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It is very important to maintain a sound and healthy life. And to maintain a healthy life regular exercise is a must. Almost all of us try to make sometime to exercise everyday. With the growing requirement of exercise, a number of work-out equipments are being discovered everyday. Some of these exercise and fitness equipments often results to cuts and injuries. This has resulted to the popularity of Low Impact Exercise equipment. If you have enough space in your home you may opt for Low Impact Exercise equipment. There are three main types of Low Impact Exercise equipments. They are: oExercise Bikes This is the most popular type of Low Impact Exercise equipment. Usually these Exercise bikes are available in two different forms. This machine is best while you are taking training. Upright form: The upright exercise bike functions like a normal bicycle. While exercising in this, you will have to sit straight up and pedal. Recumbent form: In case you are using the recumbent form, you will have to stretch out yourself and do the pedaling. This will lessen your stress at the back. oElliptical trainers This machine helps you to experience the feel of standing on a pair of pedals as well as moving them around a wheel. Basically it is designed on the combined technology of a stationary bike and a regular treadmill. Elliptical trainers use two types of brakes; magnetic brakes and friction breaks. Usually the machines which have magnetic breaks are durable. Certainly check out the width of your stride while you are purchasing the machine. Select the machine that allows you to place your two feet closer. A standard stride width should be 20 inches. oRowing machines: These machines help you to stimulate the functioning of a rowing boat. It basically strengthens your muscles and develops your cardiovascular health in the upper part of your body. The machine functions on the basis of hydraulics, air, magnetism and water. With the aid of these four elements you can use the machine in four different ways. The rowing machine works on a spinning fan. This spinning fan increases the air resistance while you use the machine. This gives you a real feel of rowing. There are a variety of models available in different prices in the market. While you are purchasing fitness and exercise equipment you may go for these Low Impact Exercise equipments. These equipments are very good for your regular exercise. It reduces your

injury and strains.

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==== ==== Check out our latest rowing machine and fitness equipment reviews! Just click on this link: ==== ====

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Check out our latest rowing machine and fitness equipment reviews! Just click on the link: