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Resistance band training, or strength training, is a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body using resistance bands. By stretching elastic bands instead of free weights or machines for resistance, a person can strengthen one group or a number of muscle groups at any one time through a series of high interval resistance band exercises. The workouts are designed to only last about 30 seconds or so, doing as many repetitions as you can with the exercise, with the focus being on high intensity and good form. For those wanting to lose unwanted body fat or build lean muscle mass, if you have only just started out it's best you begin slowly with beginner level exercises and work up to a program that eventually includes more advanced resistance band exercise routines. Some resistance band exercises are not only more challenging, but the actual resistance bands themselves can offer a different level of resistance. For example, you could be doing step ups with bicep curls using the yellow color resistance bands. If you do the same workout using the red color resistance band which have more tension, this will increase the resistance of the exercise, making it more difficult to stretch the band. Resistance band training is gaining in popularity because it's effective in weight loss success. The resistance band exercises burn more calories (moreso then aerobic exercises), strengthen muscles and joints (great for rehabilitation from sports injuries, etc), and help prevent injury. All important benefits for overall health and fitness. Contrary to what you may have heard from some fitness experts, resistance exercise is actually more effective then aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, cycling) for burning fat. This is because with aerobic exercise you are only burning calories during the exercise and your resting metabolic rate is increased for a few hours post exercise. In comparison, while resistance exercise may not burn as many calories during the exercise, where the great benefit lies is the fact that it permanently increases your resting metabolic rate (RMR) so you are burning more calories even at rest. Because your RMR accounts for 60 to 75% of daily caloric expenditure, this means it plays a large role in how much fat you will lose. The bottom line is that you need to increase your metabolism for successful weight loss, and regular resistance band training is a great way to do this. How much weight you can lose will depend on several factors. Keep in mind success shouldn't just be based on how much weight you show on the scales. Muscle tissue is more dense then fat, so although you may be losing excess body fat, because you are adding lean muscle mass you may actually weigh the same. Some of the factors which will determine how fast you can lose body fat include: 1) How many days you exercise per week

2) The intensity of each workout session. High interval training is best. 3) You current metabolic rate 4) The number of calories you are consuming daily 5) How overweight you are to begin with. Those who are very overweight to begin with who start a dedicated training program with a good diet tend to see the fastest results. You don't need to own expensive exercise equipment or gym memberships in order to build muscle and lose fat. There are many resistance band exercises you can do at home or when traveling.

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==== ==== Check out our latest rowing machine and fitness equipment reviews! Just click on this link: ==== ====

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Check out our latest rowing machine and fitness equipment reviews! Just click on the link:

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