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The reason why marketers emphasize on building list is because they play a huge role when you have to make a sale. Let's take an example of a company that asks for your details when you want to buy their product from the Internet. You provide them with all your details so that they can verify and also add you to a list so that in future they do not have to stress over finding customers for their products. This is how a list works. Some people often unsubscribe; this is indeed bad, however, you do not have to let go of that address. You could always pop in a mail once in a while with interesting offers. Bear in mind that these customers left your list and do not wish to be bothered. But, if you plan to do such, make sure you have something that will interest them. Providing your list with interesting, rich and informative articles can do wonders for you. Learn how to write up such content and then publish them into blogs and directories. Your articles could work around solutions for problems that people are aware of, but have absolutely no clue on how to combat it. Take part in discussions on forums and leave your links so that people following you there can access you and follow you real-time. A four digit number list is impressive, but, for that you'll have to work very hard. This particular list will provide you with the profits you are looking for. All you have to do is be consistent in your approach and remain patient, because this cannot simply happen overnight. It's advisable that you offer something for free in exchange of a valued subscription. An auto responder normally works for you when someone subscribes to your list; an auto generated response comprising your introduction and the welcome message is very important. This content is essential since it makes the first impression of you with the subscriber. The list that develops over time is supposed to be taken care of; there are certain rules you should follow closely. The content that you often provide your list with should be informative and should benefit your audience; never send them rubbish. Realize that their time is valuable and that they trust you on the information you provide them with them. Do not help them lose their faith in you. Also, remember; never try to push a sale to a recent subscriber. That will make it very easy for him/her to call you a scammer. Hold your promotional mails until the basics have been achieved. The basics include sending articles that will benefit the audience. You list is not just a compilation of email addresses; they are people with feelings; regard them. This will pay off in the long run.

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==== ==== Please check out The List Building Academy for great tips on Building Lists for Profit. ==== ====

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