentre.com — Information provided by Sharilyn Berg, medical aesthetician and certified laser specialist

Ultherapy – This one-time, permanent treatment is ideal for anyone age 35 to 80 with mild to moderate laxity of the skin. Ultherapy uses FDA-indicated ultrasound technology for a full face and neck lift, and it works on all skin types. With no significant downtime, patients will see results anywhere from immediately to three months post-procedure. A full neck treatment, which excludes the lower jaw, begins at $2,700. Available at: Harley Anti-Aging Institute, 2678 Buford Highway, Atlanta, GA, www.harleyantiaging.com — Information provided by Sharon Bent-Harley, MD, board-certified OB/GYN and owner of Harley Anti-Aging Institute


Exilis – The non-invasive, FDA-approved Exilis device uses a computer to deliver controlled heat to the skin, which stimulates collagen and smoothes wrinkles. With no significant side effects, the recommended care afterward is simply to increase your water intake and engage in some light exercise like walking. Four to six sessions cost $1499. JUNE 2014

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5/21/14 9:14 AM

Available at: Youthtopia Medspa, 3665 Old Milton Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA, www.youthtopiamedspa.com — Information provided by Marla Brown, owner of Youthtopia Medspa

Surgical Neck Lift – To contour and eliminate loose skin and muscle problems like vertical bands, this procedure begins with incisions beneath the chin, behind the ears, and sometimes along the front of the ear. The surgeon elevates the skin, repairs the vertical bands, trims excess skin if necessary and can even remove excess fat. Downtime ranges from a few days to a week, while swelling and bruising resolve and stitches are removed or absorbed. The cost of this procedure varies based on the costs of the operating room, anesthesia and the surgeon. Available at: Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 2500 Hospital Blvd., Suite 410, Roswell, GA, www.yplasticsurgery.com — Information provided by Asaf Yalif, MD, FACS, founder of Y Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Platysmaplasty – This surgery is less invasive than a full neck lift, since it is accomplished via a small incision under the chin, but it still successfully tightens a sagging neck and jawline. It can be performed under twilight or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference, and patients are back to normal activities after two days to a week. The cost is approximately $2,900, and the procedure is often combined with other contouring procedures like facial liposuction or a chin implant. Available at: The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, 6111 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE, Atlanta, GA, www. maloneycenter.com — Information provided by Brian Maloney, MD, FACS, founder of The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery Don’t risk your neck! No matter what procedure you choose, make sure your provider is licensed or certified in their discipline.


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AMLI_Residential_2-3V.indd 1


5/13/14 PM5 JUNE 20144:08 3

5/21/14 9:14 AM

Over 40

! s Fa lou bu &

Photos by Sawyer Photography


ver 40 & Fabulous!, at first glance, seems like a selfexplanatory contest name – the winners will be over 40 years of age, and they'll be fabulous. But what does "fabulous" really mean? This year's group takes the definition to a new level.

"Fabulous" doesn't just mean physical beauty; it means a strong belief that beauty is on the inside too. "Fabulous" doesn't just mean physical fitness for its own sake; it means being active with family and friends for overall health and happiness. "Fabulous" doesn't just mean donating money or volunteering your time; it means giving back to your community with the passion and energy of your whole spirit. Over the next few pages, you will meet this year's top 10 winners and the next fabulous five. These 15 contestants are executives, parents, doctors, runners and coaches. They love books, travel, their families, their friends and life itself. They were nominated and voted on by you, and the vote tallies have spoken. Here are Atlanta's 2014 Over 40 & Fabulous! winners!

Pictured L-R: Erika Carter, Diana Hofsommer, Marsha Middleton, Toni Moceri, Dr. David Jones, Jen McGowan Guynn, Sue Cobb, Beth Ann Bearup, Virginia Keagle, Peggy Rainbow

Thank you to our 2014 Over 40 & Fabulous! contest sponsors. The contest is presented by National Coalition Against Domestic Violence/Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Participating sponsors: ASM Wellness and AlternaHealth Solutions Contributing sponsors: Bob Steele Salon, Skin IQ Medspa & Store, GlowDry Prize Package sponsors: AlternaHealth Solutions, ASM Wellness, Bob Steele Salon, Concourse Athletic Club, Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa, GlowDry, Health & Beauty Boutique, Joseph & Friends Salon & Spa, The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Natural Health Atlanta, Obaji Products, Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, Power & Pink Stripes, Salon 1580, Single Atlanta, Skin IQ Medspa & Store, Total HealthCare Medical Center, VeinINNOVATIONS


JUNE 2014

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5/21/14 9:14 AM



0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 37


JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:14 AM


JUNE 2014

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd Valeant Pharmaceuticals_full.indd 38 1



5/21/14 4/4/14 10:11 9:14 AM AM

:11 AM


Diana Hofsommer - Winner “I’ve always had the view that you could be whatever you wanted to be. I feel like I’m just getting started!” Diana has lived in Atlanta for 18 years with her husband, Jason. In her current role as the development director for Camp Horizon, Diana spends her days building support for Atlanta's youth in foster care.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? Living in Germany for five years was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I changed cultures as an adult and came to realize that my identity wasn’t necessarily defined by all of the things I left behind. Learning to live and interact in a new language was an incredibly humbling and rewarding challenge, ultimately, even if it didn’t always feel rewarding in the interim.

What is your favorite way to work out? Snow skiing. It’s the most exhilarating way to enjoy nature, physically challenge myself and completely clear my head. More regularly, I run or walk several times a week and do yoga videos, P90X or free weights at home. It seems small, but I think those things add up.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? My favorite cause is Camp Horizon, a charity organization providing year-round, no-cost programs to Metro Atlanta’s youth in foster care. I’ve been volunteering as a mentor/counselor for eight years. My current role is development director, which I’m doing pro bono for two years to help grow our organization. Despite 32 years of running amazing programs and changing the lives of hundreds of wonderful kids, Camp Horizon is still unknown to most Atlantans. I’m working to build relationships and create better connections for support.

What inspired you to do this particular kind of charity work? I’m a former “foster kid.” I identify with the issues our kids struggle with, and I have benefited greatly from my community, federal programs and several specific kind and generous people unrelated to me. There is a pervasive and persistent myth that kids from disadvantaged backgrounds are often “troubled” or “bad.” Well, if you suffered the same traumas, you might be troubled too. Instead of ignoring the issues, I’d rather see a greater investment in programs that inspire kids to strive for something they didn’t think possible before. It’s what we focus on at Camp Horizon, and I know there are a lot of other amazing groups doing similar work. Donating to a cause like ours is not just “good” – it’s an investment that pays dividends exponentially. A neighbor I hardly knew taught me how to ride a bike when I was 7. I’ve never forgotten it. And like that example, I have several others that inspire me to put more good in the world than I have received. My hope is that our kids will be inspired to do the same someday too.

What is your most embarrassing moment? I have so many! Some of the funniest happened while learning to speak German. One day I told my instructor about welcoming spring and cleaning the windows in the back of our apartment. Unfortunately, what I actually said was that I had cleaned the windows in my “behind.”

What is your favorite quote? I find this one from Eleanor Roosevelt quite meaningful, particularly for children who grow up without support or who are abused: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Even if it’s your family that tells you that you’re worthless, you don’t have to believe it.

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family and work responsibilities, and giving back? I am not sure I do a great job at this, but I also have autoimmune issues that force me to balance this better than I used to. The four are inextricably linked, and all are a priority for me. If I’m not healthy, I can’t do my work or enjoy time with anyone. So I’ve had to learn how to say no, even when I really want to say yes. Accepting that I have limits was difficult, but finding a way to work within them feels like a success. www.bestselfatlanta.com

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JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:14 AM

Ready. Set. Glow. Blowouts • Hairstyling • Makeup Application

If you don’t want to act your age, have we got a retirement community for you.

3722 Roswell Rd NE • Atlanta, Georgia 30342 404.549.8007 • info@myglowdry.com • www.myglowdry.com

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*Expires June 30th, one per customer

3755 Peachtree Road NE | Atlanta 404.237.2323 | renaissanceonpeachtree.com

Start Living Center

Glow_Dry_1-4v.indd 1

5/5/14 Renaissance1-4v.indd 3:42 PM 1



A S S I S T E D L I V I N G FA C I L I T Y L I C E N S E N O . 7 6 9 3

50% off Initial Consultation.

4/1/14 9:40 AM

for our BEST SELF readers

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AlternaHealth Solutions

AlternaHealth Solutions helps many patients challenged with Trigeminal Neuralgia, Vertigo, Chronic Pain, Migraines, and many more symptoms of degeneration. Our patients have found relief through our procedure “Quantum Spinal Mechanics” (QSM3 ) in conjuction with the “Success Plan”. Our Services are bringing the healing paradigm back to healthcare. We want to cordially invite you to begin your path to optimal wellness. When you come in bring this ad or mention Best Self to receive the discount.

• • • • •

I n i t i a l C o n s u l t a t i o n fo r B e s t S e l f R e a d e rs i n c l u d e : Office Tour Detailed review of your medical history Body Balance Check using the Anatometer (only device in Georgia that evaluates your posture with data.) Consultation with doctor to analyze misalignment and create custom treatment plan 3-D X-rays that examine: -Spinal Misalignment, Degenerative effects of your spinal misalignment, and the direct correlation to you health issues 8800 ROSWELL RD SUITE. A-235 SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30350

Solutions_1-2h.indd 4 0AlternaHealth JUNE 2014 BEST SELF1 ATLANTA

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 40


5/19/14 9:08 AM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:14 AM


Beth Ann Bearup “I thought by 40 I would feel fully grown up, but I am still growing and becoming more confident and independent.” This former pageant titleholder and model has three children with whom she runs an Atlanta-based non-profit organization. Beth Ann also serves as the director of public relations for The ENT Institute.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? I have learned what is important in life: being there for your family and friends and letting them know you love them. I have also learned I am stronger than I ever imagined, and the only person who can truly make me happy is myself.

What is your favorite way to give back? Through Sheltering Books, Inc., a non-profit I run along with my three children. We have collected over 300,000 children’s books that we send to homeless shelters, orphanages, children’s hospitals and schools around the world.

What inspired you to do this kind of charity work? My daughter, Mackenzie, was injured when she was 10 years old and developed a chronic pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The only way she could get her mind off her pain was to get lost in a great book. Her doctor told her about Murphy Harpst, a home for severely abused children that had a library but very few books. Mackenzie started gathering her books, then asked friends and family for books, and before we knew it, she had several thousand books to give them. My sons soon got involved, and we had such a great time collecting and donating the books that we decided to continue. Eventually we turned it into an official non-profit charity and now send books around the world.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? I am a big believer that Botox can help you keep from getting wrinkles. I have gotten Botox at The ENT Institute for years. I also love my eyelash extensions from Pleasures Skin Care in Alpharetta. They really make me look more awake!

