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Margaret “Garet” Hayes, 48, and Tim Duff, 54 Met through Eight at Eight Dinner Club Whereas politics have been known to tear relationships apart (especially in today’s turbulent climate), politics is what brought new couple Tim and Garet together. The two met through Eight at Eight Dinner Club, seated next to each other at one such dinner. When the topic of politics popped up, Garet joked that perhaps the group should avoid such a sensitive subject; Tim interjected with a clever quip about easing into any subject matter. That was it. As Garet puts it, “He had me at politics.”

Garet, divorced for six years, and Tim, divorced for seven years with two children, each turned to Eight at Eight Dinner Club after trying, unsuccessfully, online dating. “I hated online dating because I felt like I had to convince someone that I was a decent person before I could even get a response,” says Tim. “I really liked Eight at Eight because it allows you to meet someone in person and see who they are right up front. While anyone can act differently in person too, it still gives you a much better way to gauge your interest and compatibility.”

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Tim and Garet have been together for six months and they both credit timing and communication as the key factors to finding the right partner, and flexibility and fun to keeping the bond strong. Garet also advises that any singles over the age of 40 invest in themselves, learning about what makes you happy and what you want out of life. She also says that every relationship, failed or successful, has something to teach: make strong friendships and if one way of meeting singles isn’t working, keep trying other ways.

“He had me at olitics.”


Tim agrees with Garet, adding that dating at an older age creates a different set of rules. “I am looking for a partner but I’m not willing to be with the wrong person just to avoid being alone,” says Tim. “I think at our age, it’s easier to know what you are looking for in a relationship. When you are in your 20s, there’s this goal of finding someone to marry and start a family. While I don’t need anyone in my life to make it fulfilled, I want someone to share my life with.”



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