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When our body is engaged in any aerobics exercises, it increases the amount of oxygen consumed by the body. Simultaneously, as the body gets used to the exercises, it draws in more oxygen and as a result the endurance capacity increases. You would have experienced that if you are engaged in any of activities such as cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, you are able to do more with each passing day. This is because your endurance power has improved. This is nothing but aerobics fitness. This fitness is dependent on several factors, such as: Genes: Some people can endure more exercises than others. When these persons are trained, their aerobics fitness will improve quickly. Such people are termed as high responders. Athletes and sportsmen belong to this category, whereas, there are certain category of people, who cannot respond very well to the training. Their capacity does not improve much even after sustained training. These are called low responders. Their aerobics fitness will increase marginally as a result of the training, and afterwards, it will remain more or less stagnant. A person desirous of understanding his aerobics capacity can undergo VO2 max test. Here, the person is asked to use the treadmill. The speed of the treadmill increases gradually and the breathing pattern is recorded in the respirometer. This can be compared to a stress test. Health of a person: A healthy and fit person will naturally experience greater aerobics fitness. As against this, a person having heart problems or respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, or lung disease, will have lower capacity. Hence, if you feel that you are otherwise fit but are not able to endure more, it is advisable to go for a health checkup Age: People, who start on exercise at a later age, will have lesser stamina. Our endurance capacity decreases with age. However, if a person is engaged in physical exercises at an early age, his aerobics fitness will not be severely affected even with increasing age. Physical activity: A person, who does not exercise regularly, may be fit if his lifestyle keeps him active through out the day. As compared to this, a person with sedentary lifestyle and no exercise schedule will have the least capacity. Training: When a person undertakes training, his aerobics fitness will improve greatly. However, the training should be taken from a good instructor and it should always be gradual. So, start exercising regularly and let your endurance power increase.

More and more people are turning to aerobics for losing weight and keeping fit. It is needless to say that aerobics is effective and fun way to stay physically active. For more information on aerobic exercises and videos visit [].

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