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When setting you your own home brewing for beer you will require at least the minimum equipment which you can not avoid. Most of this equipment we can find easily online or at your local shop. Finding the right home brewing supplier is important as once you found the right one you can ask them all the questions you need to know to ensure a good set up. Have a budget in mind as the price of kits can range a fair bit and you will not get surprised so much. Here is a short list of items that you require: Brew Pot The first item that you can not avoid is the brew pot in which you will be brewing your Wort. Wort is the term we use for beer before we actually brew or ferment it. As ladies do tell us, size does mater and the bigger the better. You should be looking for a least a brew pot of 20 to 30 quarts, as the more wort you boil the better the quality the end result of beer. Primary Fermenter Another vital piece of equipment is the primary fermenter, we pour the cooled wort after it has been brewed. The fermenter will need to have an air tight lid and a small hole for the airlock to attach. The airlock is the devise that is used to remove the carbon dioxide from the primary fermenter, an airlock is filled with water to ensure no air or germs are able to enter the beer. Bottling Bucket You will require a goof bottling bucket or priming vessel that we will use when bottling up the beer. Look for one that has a removable plug on the bottom to assist us. Other Miscellaneous items Other items such as glass bottles, rubber stops, and flexible hoses, bottling tubes and bottle brushes and a bottle capper, there are more and we can go on for ever. Another item that we can consider optional as some people feel it is not required is the hydrometer. It will measure the density and the amount of alcohol that is produced during the fermentation process. The hydrometer is used be simply taking reading before the fermentation starts and once again afterwards, and by subtracting the two answers you get the alcohol content. You will find many websites on the internet that have good advice on all the topics for brewing beer at home covering such topics as equipment.

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==== ==== Please check out The Home Brewing Academy for great tips on Home Brewing. ==== ====

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