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If you're looking for great treadmill workout routines then you have probably noticed that there are many out there to choose from. Some people mistakenly think you can just get on the treadmill and start moving and it will work for you. While the treadmill is an amazing workout tool, it doesn't work miracles. The truth is that the treadmill is just a tool to help you meet your physical goals but ultimately it is still up to you how much benefit you get from your exercise routines. The more you know and the more you plan for your workout routines, the more you will benefit from it. You must choose plans that meet your fitness levels as well as your health requirements. You must also gradually increase the difficulty levels of your exercise routines so that you continue to get benefit from them as you progress in your fitness levels. Here are some tips for you to do this. Choosing Your Treadmill Workout Plan Choosing treadmill workout plans will help you find routines that work for you and your needs. Your plan should not just include a routine, but it should include varying routines that you can switch out as necessary and a solid plan for when and how you will do them. You should also stick to your sessions and do them at the same time each day so it is easier for you to get in the mood and get your body adjusted. This will also help prevent missed workouts because it will become habit and part of your daily routine. Treadmill workout routines vary as much as the people who use them. If you are just starting out on the treadmill then it is very important that you learn some beginner routines. If you push your body too hard right away, you will not get the benefit from your machine. There are tapes and DVDs which can help you along and inspire you and there are also books, articles online and even fitness instructors that can help you along. As you progress in your fitness levels and also as you become more experienced with using the treadmill, you will be ready for more challenging routines that push your body further. You can then move on into intermediate treadmill workouts and eventually into advanced workouts, keeping in tune with your body and your physical requirements. The Ideal Treadmill Routine So what is the ideal way to get in shape on a treadmill? The truth is that there is no perfect routine that works for everyone. Instead, you have to experiment with different settings and programs. This will be based on different factors such as:

Your experience level

Your current fitness level

Your time given to treadmill workout routines

Your personal style and likes

The ideal workout should get your heart rate going and provide aerobic exercise. During a warm up your heart rate should be between 50-60%. During your workout portion, this should increase to around 70-85%. If not, then you are not getting full benefit from your exercise routine. However, if you push your heart rate over 85% then you are probably working yourself too hard and your body will not benefit as much from this and in fact, can even do more harm than good. An ideal treadmill workout is one that will challenge you without overworking yourself. Make it an enjoyable experience so that you will stick to your daily exercise regimen. Put variety into your daily exercise regimen by using all the programs your treadmill has to offer and you will enjoy your treadmill sessions to the fullest while getting back into shape.

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==== ==== Please check out The Best Treadmill Edge for great tips on Treadmill Workouts. ==== ====

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Warning Signs on Treadmill Workouts You Should Know  

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