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Email list building is the foundation for all the money I make online, and with just a few things done right, can be the foundation for the things you do online as well. The key with email list building is that instead of grabbing new visitors every day, you can send the same people to your web pages daily, and a level of trust is built. Email list building is one of the easiest online money-makers if you are doing it right, and one of the hardest to do, if you are doing it wrong. You simply have to have a plan and follow that plan. So what is email list building? Email list building is the building of a list of like-minded individuals online, and communicating with them online. That is pretty much it. Well, that really is the basic idea, but you do need to target them somewhat. So how do you email list build? To email list build, follow these steps: 1) Decide on a niche. Do not jump around once you choose one. Just build a list to at least 5000 subscribers before you start on the next one. Your experience level will be much higher, and you will do things better the second time around. 2) Create a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a web landing page that has as its only purpose the opting in of subscribers. No links, no adsense - nothing - just an opt in box. 3) Create a compelling free gift offer. One of my favorites is a free ebook so people can sample my writing style and ability to deliver information to them. 4) Send quality traffic to your squeeze page. I prefer article marketing.

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==== ==== Please check out The List Building Academy for great tips on List Building for Profit. ==== ====

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