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Organic farmers produce crops without using harmful insecticides and pesticides which help the plant to stay away from the insects and help them grow well, but leaves no nutrients in them. If you are a home gardener there a good reasons for you to take up organic gardening. Urban conditions tend to lower the quality of air, soil and water. With organic gardening, home gardeners help restore some of that lost quality in the plant's soil and air. Why is it good for you to use organic gardening? Home vegetable gardeners eat the vegetables produces by them; they produce the vegetables with hard work and labour. No chemicals are used in organic gardening. Therefore home gardeners do not have to worry about the vegetables they are having. Even among home flower gardeners organic gardening means no exposure to poisonous chemicals for anyone in the family. Chemicals often tend to degrade the quality of the plant and sap away the nutrients from it. Nowadays more and more people are opting for organic manure and fertilizers over the chemicals Vegetables grown at home contain more nutrients other than the ones bought from the Supermarket. Organically grown vegetables also contain protective photochemical that scientists believe are defenses against cancer and other diseases. Outdoor gardening is good because it helps you get out in the fresh air and sunlight. Organic gardening is good for both you and the environment. The chemicals present in the vegetable grown in the commercial market are often bad for health if not washed properly and can be hazardous to life. Under such circumstances it is advisable to get organic fertilizers which harm us in no way but rather enhance the plants. Organic gardening is good for society because it does not add dangerous chemicals to the environment. It reuses and recycles things and help's in reducing pollution. Chemical fertilisers are no good and moreover are bad for the plant. Organic fertilizers contribute to the development of good, nutrient rich soil that can be used by future generations. Chemical fertilisers kill both the good and the bad insects. Organic pest control uses nature methods to keep insects in check, and so allows your garden to maintain a healthy diversity of organisms without the hazards of the chemical. For these reasons, it is in your best interest to use organic gardening. Home gardeners should give it serious consideration to use organic fertilisers.

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==== ==== Please check out The Organic Gardening Academy for great tips on Gardening Organically. ==== ====

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