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You have adopted a puppy and it belongs to a breed that is considered to be quite intelligent. Should you, the owner, assume that the puppy will instinctively follow your commands? Do you believe that is ok to skip the puppy training classes? If you make this assumption, then you might be in big trouble. Puppies are not born with the knowledge about what to do when its master says "sit." Puppies and dogs need to undergo a phase of learning. This learning happens best during dog training, and this learning should be carried out by the owner, even if you decide to perform the dog obedience training at home or take your pet to dog obedience school. One of the most crucial kinds of dog training is the dog obedience training. Knowing how to train a puppy begins by knowing why the dog should be trained. There are three most popular reasons why dog should undergo obedience training. First, the dog obedience class is vital for a healthy relationship between the dog and the owner. This relationship, despite what many dog owners say, is not a friendship. The dog does not look at the owner as a friend. And the dog does not think of itself as a friend. In fact, the concept of "friend" may not have crossed the pet's mind. The dog is an animal and it only understands the concept of master and follower. The owner does not want to give the dog the impression that the dog is the master. The dog owner is always the master. The puppy does not sit when told to sit because it wanted to impress other people. The puppy sits because it wanted to make its master happy and proud. Second, when the pet owner teaches the dog obedience tips to the pet it will make the dog an acceptable member of the society. Not everyone is enamored by dogs. The main reasons why people do not want dogs are that dogs bark, dogs jump, and dogs urinate. All these behaviors are unacceptable if they are not controlled. With obedience training, the dog will know which behaviors are approved and which behaviors are not allowed in various situations. In this way, the pet owner can bring and present her dog to her friends and relatives without fear that the dog will suddenly bark or leap. The dog will also know how to behave in the presence of other dogs and other animals. And third, the dog obedience training will support the mental and physical development of the puppy. The dog's mind must be stimulated and the source of such stimulation is the dog trainer. This is why dog owners also talk with their dogs. If the dog is generally ignored, there is insufficient mental stimulation and the dog will conduct its own explorations, including the chewing of carpet and furniture. The dog's physical development is enhanced by obedience classes because dogs are naturally energetic. The dog is happy to run, jump, and race. Without dog training, this excess energy will be channeled towards other behaviors that may not be acceptable at all. With puppy training, a dog will know that it has a special role to play in the society. The dog is also confident about what to do in order to please its master. Dog training should also start early. This

is why many dog owners begin with puppy obedience training.

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==== ==== Please check out The Dog Training Academy for great tips on Dog Obedience Training. ==== ====

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