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Trading stock online is the comfortable and convenient method of trading stock wherever the trader is located and whenever the trader wants. Trading stock online is one of the best methods of making profits from home. Trade is not conducted in open cry pits but through low cost online brokers and purchase and sale of stock is done by giving instructions to brokers over the internet. To trade stock online, the trader needs to have good trading equipment. The trader should have a good PC, large sized monitor or monitors, a high speed internet connection, good online trading software and a good UPS for constant access to trade figures and movement of stocks online. The next important step in trading stocks online is to use websites with online trade simulators to practice trading stocks online. These are no risk methods of learning to trade and the potential trader will not lose any money while practicing trade through these simulation sites. These simulators help traders to develop trade strategies so that they can enter real time trade as informed and prudent investors Signing up with a good online stock broker is the next step in trading stocks online.  For a first time trader it is prudent to find a low cost broker These brokers will charge the lowest commission. Support should be easy to access, the tools provided by the online broker's platform should be easy to use and orders should be executed quickly by the broker. The website of the broker should constantly inform the trader of the facts and movement of stocks. The customer service offered by the broker should be efficient and helpful. The broker should make all transactions secure or the trader will be the victim of identity theft. Research the stock before investing. Financial websites like yahoo, CNN and MSN will give an indication as to how valuable and stable the stock is likely to be, the potential income the stock of a particular company will generate and whether any stock in hand can be sold at a profit. The reputation of the company and its operations are good indications of the worth of its stock. Be guided by instinct and not always by the broker. If the company procures goods and services from a foreign company make sure that the foreign country has a good stable government. Make a plan and stick to the plan. Make a budget and stick to the budget. Make prudent decisions about when you should enter and when you should leave. The temptation of continually trading when the going is good can yield huge losses when stocks suddenly crash. Keep a goal and stop when the goal is reached. The recession has affected the movement of stock to a large extent. Experts believe that the best stock to buy during a recession are fast food company stock of companies like McDonald's, Pharmaceutical stocks are always winners because medicine is always required and companies will not crash easily and retail company stocks like stocks of Wal-mart. The stocks that

should be sold during recession are bank stocks and stocks of companies manufacturing luxury goods. Online stock trading is profit making only for well informed, hard working trader who has a carefully formulated plan in place.    

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==== ==== Please check out Trading Pro Edge System for great tips on Trading Stocks Online. ==== ====

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