What advice do you have for someone who isn’t yet over 40 and fabulous? Learn who you are, and if you don't like what you see, work on changing that. You have to love yourself – that’s who you’re stuck with the rest of your life! www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 41

Marsha Middleton “Hitting 40 made me stop sweating small stuff. I learned to really cherish every moment with my family and friends.” As a mother of two, the owner and president of M-Squared Public Relations and a board member for Meals on Wheels Atlanta, Marsha embraces all her roles while finding time to travel whenever possible.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? It’s really hard to say that I’m proud of just one thing, but I was the first in my family to graduate from college, and I’m absolutely proud of my company and the amazing clients we represent, such as Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, and Moffett Restaurant Group.

What is your favorite book? My favorite book is definitely the Bible. My pastor, Dennis Rouse of Victory World Church, plays a large role in my ability to remain humble and grounded.

What is your favorite way to work out? I love a great spin class, and I’m most motivated by the music.

What is your favorite healthy meal? I am totally obsessed with kale. While I used to judge all restaurants by their french fries, the older me – who can’t lose weight so easily anymore – puts the verdict out on a restaurant’s kale. One of my favorite places for a consistently good kale salad is Houston’s on Peachtree in Buckhead.

What is your favorite way to give back? I really believe in the mission of Meals On Wheels Atlanta. As a volunteer, you not only deliver food to hungry seniors, but it’s also a delivery of conversation and friendship. This year, I’m extremely excited to get myself and colleagues involved with youthSpark, Inc, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that provides intervention services for victims of child sex trafficking.

What is your most embarrassing moment? It was work-related and involved a typo that, as a misspelled word, turned out to be profanity. The document went to the entire company. Oh, and this happened during my first week on the job.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? My life coach, David Smith, keeps me grounded, focused and centered. When I have a few too many balls in the air, he tells me it’s okay to catch a few and put a few down without feeling like I’ve dropped them. BEST SELF ATLANTA

JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:14 AM

Photography by Sara Hanna

Photography by Sara Hanna

Photography by Sara Hanna

Lidia NistorLidia NistorReteneller Reteneller FOUNDER, OWNER

Company Skin IQ Medspa & Store (Buckhead) FOUNDER, Photography by SaraGA Hanna 30305 Address 56 EastOWNER Andrews Drive NW, Atlanta, Phone 404.277.0778 Company Skin IQ Medspa & Store (Buckhead) Web skiniqmedspa.com Address 56 East Andrews Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone 404.277.0778 “We carry Web skiniqmedspa.com

Lidia NistorReteneller 40 different


OWNER brands fromFOUNDER, 8 countries.” Company Skin IQ Medspa & Store (Buckhead)






Address 56 East Andrews Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

brands from 8 countries.”

404.277.0778 Lidia Nistor-Reteneller founded SkinPhone IQ Medspa in August of 2006, with a Web skiniqmedspa.com mission to exceed client expectations through highly customized skincare, “We carry over 40 the different which is the hallmark of her brand. She travels all over the world to bring best skin care to Atlantans. founded Skin Lidia Nistor-Reteneller IQ Medspa in August of 2006, with a brands from 8 countries.”

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mission to exceed client expectations through highly customized skincare, Lidia Nistor-Reteneller founded Skin IQ Medspa in August of 2006, with a

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Skin IQ Store is a one-stop-shop where men andclient women can through find a highly broad mission She to exceed customized which is the hallmark of her brand. travels expectations all over the world to bringskincare, the range of hard-to-find products — from medical-grade to organic which is the hallmark oflines her brand. She travelssolutions all over the world to bring the best skin care to Atlantans. best skin care to Atlantans. and serums for the skin, nails and hair. The retail shop offers an unmatched selection of physician-formulated Skin andIQ highly-effective skincare Store is a one-stop-shop where menproducts and women can find a broad of hard-to-find products — from medical-grade to organic solutions Skin IQ to Store is aallone-stop-shop where men and women canlines find a broad designed address skin types in range a friendly, pressure-free environment. and serums for the skin, nails and hair. The retail shop offers an unmatched

range of hard-to-find products — fromofmedical-grade lines to organic solutions selection physician-formulated and highly-effective skincare products designed to address all skin types in a friendly, pressure-free environment. and serums for the skin, nails and hair. The retail shop offers an unmatched selection of physician-formulated and highly-effective skincare products designed to address all skin types in a friendly, pressure-free environment.

BobSteeleSalon_1-4v.indd 1



4/9/14 SkinIQ_1-4v.indd 2:18 PM 1


5/9/14 1:22 PM


A Career in Complementary Healthcare Starts Here

ASM Wellness offers career certification programs in Massage Therapy • Skin Care Esthetics • Personal Fitness Training A Leader in Healthcare Training Since 1980

Financial Assistance Plans

Career Counseling and Placement Services

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Traci Daly-Smith at 877-718-0596 ASMWellness.com

4 2Atlanta_School_Of_Massage.indd JUNE 2014 BEST SELF1 ATLANTA

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 42

5/12/14 10:10 AM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:14 AM



Lidia NistorReteneller

$50 off

Hydrafacial OR 15% Discount for any gift for Father’s Day!

Sue Cobb


“In my heart, I’m not a whole lot different now than when I was a teenager!” This sports coach and mom of six launched Sportabella, Ltd., her own sportswear company, which now outfits many of Metro Atlanta's youth sports teams and donates a portion of proceeds to cancer research.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? I can’t remember – it was 11 years ago! Honestly, the best thing I’ve learned about myself since turning 40 is that your passion for life doesn’t diminish with age.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? My six amazing children and my marriage to my high school sweetheart, followed by launching Sportabella.

What is your favorite book? “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver, followed by “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving. Not to mention the Dr. Seuss books I’ve read to my kids over the last 20 years!

What is your favorite way to work out? Hit the pool for a long workout led by a wonderful Masters swim coach.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Sushi. Not just the fish, but all the veggies as well.

What is your favorite way to give back? I’ve been active in youth sports and coaching for the past 15 years. I have a personal passion for fitness and know that participation in sports provides kids with a tremendous opportunity to gain confidence, achieve physical well-being, and along the way make great friends and learn valuable life lessons.

What is your most embarrassing moment? While living in Japan, I hosted a business dinner party and served what I thought were green beans. Of course, I couldn’t read the label. Soybeans in their shells are not a replacement for green beans – I couldn’t quite figure out why they were so hard to chew!

What is your favorite getaway? The Georgia mountains, although my most frequented getaway is on the back porch with my husband.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Surrounded by my husband, kids and a bevy of grandbabies! I also hope to be watching Sportabella bring joy to athletes around the world.

Peggy Rainbow “Life only gets better as you get older. I heard that all my life and now know it to be absolutely true.” As vice president of Worthmore Jewelers and a competitive bodybuilder, Peggy still finds time to give back through Atlanta Pride, Hosea Feed the Hungry, W.I.S.H. Society and Make-A-Wish Georgia.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? Probably the best thing I’ve learned is that I still have so much time to learn and accomplish all the things I want to do. I’m not at the end of my rope!

What is your favorite book? “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.

What is your favorite way to work out? Old-school bodybuilding style.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Bison and Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts!

What is your favorite way to give back? I want to help the gay community, so my favorite way to give back is anything to do with Atlanta Pride. We have come such a long way since I was in my early 20s, and I want the younger gay community to have it easier than we did. www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 43

What is your most embarrassing moment? When I split my pants showing off doing squats in the gym.

What is your favorite quote? “Live life as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Ghandi

Name something on your bucket list. To attend a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? My training coach, my posing coach, Yoda (yes, I’m serious) and my very dear friend Harris Botnick.

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family and work responsibilities, and giving back? I realize what my limitations and boundaries are and respect them. I have learned to prioritize and give what I can, when I can. I try very hard not to over-commit.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Kickin’ butt and taking names. Probably enjoying life and riding my Harley around the country. And, of course, still hitting the gym. BEST SELF ATLANTA

JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:14 AM

more ”


Virginia Keagle “I have a strong mom who told me that I could do anything I set my mind to, and I still believe that today!” Virginia serves as the executive administrator of information technology at Habitat for Humanity's corporate headquarters. She stays fabulous with a wellrounded workout regimen and a healthy diet.

How has your perception of this age changed since you were younger? When I was young, my perception was that 40 is just plain old. Obviously, I no longer think this way about 40, 50 or even 60, for that matter. Age is truly a state of mind, and how well you take care of yourself physically can have a huge impact as well.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? Learning to accept myself the way I am. There is a lot to be said for self-acceptance and selfawareness.

What is your favorite way to work out? Running and weight training. As you age, you lose muscle tone. It is my goal to retain as much of that as possible.

What is your favorite healthy meal? I love fresh salmon on the grill and any other seafood dish that is prepared by either grilling or baking. I don’t eat anything fried, and I stopped eating red meat more than 20 years ago.

What is your favorite way to give back? My favorite way to give back to the community is building homes with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat addresses a human need by providing safe, decent and affordable housing throughout the world. Access to adequate housing changes people’s lives – it impacts everything from health to socioeconomic factors in a huge way. To date, Habitat has served more than 800,000 families worldwide. Just last year, Habitat for Humanity served 124,946 families.

Name something on your bucket list. To see the Great Wall of China or some other piece of history dating back more than 1,000 years.

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family and work responsibilities, and giving back? I think the most important thing to do is spend your time with those who are important to you, surround yourself with others who you can learn from, and never forget your old friends who have been by your side through the good and the bad.

Dr. David Jones “I feel that I’m in a new, more exciting chapter of my life.”

What is your favorite quote?

David, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia's assistant chief of pediatrics, advocates for better health through the Every Body Walk! campaign while maintaining his own health through regular exercise and local, organic food.

Name something on your bucket list.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? I’ve become more willing to take chances, to challenge myself and to embrace change. As a result, I am happier and more fulfilled both personally and professionally.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? Graduating from medical school.

What is your favorite way to work out? I like weight training. It makes me feel good physically and mentally. Also, I am a tennis fanatic! When I cannot do that, I enjoy walking.

What is your favorite way to give back? I participate in local health fairs and career day at various schools. I join my colleagues in community service events, and I enjoy fundraising for PAWS Atlanta, a no-kill animal shelter, to honor our Great Dane, Morocco.

