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==== ==== Please check out Best Local Marketing Practices for great tips on local marketing. ==== ====

Local marketing is a most important process for all the entrepreneurs. For majority of the small businesses, local marketing is all their business marketing. The significant rules for community/local marketing are as follows: 1. Get Local: penetrate the local market and target your marketing efforts down to the neighborhood level 2. Get involved: take an active part in the community to generate good will for the business 3. Get personal: market on face to face and one to one basis Small businesses are successful, if they do their marketing in a proper way. The business is there in the market to serve the customers and if your customers are failed to feel your presence then there is no possibility of your business survival in this competitive world. Following are the local marketing tips for small businesses: • Check your web presence through local search engines. If you are not there, the first thing you need to do is to submit yourself right there. • Increase your local exposure through listing on local and renowned search engines such as Google Maps, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. • If you are registering yourself to various platforms, make sure that contact information provided by you is consistent throughout. • Always list the local phone number. • Make your listing attractive through images, videos and useful information. • Keep your listed information updated and manage yourself over time. • Make use of local based keywords while optimizing your website for the search engines. • If you are operating in various areas, try to list all those in your website. • Try to have various references and citations around your website, this helps in improving the ranking.

• Search for the blogs that target the local community and become an active member on that. • Activate yourself on social media and networks. This helps in networking and building social contacts. According to the statistics, almost 30-40% of all the search is made with local intent therefore understanding of local search work can be very useful. These personalized techniques for your business presence on web will help in effective local marketing and ultimately in getting more customers.

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==== ==== Please check out Best Local Marketing Practices for great tips on local marketing. ==== ====

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Local Marketing  

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