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When talking about offline marketing, you very often hear the term "the money is in the customer base". That is something that most people agree with, and so, it is also very common, if we come to online marketing, to constantly be told that "the money is in the list". But I hear you already asking what is a list exactly? In online terms it is a database of your contacts or prospects and their contact information and by reading on you are going to see how you can profit from your own list. It is very important to try as much as possible, to capture your prospects' names and email addresses, when you have them visiting your website, or else if they do not buy or show any interest in your products at that time, you may lose them for ever. So, it is in your best interests to offer some advice or help, regarding the prospects' interests, by sending them a gift or gifts that relate to what they are looking for, in return for their name and email address. The gift can be in the form of a report about their wants, about their problems, an e-book, PDF etc, so that the prospects feel you are helping them and that you are genuinely interested in their wants, problems or desires. If you manage to give them much targeted, relevant information about what they are looking for, many of them will gladly give you their name and email address. If you start online marketing as an affiliate marketer and know what area of marketing to promote, a specific niche that you think there is plenty of money in, you begin to apply what you've learned and find that your list is now growing nicely. After a few weeks, you start seeing your list growing into hundreds, perhaps thousands and you then begin promoting to them, but not before you've gained their trust with your continuous giving of information related to their interests and desires. Imagine you now have a list of 6,000 subscribers and as an example, you start promoting a product that pays you a 75% commission per item sold, over a period of 30 days, and with just a 2% conversion rate, meaning that for every 100 customers, 2 people buys the product. If your share was $45.0 per sale, for instance, you would be making (6000/100)x90=$5,400 per month! And you can send them repeated offers or new ones over and over. If those 6000 were not subscribers, but just prospects passing by and buying at the same conversion rate, you would make your $5,400 in commissions, but you could not offer them any more products since you did not capture their names and email addresses. If the vendor have their names and email addresses, he can then sell them directly more related products or services, but you have simply left money on the table. What will happen is that those customers, who are now proven buyers, will most probably spend

more money for products that complement the one they just bought, but they will buy them from the product owner's list, not yours, if you had not started building your list in the first place. So, you now see that it is much better to begin building your list from day one. Just try to set up a system to build a list straight away and do not allow anyone to escape through your link, without capturing their name and email address. If you have several niches that you promote, have a different list for each niche and you do this with a marvellous tool called an autoresponder; yes, an autoresponder can manage your lists for you automatically, by sending information to your subscribers on autopilot, at set intervals that you specify. You can also load the autoresponder with specific messages that you want to be sent at certain days, with different intervals for specific offers. Remember never to allow the product owner to cash in on the prospects hat you've sent them first time around, and instead make sure you gain every prospect's name and email address. Give them value by providing related, targeted and valuable information about their keyword queries to then leverage your relationship with them for future commissions from your sales. G Calvo

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==== ==== Please check out The List Building Academy for great tips on List Building for Profit. ==== ====

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