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Many people write blogs, but not many of them write a blog for profit. While it is true that there are writers out there that are making a dime here and there, most of them are not even coming close to taking full advantage of the power of their blog. If you are one of these people, or don't even have a blog yet, you can follow these simple steps to get you well on your way to blog for profit. First of all, you need to find out what subjects you are passionate about. It is perfectly normal for you to draw a blank when thinking about your passions, but take a little time and dozens of ideas should pop into your head. You should write them down and compare them later. The reason that you want to pick a subject that you are passionate about is because your readers will pick up on this. If you sound passionate in your blog, people will trust what you have to say. Talking about subjects that you love will draw other people that also love that subject. Your readers will want to come back for more and more of what you have to offer. Getting consistent readers is just the beginning. This is where a majority of bloggers fall short. They are satisfied with making a dollar here and there, thinking that they have seen all of the profit that they will ever see. This is where you have the advantage to start a blog for profit. You will now be able to take the next step and make money off of your readers with the following tips. Join an affiliate website, such as Clickbank, or CJ. They have an enormous list of products for you to advertise on your blog. You will want to pick products that are very similar to what you are writing about on your blog. You should even go as far to updating it to a new product with each and every one of your blog posts if needed. Once you have a good following of readers, you will be able to start writing reviews of products that you feel might be useful to your readers. This is the absolute best way to blog for profit. Since your readers now trust you, writing a review of a product is a surefire way for you to make money as an affiliate. For example: You have a blog revolving around Fantasy Football. Your last blog post had to do with the outrageous prices that some Fantasy sites are charging for membership this year. You find an affiliate website that is only charging half of what some of the top competitors are charging, so you write a positive review of the website, after checking them out, and seeing that they have a lot to offer your readers. This is just one example and it still might be confusing for newcomers, so it is better for newbies to stick to the basics at first. Do yourself a favor and set yourself up a free blog over at WordPress. They are a fantastic blog community; where you can set up as many different blogs as your like. This is the ultimate place to blog for profit. WordPress is also loved by Google, so with the right keywords and content, you can get easy traffic from people searching on Google. Worry about figuring out your passions first, then you can create your blog account around the

subject of your choice. Next is the step where you tie in affiliate products to push onto your readers. It is a very simple process that will enable you to blog for profit.

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==== ==== Please check out The The Blog Profit Academy for great tips on Blogging for Profit. ==== ====

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