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Would you say that blogging for profit is a good online marketing strategy? Let us investigate and determine if blogging really is a good technique in making money online. Since our main purpose in blogging is to be known and have a lot of followers, let us see if we could generate enough leads. Blogging by the way is simply a journal. It is basically a website where you can talk about almost anything. Blogs are usually exposed to web surfers. After a visitor reads your blog, he or she can put a comment about your topic or subject. The comment will undergo "moderation" before it is finally published. Now, this is how we will determine the potential of blogging for profit. We will take a look at how many people are blogging today. Then, we will see how many people read blogs worldwide. Lastly, we will examine one more data which I will show a bit later. Let us start. By checking the blogosphere statistics, you will find that about 200 Million people are posting blogs. More than 350 million are reading blogs. So if we convert that data into ratio, the result would be 1:1.75. Let us just make it 1:2. This means that for every blog that is posted, 2 people read it. It seems the difference is not so much. And take note, that there is a good chance that blog posters are also blog readers. So would you still believe that blogging for profit is productive? Do you feel a tough competition among blog marketers? Well, let us study the third data: The number of internet surfers... Right now there are more than 1.73 billion people worldwide who are using the internet. And again these may include people who write blogs and the ones who read blogs. Incorporating this statistics into the blogger/reader value will result to a ratio of 1:2:15. Let us analyze the data further. If we try to see the big picture here, you will find that is there is really a big chance for you to have enough followers if you do blogging for profit. This is because there are so many people who are surfing the web. And to support this, there are almost twice as much blog readers as there are blog posters - who also follow other blogs! My conclusion is that the figures are enough to convince me that I can generate substantial profit on the web with the help of blogs. Not to mention the fact that search engines love blogs. And if these figures are not enough, consider this: There are 6.77 Billion people on planet earth! What is your opinion on this? How would you analyze the data? You can easily see the trends on

the internet today. Ask your friends or colleagues. I'm very confident that most of them read blogs. You can take advantage now and do blogging for profit. Really it is no rocket science to learn how to make money with the use of blogs.

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==== ==== Please check out The Blog Profit Acedemy for great tips on Blogging for Profit. ==== ====

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