What makes you laugh? As a pediatrician, I hear many funny comments from kids. I laugh when they inadvertently embarrass their parents with an unexpected comment. I remember doing it to my parents as a child.


JUNE 2014

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 44


“I am not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde Two things: I would really love to see the Wimbledon Championships, and I would love to go to South Africa.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? Dr. Rob Schreiner and Dr. Charmaine Gray have been close and highly valued mentors for me for many years.

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family and work responsibilities, and giving back? I firmly believe that caring for our physical and mental wellness is vital, although it may not be easy at times. If we neglect that, then we cannot be there fully for our family and friends when they are in need. Being physically active and “walking the walk,” if you will, helps me be a more effective and credible healthcare professional.

What advice do you have for someone who isn’t yet over 40 and fabulous? Appreciate where you are and what you do right now, and enjoy each day. So much can be learned in both success and failure. www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:14 AM

Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa Alan M.

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The top three winners (determined by number of votes on Facebook) will receive up to $500 for their pet-related charity, plus a pet pampering prize package from PetzLife!

Dermatology &&Med Gardner Dermatology &Spa Med Spa Gardner Dermatology Med Spa GardnerGardner Dermatology & Med Spa WHY CHOOSE GARDNER DERMATOLOGY & MED SPA?

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M. Gardner, MD – Board Certified Dermatologist since 1985 Alan M. Gardner,Alan MDAlan – Board Dermatologist since 1985 M. Gardner,Certified MD – Board Certified Dermatologist since 1985 •

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Expert medical, surgical, and non-surgical dermatologic and cosmetic care WHY CHOOSE GARDNER DERMATOLOGY & MED SPA? Extensive services to treat thousands of skin conditions affecting the skin,• hair andWHY nails CHOOSE GARDNER DERMATOLOGY & MED SPA? Expert medical, surgical, and non-surgical WHY CHOOSE GARDNER DERMATOLOGY MED&SPA? Diagnosis and treatment of types of skin cancer and cosmetic care & WHYdermatologic CHOOSEall GARDNER DERMATOLOGY MED SPA? • Extensive servicescare to treat thousands of skin conditions with the highest quality patient Expert medical, affecting •the skin, hair and nails surgical, and non-surgical Cutting edge,medical, state-of-the art technology with well • Diagnosis andand treatment of all types ofcosmetic skin cancer dermatologic and care • Expert surgical, non-surgical • with Expert medical, surgical, and non-surgical thehelp highest quality patient care trained,dermatologic qualified staff to improve and maintain • Extensive services to treat thousands of skin conditions and cosmetic care • Cutting edge, state-of-the art technology with well dermatologic and cosmetic care the skin, and nails the •overall health and beauty of your skin Extensive services to qualified treataffecting thousands of skinhair conditions trained, staff to help improve and maintain • health all types of skin cancer Extensive services tospecialist treatand thousands of skinofconditions the overall and beauty oftreatment your Over 25affecting years experience aDiagnosis top inskin the• skin, hairasand nails with the highest care • Over 25 years experience as anails topquality specialistpatient in affecting the skin, hair and • Diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin cancer dermatology dermatology • Cutting edge, state-of-the art technology with well

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Before and after photos of actual patients – Courtesy of Alan M. Gardner, MD dermatology

Before and after photos of actual patients – Courtesy of Alan M. Gardner, MD 2550 Windy Road #200 of actual patients – Courtesy of Alan M. Gardner, MD Before andHill after photos www.gardnerdermatology.com www.gardnerdermatology.com Marietta, GA 30067

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0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 45

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5/19/14 12:53 PM

2550 Windy Hill Road #200 Marietta, GA 30067


770-952-2100 5/19/14 10:454 AM JUNE 2014 5



770-952-2 5/21/14 9:14 AM


Erika Carter “Everyone is fabulous in their own way, 40 or not!” Erika’s passion for fitness motivates her to teach FlyBarre classes, run marathons and organize charity fitness events. She also serves as the marketing coordinator for Flywheel Atlanta.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? Running my first marathon with my dad in 1999. We weren’t avid runners, but I had found information on raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and asked my dad if he would be interested in doing it along with me. I was living in Boston at the time and would drive to my parents’ house in Rhode Island every weekend for our long runs. My dad and I stuck together the whole run and crossed the finish line holding hands.

What is your favorite way to work out? Every Friday, I do a Fly Triple at Flywheel. I teach two FlyBarre classes and then I take a Flywheel class right after. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend.

What is your favorite way to give back? I often donate my time to organize and teach classes to raise money for various charities. The charity class I organized for The One Fund Boston was the one closest to my heart. I went to college in Boston and lived there for many years after, so the marathon bombing last year really hit close to home for me.

What is your most embarrassing moment? In my junior year of high school, I had big hair with lots of hairspray (we’re talking the 1980s). When I took my official yearbook photo, perched on top of my bangs was a fly. You could see it clear as day in the photo. I am sure it got stuck in my hairspray.

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family and work responsibilities, and giving back? It is sometimes hard to balance. Saturdays are the only day I have completely off, so I make sure that they are 100 percent family focused. We take the time to relax and recharge.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Running a marathon with my two daughters.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Sushi. I could eat it every day and never get sick of it. I’m a huge fan of salmon and yellowtail sashimi, seaweed salad and edamame.

Toni Moceri “Be the best you can be, and never listen to what others say you can’t do.”

What is your favorite way to work out?

Toni is a marketing and social media consultant and owner of Toni Moceri & Company. Her regular networking events and her role as a mom keep her living life to the fullest every day.

Walking or jogging in Chastain Park and listening to music to clear my mind.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40?

Salads from Zoës Kitchen. I’m addicted.

I have learned not to be so hard on myself. Everything in life unfolds the way it’s supposed to, regardless of how hard you want to plan.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? Definitely raising my son, David. A long time ago I never wanted children, but it happened, and I always felt it was meant to be. I am very proud of him today. He has had his own hardships and persevered through them.

What is your favorite book? “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” by Marshall Goldsmith. My son gave it to me before he left for college, and he wrote on the inside cover, “Mom, this is my way of showing you how hard you worked and sacrificed for me. You are an awesome mother. Thank you for showing me the way!”


JUNE 2014

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 46


What is your favorite healthy meal? What is your favorite way to give back? I do charitable work with various organizations, and I hold a monthly networking event, Girls on Fire, inspiring other women to continue to help each other.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? The many doctors I have been exposed to in my former business and the author Bo Burlingham, who wrote “Small Giants.”

How do you maintain the balance between self-care, family and work responsibilities, and giving back? My son is weeks away from getting married, and I have a lot more time on my hands than I used to when I ran a business with 12 employees. Everything at work falls into place when I take time for myself. www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:14 AM

Joseph & Friends Aveda Salon & Spa is Celebrating 25 Amazing Years! With a State of the Art Advance Academy Joseph & Friends Celebrates success with its loyal Clients offering fabulous $25 haircuts This June, Joseph & Friends turns 25! What started as a dream and one salon in Roswell in 1989, Joseph & Friends Aveda Salon & Spa is now considered one of the “Top Five Salons in Atlanta” and has evolved into multiple locations, all the while providing transformational experiences for clients. Joseph & Friends is proud to be a multicultural, education based company which goes above and beyond to provide an “Outstanding Customer Experience Every Time”. The founder of Joseph & Friends, Joseph Golshani, truly believes that educational advancement is the driving force behind personal and professional growth and is extremely proud of the J & F Advance Academy, which prepares his staff to deliver excellence to every client and keeps them learning new global styles and techniques every day. To celebrate 25 years, Joseph & Friends is honoring its great clients, who made this dream a reality. During this anniversary year, they will be offering $25 haircuts by some of the best stylists in the industry, 25% off color and spa services! They are also giving back even more to our community, having increased their budget by 25% for donations to charitable events this year. The entire staff at Joseph & Friends hopes that everyone comes and joins the big celebration. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Trust your face to one of Atlanta’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeons as voted by Castle Connolly Medical, Atlanta Magazine and US News and World Report.

Mike Majmundar, MD

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5/5/14 10:48 47 AM JUNE 2014

5/9/14 10:56 AM 5/21/14 9:14 AM


Jen McGowan Guynn “Find peace in who you are, and that will be reflected in your everyday actions.” Jen serves as the co-founder and executive director of Pebble Tossers, Inc. while staying involved in athletics, outdoor activities, community groups and mothering her three children.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? The best thing that I’ve learned is acceptance of who I am. I’ve embraced my quirkiness and the fact that I am so blessed to have such amazing family and friends.

What is your favorite book? I loved “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak and “Chasing Cool” by Noah Kerner and Gene Pressman.

What is your favorite way to work out? Right now, I’m into cardio kickboxing, and I’ve practiced yoga for 16 years. They are two completely different workouts but both a lot of fun.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Grilled fish tacos with lots of red cabbage and salsa verde.

What is your favorite way to give back? I co-founded and am the executive director of Pebble Tossers, a youth service organization driven to ignite a passion for volunteering in youth. Educating kids and exposing them to the different ways they can individually make a difference in their community has been very fulfilling for me. I love watching kids have first-time experiences with community service, whether it’s making s’mores for the homeless or painting flowerpots with the elderly.

Name something on your bucket list. To go on a bike and vineyard tour through Italy.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? Dr. Leslie Gray, who is forward-thinking about how healthy living affects your skin, and Dr. Cathy Franklin, who has an amazing holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual healthcare.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? In 20 years, I can see myself teaching my grandchildren how to be servant leaders – while also teaching them how to stand-up paddleboard in the ocean.

Fabulous Five Contest Winners This year's nominees were so wonderful and the contest itself so close in votes that we couldn't stop at the top 10. Here are the next fabulous five winners, who have launched successful Atlanta businesses, overcome health battles, organized charity events and looked great doing it.

Trudy is Mrs. Georgia International 2013, a six-year survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer, registered nurse and owner of The Image Academy.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? The love and relationships I share with my family and friends. After that, it would be starting my company, The Image Academy.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Spinach and salmon salad with all the trimmings.

What is your favorite way to give back? Volunteering at breast cancer awareness events and sharing my “Breast Cancer Survival Kits” with women who are newly diagnosed. After being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, I was determined to do something to empower women going through the treatment process. In addition, I know how important it is to meet someone who gives you hope during this incredibly scary time.

What is your most embarrassing moment? Remaining standing in the front row at church after everyone else was seated. Eventually the pastor said, “When the lady in the front row takes a seat, we will continue.”

