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Meditation is a practice that is growing in popularity for people who seek a simple, non-intrusive method of releasing stress, and provide them with their desired sense of wellness. People who have undergone this mode of therapy have been shown to be happier, less stressed, deal better with pain and are generally more productive in their work - all leading to a better lifestyle. The practice of meditation does not require any equipment, and can be as easily performed in a group class or at home alone. But a common question that troubles many who start out is 'whether they are doing it right? This article will outline a method of how to perform simple meditation, so beginners receive the maximum value from the process - as they are not questioning their technique. When starting out in meditation, body posture is the first element to explore. The best posture is one that you can remain in comfortably for 10 minutes or more, enabling you to find the peace of mind that you desire. Although many people perform meditation in a seated position on the floor with their legs crossed over, it is not necessary. If possible, you should also ensure that your head and spine are aligned and lengthened. Lying flat, or sitting tall are the best methods to achieve this. Comfortable posture ensures that your mind stays focused on the meditating so that you can work at clearing your conscience. If you try meditating when you are slouched or uncomfortable, you will realize that your mind will drift away far more easily. Your eyes are another element to work on. They can be slightly open, with a soft focus, open with a focus on a particular item (like a candle flame), or closed completely too all external stimulation. If you find your gaze being regularly distracted and you cannot free your mind of the thoughts that you have, either close your eyes or try the candle. You then need to free your mind of all thoughts and simply let it be. This will enable you to experience the beauty of meditation stillness. One focus technique of meditation is to use your rhythmical breath to ensure that your concentration does not wander. Observing the breath, or counting the breath is all that is required. As you are meditating, it is recommended that you just let whatever thoughts that pass through your mind pass with ease. This helps you in relieving the stress that is normally caused by many of the thoughts that trouble us each day. If you have emotions that are troubling you when meditating, it is recommended that you embrace the emotion in your meditation, however strong they may be. This has been shown to help you deal better with the emotion as it can be released once it is recognized. It is important that you make sure that the meditation procedure is carried out in an environment that is safe and free of distractions or noise. If you desire to carry out your meditation in a noisy

place that hinders your meditation, then soothing music can be played for you to realize the desired concentration. Following the above guidelines will assist your meditation practice, so that you can enjoy the many benefits that it provides.

Nigel Coates is moderator of the Explore Meditation blog, which offers free Meditation Downloads to assist you walk your spiritual path with confidence. The simple Chakra Meditation is a great place for beginners to start.

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==== ==== Please check out 9 Minute Meditation for great tips on Meditation Practices. ==== ====

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