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==== ==== Please check out 9 Minute Meditation for great Meditation Practices. ==== ====

Meditation practices have recently grown in popularity over the last decade or so. More people from different backgrounds are now practicing meditation because of the direct benefits it brings to their life. Meditation is a profound practice that enables the individual to release all thoughts and emotions from the body and be completely present. The direct benefits from continual meditation will bring the individual peace, joy, fulfillment, love, greater self awareness. Meditation really does help to ease the clutter being thrown into your life. It can help to soothe any emotions like fear, uncomfort, pressure that you may be experiencing. Although practicing meditation may not be able to permanently eliminate such emotions, it certainly helps you to be in control of your thoughts and emotions at a much deeper level. If you are not practicing meditation already then here is a great opportunity to start. Anyone can meditate. You don't have to be at a specific person or the right point in time to start now. There are many ways for you to start right now. If other people are benefiting from meditation, then you can too. If you don not have a meditation practice then here is a very simple one you can follow. Try this out immediately. • Find a quiet place away from any clutter. This can either be in your room, a quiet place in your house or even outdoor areas such as your back garden or a quiet park. • Sit down with your legs crossed and have make sure you keep your posture straight. Keeping your back straight is very important because you want to feel the energy run through your back. If you are finding it difficult to keep your knees crossed so that they are below your hips, find a soft blanket that you can put underneath your knees to relieve any resistance you may be feeling in your knees and/or lower back. • As you are sitting in this position, close your eyes and start to listen to all the sounds around you - birds chirping in the background - feel the wind, breeze and air around you and the trees' rustling leaves. Feel your heart beat and really feel the energy run through your body. • Start to take some deep breaths. You want to inhale through your nostrils, feel the air run down to your diaphragm (abdomen area) and feeling that area expand gently. • Exhale through your mouth and feel the air start to leave the diaphragm (abdomen area) slowly and gently. Do this continuously and focus on this breathing technique as you sit there and meditate. Try to not be hasty with your breathing. Gentle and slow. • If you are finding it difficult to focus on the present, a simple task such as concentrating on

consistent breathing through your diaphragm will definitely help to ease any nerves, stress, anxiety, depression that you may be experiencing. This is a very simple meditation exercise. This meditation practice should be done for a minimum of 10 minutes daily. You will really start to feel the added benefit if you practice on a consistent basis. Breathing through to your diaphragm ensures that energy flows through to the core of your body. You will find that when you start to master this art, you will be able to sit there for longer periods of time in complete solitude. If you are a beginner and have difficulties doing this because of any thoughts or emotions that may be distracting you, there is no need to worry. Meditation is a very useful aid for your distractions. Once mastered you will be able to release any unwanted energy and have greater control over your thoughts and emotions. They will no longer become a distraction. You don't have to be a spiritual leader, belong to any religious group or be genius to start meditation. If you haven't done so already, start now. There's a really great book by Adya Shanti titled Meditation that I highly recommend you get your hands on. There are also plenty of great videos available on Youtube on meditation that can help. Other great substitutes to meditation include yoga and Pilates. There are some great classes out there and also a good opportunity for you to meet other people and get ideas from them. Good luck!

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==== ==== Please check out 9 Minute Meditation for great Meditation Practices. ==== ====

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