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? Randall Smith at RKS Couture, Barbara Weber at Specialty Aesthetics, Dr. John Griffin, Candy at Jamison Shaw Hairdressers, Adam Awtrey at Salon Acaro, The Image Academy and Legend Nails.


JUNE 2014

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 48


LeeAnn Maxwell As the CEO and owner of Vixen Vodka, as well as a heart attack survivor, LeeAnn hopes to inspire women to go after their dreams.

What is your favorite way to work out? I am hooked on Orangetheory Fitness. #obsessed

What is your favorite healthy meal? When I am looking for a good comfort meal, I turn to roasted vegetables like roasted Brussels sprouts and grilled asparagus with a side of balsamic tomatoes. Just talking about it makes my mouth water.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? After surviving a heart attack two years ago, my charity of choice is Go Red for Women. Women need to be educated on the signs and symptoms of heart disease, and now as a survivor, I feel I have been given the opportunity to bring awareness to others.

Where do you go for “me” time? The dog park. Nothing makes me happier than to see my two rescue dogs galloping across the park.

What advice do you have for someone who isn’t yet over 40 and fabulous? Life just gets better as you get older. I was divorced at 50 and completely reinvented myself to be an owner of Vixen Vodka, got remarried, and I am loving every second of the new me. Be ready to embrace all the twists and turns and have an open mind for new adventures.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Geldhause (bottom right)

Trudy Davies Davis


5/21/14 9:14 AM

Look Young... Feel Great!

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180 days after BEST SELF ATLANTA

3/6/14 12:454 PM JUNE 2014 9

4/29/14 9:19 AM 5/21/14 9:14 AM


Rebecca Walden

Lea Bay

At Bernadette’s Salon & Wig Gallery, Rebecca uses her skill and humor to support women experiencing hair loss and help them regain their confidence.

As the president of Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth, Lea started a running club for employees. She also set a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2013, which she completed 10 days before the new year.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? Being authentically me is not just allowed – it’s celebrated!

What is your favorite way to work out? CrossFit at Hard Exercise Works of Dunwoody with my husband, Lance, every morning.

What is your favorite way to give back? I serve on the board of directors of the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, and I give back every day through my work. I have been dubbed the “Wigspert of Atlanta,” and I help women with hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania or hormonal changes. My work goes beyond just styling their wigs – I get to meet the coolest people under unfortunate circumstances and feel blessed to be able to encourage them.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Spaghetti and a chopped salad from Maggiano's. Wait . . . that's not healthy, is it?

Where do you go for "me" time? I take a bath. I have a crystal bowl of salt with a quartz crystal in it for good energy. I put three handfuls of the salt in my bath: one for love, one for gratitude and one for trust in God. Then I turn on the TV at the foot of my tub and watch whatever I have recorded on my DVR, followed by my skin care rituals. It's awesome "me" time!

What is your most embarrassing moment? I feel like I embarrass myself every day, but what comes to mind is that more than 20 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, I sent flowers backstage to Adam Ant with a card that read, "You are my Elvis." Mortifying.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? My therapist, Melissa Beddingfield. Therapy keeps your mind and soul growing to become your most authentic self. I think everyone can benefit from it.


JUNE 2014

0614_036-051_OVER_40.indd 50


What do you consider your best accomplishment? Easily my two children, then my work as part of the team at Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth and then nine half marathons.

What is your favorite book? “The House of Mirth” by Edith Wharton and “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Farm Burger in a lettuce wrap.

Name something on your bucket list. Take my kids to Washington, D.C. and other interesting cities. Also, run the Covenant Half Marathon that finishes in Neyland Stadium.

Who are the experts who help you be your best self? Mari Geier of The American Boot Camp Company (TABCC) and Dr. Steve LaScala of 1st Choice Healthcare have brought me back from pulls, strains and other injuries many times. Atlanta also has an amazing array of opportunities to get in your workout before dawn, like TABCC, Pure Barre and Brookhaven Fitness, and I try to take advantage of as many as I can between my runs.

What advice do you have for someone who isn’t yet over 40 and fabulous? Take care of yourself now and don’t wait. It is the right thing to do for you and your loved ones. And start running if you don’t run already.

Joseph Golshani As the founder of Joseph & Friends Lifestyle Salon & Spa, Joseph also devotes time to a professional organization of Iranian Americans that helps reconnect families and support students working toward their college degrees.

What is your favorite way to work out? Soccer, which I play three times a week, and swimming, which I practice in the warmer months.

What is your favorite way to give back? I love being involved in helping young people, and over the years we have participated in numerous fundraisers and charities that help the young.

What is your most embarrassing moment? I was giving a haircut, and when I finished and pulled off the cape, my client’s halter top came off too! I ran to the back to prevent her from feeling more embarrassed.

What advice do you have for someone who isn’t yet over 40 and fabulous? Believe in yourself and look forward to a great future. When you hit that 40 mark, you’ll have a lot of “aha” moments.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Never retired. I love my business so much that I see myself active and taking part in Joseph & Friends in some way, shape or form. I also envision that with maturity I’ll be more relaxed and wise.


5/21/14 9:14 AM

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One FREE Viora Reaction Skin Tightening/Cellulite Reduction Annie Fraze What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40? I’ve learned to view myself and my accomplishments from my personal baseline instead of comparing myself to the world’s view of success. When I realized this, I became free to enjoy and celebrate who I am.

Weight Loss Programs Qualify Now for our No Out of Pocket Cost Weight Loss Programs! One FREE Viora Reaction Skin Tightening/ Cellulite Reduction session with the purchase of a weight loss program.

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What do you consider to be your best accomplishment? I’m very proud to be a first generation college student who, despite having two jobs, graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

HCG Programs

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What is your favorite way to work out? I’m a runner and have been since the fifth grade. My mother and I did the Moustache Dash 5K in Atlanta together last year.

• EKG/Blood Work Based on Prior Medical History

What is your favorite way to give back to your community?

To Qualify Go To www.nocostweightlossatlanta.com

Working with abused and neglected children. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is a fantastic organization I am involved with.

*No out of pocket cost weight loss program with verified and approved insurance carriers. *All weight loss programs must qualify and meet necessary guidelines that are determined by prior medical history and medical necessity. * Phentermine patients must meet a BMI of 25 or greater.

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What is your favorite quote? “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.” – Ralph Marston www.bestselfatlanta.com

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5/14/14 AM JUNE 20149:00 51

5/21/14 9:14 AM

Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute is Authorized by NPEC

ANHI Offers an In-depth, Scientific Based Program. Hypnotherapy is on The Cutting Edge of the Future, as Science Unfolds The Mysteries of Our Mind, How We Think, How Memories are Formed, and How Our Subconscious Mind Affects Everything We Do, Believe, and Desire. ANHI Hypnotherapy Courses are valuable to: Ministerial Professions - Teaching Professions - Medical Profession


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently announced that Rená B. Cozart has been named Executive Director of the Greater Atlanta, Northeast Georgia region. Ms. Cozart brings more than 20 years of sales, marketing, account management and communications experience to the ADA. www.diabetes.org/atlanta Avicenna Integrative Medicine now has a third office location at 2233 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 204, Atlanta, GA. Dr. Maziar Rezvani and his staff help clients develop a personalized health plan, blending traditional medicine and holistic therapies. www.avicennamd.com

Law Enforcement - Counselors, Psychologists, Those in Child Welfare Services and Other Helping Professions Parents & Those Who Love to Learn. ANHI Offers In-House and On-line Classes. So relax, Take Your Time and Learn at Your Own Speed in Comfort. John Thomas and Katie Schrier

For more information go to www.anhi.com or Call us at 770-928-0394

4268 Canton Road • Marietta, GA. 30066 • (770) 928-0394

Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute-4th.indd 1

Two long-standing nurses at Emory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna, Michelle Auerbach, RN, CCRN, CDE, and Amy Glaze, RN, BSN, CWOCN, have recently achieved special board certification as a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse, respectively. www.emoryadventist.org Moss Robertson and his daughter Katie Sanders, along with their spouses, Tricia Robertson and Jason Sanders, plan to open eight locations of The Exercise Coach in Atlanta. This gym encourages members to complete just two 20-minute workouts per week with a personal coach, and the first location is at 458 East Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA. www.exercisecoach.com

5/20/14 2:22 PM

Atlanta’s first meal delivery company dedicated solely to the production of hCG Meals for use on the hCG Simmeon’s Diet Protocol. We will deliver your meals the next day to your front door or you may pick them up at one of our convenient locations (below).



Health and Beauty Boutique added two new estheticians to their team. Natalie Babayeva and Jamesa Bucanan bring a wealth of skincare knowledge to the boutique’s clients. www.healthandbeautyboutique.com It’s the Journey, Inc. has awarded Piedmont hospitals three grants, funding a comprehensive breast cancer wellness program called PINK at Piedmont Fayette Hospital as well as genetic counseling and testing for high-risk individuals at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. www.piedmont.org

Sandy Springs Plaza

404-968-9642 The Station of Vinings

2810 Paces Ferry Rd, Suite 276 | Atlanta, GA 30339

678-305-7066 Christiane Wyckoff

JUNE 2014

hCG_TO_GO_1-4.indd 1 0614_052-057_BUSINESS.indd 52

(Clockwise from top left) Jason Sanders, Moss Robertson, Dr. Julie Robertson, Katie Sanders

The National Lung Cancer Partnership has changed its name to Free to Breathe in order to better convey the organization’s passion, dedication and vision to double lung cancer survival by 2022. www.freetobreathe.org

6309 Roswell Rd, Suite 9-2B | Atlanta, Georgia 30328


Dr. Maziar Rezvani South Buckhead now boasts barre3, a new barre studio. Husband and wife team John Thomas and Katie Schrier co-own the studio, and Katie teaches classes regularly. In addition to a great workout that combines yoga, Pilates and ballet barre movements, this studio also offers childcare during select classes throughout the week. Visit them at 1745 Peachtree Street NE, Suite K, Atlanta, GA. www. barre3.com

Perimeter Mall announced Christiane Wyckoff received the most votes in their recent Celebrate Teachers! contest, which recognizes local teachers who show extra effort and caring in the classroom. Wyckoff teaches fifth grade at Sope Creek Elementary School, and as the winner, she received a $500 gift card to Perimeter Mall. www.perimetermall.com

Photos (top to bottom) courtesy of Avicenna Integrative Medicine, barre3, The Exercise Coach, Julia Curran Photography

Invest in Your Future. Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist






5/21/14 9:15 AM


ets n sa e n

r t ese reat events

A unique event featuring the Legends of the LPGA paired with top college players in both Pro-Am & stroke play competitions

Be a

olunteer Enjoy the

Spectator Experience University Days

wear your school colors & cheer on the competitors

Kids' Day

Youth Clinic U.S. Kids Demo Day

Concert in the Park

Music & food & friends


judson-collegiate_FP.indd 1 0614_052-057_BUSINESS.indd 53


JUNE 2014


4/11/14 AM 5/21/14 11:16 9:15 AM

L'Oreal color by colorist Jackie Stewart. Photography by Nicholas Buck

CARTER • BARNES Specializing in Hair Color, Cuts, Styling and Skin Care.

