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Local Marketing - What works best? There is a whole variety of local marketing opportunities from putting a poster in a local shop, to radio, printed press and of course Google, Bing and Yahoo local, but what works best, in other words what is the most cost effective way of promoting a business in its local area. There are two main factors firstly the type of business and secondly its location. Local marketing is a very broad term that means advertising in your locality now this could refer to a town, district or county, but local is also measured differently upon the type of business for example a local shop would be with 1/2 a mile where as a local restaurant would only be a mile or 2 away, and a local garden centre could be 5 miles away. Depending upon your business you will probably have local customers already, although more and more businesses are totally web-based and often have not considered any form of marketing other than on the internet and then only on a national basis. You now need to understand your customers buying process is it long and drawn out or is it an impulse buy, you then need to establish how these customers find you at present. Now you have established the basics you need to look at what is marketing is available in your area. There is generally a local newspaper and local radio station these two mediums can perform well but you can easily over spend and they usually employ good sales people to ensure that you do. Leaflet drops usually perform better than radio or press but this is dependent upon your business type and ensuring the leaflets are targeted correctly. Last but not least is the web based local marketing with Google places dominating this market Google places is also commonly known as Google Local or Google Maps. Currently Google offer this service for free so it is a must in any local marketing campaign although this i believe will change to a monthly fee within the next few months. Yahoo and Bing both offer a local service but I have found these not to be worth the effort. All in all you must try to run trials on every marketing opportunity, you will probably have colleagues or suppliers that have trialled different Medias and could give you an indication of what has worked for them. The better the research the better the result and whatever you do ensure you target all your marketing and if you can afford it look at employing the services of a local marketing specialist.

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==== ==== Please check out The Local Marketing Institute for great tips on Local Marketing. ==== ====

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