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Organic gardening is treating one's own garden as a member of nature and the environment as a whole. As a literal description is it gardening without the use of any type of man made chemicals. Many gardeners after they make the switch to organic gardening say they are more in tune with nature. Organic gardening is not a new thing it is actually the way our ancestors grew their food, but in the last few years it is gaining in popularity. With the new trend of everyone wanting to go green, organic gardening is back in the spot light. Organic gardeners realize that it is more than just not using man made chemicals, but the role they play in the environment. The biggest reason that many to start an organic garden is because they know they are producing the best quality produce they possibly can. Most organic gardeners agree that the fruits and vegetables are great but the benefits to the planet also have become important to them. Many gardeners find that it becomes a wonderful hobby for themselves. Organic gardening is the oldest gardening method on the books and is actually less expensive than growing with chemicals. Organic gardening is the best way to take living organisms and break them down for the best value to the environment. Gardening organically uses natural fertilizers and compost to grow the plants in you garden. By using these natural supplies you won't have to expose your plants to chemicals that can be harmful to your plants. There a few extras that might be required but all organic gardeners are rewarded knowing they will never have to use any harmful chemicals. The longer you grow without chemicals the stronger your soil becomes and provides the best environment for your plants to grow. Organic gardening teaches us about how we balance our plants in nature taking the soil, water and their nutrients into consideration. By being green you take into account that you are not going to use synthetic fertilizers on your plants. It becomes a fixation on working with the planet to build a healthy base for your garden. With organic gardening you are using all the elements of nature, even other plants and insects, to enrich your garden. Once you consider taking on the task of organic gardening you will soon learn that it is the best way to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Your garden will enjoy being in a natural state. The great thing about organic gardening is that it is not difficult at all. When starting your outdoor garden this year take a step back and try growing organically. You will be glad you did when you see the end result

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==== ==== Please check out The Organic Gardening Academy for great tips on Organic Gardening. ==== ====

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