Come visit our beautiful, new salon in the trendy West Village of Buckhead. 3220 Paces Ferry Place - 404.848.0047 - www.carterbarnes.com

“Like” us on Facebook carterbarnes_halfh.indd 1

3/13/14 1:14 PM


5 4BrighterTom_halfh.indd JUNE 2014

0614_052-057_BUSINESS.indd 54


5/12/14 10:39 AM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:15 AM

besthealth How to Stay Safe in the Sun by Leslie C. Gray, MD Whether you want to prevent the signs of aging, prevent skin cancer or both, these simple tips can make a big difference in your skin’s health in the years to come.

“...Dr. Maloney’s work so exceeded my expectations...” -Suzy Davis, actual patient


Suzy Davis

What sunscreen should I use? Look for products with an SPF 30, or 15 at the least, that cover both UVA and UVB rays. Chemical sunscreens containing avobenzone or ecamsule (Mexoryl) are excellent choices for UVA protection and are usually combined with UVB blockers. Physical sunscreens, which contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, block both UVA and UVB rays and take effect immediately.

When should I use sunscreens? All year round, sunscreens need to be applied daily to exposed skin like face, ears, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and feet. Apply sunscreens 20 to 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours and after water activities. Even if the sunscreen says it’s water resistant or waterproof, it needs to be reapplied.

How much sunscreen should I use? An average adult body needs a full ounce of sunscreen to be protected from the sun, so if you are using it properly and reapplying, one person will go through a six-ounce bottle of sunscreen after two days of prolonged outdoor activity. If you are just going to work and only need to protect your face, you’ll need a good nickel-sized amount. www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_052-057_BUSINESS.indd 55

Atlantans call her “The Dream Weaver” Travel Adventure Tour Operator & Owner Passionate World Traveler (132 countries and counting!) “Nearing age 60, I am fit and feel great but my face seemed to look older than I felt and I want to exude confidence and good health to my clients around the world. I am so glad I made the decision to have a facial ‘tune-up.’ Dr. Maloney’s work so exceeded my expectations that I now call him Dr. Michelangelo!” -Suzy


Specializing Exclusively in Facial Plastic Surgery & Injectables. Internationally Renowned. Atlanta’s Own.

Brian P. Maloney, M.D., F.A.C.S. Double Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Call 770.804.0007


Call for an Exclusive Special Offer reserved for Best Self Readers

Maloney_Center2-3v.indd 1


5/23/14 AM5 JUNE 20149:05 5

5/23/14 10:15 AM

besthealth Walk vs. Run: How Fast to Hit the Pavement By Michael Bakheet, MD

Walk or run? That is a frequently asked question for sports medicine doctors. Most people know how often they should exercise – at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week – but they are eager to learn how to get the most from their workout with the least risk of injury. In terms of health benefits, walking and running have a lot in common. Both improve cardiovascular function by strengthening the heart muscle and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, ultimately reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Both forms of exercise help control blood glucose levels, which can prevent, regulate and, in some cases, cure diabetes. Plus, improved self-image and confidence can result from either a walking or running routine. However, if weight loss is the goal, a recent study found that the intensity of running leads to greater results than walking. Mile for mile, running burns two and a half

times the number of calories as walking. Even if you were to use the same amount of energy while walking, research shows the increased intensity of running promotes more weight loss.The heavier you are, the greater the benefit. Another recent study of about 90,000 runners and walkers found that the runners had a significantly reduced risk of developing hip osteoarthritis and were less likely to need hip replacement. A contributing factor may be that runners tend to have lower body weight. If you already suffer from painful arthritis, though, walking may be more comfortable for you since it is less likely to lead to joint problems and stress fractures than running. As with any form of exercise, ask your doctor if a walking or running regimen is right for you. Before hitting the pavement, invest in a quality pair of shoes to ensure your feet are properly supported. Always include a warm-up and cool-down in your workout to prevent injury. Whether you choose to stroll or sprint your way to better health, just be consistent. Strap on a pedometer, slip in your earphones and strive for 10,000 steps per day at any pace.

Get Active, Atlanta!

Perfect your running or walking pace in this eight-week training program, which ends at the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk on September 11. Registration is now open. Visit www.kpcorporaterunwalk.com for details.

Reset to Healthy

Fast. Safe. Effective.

• Medically Supervised • 26 and 43 day programs available • Weight loss average is 3/4 lb per day • Payment Plans are available • HSA and FSA accepted

hCG Weight Loss Atlanta www.hCGWeightLossAtlanta.com Sandy Springs Plaza: 404.968.9642

50% Off All Body Countouring/Skin Tightening Packages with Purchase of hCG Program* *Good Through July 31, 2014

6309 Roswell Road, Suite 9-2B | Atlanta, GA 30328


The Station of Vinings: 678.305.7066

2810 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 276 | Atlanta, GA 30339

5 6hCGWeightLossCtr_halfh.indd JUNE 2014 BEST 1SELF ATLANTA

0614_052-057_BUSINESS.indd 56

5/19/14 9:14 AM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:15 AM



Noticing more hair in the shower? You are not alone! Hair loss in women is more common than you think. Did you know that more than a majority of men, and over 40% of women experience significant hair loss during their lives? Now, with recent advances in technology, women and men with thinning hair or hair loss have more options available to them than ever before. There’s no reason for your self-esteem to suffer because of embarrassing, thinning hair.

Dr. Cann welcomes chemically and environmentally sensitive patients, as well as patients who simply want their dental care to be in harmony with their healthy lifestyle.

Your healthy lifestyle is our practice style. Buckhead dentist Roberta Cann has been mercury-free for more than 20 years. Carefully selecting techniques and dental materials, she has created a welcoming and respectful environment for your care, including:

• Biocompatible dental materials • Very low-radiation digital x-rays • Safe removal of mercury fillings • Perio Protect: Breakthrough non-invasive treatment for periodontal disease

Roberta D. Cann, D.M.D. International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Dr. Ken Anderson, M.D. offers surgical treatment Perio Protect Provider for thinning hair, including Georgia’s first and only ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot, which under the guidance of Dr. Anderson, provides safe and permanent hair restoration results. In addition, there are several non-surgical treatments now CannDentistry_4th.indd 1 available, and include cool-laser therapy, scalp therapy, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures to help thicken existing hair.

Call today, and join those who share your journey of health.

404-233-1102 CannDentistry.com 3525 Piedmont Road Building 5, Suite 408 Atlanta, GA 30305 Facebook.com/CannDentistry

5/5/14 11:58 AM

Looking for top health & wellness providers?

Please see page 11 for more information.

See who’s “TrustDale Certified” as Atlanta’s Best! www.TrustDaleHealth.com

The Anderson Hair Sciences Center The Medical Quarters 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Ste. 135 Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 256-4247 | www.AtlantaHairSurgeon.com Dr. Ken Anderson, M.D., Founder and Chief of Surgery at the Anderson Hair Sciences Center, is a double-board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who has confined his practice exclusively to the treatment of hair loss in men and women for over 10 years. Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation. During your appointment, Dr. Anderson will analyze your scalp, and review all of the options available to you. You’ve dealt with your thinning hair long enough. Call Dr. Anderson today! 404.256.4247 This article is brought to you by The American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to www.bestselfatlanta.com www.bestselfatlanta.com

BEST SELF ATLANTA TrustDaleHealth1-4.indd 1

AndersonHari_EC_half_V_EC.indd 0614_052-057_BUSINESS.indd 57 1

JUNE 2014

57 1/2/14 12:26 PM 5/16/14 5/21/14 11:07 9:15 AM

TMJ Jaw Pain? Popping & Clicking? Therapeutic Injection combination therapy may be your answer! Do you have Jaw pain or clicking when you chew or have headaches that can’t seem to be diagnosed? This could be a temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) problem. Other symptoms include shoulder and neck stiffness, earaches, dizziness and unexplained headaches. TMJ problems are often accompanied by cervical and TMJ ligament laxity. Once the lateral TMJ ligament becomes lax the joint will click. It is important to note that clicking in any joint is an indication of ligament laxity of that joint. The body’s compensatory mechanism for such a situation is to tighten muscles and to grow more bone. The end result will be degeneration, arthritis, and stiffness in that joint. A combination of Bio-therapeutic injections to strengthen both the cervical vertebrae and the TMJ joint combined with manipulations of the affected areas to re-align the joints will often solve this problem. Call the offices of Total HealthCare to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced medical professionals today if you are experiencing these symptoms.

We are in-network.

Our Treatments Are Covered by

Medicare • Blue Cross • Aetna • Cigna United • Humana • Coventry • Great West and most others.

Regenerative & Physical Medicine 6315-B Spalding Dr. Norcross, GA 30092 Tel: 770-416-9995


6690 Roswell Rd. NE, Ste 510 Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Tel: 678-999-8531


JUNE 2014


Totalhealthcare_full.indd 0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 1 58


Pain Consultation & Pre-Exam


Regenerative & Physical Medicine

B paldi g r • 0 Ro ell Rd •

04 8

8 3


2/5/14 5/21/14 12:36 9:15 PM AM


36 PM


Under 40 & Fabulous! Meet Alethea Tinkle Every year, Best Self’s Over 40 & Fabulous! contest celebrates fabulous Atlantans over 40. Alethea Tinkle, owner of the med spa Bella by Alethea, isn’t quite 40 yet, but she certainly is fabulous. She enjoys health, wellness and horseback riding and is known in Atlanta for helping her customers put their best face forward. As a clinical aesthetician, she provides dramatic, lasting results for her clients through her specialty of laser treatments for wrinkles, acne, scars and hair removal. She also educates nurses and aestheticians in their own medical skincare careers by offering training in lasers, chemical peels, eyelash extensions and permanent cosmetics.

