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Hey! Thanks for dropping by my page and reading my reviews. I usually write reviews on tangible stuff but this time around I’ll let myself be the visible result of a workout programme, which I successfully completed

and feel absolutely great about! I may not be Mr. Universe but do I have a super buffed body like Jacob from Twilight. Thanks to GSP Rushfit, some of the chicks in my neighbourhood are finally noticing me! I was once an invisible lad in town but now I can hear whispers of my name whenever I hit the famous hangout spot in the district. “Hey, isn’t that Michael?”, “Oh, wow! Michael is looking sleek!” This may sound like a stereotyped commercial on tv, but trust me everytime I hear that I feel like spinning around and whisper “GSP Rushfit” to their ears!

My GSP Rushfit review is more than the average workout programme reviews because it includes some general comparisons between the Rushfit workout and some other programmes that I have

personally tested (in which resulted to no avail). After completing the awesome Rushfit routine, I came across 3 other workout products: the P90X, Insanity and Insanity Asylum.

The number one downside of the P90X programme was that it came in a 12 cd pack, which got me thinking, “Damn, talk about intense!� The Insanity and Insanity Asylum programmes on the other hand came in 10

and 6 cd packs respectively while GSP Rushfit came with 6 cd packed with comprehensive routines.

Secondly, the 3 workout programmes were barely making me feel any better. The routines were too long and boring. They failed to get straight to the point and they were definitely not good in stealing my interest to complete the programme. Simply put, I thought they were disastrous! Their routines were too extreme to be fitted in a home workout programme. Unlike the GSP Rushfit that offers unquestionably less severe routine,

it also helped me maintain my pace throughout the programme. I thought the other workout programme routines were not creative and fun as the GSP Rushfit. I really want to enjoy working out and it seemed like I was only doing some pushups and pull-ups with some other exercise routines thrown in.

In addition to the dull and dreadful routines, the three workout programmes were packed with awful tools as well. Whilst GSP Rushfit

keeps it simple (I only needed a pair of dumbbells and a bit of a room to workout), the Insanity Asylum tried to make it more fun by including an agility ladder and a speed rope in the pack as professional athletes endorse

it. (Honestly, even the tools couldn’t make it any better). The Insanity programme however was a bit too confident that I didn’t need any tools or equipments to workout, which in the end made the

routines even worse!

I guess I will just stick to my GSP Rushfit routine and enjoy all the attention I’m getting now. I hope my review this time will help you figure out the best workout programme that suits you perfectly. Good



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