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Men and women are different. They have different needs, different body structures and different hormonal levels. Therefore it is quite clear that weight loss for women is going to be at least somewhat different from weight loss for men. Although the principles I recommend ALL people do for weight loss are the same, the degree to which it will have positive effects on the individual depend on many things including gender. Women for example may have more success using hormonal balancing methods than men as they are more likely to suffer from more severe estrogen dominance. Nevertheless, here are some easy weight loss principles for women: 1. Drink more water - Water helps flush out toxins as well as hydrating, refreshing and replenishing your body's cells. More water means a cleaner, more effective body. 2. Balance your hormones - Hormonal imbalance affects all women to some extent. In terms of weight loss, I strongly believe that ALL women will have far greater results using a natural hormone balancing method than doing nothing. It should be a part of your weight loss efforts and it will benefit you in more ways to even list here. 3. Remove parasites from your system - Parasites remain a problem for many people. The are contracted through contact with animals, overseas travel or through drinking contaminated water among many other ways. You can only remove ALL parasites naturally through safe and effective remedies NOT by taking drugs. 4. Exercise intelligent - Do strength training and make sure your cardio workouts are as high intensity as you can manage. 5. Get your nutrition right - Avoid TFAs and highly processed foods, eat as close to the raw food source as possible.

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==== ==== Please check out The Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss for great tips on Weight Loss for Women. ==== ====

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