What can a laser facial do? Tighten, brighten, even skin tone, remove redness and spots, heal acne and more Alethea can help you look fabulous at every age with anti-aging laser facials that tighten, brighten, even skin tone, remove redness and spots, heal acne and more. These procedures cost anywhere from $175 to $300. If you aren’t sure which laser procedure is right for you, Alethea can expertly put together a customized skin care regimen just for you. Enjoy the luxury of a pampering collagen facial with the dramatic results of anti-aging lasers. Visit Alethea for a complimentary consultation to learn how you too can have the best skin of your life.

Alethea Tinkle Medical Aesthetician, Permanent Cosmetics Artist, Eyelash Stylist, and Educator

Bella by Alethea (678) 908-3491 4603 Wieuca Road Atlanta 30342


This article is brought to you by Bella by Alethea For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to www.bestselfatlanta.com www.bestselfatlanta.com

Bella_FULL_EC.indd 0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 1 59


JUNE 2014


5/19/14 5/21/14 11:19 9:15 AM


Occupation: currently a manager, retired executive Pet Owner: 5 rescue Shar Peis, 1 lab mix (Foster)


I have always exercised. Since I was a teenager I have been in the gym lifting free weights.


I had seen another older gentlemen in his early 60’s, nicknamed “Old Navy”, competing in bodybuilding shows and it made me think, “I can do that.” I attended a workshop to find out more about what it would take to prepare for a competition and I met Steve Payne from House of Payne Personal Training. He became my personal trainer and we put together a plan to get me ready. Since then, I have competed three times.


I am blessed to be able to do this at this stage in my life. My hope is that younger generations see us older guys staying fit and that it inspires them.

7HATMESSAGEDOYOUWANTTOSHARE That you are never too old or too young to start eating right or exercising and changing your habits.


FAVORITES — 7ORKOUT 7ORKOUTUpper Upper back -OVIES -OVIESAnimal Animal House, Caddy Shack -USICDo-Wop -USIC Do-Wop #HURCH #HURCHBuckhead Buckhead Church, Atlanta, GA for the past 5 years. Active in Men’s Group & was baptized on Dec. 23, 2012.


A typical day for me begins at 4am and ends at 9pm. During that time, I walk my dogs, work, go to the gym, do chores around the house and either go to church or spend time doing bible study. I am fortunate to have no major health issues at this time, but I work around arthritis in my hands, a rotator cuff tear, and no miniscus in my knee. I modify my exercises when I need to, but I don’t allow it to keep me from doing things. I exercise 5 days a week. There are no excuses. I make it my choice to exercise because it makes me stronger. If I didn’t exercise, I am certain I would be worse off. When I talk to people about nutrition and exercise, I tell them it is the choices that we make that will make the difference in the quality of life you live. Give it a chance. Our bodies are a gift from God and we should take care of them.

4565 Lawrenceville Hwy. Lilburn, GA 30047 www.trainwithpayne.com 678.641.9188


I want to compete as long as God allows me to. My next bodybuilding show will be in October of this year.

houseofpayne_halfh.indd 1

5/14/14 2:46 PM

Your Best Self Deserves To Be Organized

Call or Click for your FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION (770) 422-6464 | www.SpaceMakersClosets.com 6 0Spacemakers_1-2h.indd JUNE 2014


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 60

3/12/14 1:38 PM www.bestselfatlanta.com

5/21/14 9:15 AM



Advising the Next Generation We spend time planning to meet our goals, saving for our children’s education and our financial independence, and making sure our financial plan is in place with insurance policies. Then we follow the plan. When and how do you start educating your children about your plan and making their own plan? When they are young, you can discuss savings. When they start earning monies (lemonade stands, errands, allowance) you can discuss giving vs. saving vs. spending. Around age 7 (each child is different), bring them to the bank and have them open their savings account. Let them track their deposits and withdrawals. Let them make their first deposit and then visit the bank monthly to deposit more money. It can be five dollars! Discuss the prices of food and clothing when you are shopping with them. They understand at young ages! When they turn 18, you will want to visit your estate planning attorney and have the child sign their own Financial Power of Attorney, Advance Directive for Health Care, and Last Will and Testament. This is also a good time to discuss savings from their summer jobs and internships as well as the time value of money. Even just setting up an online investment account buying two or three stocks that they can track is an important life skill. If you don’t feel comfortable, ask your advisor to assist in this educational process.

I offer each of my clients’ children the opportunity to email, call, and/or meet with me whenever a financial issue arises. I also discuss their resumes, help practice job interviews, and help them network. If you are working with an advisor, ask him/her to meet with your children when you feel they are ready. As your children mature, you also want them to meet your trusted advisors so if something happens to you they are comfortable with your choice and not meeting a stranger to discuss wills and finances.

Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP®, CSA Financial Innovations, LLC | www.financialinnovations.biz 6111 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Suite F101 | Atlanta, Georgia 30328 (404) 458-0065 | (404) 393-3063 fax | laura@financialinnovations.biz

Laura Schilling isn’t your typical Financial Planner. She is also a world traveler who has been to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Israel. Laura is an active member in the community, a mother of two, and a champion for each of the working mothers she employs. Securities offered through Triad Advisors, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC.

This article is brought to you by Financial Innovations, LLC For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to www.bestselfatlanta.com

Are you ready for REAL RESULTS? NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment DRAMATICALLY reduces the appearance of: Fine Lines Wrinkles Discoloration Uneven Skin Texture Enlarged Pores Aging or Loose Skin Before


Why Wait? Call today: 770-595-4564 lexus4u.theneriumlook.com Independent Brand Partner www.bestselfatlanta.com nerium_4th.indd 1 0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd Financial_Innovations_Half_H.indd 1 61

BEST SELF ATLANTA 1/3/14 SawyerPhotography_4th.indd 8:52 AM 1

JUNE 2014

61 5/2/14 12:16 PM 5/21/14 5/15/14 9:15 1:54 AM PM


You l u f i t u a e B e r o M a For

Can Rhinoplasty Improve Breathing...and Looks? A poor night’s sleep is associated with a variety of habits, medications, inactivity, and foods. However, very commonly having a decrease in airflow to the lungs can also cause the brain and heart to overwork decreasing the ability to get a good night’s rest.  A decrease in airflow can occur as a result of an obstruction in the nasal airway or the oral airway, or both.  Seeing a physician who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of sleep disorders can open a dialogue that can diagnose the problem.

Celebrating Best Self’s Over 40 & Fabulous Contest Winners with Special Summer Promotional Offers For Everyone Globabl Keratin only $79* Partial Highlights only $59* Add a Trend Setting Hair Cut for only $29*

Pat Alessi

Hair Educator in NY for 11 years and Certified Redken Color Expert

w w w. p a t a l e s s i h a i r. c o m

Pat Alessi - Salon 1580

11230 Alpharetta Highway | Roswell, GA 30076 | (678) 361-4247 *Extra charges may apply for longer-than-shoulder-length and/or thick hair

*Good through July 31, 2014

Relax, Release, Re-Energize!

Salon1580_4th.indd 1


Colon Hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna, ionCleanse® Foot Baths, Reflexology, BioScope Health Analysis Call now for your Summer Detox Special! 3 Colonics for $199 *Must complete package by August 15th

275 Carpenter Dr., Suite 202 Sandy Springs, GA 30328 404-497-9268 • www.ClearPathWellness.com

Are you suffering from headaches, neck, 5/16/14 back, shoulder, arm or leg pain, dizziness, sciatica, or fibromyalgia?

Clear-Path-Wellness_8th.indd 1

Dr. Matthew Sweat may offer you relief!

Snoring from a nasal obstruction generally involves deviations of existing structures, overgrowth of nasal tissues, or collapse of nasal cartilages. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, addressing one or all of the above with a rhinoplasty improve breathing and the amount of air your body receives on a daily basis which is a good thing.  You will want to find a rhinoplasty specialist that has expertise in not only form but also function.  Typically, a surgeon who is an Otolaryngologist and a Facial Plastic Surgeon is ideal. Very frequently, a functional rhinoplasty can address the collapse of cartilages, septal deviations, a large hanging tip, previous nasal fractures, a crooked or twisted nose, or damage from a previous rhinoplasty all of which can interfere with normal airflow through the nose and cause sleep 10:21 AM issues.  If you already wear an airway pressure device, such as CPAP, then this procedure can make wearing the associated mask more comfortable and tolerable.  The functional rhinoplasty procedure takes generally two hours with a 7-10 day light recovery and an improvement you will notice in 2 weeks and for the rest of your life.  In our practice, we perform the procedure in our own fully accredited surgery center with a board certified anesthesiologist which is more convenient for the patient and, usually, less expensive.  Can the rhinoplasty improve breathing immediately?  Generally not, as the most common complaint is nasal congestion and not pain for the first week.  Unlike many other surgeons, we do not use packing inside the nose in the immediate postoperative period.  Because it is performed for functional reasons, it can be covered by your health insurance.  If you wish to have a cosmetic change at the same time, this is the best time to talk with your rhinoplasty specialist about this and generally there is a considerable savings over a purely cosmetic rhinoplasty.  In the end, we hope you’ll have a nose that not only breathes better, but looks better too. 9:32 AM

Northside Plastic Surgery (770) 475-3146 www.NorthsidePlasticSurgery.com

Solutions....Not Promises!

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic may LEAD you to a healthier LIFE! Call us now (770) 457-4430 for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Mike Majmundar, M.D. is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is the principal of Northside Plastic Surgery.

