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One of the fastest ways to make millions of dollars on the internet without breaking your head with sleepless night is Affiliate marketing. The truth is that it cost you nothing to start almost all highly profitable affiliate programs on the internet excerpt your computer connected to the internet. You don't need to be a guru before you can start your money spinning affiliate programs, below are the list of some of the basic things you need to run any success affiliate programs: * Set your Target: Goal setting and proper planning is the success of any business. Have it in your mind that this is what I want to achieve at the end of the day in my Affiliate programs. *Check the Competition: Familiarize yourself with other existing Affiliate programs and see what experts are already doing. *Check for Customers interest: Research the various kinds of customers who shop online, what they buy and why they should visit your site. Many people fail trying to sell what they feel people need not what the people actually need. *Study the Environment: Be familiar with the culture of the internet, the way people communicate, bringing people to buying mood and so on. *Picking the right Product: In picking the right Affiliate product two things must come to your mind i.e. profit margin and the hungry market. It is advisable to pick a product with above 50% commission and a very hungry market. *Identify your target market: The inside secret is to search in search engines (such as Google and Overture) with keywords related to your product to find out if many websites, advertisers, newsletters and community groups focus on this interest. *Get a domain name: I don't recommend sending your prospect straight to the affiliate website, first take your prospect to your house (your own website or Blog), establish good relationship, and then point him to the Affiliate site. Your website address is your business name, so let it reflect your product i.e. let the keywords of your affiliate product reflect in your url. *Get your follow up tools: subscribe for good auto-responder to keep the relationship with your Customer until they are ready to buy. From these simple strategies, you can create life time residual income in Affiliate marketing.

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==== ==== Please check out The Affiliate Marketing Academy for great tips on Affilaite Marketing for Profit. ==== ====

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