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A lot of options exist as far as local marketing opportunities are concerned. It could be through radio and television jingles, posters, Google Local and other search engines. The option used in one's local marketing is usually determined by the particular business one is into and the location of the business. When one talks about local marketing, it literally means one advertising his or her goods and services in one's locality which includes but not limited to a town or county. Sometimes the locality of a business is measured in miles, determined mainly by the type of business. No matter one's type of business, there is every tendency that there are existing customers as far as that particular business is concerned. Even though many businesses are becoming web based, there is the importance of engaging in local marketing. This marketing can be initiated through mobile marketing strategies or local marketing strategies and the good thing about it is that, it can be done at very minimal costs. One of the things to consider before engaging in any form of mobile marketing strategies is the type of purchasing process one's customers engage in. There are impulsive buyers and there are those who plan before hand on what to buy and where to buy it. With this information at one's disposal, it is then left to the business owner to present his or her business in a way that such customers can easily locate the business should they need the goods and services and also taking a bold step in finding out the products and services that are in high demand in one's locality. Although one can place adverts with the local radio stations and newspapers, engaging in Google marketing has a higher advantage which comes with minimal expenditure than the first two options. Engaging in advertising one's business through Google Places will go a long way to help one's business grow to the desired level.

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==== ==== Please check out The Local Marketing Institute for great tips on Local Marketing for Profit. ==== ====

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