3288 Chamblee Tucker Road | Atlanta, GA 30341 www.sweatinstitute.com


JUNE 2014



sweatchiro_8th.indd 1 Northside Plastic Surgery_half_H_EC_.indd 62 1 0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd

This article is brought to you by Northside Plastic Surgery For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to www.bestselfatlanta.com

3/18/14 9:17 AM 5/20/14 PM 5/21/14 12:47 9:15 AM


:47 PM



I look as young as I feel. Vickie Lacy (Owner of Vanasons Hair Salon) with twin daughters Lyndsey & Jenna Patient of Dr. Colgrove



restrictions may apply



Nose Contouring

BotoxTM $10 a unit

Face Lift

Fillers start at $425 per syringe

Eyelid Surgery

Juvederm VolumaTM

Fat Grafting




Breast Enlargement


Breast Reduction/Lift


Male Breast Reduction BeloteroTM Skin Care


Aqualipo Liposuction ®

Tummy Tuck Laser Hair Removal

Sublative RFTM for improved skin texture Thermi RFTM for skin tightening

Spider Veins


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 63 viningsurgery_full_0414.indd 1


JUNE 2014


5/21/14 9:15 AM 5/6/14 12:13 PM

CHECK OUT THESE EXHIBITORS AT THE ATLANTA WOMEN’S EXPO Aloe-Vera Based, Natural Skincare Specializing in Anti-Aging & Challenged Skin

Take Charge of Your Future:

Pure, Safe, Effective & Affordable

(404) 583-5773

Develop a Long-Term Care Plan Addressing Health, Finances, Home, and Legal Issues

www.kellyclark.lbri.com Booth #318

LBRI_AWE.indd 1

5/19/14 9:26 AM

Booth #426 www.aarp.org decidecreateshare.org

AARP_AWE.indd 1

6155-B Jimmy Carter Bvld. Norcross, GA 30071

(770) 938-2700 Booth #626

“Ask about our free Bath Fitter gift” www.bathfitter.com

Bath Finder AWE.indd 1


Peachy Keen Tourism & Travel Unlimited (678) 994-7365 Booth #301

5/9/14 Peachy_Keen_AWE.indd 1:18 PM 1

Go to our Facebook page and vote to help local pet charities June 16 through June 30

JUNE 2014


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 64

5/19/14 9:32 AM

Personalized all inclusive historical tour services of Atlanta www.peachykeentourism.com

4/11/14 11:26 AM

We prepare your child for success! www.vestibulepublishingcompany.com (678) 278-9230 | Booth #315


5/21/14 9:15 AM



Are Digestive Problems Slowing Your Weight Loss? What role do hormones play in the digestion process? The major hormones that are involved in the digestive process are gastrin, secretin and cholecystokinin.

How can digestive problem prevent weight loss? Quality of calories consumed, stress level, sleep, metabolic disturbances, emotional imbalances, food intolerances and toxic burden can all cause individuals to gain weight and have difficulty losing weight. Among these, gut health plays a significant role in obesity.

Is it possible to remedy and/or cure a digestive problem and ultimately achieve weight loss? Changing gut flora from bad bacteria to good improves metabolic irregularity, and decreases storage of calories as fat in the body.

Are there any foods, vitamins or supplements that can jumpstart weight loss in people with digestive problems? A high quality probiotic, magnesium, vitamin D, antioxidants, B vitamins (especially B12) and vitamin E have significant role in maintaining metabolism. Overall, along with healing of the digestive system, a successful long-term weight loss program demands permanent changes in life style, healthy calorie controlled diet combined with exercise. Call Natural Health Atlanta to learn more about achieving a healthy gut naturally at (678) 892-6865. Most major insurance plans are accepted.

What are some common digestive problems you see in your patients? Some common digestive problems we see in patients include: • Gastritis: an inflammation of gastric mucosa • Food Allergies: an adverse reaction to common foods such as nuts, wheat and soy, causing many problems such as constipation, eczema, nose stuffiness and weight gain. • Leaky gut syndrome: defects in the integrity of the gut lining cells due to inflammation of the cells, causing Candida yeast and waste products to leak out into the blood stream and promote an inflammatory reaction in the body.

Azam Banaian, NMD

Natural Health Atlanta Phone: 678-892-6865 www.naturalhealthatlanta.com Most Major Insurance Plans Accepted “Dr. Az” (Azam Banaian, NMD) received her medical doctorate degree from Tehran Medical College and her doctor of naturopathic medicine degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She specializes in nutrition, weight loss, fasting, dermatology, immunology, allergy, adrenal fatigue, metabolic disorders, acupuncture, and botanical/herbal medicine.

This article is brought to you by Natural Health Atlanta For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to www.bestselfatlanta.com www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd Natural_Health_ATL_EC_0_FULL.indd 1 65


JUNE 2014


4/28/14 5/21/14 10:00 9:15 AM AM



During your downtime, what do you love to do? Go shopping? Hit the gym? Get creative in the kitchen? Don’t miss the Atlanta Women’s Expo, where you can do all three under one roof – and more! On June 7 and 8, the expo brings chefs, trainers, health professionals and beauty experts to the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart. For just $7 at the door, you can enjoy a wide variety of free services, giveaways and demonstrations at more than 275 booths. Find the list of participating businesses and scheduled activities below, and start planning your pampering weekend today.




11:15 -12:00 AARP Decide Create Share: Long-Term Care Planning for Women SPEAKER: Charima Young, AARP LOCATION: Stage 11:15 -12:00 Best Self Atlanta LOCATION:Stage 12:00 -1:00

Taste of Home Cooking Demo SPEAKER: Dana Elliott LOCATION: Cooking Demo Area

12:40 -1:45

What Does a Bra Have to Do with Networking? SPEAKER: Marie Fratone, Get Clients Everywhere LOCATION: Stage

12:40 -1:45

When Pink is Your Color/Breast Cancer Awareness SPEAKER: Kiera Palmer, The Pink Agenda LOCATION: Stage

12:40 -1:45

Loving, Accepting and Empowering Your Authentic Self SPEAKER: LaShawn McCrary LOCATION: Stage

1:45 -2:15

Dance Performance and Dance Lesson SPEAKER: Robin Dickson , Allure Dance Studio LOCATION: Stage

2:15 -3:20

Release Your Past and Embrace Your Future SPEAKER: Linda Minnick, Linda Minnick Consulting LOCATION: Stage

2:15 -3:20

Brighten Up Workshop SPEAKER: Lindsay Blankenship, Bright Pink

2:15 -3:20

Reese Christian, World-Renowned Psychic SPEAKER: Reese Christian LOCATION: Stage



11:30-12:15 Turn on your Tribe: Provoke, Promote and Profit with Video SPEAKER: Blane Friest, Share the Sizzle 11:30-12:15 7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make SPEAKER: Mande White, Mande White International Taste and Savor Cooking Demo

Mitochondria, Glycation and Rechargeable Nutrients SPEAKER: Dr. Doug Gabbert, Rechargeable Nutrients


Nutrition and Family Wellness SPEAKER: Dr. Li Liu, American Alternative Healthcare


Jennifer Myers, Core Health & Wellness Acupuncture


Acupuncture and You


Taste of Home Cooking Demo SPEAKER: Dana Elliott LOCATION: Cooking Demo Area


Introduction to the Art of Feminine Presence SPEAKER: Adele Wang, Safe Haven Healing



Mixed Martial Arts Fitness


Randi Whittaker, X-3 Sports


The Body by Vi Challenge


Liz Sutton, Body by Vi


Dance Performance and Dance Lesson

All Day Long Massages

BOOTH #707

All Day Long Psychic Readings

Reese Christian

BOOTH #623, #709, #801

All Day Long Makeovers


BOOTHS #14, 109, 302, 804, 1010

All Day Long Caricatures

Digital Caricatures

BOOTH #803

All Day Long Virgin Cocktails

Lyght House Cocktails


Spa Sydell, Elaine Sterling and more

4:20 -5:20

Personal Safety and Empowerment Demonstration SPEAKER: Jennifer Rus-Poulsen, Power House Self Defense

All Day Long Gift Certificates

Point & Click Viral Mobile Video Marketing in Under 10 minutes SPEAKER: Demetrice Etheridge, Your Virtual Portal

All Day Long Prizes

Show Management

All Day Long Dance Lessons

Allure Dance Studio


Best Self Atlanta

JUNE 2014


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 66

Robin Dickson , Allure Dance Studio

Institute of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy THROUGHOUT HALL

Taste and Savor Cooking Demo SPEAKER: Nancy Waldeck

4:20 -5:20


All Day Long Health Screenings North Atlanta Urgent Care

3:20 -4:20

4:20 -5:20

Nancy Waldeck

12:15-1:15 1:15-2:20

BOOTH #900

All Day Long Nails & Eyelashes Kiss Products


5/21/14 9:15 AM

EXPO EXHIBITORS / BOOTH NUMBERS 326 Jewelry Kootoor ................................... 307 A Beauty Must ............................................ 713 AAA ............................................................. 317 AARP (see p.64) . ....................................... 426 Ace Weight Loss ......................................... 523 Adjective Boutique .................................... 607 ADT Security................................................ 723 Advocare .................................................... 308 Aerus Electrolux ........................................ 1014 Allure Dance Studio ................................... 900 Allure Dance Studio ................................... 900 American Alternative Healthcare.............. 517 Arbonne...................................................... 724 Assisted Living Locators ............................. 410 Atlanta Access Care- Fresenius Vascular Care ............................................ 315 Authors Promoting Success ....................... 622 Aveda Institute............................................ 416 Avon (see p.64) ......................................... 302 Bathfitter (see p.64) .................................. 626 Be Spoiled..................................................... 21 Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties .................. 2 Bleuverd Group .......................................... 906 Blue Ridge Digest ....................................... 415 Blue Water Surgery ..................................... 101 Body Butter Scentsations ........................... 816 Body by Vi ................................................... 323 Breathless Moments................................... 411 Bright Pink ................................................. 1020 BuckStove Corporation .................... 615A/617 Capital Bee................................................. 414 Celebrity Smile ........................................... 904 Chloe & Isabel............................................ 511 Click it Hot................................................... 427 Conceited .................................................. 902 Conscious Living ........................................ 310 Core Health and Wellness Acupuncture .. 517 Corrina Sephora, LLC ................................ 321 CUTCO ........................................................ 429 Curvy Encore .............................................. 507 Damsel in Defense ..................................... 726 Dana Lynn Couture.................................... 501 Digital Caricatures ..................................... 803 Dillard’s - Perimeter Mall ............................. 103 Discount Bedding Company .................... 313 Diva Daisies ................................................ 204 Dress Up Boutique ...................................... 324 Easy Living Products ................................... 113 Easy Living Products - Go Sticky ................ 815 Elaine Sterling ............................................. 603 Empire Beauty School ................................ 109 EuroShine (Bamboo Pillow) ....................... 512 F.A.I.T.H. - Finding Answers in the Heart...... 419 Family Inceptions ....................................... 700 Fashion Girl Boutik ...................................... 811 Figuera Tree ................................................ 222 Food for Life BioCoffee Challenge ............ 612 Food Notations ........................................... 616 Galleria Psychic.......................................... 521 Get Clients Everywhere .............................. 421 GG DiLuca .................................................. 604 Gotcha Dreaming Bed Sheet Co. ............. 702 Grillin’ Made EZ ......................................... 1004 Halo Dips .................................................... 907 Hawaiian Moon.......................................... 615 Healthy Homes ........................................... 417 Hill’s Science Diet ....................................... 225 Idea! Event + Style ...................................... 802 Initials .......................................................... 701 Insphere Insurance Solutions..................... 600 Instantly Ageless ......................................... 714 Institut’ DERMed .......................................... 212 Intl. Skin, Nails & Massage.......................... 101 Isagenix .................................................... 1008 It Works ........................................................ 306 It’s Personal Parties ..................................... 518 IVPure ........................................................ 415A JC Professional Hair.............................504, 705 Jewelry Sparkle Cleaner ............................ 506 Jockey Intl. .................................................. 513 JR Watkins Company ................................. 509 Kays Art of Millinery .................................... 221 Keller Williams Real Estate ........................ 1016 Kiara Purses ................................................ 820 Kiss Products/imPRESS ............. 809/811/813A Kitchen Craft .............................................. 319 Klub Products ............................................. 207 Lady Bug ..................................................... 601 L’Bri (see p.64) ........................................... 318 Leaf Filter ..................................................... 503 Leaf Guard ................................................. 422

