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Home Beer Brewing has literally been around for centuries. It was once considered the safest way to drink water, what a thought eh? Most home brewers use an adapted pressure cooker with tubing attached to funnel the steam to the mash mixture where it begins to cook the mixture in a way much quicker than just boiling it. So just what is required to setup your home brewing station? Finding a good supplier for your equipment is imperative as they will be available to give you the best advice on the latest techniques as well as the best equipment to buy within your budget. What's required? * A Brew pot - this is one of the main necessities in any home brewers arsenal and in this instance size really does matter! Really the bigger the better you will need something in the vicinity of 20 30 quarts as the more mash you cook the better the quality of the end result. * A primary fermenter - this is basically a large tank where you pour the mixture once it has been brewed. The tank itself needs to be big enough to hold the entire contents from the brew pot and it needs to be completely air tight with a small hole for the airlock to attach. * Bottling bucket - This is another large container that we will use to bottle the beer once its fully ready it needs to have a small plug or tap on the bottom to help make life just that little bit easier. * Other items of requirement include - Glass beer bottles and a capping tool as well as caps to put the finished home brew into and seal keeping it at its best for the longest of times. You will also need rubber stops, flexible hosing and bottling tubes to name just a few, there are literally dozens of other things that could be used to aid you in the brewing process however this is all you really need except maybe a hydrometer to check the alcohol levels of your finished product however its not entirely necessary so you may want to hold off until you decide to scale up.

After being interested in home beer brewing for several years I've decided to help others with tips and tricks from my own experiences. I have created to share advice and experiences on home brewing so please stop by and have a look.

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==== ==== Please check out The Home Brewing Academy for great tips on Home Brewing. ==== ====

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