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When it comes to day trading stocks there is a mixed notion amongst the investors as well as common people who are contemplating of getting into stock trading. Day trading is basically a type of short term trading that is completed within a day's time. That means you have a few hours to buy and sell the stocks and hence day trading stocks are essentially considered to be the forte of the experienced stock market investors. As you get only a few hours to make up for the loss, if there is any, the risk factor of day trading is higher than conventional long term share trading. But as there is more risk involved you always get more profit from day trading if you consider the time span of the investment that you make for buying the stocks. S0, the bottom line is there are pros and cons of day trading and here we are trying to focus on some of them. Positives of day trading -

Day trading gives you the freedom of working on your terms. You can do by yourself the trading online and get the result on that very day. There is no waiting and long-term risk factor involved. As you get back the money each day after the market is closed you can always start fresh the next morning. So, with day trading you can try wide range of stocks and benefit from definite and short time gains and tips that too with significantly little money in your account. Stock trading companies offer the day trading facilities in significantly lower brokerage rate. Especially online stock brokers charge really little brokerage for buying and selling stocks online. So, while dealing in day trading stocks you can make more profit if compared to long term trading where the brokerage rate is relatively higher. Moreover, with lower brokerage you have fewer burdens and can take quick decisions after the stock is moved upward, while in long term trading you have to wait to sell the stock until it gets you profit after meeting the higher brokerage. While doing day trading you can always make profit from stocks that are not so promising but showing steady progress however small amount it is. While in case of long term trading you cannot really depend on such stocks that do not have long term potential.

Like any good thing in life day trading also comes with some negatives and here are some of them along with some effective solutions to these problems. Day trading gives you only a few hours to make the corrections. Simply because the lifespan of the day trading is shorter, you run the risk of losing on a certain stock that falls after you have

bought them. The situation worsens if there is no sign of betterment even at the end o the day. But you can even make up for the loss by buying the same stock in lower price on long term basis and waiting for the stock to regain. It's simply buying time for your investment. Sudden news can affect the stock market that have a deeper impact on the day trading as you cannot wait for the market to get better. Then this is true for any form of stock market trading and it is not a typical problem for the day trading. To avoid such situations you need to have comprehensive knowledge of the industry and keep regular watch on the stock market.

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==== ==== Please check out Trading Pro Edge System for great tips on Trading Stocks. ==== ====

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