Liberty Mutual Insurance ........................... 516 Linda Minnick Consulting .......................... 413 Luxe 4 Ladies (Virgin Hair Boutique) ....... 513A Lyght House Cocktails.................................. 13 Lynn’s Gourmet Hot Sauce ........................ 305 Mande White International Inc ................. 408 Margaret Taylor Jewelry ............................. 715 Mary Kay ..................................................... 804 Massaging Insoles by Laughing Feet ....... 519 Mattress 4 U ................................................ 322 Maximized Living Atlanta ........................... 506 Mialisia ........................................................ 812 Miche Bag .................................................. 424 Mighty Cold Products ................................ 311 Mississippi Miracle Clay ............................. 508 MoniQ Safety Measures ............................ 216 Montague Candle Company ................... 213 Moonlight Diva Emporium ......................... 524 Mountain High Outfitters ............................ 722 Mundo Hispanico .......................................... 4 My Jewelry Artist ......................................... 412 MyCoupon Keeper .................................... 703 NAFE ............................................................ 706 NAPW ........................................................ 1018 NAWBO ..................................................... 1002 Neal’s Yard Remedies................................. 425 Nerium ........................................................ 620 Neurostudies.net, LLC................................. 718 North Atlanta Urgent Care......................... 707 OM Botanical Skin Rejuvenation ............... 624 Oracle 20-20 ............................................. 1000 Origami Owl ............................................... 517 O’Susani Boots ........................................... 224 Outreach Experts Inc. ................................ 217 Papparazzi Jewelry..................................... 901 Peachy Keen Tourism (see p.64).............. 301 Perfectly Posh ............................................. 223 Pink Zebra ................................................... 614 Pistols and Purses ....................................... 510 Plastikos ...................................................... 814 Plexus Worldwide ........................................ 420 PoleLa Teaz ................................................. 710 Power Home Remodeling .......................... 219 Power House Self Defense ......................... 304 Pretty In A Minute........................................ 805 Psychic Indian Healer ................................ 801 Pure Romance ........................................... 215 Rechargeable Nutrients ............................ 102 Reese Christian .......................................... 709 Renee Taylor’s Face Love ............................. 14 Road Runner Sports ................................... 525 Rodan & Fields ........................................... 210 Safe Haven Healing ................................... 812 Scentsy ....................................................... 500 Sene Gence ............................................... 211 Shai Lee Enterprises ................................... 800 Shai Lee Enterprises ................................... 514 ShareTheSizzle.com.................................... 602 Shelf Genie ................................................. 111 Silpada ....................................................... 808 Sogno di Donna ......................................... 109 South Hill Designs ....................................... 502 Southern Peanut Growers .......................... 303 Spa Sydell ................................................... 819 Stacie Hart Photography ........................... 618 Susan G. Komen ......................................... 309 Tanger Outlets ............................................ 208 Taste and Savor .......................................... 903 Taste of Home............................................. n/a TeamLogic IT of NW Atlanta ....................... 520 The Lady’s Confectionary Shoppe ............ 817 The Lasik Vision Institute ............................. 110 The Pampered Chef................................... 727 The Pink Agenda ........................................ 807 The Smile Spa ............................................. 312 Thermo-NRG ............................................... 605 Thirty-One Gifts ........................................... 316 Toni & Guy .................................................. 112 Traci Lynn Jewelry....................................... 423 Tresses Hair Extensions ............................... 712 Tupperware................................................. 300 Usborne Books............................................ 214 Vein Clinics of America .............................. 505 Verizon Wireless .......................................... 627 Vestibule Publishing (see p.64) ............... 314 Wineshop at Home .................................... 522 X3 Sports ..................................................... 806 Younique Products ..................................... 720 Your Virtual Portal ....................................... 813 Zhunrize....................................................... 613 Zipfizz ........................................................... 515

Download 200,000+ brand logos in vector format for free http://www.logoeps.com/

Download 200,000+ brand lo


Download 200,000+ brand logos in vector format for free http://www.logoeps.com/

Download 200,000+ brand logos in vector format for free http://www.logoeps.com/

Download 200,000+ brand logos in vector format for free http://www.logoeps.com/


BEST SELF ATLANTA ATL_Womens_expo_HV.indd 1

JUNE 2014

67 5/19/14 9:49 AM

Download 200,000+ brand logos in vector format for free 0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 67


5/21/14 9:15 AM

*Restrictions and terms may apply. $0 enrollment is only valid on annual agreements. Offer ends June 17, 2014 and cannot be combined with any other offer. Š2014 Wellbridge




when you join by June 17

FEEL e BURN Experience the summer's hottest fitness trends, including H.I.T. training, body weight training, yoga and more!

Call 770.698.2000 or visit ConcourseClub.com 68

JUNE 2014


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd CONCOURSE_full.indd 1 68

8 Concourse Parkway | Sandy Springs, GA 30328 EASY ACCESS Exit 4C off GA400 www.bestselfatlanta.com 5/21/14 5/9/14 9:52 9:15 AM

52 AM

June 2

June 8

35TH ANNUAL POSSUM TROT This 10K race and 1-mile fun run along the banks of the Chattahoochee benefits the Chattahoochee Nature Center. www.chattnaturecenter.org

June 7 ROCK THE CURE This annual Brews and Blues event features live music, local beer, great food and exciting raffle prizes held at Sweetwater Brewery and benefiting diabetes research. www.jdrfrockthecure.org

STRONG4LIFE SUPERHERO SPRINT Held at Piedmont Park, this race benefits the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life movement. www.choa.org

June 7-8 FLYING COLORS BUTTERFLY FESTIVAL Don’t miss the release of hundreds of butterflies at this festival, held at and benefiting the Chattahoochee Nature Center. www.chattnaturecenter.org


Lace up your sneakers for Atlanta’s homeless in this run through Organized by and benefiting the downtown and Grant Park. Proceeds Kiwanis Club of Douglas County, this benefit Central Night Shelter and triathlon is held at Sweetwater Creek Central Outreach & Advocacy State Park in Lithia Springs. Center. www.running4fitness.com www.coolrunning.com 12TH ANNUAL BACK TO


June 9


2ND ANNUAL FORE PAWS CHARITY Paddlers of all ages are welcome to GOLF TOURNAMENT this yearly river race and festival that

Grab your clubs and head down to the Country Club of the South for this golf tournament to benefit Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. www.angelsrescue.org

June 14 ROPE MILL HALF MARATHON & 5K This race is the Trail Run Series Finale at Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock. A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to SORBA Woodstock to fund the construction of additional trails at Rope Mill Park. www.mountaingoatadventures.com





thegive-back guide Featured events For a complete list of upcoming events, visit www.bestselfatlanta.com

This race is part of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Challenge, the premier men’s health event series in America. Join the Men’s Health & Wellness Center in Sandy Springs to help raise funds for prostate research and education. www.zerocancer.org


benefits Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. Join AID Atlanta at their avant-garde www.chattahoochee.org fundraising ball at the Delta Air TUNES FROM THE TOMBS Transport Heritage Museum. Dress Musicians perform in and among in daring and dazzling attire for this Oakland’s extraordinary monuments, creative event. mausoleums and renowned gardens www.atlantacotillion.com to benefit the Historic Oakland Foundation. www.oaklandcemetery. June 26 – 28 JUDSON COLLEGIATE & LEGENDS com



This women’s leadership conference Don your island attire at this annual and charity golf tournament at the benefit for the Artemis Guild at the Country Club of Roswell benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Fernbank Museum. the JCI Foundation. www.fernbankmuseum.org www.judsongolf.com

Look for this icon to find out where you can volunteer.









Strog4Life_HalfH_0613.indd 1 www.bestselfatlanta.com

0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd 69


3/28/14 PM9 JUNE 20143:29 6

5/21/14 9:15 AM


JeJu Sauna


for Healing, Relaxation & Increased Energy

• • • •


• Soak in the Jade Marble Hot Tub Meditate on Heated Jade Floors • Warm & Cold Pools Breathe in Gem Stone Steam Saunas Bask in Dry Saunas (Salt, Clay, Jade, Charcoal) • Dine in the Authentic Korean Restaurant Swim in the Jade Marble Jr. Olympic Size Pool


678.336.7414 | Across from Wild Bills

TruAlliance Fitness Center Coming Soon to Jeju Sauna’s Shopping Center!

2014 BEST SELF ATLANTA www.bestselfatlanta.com VisitJUNE www.jejusauna.com for more information and more photos of our facility


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd jejusauna_FP.indd 1 70

5/21/14 1/9/14 4:25 9:15 PM AM



25 PM

The Precision of a Heart Surgeon to erase your veins

Cardiovascular surgeon Vein Specialist


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd veinatlanta_full.indd 1 71


JUNE 2014


4/11/14 5/21/14 11:31 9:15 AM AM

Get access to some of the best doctors in Georgia– for less than you think. Top doctors team up for your health at Kaiser Permanente. With advanced care, innovative technology and best-in-class facilities in Georgia, we offer a fully integrated health care solution—at rates you can afford.

Get a quote today! Visit GeorgiaKP.org or call 1-800-701-1462

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., Nine Piedmont Center, 3495 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 364-7000


JUNE 2014


0614_058-072_BUSINESS_EC_AWE.indd KP141128_KP GA_Print 1 kaiserperment_full.indd Ad_Rev_3-13.indd 72 1


5/21/14 3/13/14 9:15 3/14/14 3:45 AM 9:18 PM

Profile for Best Self Atlanta

Best Self Atlanta 0614  

Best Self Atlanta magazine is your resource for health, fitness, beauty and giving back to your community. Our June 2014 issue educates you...

Best Self Atlanta 0614  

Best Self Atlanta magazine is your resource for health, fitness, beauty and giving back to your community. Our June 2014 issue educates you...